Docker Failed to Initialize Operation Timed Out

  • I take tried with the latest version of Docker Desktop
  • I have tried disabling enabled experimental features
  • I have uploaded Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics ID: B5B38B36-3D53-46EC-9E95-46959232F6F2/20210804030845 (Docker Desktop 3.five.ii)
  • Diagnostics ID: B5B38B36-3D53-46EC-9E95-46959232F6F2/20210804020912 (Docker Desktop 3.5.1)

Actual behavior

Can’t initialize Docker Desktop, Docker Desktop prompt the figure below:

Expected behavior

Docker Desktop runs ordinarily


  • Windows Version: Windows 10 HOME 64-bit (x.0, Build 19042)
  • Docker Desktop Version: 3.five.2 (66501)
  • WSL2 or Hyper-V backend? WSL2
  • Are you running inside a virtualized Windows thousand. on a cloud server or a VM: WSL2 – Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. I had had this issue since Docker Desktop
    iii.5.ane, I uninstall then re- install the latest version of Docker Desktop3.5.2
    then run diagnose again.
  2. According to the outcome #11273 and #11745, I re-checked
    Background Intelligent Transfer Service. It didn’t run when I checked. I enabled information technology but the Docker still could not starting time.

Below is the error log file:

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