How to Cancel Feh Pass

(And disclaimer on this too, some might be Captain Obvious more than than others, but I’ve as well seen a lot of people ask well-nigh it elsewhere oft enough to include the points anyways. Information technology’south besides not a full list, so conduct with me.)

– Yes, yous continue the resplendant, even if you subsequently driblet the subscription. Also, the resplendant retroactively covers existing copies you lot already accept of that hero. You lot can besides take off the resplendant costume in Interact with Allies -> Modify Attire. No, changing in and out of resplendant costumes without a subscription doesn’t lose the resplendant costume. No, yous besides don’t need to buy multiples of a hero to accept multiples of said hero. (I’ve seen this in particular asked a lot. Bear with me.)

– As far as I can tell, no, you can’t have both types active at once, nor choice and choose which follows what alt. For instance I either got all resplendant Eliwood, or all OG Eliwood, not both. The exception is when
someone else
uses either the OG or resplendant alt of their own heroes, which have no bearing on yours (you defective a pass still lets you see other resplendants).

– You can buy resplendants you missed previously, only they cost boosted prices. You lot have to be actively subscribed to proceeds admission to a store that sells them. For resplendants you already have, they’re greyed out and marked as obtained. Going with the above point, once again, you tin can’t buy multiples of the aforementioned resplendant, and at that place’s no need to do so (it retroactively covers all of your existing copies of that unit and applies to them.) No, you tin can’t purchase missed resplendants without an active pass.

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– In the consequence y’all didn’t previously own a hero prior to getting their resplendant alt, yes, it does requite yous credit for that hero equally if you’ve gotten their OG form for the first time too. And yeah, you lot can swap into their OG form even with newly bought heroes also.


– If you previously have a laissez passer, and you’ve summoner-supported three heroes, then lose your laissez passer, the hero in the furthest left will retain the support later on the subscription expires. Yes, you tin can switch around the order by selecting the identify and and so the hero like you would with rearranging your teams to change this without undoing the support. Also, later expiration, the other ii will notwithstanding be bookmarked (though I tin can’t confirm until I option it up once again later on whether or non it resumes the previous support, or if it resets if you subscribe again with the bookmarks still at that place). Also, y’all can fifty-fifty swap around the club of an existing summoner support with the two new ones without incident (for example I previously s-supported Takumi, changed the order with Lif, and information technology resumes now with Lif).

– Auto-commencement only lets yous queue up as many battles as your current stamina can yield. It doesn’t burn stamina pots to get higher than this, even if yous take them. (And aye, this gets pretty abrasive if and when you run into an area where this matters.)

– The best dates to commencement a subscription seems to be on the 13th or 28th manifestly? That way, you’ll get 3 resplendant heroes (I wound up doing it on the 2nd and concluded up with three heroes, just I’m just actually bad at dates to give a firm reply)

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– When the subscription ends, it’ll tell yous such in a pop-up on the loading screen. You can and so confirm at that place if you want to subscribe again or indeed confirm cancel. (I should preface that I cancelled it earlier beforehand and thus got the prompt. I don’t know still if said prompt happens to ostend if you want to continue on an otherwise electric current subscription.)

– The subscription is based on the point you lot first signed on.

– I
yous get locked out of missions in the upshot you either didn’t complete and/or claim them prior to an expired subscription, so make sure you got them all finished beforehand.

– You can reset a turn of a map equally many times as you lot want, however, you can only reset to the previous turn if you
admittedly exercise not move at all in the current turn.
If y’all moved, you lot can only reset the current turn. Be very careful not to misclick if you intend to go back a turn. You also can only go as far as resetting the current turn or going dorsum to the immediately previous turn (yous can’t proceed going backwards over and over).

– No, there’due south no other subconscious complimentary rewards (or especially orbs) beyond the FEH Pass quests, the free heroes, or the unlocked features. Information technology’south not a pack, and doesn’t requite you lot anything else otherwise for subscribing.


– In the event you’ve lost the pass in a time the current resplendant offered is someone you already have, the game does actually tell you this is the case. It doesn’t end you lot from resubscribing in that same distribution flow (in regards to subscribing only for the heroes) , simply at to the lowest degree they tell you.

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As well again as a reminder: This isn’t a comprehensive listing of FEH pass notes and features, and the in a higher place is just what’s been based on my experience. If anyone has any other info they want to note, feel free,