anile xviii upwardly who play Mobile legends(MLBB) knows the inconveniences of playing this game at some time. At outset you lot will go addicted playing it simply as time pass, you volition feel unmotivated and lazy playing it again. I all the same play the game simply sometimes it feels bad playing information technology.

Every flavor, the Rank of every player who are actively playing it goes downward from your current rank to lower rank. Inactive players stays at their rank but when they open their account again, their Rank will too go downwardly to v-8 stars. It’s too the players delima on how to increase their Rank and go to Mythical Glory Rank with many stars to maintain the rank. This is one of the reasons why it sucks playing MLBB but here I listing some other reasons why mobile legends sucks.

Frequent Lagging

The main problem of players in the game that makes them mad, or bad mouth their teammates is lagging. Some quit the game before information technology ends because of disappointments they feel that they can’t win it. Players report their teammates for quitting games or existence a poor player. It actually sucks when yous are in the oestrus of the game and it starts to lag. Some saw lagging from the start of the game and it’s really unfortunate specially when y’all’re playing the Rank mode. Nearly players who lag, lost its momentum and quit the game (AFK). You will always know that ane of your teammates is an AFK player if you’re already a 100% while loading and one of your teammates is still 0% and when most of you are already walking the lane and jungle and the other is still not moving in the main base. Some walks and stop moving in the lane . Players who quit the game are called AFK players but unfortunately some of their teamates cannot notice if one of them left or quitted; their teammates reported the AFK players without hesitation and the player who quits the game loses 5-7 points in their credit score depending on the system when information technology’s proven that they did something wrong. It’s not the players fault when they lag, information technology’due south only their cellphones or the network they utilize or their wifi’south are the problem. If your ping is besides loftier, higher thant60, that is sure sign you volition lag and not perform better in the game. I do not know if Mobile Legends can do nearly it. Information technology’south always lag in MLBB. Some countries internet is only so tedious similar in the Philippines. Maybe it has something to do with lagging or peradventure information technology has something to do with the blazon of cellphones or what cellphones they utilize. I just hope MLBB tin practice something about lagging to reduce AFK’s and brand the game even fun.

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By and large Expensive

Most of things for auction in the game are expensive, including hero’s skins, recharging or buying diamonds, and the like. In this generation (millennial generation)almost all things including coins, gems, or diamonds in games are expensive. For instance, in Farm Town Hay Farm, l gems cost 2 dollars. In mobile legends, hero’s skins range from $5.26 – $xix.72 Sometimes they marking downward the items like the skins and hero’s prices just if you actually call up of information technology, it is all the same expensive. Monthly membership to starlight cost $9.98, when converted to pesos is P499.00. Seasonal membership is around $fifty. Monthly membership comes with weekly costless skins and other freebies, but exercise you really take to spend that much for your game?

MLBB is a billion dollar company and every season they have new hero’s to try on. Every new season a new quest is introduced to players. When yous finish every quest you lot will get a free hero or skins, borders, grit or fragments.


Reach Higher Rank

Earlier, I accept discussed about lagging that it’s difficult playing with it. Now allow’s get to difficulty to reach higher rank. One of the reasons why it’s difficult to be in a college Rank is lagging. When one of your teammates is on lag and just 1 of the 4 of y’all is stronger or amateur actor, at that place is but approximately 40% that you lot will win the game.

Before the game starts, some players phone call their teammates bad words such every bit ” vovo, bobo, nuob, cancer, or whatsoever words that makes their teamates experience unwell to play the game. Vovo or Bobo is a Tagalog discussion which literally means unintelligent but mobile legends of players telephone call them vovo if their teamates does not know how to use the hero he works with while playing. In that location are many terms but mobile legends players knows what information technology ways. As well nuob and cancer are the terms they use when they don’t similar their teamates considering of having low skill and negativity of players. Some players who do not know what to exercise in the game just exercise farming or kill jungle monsters instead. Mobile legends advice the players to farm but some members aren’t helpful to teammates that makes them a poor player.

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Good players must speak softly to their teamates and the better things that they must do is motivate their teammates to win the game fifty-fifty when their not that strong. Teamwork is what makes a team win. There’s 80% chance of winning when team members help each other and neat mouths their teamates.

Another complaint players say are the children playing that practice not know how to play the game. About older guys/ gals felt uneasy if they saw in pictures that some of their teammates are kids. Funny though some of the kids who play are meliorate than the older ones. MLBB punishes the players who are always killed or “feeders” in the game. The player who play it poorly and has been slayned 10 times or more than with few kills or aid will lose v credit points and will lose 10-17 points if the player will be killed 10 more times in the next game he will play.

These are only 3 random things well-nigh Mobile Legends/MLBB that makes you feel bad. If you have suggestions or comments about the game please feel free to write in the comments section beneath. We’re all born free and sometimes anything that bothers u.s. needs to be talked almost.