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Chapter 1103 – Founder Olivia ②

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For the fourth dimension beingness, I’ve decided to talk to Olivia-san while standing, just she was simply silently staring at me, completely waiting for me to move.

[Errr, past the way, do y’all have something that you would need to do after this, Olivia-san?]

[No, my business had already finished. I will follow Miyama Kaito-sama’s will regarding the rest of the day. My schedule for today is open.]

……Unnn, well, I guess I tin say I’ve finished greeting her, right? And at present, she’s leaving what’s next to me.

In other words, this might exist too extreme, but there would be no problem even if we call it a day and go habitation. Notwithstanding, that would brand things awkward, and I would like to deepen our friendship……

[A- Anyhow, I don’t know much well-nigh Olivia-san…… but I can treat Olivia-san equally a God, right?]

[No, I was created by Shallow Vernal-sama as an extremely neutral being who doesn’t belong to whatever of the three realms. My descent could be described as close to that of the Gods, just the Gods, including the Supreme Gods, have no potency to direct me. Only Shallow Vernal-sama may give me an order.]

I guess this would exist something that varies depending on how the person looks at it. Whether or non Olivia-san is a God depends on whether they consider Shiro-san as the Head of the Gods or as the Creator God, the pinnacle of the world, a existence different from her subjects, with the Supreme Gods every bit the representatives of the Gods.

At whatever rate, I don’t know if I should expect this or not, but when the topic is about Shiro-san…… or rather, nearly the role Shiro-san had given her, she was more than talkative.

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If nosotros’re going to talk, I suppose this might be a good direction to get.

[I gauge you lot’re extremely neutral because you lot’re the representative of the Friendship Metropolis, right?]

[Yeah. The Friendship Treaty has been made on the principle that the three realms are equal. Therefore, Shallow Vernal-sama created me as the representative of this metropolis, a being who wouldn’t exist affiliated with the God Realm, Human Realm, or Demon Realm, and gave me the role of representative of the city and guardian of the original texts of the Friendship Treaty.]

[The original texts of the Friendship Treaty…… I gauge that really would be very important huh.]

[The loss of the original texts of the treaty will non make the friendship built up betwixt the iii realms crumble, only because it’s extremely valuable from a global perspective, I volition proceed to safekeep it.]

[I see.]

……Feels like the conversation is moving forward quite a bit. Alright, let’southward proceed going like this and aggrandize the topic, moving the chat most the Friendship City.

[Speaking of which, I’m changing the subject…… I did some light sightseeing in the Friendship City earlier coming here, and at that place really are many stores that I don’t see in other cities. The atmosphere is also very different from the time when the Festival of Heroes was held…… Incidentally, is at that place any place yous would recommend?]

[We have a guide most the city prepared, which I call back could provide a proficient reference.]

[……Eh? Ah, no…… Errr, do you have any places y’all recommend, Olivia-san?]

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[I don’t know.]

[……You don’t know?]

Arehh? That’south foreign. I thought bringing up the topic regarding the Friendship City towards Olivia-san, the representative of this city, would make the conversation going…… merely she just handed me a brochure.

In the stop, when I asked her for some places she recommended, she just told me she doesn’t know…… With how she said she held farthermost neutrality earlier, I idea it would be a bad idea to ask her for recommendations in regards to a specific place or eating place, since she can’t say stuff like this place is bad or stuff like that…… just her responding with an “I don’t know” is quite a foreign reply.

[Except for going out to the Primal Plaza when the Festival of Heroes is held, and the previous White God Festival, “I haven’t gone outside of the Cathedral”, and so I don’t know.]

[……Huh? Eh? You oasis’t gone outside other than the Festival of Heroes, which are held once a decade and the previous White God Festival?]

[Yep. I am only the representative of the city. Equally for jobs like inspections and such, they are done by the division representatives, and isn’t part of my part. Basically, I but make the final decisions in meetings and conferences.]

[……What do you do when you don’t have meetings and other such stuff then?]

[I pray.]

I can’t assistance just be at a loss for words at Olivia-san’southward nonchalant answer. Perchance, or perchance, it’s almost sure that she’s not lying. This person seriously had but been out of the Cathedral a handful of times, and that’southward probably why she had never even properly looked at the streets of the Friendship Urban center.

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[The office assigned to me is to be the representative of the city and protect the Friendship Treaty. The residual of the time, I do nothing else but quietly pray, which I believe is the fashion I should be, and past extension, the very way Shallow Vernal-sama wants me to be.]

[……I call back you’re wrong.]

[Wrong? Were you saying what I thought was a mistake?]

[Yeah. No, I wouldn’t know what you wish and what kind of things you want to do, Olivia-san…… but that’s definitely not what Shiro-san wants.]

[……Is…… that so? Am I…… not following…… Shallow Vernal-sama’s will?]

Hearing the words I calmly said, Olivia-san’s expression inverse for the first fourth dimension. She seemed anxious, or perhaps, sincerely puzzled.

[……There’s…… no style. No, but…… If it’due south the word of Miyama Kaito-sama, who can exist said to know Shallow Vernal-sama better than anyone else in this world, then……]

Perhaps, it’due south because of my position that this worked out well. If someone else had said the same thing, Olivia-san would probably have dismissed their words and their mind won’t waver.

But having received Shiro-san’south approving, and as Shiro-san and I are lovers, she can’t seem to ignore my words, and I get the sense that she is quite shaken.

……It’south only a hunch, but I think I’m starting to get to know Olivia-san better. And feeling that her thoughts at this bespeak of time were something I should alter course, fifty-fifty if a little forcefully…… then to start with, I’m going to firmly right Olivia-san’s misunderstandings.


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