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Getting started

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  • Make sure you are wearing your ring of visibility and your ghostspeak amulet.
  • Teleport to Ardougne, and speak to the Mysterious ghost about Glarial’s tombstone northwest of The Fishing Society.


  • This ghost volition give you one of three clues which determine your unabridged route, which we volition label Sequence one, 2, and 3:
    • Sequence ane – He mentions pirates and a shipwreck.
    • Sequence 2 – He mentions the thief being northeast of there.
    • Sequence iii – He mentions the thief being southeast of there.

The sequences to follow

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Depending on the clue given by Valdez, the lodge and location where you will observe the remaining ghosts is given by the tabular array below. Be aware that some of these locations are in the Wilderness.

Number Ghost Sequence ane Sequence 2 Sequence 3 Detail given in thank you
1 Rennard The Curse of Zaros sequence 1 ghost 1.png Well-nigh the shipwrecked transport w of the Pirates’ Hideout (Level 55 Wilderness)
Teleport to Edgeville, get south-east of the lodestone,
pull the lever near the coffin, go north and slash the web, get westward.
Bandit Camp (Wilderness), outside Fatty Tony’s pizza shop. You lot must be skulled. Brigand Military camp (Kharidian Desert), inside the bar. Ghostly gloves
ii Kharrim The Curse of Zaros sequence 1 ghost 2.png At the Anarchy Temple (hut) altar (Level 38 Wilderness) Graveyard of Shadows Stop of the Lava maze inside the second fenced in area Ghostly boots
three Lennissa The Curse of Zaros sequence 1 ghost 3.png In the church on Entrana, in front end of the chantry. Port Sarim docks nigh the Void Squire. But south of the Gnomeball field Ghostly robe lesser
4 Dhalak The Curse of Zaros sequence 1 ghost 4.png On the

ground floor[United kingdom]

onest floor[United states]

of the Wizards tower (lowest flooring).
Upstairs in Edgeville Monastery by the chantry On the

onest floor[UK]

2nd floor[US]

of the Falador Party room
Ghostly hood
v Viggora The Curse of Zaros sequence 1 ghost 5.png Upstairs in the Rogues’ castle in level 52 Wilderness
Teleport to Edgeville, go s-east of the lodestone,
pull the lever near the coffin, go north and slash the web, go east.
Middle floor of the Slayer tower in Canifis (SE) Edgeville dungeon south of the World Warriors Ghostly cloak

Talking to the ghosts

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Note that all of the ghosts beneath will be called “Mysterious Ghost”


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The Curse of Zaros reward.png

  • Ghostly hood
  • Ghostly robe top
  • Ghostly robe bottom
  • Ghostly gloves
  • Ghostly boots
  • Ghostly cloak
Additional rewards/activities

Upon completion, you can talk to Historian Minas on the

onest floor[U.k.]

2nd flooring[Usa]

of the Varrock Museum and receive 10 kudos and an antique lamp which gives 10,000 experience in any skill of at to the lowest degree level 50. For some players, despite the Achievements interface showing that the miniquest is complete, they will go on to receive a prompt from Minas “Observe out more about the Staff of Armadyl” until they retrieve the half-dozen outfit pieces and/or go through the chat dialogue with Viggora again.

Required for completing

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The Curse of Zaros is direct required for the following quests/miniquests:

  • The General’southward Shadow

Information technology is therefore an indirect requirement for the post-obit quests and miniquests:


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