Rarest Ward Skins League of Legends

Riot Games take produced a remarkable costless-to-play game, millions of players all effectually the globe are enjoying League of Legends with as much admission to gameplay as a actor who has paid thousands of dollars. Of grade, Riot still make billions of dollars every yr, so we need to look at where this comes from. Virtually of it will come from champion skins, so much awesome art goes into creating these purchasable cosmetics. Then in that location’s ward skins which, despite having a low toll, aren’t worth picking up for RP. Nowadays you can easily go ward skins in Hextech Crafting anyhow.

I’g going to count downward the top 10 rarest ward skins in League of Legends. At that place aren’t any actual statistics but I’ll be able to see the availability of each ward peel and brand an educated approximate from there!

10. Nightbringer Ward

Available for a menstruation of only two weeks, the Nightbringer Ward matches the rarity of the Dawnbringer Ward. Both were only obtainable by purchasing either the Mode Of Society Pass or the Way of Chaos Pass. Due to this method being the only mode, not every player was able to get their easily on this ward and it’s currently quite rare.

9. Gingerbread Ward

Gingerbread, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

All Snowdown ward skins are probable the same rarity merely I personally like this 1 the most and then I chose it over the others. It was available for just under a month, starting from the 15th of December in 2012. It was made available again for around the aforementioned time period on the 10th of December of 2013.

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8. 2015 All-Star Team Ice Ward

Team Ice, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

The All-Star issue of 2015 was a memorable 1, it pitted teams of Ice and Fire against eachother, with both containing star players from around the world. During this event, players could buy Team Ice or Team Fire bundles, either of which gave relevant ward skins.

7. Season iv Championship Ward

Season 4, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

Riot loves to introduce championship ward skins and flavor iv was no different. This ward was in the shop for the standard ward skin cost of 640 RP. It was only available for a period of xviii days, many players probable missed this and it’ll be extremely rare to find one in-game.

6. Tomb Angel Ward

Tomb Angel, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

Just similar the Snowdown ward skins, the Harrowing result saw 5 new ward skins introduced to League of Legends. All of which were available from the 26th of October 2012 to the 13th of November in the aforementioned yr. There were plenty of ward skins to cull from, the Tomb Affections variant is the ‘lesser looking’ one of the bunch so I chose this out of all the choices.

5. Poro Ward

Poro, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

No one can deny the fact that poros are insanely cute, who wouldn’t beloved to have a ward represented by a poro? Well, I wouldn’t anyway. This ward skin was in the shop for 640 RP between the 16th of December 2014 to the 30th of January 2015. It is fairly basic so players likely chose other ward skins which is why you’ll never see this in-game.

4. Flavour iii Championship Ward

Season 3, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

This extremely limited ward pare is one of the rarest in the game, you’ll be hard pressed to ever get your hands on it. It was released on the 13th of Dec 2013 and was available until the end of pre-season. I guess very few players got their hands on this skin, not realising how rare it would exist in the coming years.

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3. Victorious Ward 2015

Victorious 2015, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

A total of 25 ranked pre-fabricated 5v5 wins were required for Riot to bestow this ward pare upon you. During the 2015 flavour, players could earn points by winning ranked games equally a group of 5. I know this total doesn’t sound too difficult but if you think about information technology, a very pocket-size percentage of the community would ain it.

2. Victorious Ward 2014

Victorious 2014, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

With the same requirements as the previous entry, this Victorious ward skin has always been rare and will be forever. League of Legends had nowhere nigh the players it has at present back in 2014, and so only imagine the per centum of the playerbase that has this ward skin at their disposal.

1. Riot Ward

Riot ward, one of the rarest ward skins in League of Legends

Nosotros all know of PAX Twisted Fate, the rarest League of Legends skin of all time. Now I present to you the ward skin equivalent, simply available past attending Pax E 2014. I believe information technology’s the only one on this list that tin still be obtained (not legacy) but you need to get a code from an official Anarchism event, which is something that 99% of the playerbase will never get!


It’southward still available via Hextech Crafting, now I want information technology then bad 🙁