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We accept written a new complete Path of Exile Archnemesis League Challenges Consummate Guide. Below you lot can see the full list of PoE 3.17 challenges and tips on how to complete them. We have divided them into categories starting from the easiest ones. If you what to know virtually Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis Challenge Rewards List just click on the link.

There are xl challenges in PoE. Some are easy to obtain during levelling, others are harder or almost incommunicable to achieve. In our Path of Exile, Archenemesis League Challenges Complete Guide yous will read the tips that will assistance you do every bit many PoE challenges as y’all can fifty-fifty all 40 if that is your goal.

Our guide is presented in the rating difficulty list. That means that we have divided the full Archnemesis challenges list into four difficulties:like shooting fish in a barrel(the most office of them you’ll practice while levelling),normal(yous can obtain them with a minimal attempt),hard(you’ll need to effort and repeat several times to exercise them),very hard (you’ll need to farm numerous maps and know and be able to kill end-game bosses). If you want to get xx challenges completed yous tin combine challenges from different difficulty levels to pick the most appropriate ones for you.

Easy Difficulty Archnemesis Challenges

As nosotros have already said y’all’ll run across them get completed while you lot play and level up your champion. If you terminate the final act you lot’d probably have all the following 12 challenges completed.

Skill Upwards

Socket at least six Skill Gems at the same time.

It is very easy. All you need to exercise is become items with sockets (at least vi) to complete this claiming you don’t demand to link them all. Afterwards that socket vi gems in half dozen sockets and y’all are washed. You lot tin can discover more than information virtually gems in PoE Gems guide.

Defeat Archnemeses I

Complete the post-obit Archnemesis encounters.

  • Collect Archnemesis modifiers x10
  • Defeat Archnemesis monsters x5
  • Complete an Archnemesis modifier recipe

This is new league mechanics. You lot will encounter dropping modifiers every bit y’all play and to defeat monsters you’ll need to actuate the Archenemesis statue and apply the mods. Every bit for the Archnemesis modifier recipes you’ll discover how to make them in the linked post. Or you can read Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis League Mechanics Guide to learn every particular about this league mechanics.

Exile Against the World I

Complete the following encounters.

  • Defeat a Rogue Exile
  • Open up a Strongbox
  • Defeat a monster holding an Essence

These are pieces of previous leagues mechanics. Yous volition find them even while you level upwardly. Rogue Exiles frequently appear as a modernistic on Strongboxes, especially rare ones. And you tin brand two conditions at in one case for this challenge. Besides, Rogue Exiles can appear as a mod on maps, and different areas. Strongboxes you’ll see in well-nigh any area. Equally for the Essences, you volition run across specific freeze encounters property an essence, you need to click 3 times on it to activate. Kill it and they driblet an essence. You tin read more about essences in our guide.

Defeat these Act Bosses I

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

  • Act 1: Merveil, the Twisted
  • Act ii: Vaal Oversoul
  • Deed 3: Dominus, Ascendant
  • Act iv: Malachai, The Nightmare
  • Act 5: Kitava, the Clamorous

You will detect these bosses at the end of each act as referred to to a higher place. Kill them and y’all are done.

Explore the Labyrinth

Complete each of the following within the Lord’s Labyrinth.

  • Open a Silvery Breast
  • Bear upon a Darkshrine
  • Obtain at least three Treasure Keys from defeating Izaro a single time

To complete this challenge you will need to give some effort. To find a
Silver Chest
y’all will need to know the locations of the Silver Door and the Silver Key to open the door. Behind the door there volition be a puzzle at the finish of it you’ll find the silverish chest. You can see the location of the electric current silver door in the post Path of Exile: Labyrinth Trials Guide – in that location you will find a link to the website that shares the Labyrinth’southward layout every solar day. The same you’ll demand to know the location of a
Darkshrine. Which can come in handy when you try to complete the last condition of this challenge. Sometimes Darkshrine can give you a modern “Izaro drops one additional key on death”. Only let’s talk almost Izaro and the number of keys he drops in more detail.

How to go thee Treasure Keys from Izaro?

Past default, after killing Izaro (the third time you encounter him in one labyrinth trial) yous will become one Treasure key. But you can
increase this number
past several means:

  • Skip mechanics on all previous encounters. When you lot fight Izaro you’ll meet different mechanisms that brand the encounter stronger, like Gargoyles, Mirrors, Skeletons etc. Don’t kill those at the first and second ecnounters and Izaro volition drop two add-on Treauser Keys (1 fore each encounter).
  • Touch a Darkshrine with a specific style. If you exidentely killed or disabled one of the mechanisms you can try to get a style from a Darkshire that makes Izaro drop one additional key on death.

Any other means where you can get boosted Treasure Keys will non count for this challenge. Only three Treasure keys from Izaro will work.

Exile Confronting the World II

Complete the following encounters.

  • Affect a Mirror of Delirium
  • Open an Abyssal Trove
  • Consummate a Heist Contract

All of these actions are from previous leagues mechanics.
Delirium Mirrors
will start to appear afterwards you impale Innocence. Speak with Banon, enter the side by side location and in that location yous go. Also, you tin can craft Delirium mods on maps or activate Atlass Passives that grant Delirium advent increased take a chance.

volition appear earlier while you level up. It looks like a big crack in the ground and a dark-green spot on a mini-map. Path of Exile Abyss League Guide has more details about these mechanics. The Trove will appear at the end of the abyssal line of monsters.

The last one tin take some time. You will unlock
Heist mechanics
after you try killing Kitava for the kickoff time and appear on the coast of the Lion Eye’s Spotter over again. At that place you’ll see Rogue Merker’southward. Take them and become to town. Speak with a new NPC or utilize a Merker as a portal to the Rogue’s Harbour where y’all can activate contracts. Path of Exile 3.12 Heist League Guide is the place to learn more about Heist Contracts.

Defeat these Act Bosses II

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

  • Act 6: Tsoagoth, The Brine King
  • Human action 7: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows
  • Act eight: Lunaris, Eternal Moon and Solaris, Eternal Sunday
  • Act 9: The Depraved Trinity
  • Act 10: Kitava, the Insatiable

You will notice these bosses at the terminate of each act as referred to higher up.

Complete Vaal Side Areas

Complete five Vaal Side Areas by opening the Vaal Vessel.

Vaal Side Areas are red corrupted zones in areas. They start to appear from Human action 3 when you level up. Vaal Vessel tin can exist opened after you impale the dominate at the end of the Vaal Side Surface area.

Unlock the Map Device

Unlock a personal Map Device for your Hideout.

At present it is a bit easier to unlock the map device. Later on killing Kitava in Act ten Sin will open the portal to the new zone – Karui Shores. Y’all will need to speak to Kirac and make a quest that teaches you lot how to employ the map device. Later that, you lot tin can go to your Hideout and activate your personal map device there.

Well Hydrated

Accept five flasks of at least Magic rarity and 20% quality equipped, including at least one with an enchantment.

To consummate this challenge yous tin craft them yourself or receive them as drop. If you don’t care about the mods on these flasks you lot can make them easily. Take whatever five flasks. Ameliorate general white flasks and increment their quality with
Glassblower’s Bauble
(can be bought from vendors who sell equipment). Y’all can use them on magic flasks likewise but you will need more Glassblower’s Baubles. At present to make the flasks magic employ the
orb of Transmutation
on them. And the final step is to enchant at least ane flask. In that location are ii currency types that can enchant flasks –
Awakening Orb
Instilling Orb
(they drop in the eye of the game while you level) use any of them. Now equip these five flasks and the challenge is done.

Ability Overwhelming

Utilise six or more than Support Gem effects to a unmarried Skill Precious stone at in one case.

It is pretty easy if you know how to do that. The easiest way is to buy an item that already has effects from back up gems. For case,
Bitterdream Shadow Sceptre
(PoE trade link) has effects from 6 Support Gems if you socket one agile gem there and equip information technology you’ll get the challenge washed.

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Enchanted Armory x5

Equip enchanted items from five of the post-obit item classes.

  • Weapon
  • Body Armour
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Amulet
  • Band
  • Belt

Yous tin enchant Boots, Gloves and Helmet in normal
afterwards completing it.
Eternal Labyrinth of Potential
tin too enchant a Chugalug. Weapons and Armour in Heist (Tempering Orb
Tailoring Orb), weapons can exist likewise enchanted in
Sacred Grove
(Path of Exile All Harvest Arts and crafts Mods Listing). Rings and Amulets can exist enchanted by
Bane league mechanics
(Path of Exile Blight Oils and Anointing Guide).

Normal Difficulty Archnemesis Challenges

These challenges are every bit hardy autocomplete as the previous ones. Here yous’ll need to do some research, but they are also pretty like shooting fish in a barrel to obtain.

Exile Against the World Three

Complete the following encounters.

  • Awaken a Legion
  • Defeat a Metamorph
  • Unearth an Trek encounter

These are also parts of the previous league mechanics.
encounters you tin can see on maps. They look like purple pillars. You can activate them and the legions volition announced to kill them while they are frozen and once more when they get agile.

As for the
we accept a guide that will help you understand information technology better (Path of Exile Metamorph League Mechanics Guide). The same is about
Expedition encounters
(Path of Exile iii.15 Trek League Mechanics Guide).

Defeat Archnemeses II

Defeat Archnemesis monsters with the following modifiers.

  • Toxic
  • Chaosweaver
  • Frostweaver
  • Permafrost
  • Hasted
  • Deadeye
  • Bombardier
  • Flameweaver
  • Incendiary
  • Arcane Buffer
  • Echoist
  • Stormweaver
  • Dynamo
  • Bonebreaker
  • Bloodletter
  • Steel-infused
  • Gargantuan
  • Berserker
  • Sentry
  • Juggernaut
  • Vampiric
  • Overcharged
  • Soul Conduit
  • Opulent
  • Malediction
  • Consecrator
  • Frenzied

This is the major part of Archnemesis League mechanics. You can read the details in the mentioned guide, simply all these modifiers are craftable and require Archnemesis Recipes. Those recipes you can find in Path of Exile Archnemesis Recipes Full List.

Achieve Rise

Apply the Ascendancy Device in each of the following Labyrinths.

  • The Labyrinth
  • The Cruel Labyrinth
  • The Merciless Labyrinth
  • The Eternal Labyrinth

Y’all volition learn more details in Path of Exile: Labyrinth Trials Guide. The point is to clear every difficulty of The Labyrinth.

Complete Vendor Recipes

Complete vendor recipes to receive each of the following items. A vendor recipe is when you trade a specific combination of items to a vendor, non when y’all buy items from their purchase screen.

  • Boots with an increased movement speed modifier
  • Six socket particular
  • Hybrid flask
  • Jewel
  • Exalted Shard
  • Orb of Scouring

At that place are many vendor recipes that you need to know to consummate this challenge. Path of Exile Most Useful Vendor Recipes contains many of the existing vendor recipes. Below you can come across the tabular array with the recipes needed for the challenge. There are more recipes with the required results for the challenge.

Result Recipe Note
Boots with
increased Motility Speed
Normal Boots
Whatever rarity Quicksilver Flask
Orb of Augmentation
The sockets may alter, but the base of operations boot type will not.
Boots with
increased Movement Speed
Magic or Rare Boots with +X% Motility Speed
Any rarity Quicksilver Flask
Orb of Augmentation
The sockets may change, but the base of operations kicking blazon will not.
This can be repeated upward to 30% speed (Cheetah’s).
Magic Weapon with (40 to 64%) Increased Physical Impairment Weapon*
Rustic Sash
Blacksmith’s Whetstone
Weapon may be any rarity, recipe always makes a Magic particular.
The rarity and ilevel of the
Rustic Sash
determines the % roll: magic the “Heavy” modernistic (40-49%) and rare the “Serrated” modern (l-64%).
Preserves sockets.
Hybrid Flask 1xOrb of Fusing
1xLife Flask
1xMana Flask
with # Added Passive Skill is a Jewel Socket Enchantment
Cluster Jewel with # Added Passive Skill is a Jewel Socket suffix mod The precious stone socket suffix is removed.
All other affixes are retained.
Precious stone
(magic, unidentified)
5x Jewels (magic) The components must all be of the aforementioned base item type (e.g., Cobalt Gem). The result will accept the lowest particular level of all components. This vendor recipe doesn’t transfer influence to the resulting item, even if all five components are from the same influence.
(rare, unidentified)
5x Jewels (rare) Components must all be of the aforementioned base item type (e.g. Cobalt Jewel).
Resulting item level – lowest of all components, and normal art.
Cluster jewels – random number of passives on resulting item
The recipe does not transfer influence to the resulting item, even if all five components are from the same influence.
2xExalted Shard Identified, full set of the same influenced items
4xExalted Shard Unidentified, total set of the same influenced items
Orb of Scouring Whatever rare item with two affixes. This tin be created by using a
Regal Orb on a one-affix magic item or by using an Orb of Annulment on a rare particular.
This recipe result from selling a single item and is based on its mods. This is the simplest and easiest way of selling items, though more complex recipes tin can be more profitable.
* with 6 sockets in this example to consummate the challenge

Vi socket item tin can be obtained from vendor recipes only by the recipe nosotros mentioned to a higher place, which
Preserves sockets. So to make it work you demand to use a weapon with 6 sockets in a recipe.

Nosotros included all the recipes that can lead to the needed result y’all choice the i most suitable for y’all.

Complete Kirac Missions x6

Complete half dozen of the following mission types offered by Kirac.

  • Complete the Expedition
  • Complete the Rituals
  • Complete the Blight encounter
  • Open the Smuggler’due south Cache
  • Complete the Labyrinth Trial
  • Defeat the Conquistador
  • Notice the stack of Divination Cards
  • Defeat the Breachlord

Path of Exile 3.17 Siege of the Atlas Preview and Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas Mechanics take details nearly Kirac missions. Yous can interact with him in your hideout and pick the missions that take needed missions types. You tin can also reroll the missions by using
the Scouting Report

Investigate Eldritch Altars

Use each Eldritch Chantry type ten times.

  • Eater of Worlds Altar x10
  • Searing Exarch Altar x10

This is part of the new Cease-game content. You tin acquire more about it in Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas Mechanics.

Quality Equipment

Increase the quality of a Weapon or piece of Armour to at least 28%.

Quality is normally capped at xx%. Withal, in that location are certain crafting methods that can increment quality beyond that, including:

  • Beastcrafting recipe for “Decadent an item with xxx% Quality” (Path of Exile Bestiary League Guide)
  • A resonator with Perfect Fossil socketed, increasing quality upward to 30%
  • Immortal Syndicate safehouse with Hillock stationed (Path of Exile Syndicate Farming Guide)
  • Infused Engineer’s Orb

If we have guides well-nigh leagues we include them about with a link.

Transform Items x4

Transform items in four of the following ways.

  • Use a Harvest craft to change an particular into another item
  • Use Jorgin’south crafting demote to create a Talisman in a Syndicate Enquiry Safehouse
  • Use an Ancient Orb
  • Use a Vial to transform a unique item on the Chantry of Sacrifice in the Temple of Atzoatl
  • Assemble a Harbinger unique item

Some weather condition can be completed if you read our guides.
Harvest Craft
is described in Path of Exile All Harvest Arts and crafts Mods Listing.

To create a
Talisman in a Syndicate Inquiry Safehouse
y’all need to station Thane Jorgin the Banished in Research Safehouse read Path of Exile Syndicate Farming Guide to larn more.

Ancient Orbs tin drib on maps or be combined with ancient orb shards that drop from Harbinger or y’all can buy it.

The altar of Cede in the Temple of Atzoatl
can announced if you upgrade the room Sacrificial Chamber (level 1 room), then Hall of Offerings (level 2) and go the Noon of Ascent (level 3) at Alva encounters in areas.

To assemble a
Harbinger unique item
you need to subcontract Beachhead maps (How to get The Beachhead Map?) bosses there drop parts of the unique item. Combine them by selling all the parts of the needed unique to a vendor and y’all are done. The easiest unique to gather is The Catamenia Untethered chugalug that requires two parts (Beginning Piece of Fourth dimension, Second Piece of Time) that can be bought for v chaos each at PoE trade.

Precious stone Master

Socket each of the post-obit types of Jewel.

  • Crimson, Viridian or Cobalt Jewel
  • Completeness Gem
  • Cluster Jewel
  • Prismatic Jewel
  • Timeless Jewel

Crimson, Viridian or Cobalt Gem
drop from monsters and yous can socket any of them in the Passive Skill tree.

Abyss Jeweldue south drop from Abyss encounters tin can be socketed to the aforementioned gem slot in the Passive Skill tree or in the completeness socket that can exist met on abyssal belts, armour and gloves.

Cluster Jewel
can be socketed only in Large Jewel sockets in the Passive Skill tree (on the edges of information technology). And you tin can collect them from delirium encounters or rewards.

Prismatic Jewel
is hard to obtain. For instance, killing Uber Elderberry. So it is better to purchase the cheapest ane on the PoE merchandise and socket it to the basic precious stone socket in the Passive skill tree.

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Timeless Jewel
can be obtained only from Legion battles that yous tin attain with at least two emblems (Path of Exile Emblems Guide). So it is also easier to buy the cheapest one on the PoE merchandise and socket it in the basic jewel socket in the Passive skill tree.

Unlock Eldritch Power

Craft each of the following Eldritch implicit modifier types on an item.

  • Lesser Eater of Worlds implicit
  • Greater Eater of Worlds implicit
  • Grand Eater of Worlds implicit
  • Lesser Searing Exarch implicit
  • Greater Searing Exarch implicit
  • Chiliad Searing Exarch implicit

You tin get new currency itemsEldritch Embers andIchorsbut on maps, while Ichor is better it is likewise harder to become. The first tier (lesser) drops on whatever maps, while the second and third (greater and thou) are just bachelor on maps with the appropriate Influence. The last (exceptional) drops only from bosses – The Eater of Worlds and The Searing Exarch, respectively. Read more details in Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas Eldritch Implicit Modifiers.

Complete Unique Maps x15

Complete fifteen of the following seventeen Unique Maps.

  • Vaults of Atziri
  • Maelström of Chaos
  • The Coward’s Trial
  • Acton’southward Nightmare
  • Poorjoy’southward Aviary
  • Mao Kun
  • Oba’southward Cursed Trove
  • Olmec’south Sanctum
  • Decease and Taxes
  • Whakawairua Tuahu
  • The Vinktar Square
  • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’due south Den
  • The Putrid Cloister
  • Hallowed Ground
  • The Twilight Temple
  • Pillars of Arun
  • Doryani’s Machinarium

You tin can complete any of them actually. But there are ii that are hard to complete or to obtain. So nosotros recommend you skipThe Vintar Foursquare
andDoryani’southward Machinarium. The prices can change so you tin check them yourself.

To get unique maps faster get The Encroaching Darkness divination card that will provide you with a random unique map.

Defeat Atlas Bosses Two

Defeat the post-obit bosses.

  • The Eater of Worlds
  • The Searing Exarch

Read how to go to them in Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas Mechanics.

Hard Difficulty Archnemesis Challenges

These challenges may cause more difficulties and extra endeavor to complete them. Such as extra farm of content and tactics and mechanics on killing cease-game bosses.

Defeat Archnemeses Three x4

Defeat Archnemesis monsters with four of the following combinations of modifiers.

  • Brine Male monarch-touched, Flame Strider, Magma Barrier, and Shakari-touched
  • Bloodletter, Frost Strider, Ice Prison, and Watch
  • Executioner, Mirror Image, Soul Eater, and Treant Horde
  • Assassin, Invulnerable, Lunaris-touched, and Temporal Bubble
  • Arakaali-touched, Empowering Minions, Evocationist, and Solaris-touched
  • Berserker, Bombardier, Effigy, and Frenzied

You will demand to acquire more nigh Archnemesis League mechanics. But to learn how to become the mentioned modifiers you lot demand to read Path of Exile Archnemesis Recipes Full List. There you can encounter how to combine modes in order to get the required Archnemesis recipes.

Reach level 90

Attain graphic symbol level ninety. This challenge still counts even if your character dies afterwards.

You just demand to play and try non to die. It can be a difficult job with poor builds, so pick a decent ane.

Defeat Atlas Bosses I

Defeat the following bosses.

  • The Black Star
  • The Infinite Hunger

Read how to get to them in Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas Mechanics.

Activate Eldritch Beacons

Complete thirty maps with each Eldritch Buoy active.

  • The Searing Exarch x30
  • The Maven x30
  • The Eater of Worlds x30

You need to clear maps with active beacons. Read more in Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas Mechanics.

Boons of the Atlas I x5

Complete 5 of the following encounters.

  • Open an Operative’s Strongbox
  • Defeat a Vaal Flesh Merchant
  • Defeat a monster belongings a Deafening Essence
  • Drop a Blood-filled Vessel from a Ritual
  • Capture at least fifteen Beasts in a single area
  • Defeat a Compensation Target Pack
  • Activate a Covetous Shrine
  • Defeat a Rogue Metamorph
  • Defeat a wild Straw boss
  • Open up a Paw of Xesht-Ula

To consummate this challenge y’all need to unlock appropriate relative Atlas Passive Skills (Path of Exile iii.17 Archnemesis Atlas Passive Skills List). You lot tin can find them on our list.

Allocate Atlas Passives

Allocate 100 Atlas Passive Skill points.

Yous volition get Atlas Passive Skill Points for completing maps special atmospheric condition and completing Maven invitations, etc. Read more in Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis Atlas Passive Skills List and Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas Mechanics.

Defeat the Elderslayers

Defeat the post-obit boss encounters.

  • Baran, The Crusader while the area has at least eighty% Item Quantity
  • Veritania, The Redeemer while the expanse has at least 80% Item Quantity
  • Al-Hezmin, The Hunter while the area has at least lxxx% Item Quantity
  • Drox, The Warlord while the area has at least 80% Particular Quantity
  • Maven’s Invitation: The Elderslayers while the area has at least sixty% Item Quantity
  • Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

Item Quantity tin can be rolled. The better quality of the map the higher information technology is. As well, you can increment it with chisels.

There is no specific way anymore to become to
Sirus Conquerors. Yous need a map with their influence (not including Sirus). These maps tin be met as drop on high tier maps, bought from Kirac or on PoE trade. After killing 1 of the Conquerors yous go the key to unlocking the fight with
Sirus. Collect all four and combine them at the map device to accomplish Sirus.

Maven’s Invitation: The Elderslayers
(Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas Guide) can be obtained via Maven mechanics. She must witness all four
Sirus Conquerors
to give y’all such invitation.

You can read more in How to Unlock All Endgame Bosses in Path of Exile.

Mysterious Orbs x5

Use v of the following currency items.

  • Grand Eldritch Ember
  • Thousand Eldritch Ichor
  • Orb of Conflict
  • Eldritch Anarchy Orb
  • Eldritch Exalted Orb
  • Eldritch Orb of Annulment

All these orbs drop from new bosses. You lot tin can read how to become to them in Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas Mechanics. Read more near these orbs and their furnishings in Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas Eldritch Implicit Modifiers.

Defeat Archnemeses IV

Defeat Archnemesis monsters with the following modifiers.

  • Heralding Minions
  • Empowering Minions
  • Assassinator
  • Trickster
  • Necromancer
  • Rejuvenating
  • Executioner
  • Hexer
  • Drought Bringer
  • Entangler
  • Temporal Chimera
  • Treant Horde
  • Frost Strider
  • Ice Prison
  • Soul Eater
  • Flame Strider
  • Corpse Detonator
  • Evocationist
  • Magma Barrier
  • Mirror Image
  • Storm Strider
  • Mana Siphoner
  • Corrupter
  • Invulnerable
  • Crystal-skinned
  • Empowered Elements
  • Effigy
  • Lunaris-touched
  • Solaris-touched
  • Arakaali-touched
  • Alkali Male monarch-touched
  • Tukohama-touched
  • Abberath-touched
  • Shakari-touched
  • Innocence-touched
  • Kitava-touched

This is the major role of Archnemesis League mechanics. Yous can read the details in the mentioned guide, just all these modifiers are craftable and require Archnemesis Recipes. Those recipes you can notice in Path of Exile Archnemesis Recipes Full List.

Defeat Atlas Bosses in Style I

Defeat the post-obit bosses in the specified ways.

  • The Blackness Star without being hit by Astral Avalanche

Catchphrase: Astral barrage!

The Blackness Star has multiple fire or ice skills, one of which is the Astral Barrage. The whole fight is based around the rotating-colour-floor mechanic, and the colour of the floors affects the pillar effectually the arena, and lastly the coloured-pillar will stand for what kind of skill-theme it can cake.and then to do this claiming you have to avoid that avalanche skill like a
OR hibernate behind the pillar that’s on the blue-floor. If the avalanche skill hitting a colonnade that’s on the red-flooring, it’ll intermission it and have a few seconds to reanimate back. Pretty unproblematic claiming, merely picket out when the dominate screams “Astral barrage!”
then you lot get ready in the blue zone to hibernate.

  • The Black Star while the area has “Monsters take increased Assail, Cast and Movement Speed”

    • These endgame invitations can be rolled similar Maven endgame invitations. To practise this claiming, you can craft the map into magic rarity instead of rare rarity to brand the fight easier but for this challenge, the modifier you’re looking for is a prefix name “Armada”.

  • The Space Hunger without beingness dragged under ii or more times

The Space Hunger’s Arena has a mud that slowly rises as the fight progresses. While you are in the mud y’all gain a debuff that slows and damages you over time. One time that debuff reaches 10 stacks you lot will be swept away and need to find your fashion back to the boss arena where the mud will accept receded. To complete this challenge you need to take enough harm to impale the boss earlier you are swept away a second time. Yous cannot fully avoid the mud as the mud will eventually cover the whole arena, so your best shot is to deal as much damage every bit possible.
Logging in and out does not reset the mud levels, but logging in and out when you IN the mud level volition reset it.

  • The Infinite Hunger while the area has “more Monster Life”

    • These endgame invitations tin can be rolled like Maven endgame invitations. To practice this challenge, you tin arts and crafts the map into magic rarity instead of rare rarity to make the fight easier just for this challenge, the modifier you’re looking for is a prefix proper name “Unwavering”.
    • After defeating the Blackness Star, Searing Exarch, Infinite Hunger and the Eater of Worlds for the first time, yous will begin to be able to farm Invitations for the Cleansing Fire and Tangle bosses. You volition get the mini-boss invitation after killing the map boss on the 14th map and the pinnacle boss on the 28th.
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Defeat Atlas Bosses in Manner II

Defeat the following bosses in the specified means.

  • The Eater of Worlds without beginning to drown

The Eater of Worlds’ loonshit has floating balls roaming around the loonshit and will “drown” you if yous touch them. And then to do this challenge just effort to stay away from them during the fight. If yous stay also long in those bubbles, your light-vision will become smaller(as shown on the right moving-picture show above) to the point the whole screen turns pitch-dark and then you’ll instantly DIE.

  • The Eater of Worlds while the area has patches of Chilled Ground

    • These endgame invitations can be rolled similar Maven endgame invitations. To do this challenge, you tin craft the map into magic rarity instead of rare rarity to make the fight easier just for this challenge, the modifier you’re looking for is a suffix proper noun “of Ice”.

  • The Searing Exarch without being hit by whatsoever Rolling Meteors

Catchphrase: The fire of a thousand suns!

During the fight with the Searing Exarch, he volition begin to roll molten boulders from each side of the arena at you. To do this challenge you lot have to dodge all those boulders-bullet-hell to complete this claiming, Maven will also attempt to hope you past deleting some boulders so you accept to slip through those gap to dodge it, also using
flame dash
motion skill is the best method to dodge or get by the boulders line. Or just logging in and out during that phase to avoid it and yous even so complete this claiming easily.

  • The Searing Exarch while the surface area has “Monsters deal extra Physical Damage as Fire”

    • These endgame invitations can be rolled similar Maven endgame invitations. To do this challenge, you can craft the map into magic rarity instead of rare rarity to make the fight easier just for this challenge, the modifier you’re looking for is a prefix name “Called-for”.
    • Afterward defeating the Black Star, Searing Exarch, Space Hunger and the Eater of Worlds for the first time, you will begin to exist able to farm Invitations for the Cleansing Fire and Tangle bosses. You will get the mini-boss invitation afterwards killing the map boss on the 14th map and the pinnacle dominate on the 28th.

Boons of the Atlas III

Complete 3 of the post-obit encounters the specified number of times.

  • Complete Blighted maps x50
    Blight league)

    • You can get more blighted maps by taking “Epidemiology” from the atlas passive which cause blight chests in map accept eighty% more chance to drop blighted maps, thus can sustain even more than blighted maps to grind out this challenge, and also with some blight scarabs.

  • Utilise Atlas Scouting Reports x100

    (new Atlas Mechanics – Path of Exile 3.17 Siege of the Atlas Preview)

  • Harvest Plots of seeds x300

    (Harvest league)

    • 300 seems a lot merely should be no problem for players who love to subcontract harvest for the powerful crafting methods. Harvest farming can exist help a lot more than by taking ”Heart of the Grove” and “Bumper Crop” from atlas passive which causes sacred grove to spawn more plots per come across.

  • Defeat Delve bosses

    (Delve league) – How to Observe All Endgame League Specific Bosses in Path of Exile

  • Defeat Metamorphs in Tane’south Laboratory x60

    (Metamorph league)

    • 60 metamorph kills seems achievable either buy from other players, or self farming from map with the helps of some metamorph related atlas passive especially “Fine Specimens” and “Organ Donor” to assistance gaining more organs samples per metamorph encounter, and too with some metamorph scarab.

  • Defeat Factions in the Domain of Timeless Conflict x100

    (Leagion league) – How to Find All Endgame League Specific Bosses in Path of Exile

Nosotros have all these mechanics guides that you can find in the post – Path of Exile All Challenge Leagues in Lodge. In the brackets, y’all tin can encounter the name of the relative league.

Very Hard Difficulty Archnemesis Challenges

To complete the following four challenges you will need equally much time as one week and a decent build for completing the elevation end-game content and bosses.

Nighttime Terrors

Defeat each of the following bosses in an area of level 81 or college.

  • The Syndicate Mastermind

    • This is the last boss of the syndicate hierarchy. You tin can admission the mastermind’s safehouse later filling the top-middle intelligence bar on the syndicate board from interrogating captains from each partitioning’s safehouse; the college the rank of the captain, the more than intelligence you will gain.

  • Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless

    • This boss only tin can spawn from the end game map’south abyssal depths, they are easy to fight but their spawn rate fairly rare. Might wanna leech or buy from other player abyss boss spawns if your RNG is pretty bad to observe it. Just make sure the map is T14 higher up when found this boss to exercise this claiming.

  • Uul-Netol, Unburdened Mankind in her Domain

    • Uul-Netol is one of the breachlord variants, the concrete type. To gain access to kill this Breachlord, you take to collect a stack of 100 Splinters of Uul-Netol which will automatically plow into a Uul-Netol Breachstone. But this challenge requires level 81 which is Enriched version, you tin use Blessing of Uul-Netol to upgrade the Breachstone twitch to turn into Enriched version, or just from here.

  • Kurgal, the Blackblooded

    • This is one of the delve boss that spawns at minimum delve 51 or deeper in Abyssal City biome, but this claiming requires level 81 or higher, then you take to at to the lowest degree delve 114 deeper to find this boss for the challenge. Thankfully with the 3.16 update delve improvement these delve bosses spawn fairly mutual in delve, but the fight might exist a bit tricky especially it’s 2nd form lassers.

  • Olroth, Origin of the Fall

    • Y’all tin find this boss with a pocket-sized chance to spawn from logbook item level 81+ with Knights of the Sun faction, or y’all could buy a logbook from hither to force spawn the dominate in your logbook instead.

The area level 81 starts from tier 13 maps. You can discover in Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis League Map Tiers List what is the lowest tier of the required map with lvl 81 at least of the maps above.

Boons of the Atlas II x4

Consummate three of the post-obit encounters.

  • Have three active Shrine buffs at once

    • This challenge tin easily exist done by taking “Syncretism” from atlas passive to grant the player an additional random shrine effect each fourth dimension they touched a shrine. With this passive, touching 2 shrines as soon equally possible should’ve finished this challenge hands.

  • Open a Temple of Atzoatl with at to the lowest degree four tier 3 rooms

    • This challenge requires a chip of RNG but can hands be accomplished by taking “Resource Reallocation” & “Contested Development” from atlas passive to have a chance of upgrading the room twice on whatsoever of your deportment during the temporal incursion. Also this challenge doesn’t say it has to be YOUR temple, so yous can purchase other players Chronicle of Atzoatl from other players here, and so open in your map device then challenge completed.

  • Defeat a Delirium boss and a Across boss within 10 seconds of each other
    . This can exist washed by doing these two steps:

    • Having a permanent delirium boss (Kosis/Omniphobia) to spawn in your map, which is by applying delirium orbs on maps. The more orbs practical the higher take a chance for delirium boss to spawn in your map(recommended applied twice which is 40%).
    • Have applied delirium orb on map with “Slaying Enemies close together in Areas has a #% chance to concenter monsters from Beyond” modifier, or make use of beyond related atlas passive and map device’due south Beyond mod to increase the spawn rate of beyond boss.
    • After doing boths steps on your map creation, within the map you have to first find is there delirium boss existence. After finding information technology, attempt lower delirium boss life to low range then run abroad from it, then merely attempt to spawn a beyond dominate near the delirium boss. After spawning beyond boss and then kite it back near the delirium boss then finally kill them both equally soon equally possible to cease this challenge. Across bosses are much easier to kill compared to delirium boss, thus recommended to approach with delirium boss beginning instead of beyond dominate.

  • Defeat four Syndicate members, including a Leader, in a single encounter

    • This claiming requires a flake of RNG, merely not that hard to reach too. You tin increase the syndicate member spawn charge per unit during an encounter by taking syndicate’s related atlas passive such every bit “Betrayal Syndicate Reinforcement Take a chance” and “Effective Leadership”. And also try to make more allied/rival relationships between syndicates to increase the gamble of other syndicates to spawn in during the encounter.

  • Defeat a Legion Sergeant while completing a Ritual

    • This tin can exist easily done by finding a legion monolith and a ritual existence in your map first. If both coexist, starting time you have to try spawn/free a legion sergeant from the legion monolith, and a legion sergeant near looks like a yellow-bigger size among the legion monster variation(sergeant is not general). After doing that, effort to kite it near a ritual-circle then actuate the ritual, impale the sergeant inside the ritual then you’ll complete this challenge. Fifty-fifty if y’all fail to kite a legion sergeant into the ritual, sooner or subsequently it’ll be sucked in past the ritual-circle depending on the monster’s AI aggro range. Merely make certain to kite the legion sergeant at virtually range with a ritual earlier activating it should exist fine.

To complete this challenge yous need to know old leagues’ mechanics and also exist lucky. More details soon.

Master the Atlas

Unlock every Favoured Map Slot.

Y’all can read how to practise that in Favoured Maps guide.

Complete Endgame Grinds

Complete 4 of the post-obit encounters the specified number of times.

  • Level 100
  • Defeat Elderslayers in maps x100
  • Complete maps with 4 Sextant modifiers x300
  • Complete Trials of Clout in Maps x50
  • Defeat Elder or Shaper Guardians in maps x100
  • Defeat Archnemesis monsters in an area of level 83 or higher x1000

No need to do all of them but choose iv the nearly appropriate and piece of cake for you. We recommend skipping reaching level 100 as it is time-consuming and the other one that you discover least interesting.

Archnemesis League Claiming Rewards

We accept written a divide mail about it and you can see all Archnemesis League Challenge Rewards in Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis Claiming Rewards List or you tin also watch the video above.