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son goku (xeno)

  1. Early Game Ren Amamiya vs Xeno Goku

    Apologies if this is a stomp, this is my offset thread. Ren Amamiya (Joker) vs Xeno Goku -Ren is in his Early on Game key, and Xeno Goku does not have access to the Keysword. -Both in-character, but bloodlusted. -Speed equalized. -Standard Battle Assumptions otherwise. Ren: Goku: Incon:

  2. Ailamiona

    Dark Enchantress Cookie vs Xeno Goku

    Idk if this is a stomp thank you to the tier difference, but perchance the hax can make it more fair Dark Enchantress is in her first primal, and starts out as Dark Enchantress. Goku does not have the Keysword. Boxing takes place in the Tournament of Power arena. Dark Enchantress has all of the Pets…

  3. Quantu

    Superman vs Goku

    Don’t think this is banned? Pre Crisis Superman vs Xeno Goku. Peak Supes without Sword of Superman, Height Goku without Keysword. Speed equalized. Superman: Goku:

  4. Exercise Goku Xeno have Probability Manipulation and Negation of Probability Manipulation?

    I’ve seen that they’ve put that hax and anti-hax to Goku Xeno’s tab, simply it doesn’t have an prototype that says it’s true.

  5. TauanVictor

    Xeno Goku VS Arceus

    Xeno Goku VS Arceus Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Xeno Goku starts in SSJ3 form and will have admission to Keysword | Avatars Arceus Goku: Arceus: Inconclusive:

  6. Lightning_XXI

    Xeno Goku Vs Dante

    Disclaimer: I was asked to practice this one – Xeno Goku with all of his armory Vs DMC1 Dante – Speed is Equal – They are in character, merely serious for the fight – They start 100 meters away from each other…

  7. Purgy

    Moustache Man fights a Carrot

    Speed is equal No Keysword Yhwach: Son Goku: Inconclusive: [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER]

  8. Gonzalo

    Time Patrol vs Knight of Time

    Goku Xeno VS Dave Strider Rules -Equalized Speed -God Tier Dave is Used -Goku Xeno starts at SSJ The knight overtakes the patrolman (Dave): Patrolman surpasses the Knight (Goku):

  9. Keeweed

    Xenoverse and Heroes possible separation

    I accept been informed that plain Xenoverse and Heroes are not the same poetry. Heroes does take a lot from xenoverse, simply they aren’t actually connected to each other. Due to this I believe the heroes and xenoverse characters shouldn’t share profiles. They are dissimilar characters from…

  10. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Xeno Goku VS Ghost Rider

    Son Goku (Xeno) VS Ghost Passenger (Marvel Comics) Both are ii-A (Unrestricted Ghost Rider is used here) Speed is equalized Son Goku: Ghost Rider: Inconclusive:

  11. Tots_Real

    Goku Vs Goku Son Goku (super dragon ball heroes) Vs Son Goku (Xeno) SS4 Limite Breaker Xeno Ultra Instinct -Sign- Heroes Goku Speed Equalized SBA

  12. Coolboy6

    Is this thread still fair?

    Xeno goku vs Anos Considering xeno goku has dimensional domain

  13. Maverick_Zero_X

    Xeno Goku CRT

    Can nosotros add sources to where Xeno Goku’s abilities come from and add together a Notable Attacks/Techniques describing how his techniques (i.e.Dimensional Domain) actually work? The bulk of his PnA section is severely lacking in any sort of proof.

  14. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Xeno Goku VS Galactus

    Son Goku (Dragon Ball Heroes) VS Galactus (Curiosity Comics) Both are 2-A (Goku has the Keysword and Well Fed Galactus is used here) Speed is equalized Goku: Galactus: Inconclusive:

  15. Braking

    Budget Sun wukong vs One big thing (Xeno Goku vs Galactus) VS Well Fed Galactus used Goku starts with ssj 2 and can transform up to ssj3 or iv goku does not have keysword Speed equal Goku: Galactus: incon: i volition hold on to…

  16. azontr

    Evening Starfall vs Time Patroller

    Heard Yakagi has some 2-A stuff, and since I’m a garbage person I had to put him up against Xeno Goku. Speed Equalized. Goku has the keysword. Starfall: Time Patroller: Inconclusive:

  17. Yuraga

    Son Goku (DBH) Abilities Office II: Saiyan Boogaloo

    I’g covering both Son Gokus (CC & Xeno). First up is Xeno. I know I however have to practise the web log, I’thou working on getting my schedule together to practise information technology and equally of right I’grand working on figuring out the sandbox feature thing, but I figured I’d post this and become it washed as information technology takes piffling endeavor in…

  18. manu_zarri

    Battle of Passives: Chariot Requiem vs Xeno Goku (GRACE)

    Later this lucifer, i got that I should use passive characthers. Before you ask: Chariot soul hax is 2.873 million of people, and college eventually because planetary range (7.9 billion) Altitude: 100 metres Xeno Goku base of operations is used Speed Equalizzed Location: Rome Goku accept admission to his…

  19. manu_zarri

    Goku fights Dio merely information technology isn’t a stomp

    Heaven Rising Dio fiths Xeno Goku because now it’southward somehow off-white. If stomp and then changing to Mechikabura. Mail-Assimilation Fundamental is used Xeno Goku SS4LB used Speed Equalizzed Location: somewhere in nevada (Madness Gainsay Nevada) Distance: some metres I taked 30 minuts to find decent images…

  20. The_Pink_God

    Best Mega Man Design fights against the Drip

    Base Xeno Goku and OVER-1 with all his Boxing Memories will be used Speed Equal SBA OVER-1 is bloodlusted Xeno Goku: Vs OVER-1: Hopefully this won’t be a stomp

  21. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Fu vs Goku

    Dark King Fu vs Ultra Instinct Goku The fight took place on the Planet Salada of Universe 6 and both started 100 meters away from each other Fu: SDBH Goku: Inconclusive:

  22. manu_zarri

    A Clown fights Xeno Goku

    Yep, 9-A vs ii-A, and im not sure if this is a stomp. MC 11 Catchy used Xeno Goku (Super Saiyan four Limit Billow) used Speed Equalizzed Location: Somewhere in Nevada Somewhere in Hell Distance: 10m THE CLOWN HAS BEEN ENGAGED: one Goku: 8 Inconclusive: 1

  23. Maverick_Zero_X

    Can this quantify for Tier 1? (Dragon Ball Heroes)

    I’ve been curious about this recently. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, transportation into the ‘Existent World’ has been referred to every bit “transcending infinite” and “overcoming the barrier between dimensions”

  24. GokuBlacksolosyourverse

    Vegito VS Goku only it’s dissimilar

    VS Limit Billow Super Saiyan iv Xeno Goku (Universe Creation Saga) vs Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Vegito (Prison Planet Saga). Speed equalized Vote Goku: 3 (XSOULOFCINDERX, Ottavio_Merluzzo, Hasty12345) GokuxVegeta=Vegito: 0 Inconclusive: 0

  25. DaReaperMan

    Dragon ball downgrades and upgrades

    Dragon Brawl should be downgraded to 11-C… and Xeno Goku should exist upgraded to ane-A

  26. Yuraga

    Son Goku (Xeno) Abilities | DBH Upgrade + Stat Increase

    This is primarily to add information to his profile on the abilities already listed. I used a site that carries the info on his card abilities and effects. He should logically accept all his DBZ, Xeno, and GT card abilities. He lived through both Z and GT and then at that place’s no reason why he wouldn’t have…

  27. Coolboy6

    Mario vs Xeno goku

    Goku: Mario: Apologize if this is a stomp

  28. Bobsican

    Xeno Goku Vs FE Freyja

    I keep being asked to do this off-site, then.. Both at 2-A, speed equalized, Goku has the Keysword Freyja Xeno Goku

  29. DBZMLP12345

    Limit Billow SSJ4 for Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta

    I’thou curious, will someone presently update the Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta profiles to include their recently attained Limit Breaker SSJ4 Forms? I plant possible renders to apply for them, I’one thousand just wondering

  30. Gilad_Hyperstar

    [Annal] Xeno Goku VS Super Sonic (Completed)

    Hither is the archived boxing Archie Post Genesis Wave Super Sonic and Xeno Goku Sonic’s profile: Goku’s profile:

  31. Zenkaibattery1

    Serge vs Xeno Goku redux

    Previously a stomp because speed wasn’t equalized Son Goku (Xeno) vs Serge Both ii-A Speed equalized Goku has the Keysword and starts in SSJ4 Goku: Serge: Inconclusive:

  32. Gokufan15647586

    Son Goku Xeno vs Male monarch

    Time to shine :v speed equal Goku has keysword

  33. Gokufan15647586

    Xeno Goku vs Superman Prime number Ane million

    2-A Forms- Goku has keysword speed equal The man with the golden touch. Fourth dimension to shine :v

  34. Gokufan15647586

    Xeno Goku v Superman (Mail Flashpoinnt)

    This is Supes after unknown amount of sundips. Speed equal

  35. Gokufan15647586

    Xeno Goku 5 Agnes Oblige

    ii-A Agnes vs Xeno Goku Speed equal

  36. Zenkaibattery1

    Xeno Goku’s intelligence

    “Xeno Goku lacks knowledge when it comes to things that aren’t related to fighting” … one) No. 2) This is taking Canon Goku’s intellignece and slapping it onto Xeno Goku I don’t think I need to explain how he isn’t defective in knowledge outside of fighting but: For starters, Xeno Goku knows…

  37. GarrixianXD

    Tier 2 characters that tin beat/stomp Xeno Goku and vice versa and that gets stomped by him PART 2

    As y’all know, Xeno Goku has been upgraded to 2-A a while ago so let’southward might too take fun with information technology. Also, in my opinion, I exercise not concord with the listing myself simply since this is a Fun and Games board there’s no reason for actual salt and debates. Brand sure you’re following the rules and guidelines…

  38. LickNai666

    Xeno Goku vs Gilgamesh 2A

    Gilgamesh (Fate serial) vs Son Goku (Xeno)

  39. GarrixianXD

    Shulk fights the “Weakest” two-A only information technology’south not BB

    Yeah, yous got it and information technology shouldn’t exist a surprise Shulk vs Xeno Goku Goku won against Shulk as both were 2-Bs, how will it modify as they’re now 2-As? Shulk has Monado III and Goku has Keysword, speed is equalized

  40. Vampire_Vamp

    Rimuru web novel vs Xeno Goku

    Don’t take this one seriously, just trying to see how it would go, its not a real vs, Since Goku is two-A and Rimuru is 2 B, only Rimuru completely negates everything and is faster,

  41. Spinoirr

    Xeno Vegeta should be a thing

    TBH I’m surprised how he has yet to get a profile and he should take a profile equally he has dissimilar powers then all the other vegetas Xeno Vegeta

  42. The_real_cal_howard

    Serge vs Xeno Goku

    I can’t wait to offset this match. Speed isn’t equalized. Both scale to crossing universes in seconds. Serge’s contour is barebones and then I’ll describe his stuff if someone asks (and yes his scaling chain is humongous to lucifer. We all recall Lavos’s days in the prime and Sege with CC scales…

  43. Zamasu_Chan

    Goku vs Demonbane

    Speed equal. Goku: Demonbane: ƒò║ƒÅ┐ƒò║ƒÅ┐ÔÜ░´©Åƒò║ƒÅ┐ƒò║ƒÅ┐:

  44. StrymULTRA

    Explanation about how far is Blended DB in 2-A

    Introductio Since DB 2-A was accepted I’d like to make articulate the scaling in that tier, before getting vs threads out of mitt. Explanation about how high is the verse in 2-A Most Heroes, any of the 15 universes is unsaid creatng infinite timelines, since in BT3 is implied that at that place are…

  45. Edwardtruong2006

    Xeno Goku vs. Overlord Laharl

    I already see like three threads ripping on 2-A Goku and then let’due south try and give him an actual fair match Speed is = and both are 2-A Who wins? Overlord Laharl: 0 Son Goku (Xeno): 0

  46. Unoriginal_Memes

    Well-nigh Bill VS Goku

    Why was it removed? I get that Xeno Goku got a massive AP advantage, only he already had that before. Not to mention, AP wouldn’t even matter considering of Low-Godly Regenerationn. Also, equally far as I’thousand enlightened, their abilities oasis’t changed since it was made.

  47. ZacharyGrossman273

    Xeno Goku VS Yahvo

    Speed equalized Son Goku (Xeno) Yahvo (Myst) Inconclusive

  48. Saint_rider_890

    Strongest Tier 2B-2A character can Xeno Goku defeat ?

    Speed Unequal. The character should be around 2B-2A. Don’t list any character from DB such like Mecha Goku , Demigra and the others. Accept place in Crack of Fourth dimension. Win via death, incap, knockout, or BFR.

  49. Spinoirr

    Xeno Goku vs pyra

    Speed is = and both are 2-A Pyra (Xenoblade): Son Goku (Xeno): Xeno Goku

  50. Zamasu_Chan

    Carmine Monkey Gokek vs Archie Sanik (the other one)

    What you thought I was dumb enough to use pre genesis? 2-A, speed equal, in character. Goku: Sonic: Mr Satan:

  51. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse/Heroes Matches

    Afterward Dragon Ball Xenoverse/Heroes has been upgraded from 2-B to 2-A in this thread, most of the battles were removed. Some rightfully, but some matches that are all the same valid were removed too. For example: Two matches that were removed simply are still valid are: Bill Aught VS Xeno Goku and Hyper…

  52. RinneItachi

    Tier two characters that beat Xeno Goku or vice versa

    Self-explanatory. Xeno Goku is at present 2-A, and then might equally well have fun with it. Every battle between Goku and the character you have in mind will simply take place with SBA entirely. Edit: I volition also list characters that vanquish Goku and vice versa hither when I see them. Another edit: Matches with…

  53. RinneItachi

    Information technology is fourth dimension (Xeno Goku Vs. Rebirth Superman)

    Xeno Goku has been upgraded to ii-A, and so here we go. Superman is obviously in his 2-A fundamental. Speed equalized. Both are in character. Battle takes place in front of kid Goku’due south original house (Grandpa Gohan’south). Starting distance is v meters. Win via death, incap, knockout, or BFR. Otherwise SBA…

  54. Kepekley23

    Dragon Ball Heroes/Xenoverse Revision (2-A)

    So, without further ado, allow’s get into information technology. Revision ane: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Some people might call back that I accept already talked nigh this earlier in jest. The gist of it is; after the terminate of BT3’s What-if Saga, which is about Kibito Kai and Goku visiting a number of other timelines where…

  55. Uniasha

    lord’s day wukong vs son goku

    xeno goku vs buddhahood sunwukong both at 2B speed is equalised both 100 meters away

  56. GarrixianXD

    Superman (Pre-Crunch) vs Son Goku (Xeno)

    It’s only Superman vs Goku but far less toxic than Death Battle, well hopefully Round 1: Normal match, speed equalized Round 2: Supes gets the sword of Superman and Goku is 6D, speed unequalized

  57. Zenkaibattery1

    Quick Xeno Goku thing

    Xeno Goku should be around 60 years old He was there starting from historic period 850, which is 54 years afterward the Goku Blackness arc, and the get-go of Heroes to the where they currently are has had a decent time skip. He also considered Battle of Gods Goku young. Then his historic period should exist “54-60”

  58. FanSyst

    Son Goku (Xeno) vs Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel)

    -Strongest keys for both -Speed equalized -Bloodlust

  59. Son_david12

  60. Zenkaibattery1

    Xeno Goku Keysword contour

    In Heroes, Xeno Goku also used his ain Keysword, although information technology was unlike from Trunks’ The abilities he would proceeds are Sealing, Ability Nullification and Resistance to BFR and Void Manipulation

  61. Omegas03

    Xeno Goku vs. A guy who he has stomped many times over. .

    Since Xeno Goku plain can get transmuted now, permit”southward throw Bloodlusted Buuhan at him ═í┬░ ═£╩û ═í┬░ ═í┬░ ═£╩û ═í┬░ 4-B 5 2-B. Buu has an 2x speed advantage and is totally bloodlusted. Goku has admittedly no prior knowledge somehow while Buu does. Buu: two Goku: 0

  62. The_real_cal_howard

    Some of Xeno Goku resistances

    A handful of resistances he has come up from scaling to lesser characters. I don’t demand to analyze why we don’t do that. Because nosotros’ve fabricated this clear fourth dimension and time again and him having this is a articulate breach of rules. Nosotros only scale resistances if it’s biology based. Either it’s innate to the…

  63. Lord_JJJ

    Xeno Goku tries to save the multiverse from a unlike threat : it is a jester that time (8-0-0)

    Base Dimentio defeat DBS Goku before, just I retrieve it is at present the time for a 2B rematch betwixt them Both are 2B and speed is equal They kickoff 30 meter abroad from each other Xenoku : eight Luigi : The Immortal Omnipotence Jevil :

  64. Iisdude1

    Neb fights a silly monkey

    Glonku vs billy syllable Speed equal Goku:six Bill:13

  65. Tony_di_bugalu

    Because I’k having a skilful day :v

    Well, the last one is a stomp sadly but this one isn’t that out of the bottle Xeno Goku, the ane that is a fucking brute vs I eat your ominverse for the lolz Speed equal, both at full ability getting tired of this shit Xeno Goku: Time to shine :v Elder God Demonbane: Incon:

  66. Greenshifter

    Alien X vs Xeno Goku

    Alien Ten got High regen at present so this is no longer a stomp. Alien X will probably go to 2-A soon so consider this a Goodbye and Good Riddance matchup. Goku starts in base and can power up Ben has full control Speed equalized Fight takes place on Prison house Planet SBA for everything else Alien Ten…

  67. Shubham_Sonsurkar

    Xeno Goku AP

    Well equally Goku actually defeated Demigra in Base and not Super Sayian and so, What should be his AP now?

  68. Lord_JJJ

    Goku VS Godzilla : The battle of the Stronger incarnation (Grace)

    Xeno Goku VS Super Robot Wars Godzilla 2B VS 2A Speed is equal Both are in their strongest Son Goku (Xeno) : 9 Godzilla (Super Robot Wars) : Please do not be a Stomp

  69. Shubham_Sonsurkar

    Question regarding Palkia vs Goku Xeno thread

    I wanted to know why can’t goku nuke the realm after transforming to SSJ4?

  70. GarrixianXD

    Dragon Brawl Heroes and Xenoverse are getting a High 1-C to a possibly 1-B upgrade! (ACTUAL Prove SHOWN)

    What, you really believed this shit?

  71. Zenkaibattery1

    Minor Goku revision

    “fought on par with Demigra Makyouka, who was going to cause the collapse of the DBH Multiverse and the “Real World”, in base and defeated him as a SSJ” This is wrong. He defeated him in base. SSJ was game mechanics if The Player was having trouble

  72. Badrimoine2019

    Conflicting 10 VS XENO GOKU

    Who would win in a fight betwixt à bloodlusted Alien x and xeno?

  73. GarrixianXD

    Xeno Goku vs Demigra

    Demigra wants his revenge on Goku for kicking his a*south during the past. Demigra is back with 33x status heave but Xeno Goku now has Ultra Instinct and fully mastered. Who’d wins? Both two-B Nil equalized, just a simple death boxing

  74. Lightstar619

    Fourth dimension patroller Saiyan fights the Almighty Alien

    Xeno Goku Vs Alien X Speed is equalized (Lol it feels like I just started WW3)

  75. Zenkaibattery1

    Son Goku vs Agnes Oblige

    Goku Xeno vs Agnes Oblige SBA Speed is equalized Goku Xeno: Agnes: Inconclusive:

  76. Zenkaibattery1

    Heroes and Xenoverse speed revisited

    Yeah, I know, this has caused controversy before. Withal, let’s effort and be civil almost it this time. In the latest arc with Mechikabura, this happened. Chronoa seals Mechikabura and the demon gods outside of time “Roam forever with me outside the flow of fourth dimension, dark…

  77. Adem_Warlock69

    Statistics Amplification and Reduction for Xenoverse and Heroes

    Xeno Goku has Statistics Distension without the use of Kaioken because he raises his AP and Durability by 77% and Raises his AP with his Kamehameha and in Ssj3, he Guards all attacks (which is basically him always having the Type reward) and his Kamehameha raises his attack past 50% Fu…

  78. Zenkaibattery1

    Demigra Law Manipulation and Goku resistances

    Demigra should have law manipulation for making the physics and laws in the demon realm; the laws of the demon realm are dissimilar As well, this is done through their magic, as a issue Goku should have resistances to abilities Demigra uses through his magic. As of this point information technology’s only Law…

  79. Xantospoc

    Son Goku (Xeno) Massive Downgrade

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have a sad announcement, the scaling we use for Xeno Goku is… sadly inaccurate. Sorta. Now, yous will tell me, simply Xantospoc, we clearly have feats that show how he scales higher up Demigra and Chamel… This is true… except that it’s not canon. The feats nosotros are shown…

  80. Omegas03

    Goku tries to AP stomp your verse but…

    Nosotros’ll give some advantages to Goku to see if he could potentially solo more than verses. We are using Low 2-C MUI Goku for this but he completely dominates the form and so no minute time limit. Speed is Equalized if the verse blitzes Goku, otherwise Unequalized. 1- If the poesy’s AP is waaay too far…

  81. Seventy96

    Why so many people recollect, that DBS/Xenoverse characters are v or fifty-fifty 6 dimensional?

    Seriously, where did it come from? What are their arguments? This is not bashing DBS. I’k just curious.

  82. ChocomilkAlex

    Giratina vs Goku (Xeno)

    To complete the holy trinity, allow’s pit Goku against Giratina Both 2-B Speed Equal Goku starts in SSJ4 Who wins? Monky: Satan Dragon: Ness:

  83. Mark_Zuckeryberg

    How fast is Xeno Goku ?

    I but wanted to know how fast is Xeno Goku anyway

  84. Quibster

    Xeno Goku vs Palkia

    Please stay composed or this may get airtight past an admin. Since Xeno Goku lost to Dialga, permit’s see how he’ll fair against Palkia! Son Goku (Xeno) vs Palkia Both are two-B Speed is equalized Xeno Goku starts in his Super Saiyan four form Battle takes place on Prison Planet from Super Dragon Ball…

  85. DTG499

    I have a minor question and a major question nearly Xeno Goku

    1, how far into 2-B is he? Two, why isn’t he ii-A? I don’t have the statements of the number of timelines beingness infinite on hand. But I am certain that in that location are people on this website who know what I’k talking about, whether they be for or against 2-A. I know that is a loaded request merely I’chiliad…

  86. Asdsaaaaaadasdq

    goku xeno upgrade

    let’due south go to the basics of the dbs universe dbh bubble theory and made based on chimera theory infinite galaxies…

  87. Asdsaaaaaadasdq

    goku xeno power Comments

    I volition summarize why xeno goku is above two-B actress dimensional hum Theory of World Quantum Mechanics, where “many unlike futures are created in the smallest things.” also based on the theory of the universe in bubbling that say the universes spread infinitely…

  88. Oliver_de_jesus

    goku vs superboy prime number but not exactly.

    although superboy prime number has a 2B key, I prefer that the fourth dimension trapper fight so that goku does non stomp. sba speed is equal. goku xeno: the time trapper: Batman:

  89. Ted_Ed

    Goku vs Pyra Rematch

    ii-B forms -Pneuma Pyra and SSJ4 Goku are used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in the above of Andromeda Galaxy -Range is 100 meters -Win via decease!!!

  90. Edwardtruong2006

    Xeno Goku vs. Shulk

    Gotta practice this now two-B versions used Speed is = Who wins? Shulk: 0 Son Goku (Xeno): 0

  91. Myusicman2019

    SDBH: World MISSION IS Low 1-C

    For those who play World Mission, you’ll discover that there are openings to extradimensional space, which is later confirmed to be caused by Sealas. Since Gogeta (Xeno) and Beat were able to eventually beat him at his strongest form (absorbing Ahms who had also captivated Hitting, Perfect Cell, Frieza…

  92. Ted_Ed

    Filthy Frank vs Xeno Goku

    2-B forms Speed unequal Frank

  93. PapiSavitar5025

    Xeno Goku’s EE Resistance

    Where does Xeno Goku having EE resistance come from? All it’s stated is that he resists information technology, but it doesn’t explain why he has it.

  94. MrLuk2000

    Xeno Goku vs Sonic redux

    Last thread was fabricated three months ago, that ended a stomp for each depending on the versions, since Sonic got upgraded to Low ii-C, I wonder how this fares Base of operations Archie Sonic vs SSJ4 Xeno Goku Speed equal Who wins and why? Sonic: 9 (Oblivion Lightning, ShadowWarrior, Neon Battle Demark, The User789…

  95. ChocomilkAlex

    Information technology’s fourth dimension…..

    Xeno Goku decides that it’ll exist fun to fight the newly upgraded Alien 10. Permit’due south go. Both 2-B Speed Equalized Who wins? Alien: Monkey: Ness:

  96. JohnCenaNation

    Son Goku: Xeno vs Soul Male monarch

    Is this a bad idea? Well-nigh likely so. Whelp, gotta hibernate in the corner, considering I’chiliad just testing something very important for inquiry purpose. vs. Rules: 1. This is Son Goku: Xeno at his strongest from Dragon Ball verse without whatever injuries; whereas this is Soul King at his strongest from…

  97. No_Might_09

    Xeno Goku Vs Sailor Chaos..Only hear me out.

    So this was a stomp in chaos favor last time. But wouldnt xeno goku having super shenron make this a amend lucifer?

  98. The_real_cal_howard

    Dialga vs Xeno Goku redux

    Dialga got avatars and spatial “you can’t approach me” recently so redoing this farce of a match.

  99. Myusicman2019

    Xeno Goku doesn’t have Precognition?

    I looked in his profile and it doesn’t seem like Xeno Goku has Precognition, although the canon Goku in the Dragon Ball Super anime gained this ability subsequently fighting Hit. However, in Xeno Goku’south profile, it states that he possesses “Resistance to Time Cease (Repeatedly resisted Hit’s attempts to…

  100. Spinoirr

    How fast is xeno goku

    How fast is he in the MFTL+ range?

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