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Guide – Pumping septic tanks

Video guide on how to do this job

Map of the septic tanks locations

I of the owners patiently waiting for the player in the expressionless of dark during thunderstorm

The player can
pump septic tanks
with the Gifu, a vacuum truck that is located outside the Sewage plant in Peräjärvi. Yous volition demand to obtain the keys from Uncle Kesseli at his house before existence able to drive it. Its primary use is pumping raw sewage from people’s homes around the map.

The Gifu volition at offset be at the Wastewater treatment constitute. So using the moped to get to the truck and put in the cab might be a good idea.

Getting a pump chore


A pump job can be started when one of the owners, after their septic tank becomes virtually full, has chosen the player’southward telephone and requested it to be emptied. Afterward answering the call, the location will be marked with a dart on the map in a higher place the telephone. Multiple septic tank jobs may be marked on the map at the aforementioned time.

Tank owners will patiently wait for you twenty-four hours and night in any conditions to come up and empty their septic tanks. If you haven’t answered the phone phone call, in that location won’t be anyone waiting even though septic tank looks full. You lot can still pump the tank out if there is no one around, but you won’t go paid.

Doing the pump job


Upon arriving at a customer’due south house and backing up the truck close to the tank. Walk behind the truck and pull the well cover off the well – information technology’s a white cement-colored circle with a foursquare hat. Click the hose on the right side of the truck and it should fall off. Drop the hose fully downwards the well, avoiding kinks, go back inside the motel, and turn on the hydraulic pump. Once you plow on the pump, y’all must plough on the manus throttle which is to the left of the ignition. The college the revs, the faster the waste will flow. After lowering tank’s waste product level to 250 Fifty (maximum tank capacity is 2500 L), the man sitting nearby should kickoff talking and paw out some coin – 1200 mk to be exact. Turn the pump off and accept the money from his hand, pull the hose back out from the well, and reattach it to the side of the truck. Exist careful not to walk likewise far away while waiting for the Gifu to pump, if you leave the loading range, the human being will disappear and you will exist unable to retrieve your difficult-earned coin.

The hose tin exist pulled out of the septic tank past driving the truck forwards, but it might tear off the hose. If that happens, practice not worry; the hose coupler can be reattached to the sewage inlet even though a
cheque marker iconCheck mark icon.png

does not appear. If the hose has fallen into the well completely and cannot exist reached, it will respawn on the truck the adjacent fourth dimension the game is saved and reloaded. Pulling the hose upward past manus is the safe option, just it might require some practice. Practise it slowly and lay it on the ground (as opposed to dropping it) between pulls to minimize the chance of it falling back in.

The truck can hold 10000 liters of waste product or simply over iv houses’ worth. The waste must exist dumped at the wastewater treatment plant in Peräjärvi. Dumping waste illegally will effect in a fine, delivered to the mailbox at abode. The value of the fine is derived from a combination of the amount of waste dumped and the actor’south earnings (run across below). Fleetari will eventually give the thespian a call and ask him to practice some vandalism. This however counts as illegal dumping and a fine will nevertheless be levied, but the role player will earn some booze, Fleetari’s gratitude and an increase in his disbelieve from 10% off to twoscore% off (which may or may not be worth information technology, depending on how much the player has earned so far and how much work they programme to take done on their car).

Shit economic science


There are 5 septic tanks in the game. Slowly they fill with waste. This filling speed is not a abiding, so they never become full simultaneously and it’s impossible to gauge which of them become filled up first (if you have emptied them previously at virtually the same time). It usually takes almost a work-week for them all to become total. Owners outset to call you lot when waste level reaches 2450 Fifty mark. As shortly every bit you answer the call, waste flow will stop. Don’t worry, if you ignore the call tank won’t overflow. In fact, it’s waste level will never reach information technology’s full 2500 L capacity and, until you respond the call, waste level will fluctuate between 2450-2460 liters.

Interesting thing is that you tin can’t fully empty any of the tanks, presumably because some of the waste has solidified and can’t exist pumped. Waste level will stop lowering at around 50 Fifty marker no affair how hard you throttle. This yields yous about 2400 L of waste matter per septic tank if you pump it out completely. Equally was mentioned above, tank owner volition thank you and hand out the money every bit presently as yous lower his waste level to 250 L mark. You tin can stop right away, without elimination the tank completely, and take the coin. If you lot determine to stop at this moment, depending on your reaction fourth dimension and pump speed, this volition on average lower pumped waste material amount to nigh 2300 L per tank (or fifty-fifty less if yous are really that good). Payment volition stay the same, no matter what.

Dumping waste matter at the treatment institute costs money: 1 mk for every seven liters, but no less than 150 mk. I.eastward. you lot can’t pay less than 150 mk, even if you dump just 1 liter. This means that it’due south in your best interest to hit pump switch as soon equally possible considering you will pay less at the plant increasing your profits.

Because Gifu has a terrible fuel consumption (about 10 times worse than Hayosiko) and elimination all the tanks involves traveling to Peräjärvi and back, stopping and maneuvering at treatment plant and every tank (and don’t forget fuel spent while pumping), fuel costs become not-negligible expense for this job.

First of all, to minimize the costs, use fuel oil instead of diesel fuel – on the average, fuel oil price is four/7 diesel toll. The only drawback is that y’all will be fined for using fuel oil while driving on the highway, simply you lot don’t actually need the highway for this job (see the optimal road below). Second, don’t park your Gifu at abode. Park it near i of the septic tanks and drive in that location and back on Hayosiko or Jonnez which have amend fuel economy. Third, attempt to drive on the higher gears (4H and up) every bit much as possible, downshifting as needed to climb a few steep hills. By keeping Gifu in the high range you lower information technology’s fuel consumption.

Fuel-wise, this is the optimal route for doing 5-tank run:

  • Your run starts with a septic tank at south-eastern corner of the map, the i at the firm virtually highway intersection. If you have already done this route, your Gifu volition be waiting for you here ready to pump the tank. Get to this tank from your home on Hayosiko or Jonnez and exit it hither. At that place is a water well almost the house if you need information technology.
  • From here bulldoze to Loppe, pump 2 tanks. Use the dirt route – it’s the shortest path to Loppe and will use less fuel. You can use Fleetari’s outhouse to save your progress, and the water well near the mansion to quench your thirst if you didn’t take any other things to beverage.
  • And then drive to Peräjärvi and pump one of the tanks there. Again, use the dirt road. At this signal your Gifu is (almost) full with crap, so information technology’due south the correct moment to dump information technology at treatment constitute. If it’s too late, park it most the plant and go about your business – get drunk at Pub Nappo, kick some ass, mess with Petteri and Jani, y’all know the drill. It’due south a good moment to save the game at outhouse behind the store. You can sleep at the backseat of your Gifu.
  • Later dumping the waste from the first four tanks, pump the terminal one and dump the waste again at the plant. Now get to Teimo’s and fill Gifu upwardly to the brim with fuel oil.
  • Time to go back to the beginning tank at due south-eastern corner. It may be tempting to use highway, simply you lot’ll use less fuel if you take dirt roads. Park Gifu at this tank like your are virtually to pump it and proceed Gifu there till the adjacent run. It’s the closest septic tank to the player’s home and it’southward very piece of cake to park Gifu at this tank without whatever maneuvering when driving from north. Have whatever vehicle you’ve left there previously and drive it dorsum dwelling house.

This whole road, if done properly, takes a little more than than i/4 of Gifu’s 300 Fifty fuel tank. When kickoff receiving a Gifu keys from your uncle, Gifu will be parked at treatment plant with about three/eight of a fuel tank. You lot can get to it on Jonnez, which you will then store in information technology’s cabin till the end of the route and employ information technology to drive back abode.

Now, if you have already washed above route earlier, your profits will be 4100-4200 mk from each run. Bold that you tried to pump as little as possible from each well and followed fuel saving tips above. While on this route you may practise other activities similar taking engine parts and wheels to and back from Fleetari, shopping at Teimo’s or collecting your mail orders. You can even try to do advertisment job for Teimo while at Peräjärvi – there are 13 mailboxes hither or you can bring Jonnez with you to go around all of them. Plan these activities beforehand because you may need Hayosiko to haul all the stuff to and from Gifu. It’s advisable not to start this route on Friday, because it usually takes more and then ane day to finish it and handling plant is closed on weekends (and there is a rally going on). Because the route takes such a long fourth dimension to cease, it’s also a expert idea to keep a beer case and some food inside the Gifu’s cabin.

Of course you are welcome to modify above road all the same yous similar to conform your immediate needs, e.g. past taking a detour to visit your grandma or tow a wrecked automobile on the way to Fleetari, but this volition lower your profits accordingly. Be creative.

Waste offense


If you lot are feeling good (or Fleetari asked you a favour) yous tin can dump the crap wherever you want. Merely be warned that after y’all reload a game there will exist a fine waiting for you lot in your mail box. This is a fine for your crimes (humorously named
internally). If yous don’t pay it immediately when you get it from mail box or ignore it for some fourth dimension, it volition be added to a pile of other unpaid fines on your kitchen table.

Y’all get a 1 day-fine for every 400 liters of inappropriately dumped waste. When expelling waste out of your Gifu’s tank, y’all can notice that waste product stream is not continuous and pauses sometimes. This is because waste product is expelled in a batches of 2400-2410 liters. Even if there is not plenty waste remaining for a total batch or you shut the valve earlier – Gifu’s tank will still expel a total batch, creating waste out of sparse air if needed. This means you’ll go at least 6 24-hour interval-fines, because you will expel at least one batch. And the maximum (for an episode) is thirty day-fines for emptying a Gifu filled up with crap to the brim, considering 10000 L of stored waste product results in five batches of expelled waste. And of course these episodes will stack upward to create even more than day-fines if your continue to misbehave this manner.



  • The septic tanks can be fallen into, killing the player via drowning in the most disgusting way possible.
  • Don’t dump the sewage anywhere else than the wastewater treatment plant or you will exist fined.
  • Lower the rear beam after pumping the second tank and raise it when you empty the truck.
  • Practice not salve while the truck is pumping or you lot won’t get paid for that septic tank.
  • If the level of sludge is not lowering steadily, merely jumping from i level to the next, the owner volition
    pay for the job, as the septic tank wasn’t completely full yet.
  • If pulling the hose out past hand, grab it and slowly start moving away from the well without stressing the tube too much. The physics engine is janky and if it moves too fast it volition jiggle and the grip on the tube will be lost, making information technology fall down the well once again. Pull the hose until the end tin can exist grabbed, and so drag the end of the hose to the base of the truck, merely off to the correct of the coupler (where the hose attaches to the truck). Eventually, a “Put hose away” prompt volition appear, click information technology to secure the hose in place.
  • Endeavour to detect an easy arroyo to the septic tanks with the truck. Long complex parking jobs eat up fuel.
  • If the Gifu is parked likewise far from the well, the hose may not reach far enough down the well to become all the waste product. If it’due south been more than ii minutes and the owner hasn’t said annihilation, cheque that sewage level really stopped lowering and carefully back the truck closer to the well making sure that hose goes all the way to the bottom.
  • Sometimes, if Gifu is parked too shut to the well and there are more than than enough of hose length in it, sewage won’t pump fifty-fifty if pump is turned on and throttle is maxed out. In this case yous should pull the hose out completely and reposition Gifu to be farther away from the well. Subsequently this, you can drop the hose dorsum into the well and try again. By and large, when yous dislodge the hose from the truck and it lands near the well cement acme without roofing it, y’all are good to go.


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