Heroes of the Storm Queue Times

Introduction Meridian

This guide will sum up all timings for each map and a few general tips and tendencies for each map. In this guide I volition focus on all the data about the maps rather than of what to conclude from this data. Hopefully you can use the information from this guide to develop your own strategies and hero compositions for each map.
All timings are found by observing the game myself or from other peoples findings. (in which case I link to the source)

This guide will include:

  • Timings on merc camps
  • Timings on map objectives
  • A few general tips for the map

This guide will

  • Guides for any heroes
  • Any strategy for the dissimilar maps

I encourage all of you to leave a comment if you lot like / dislike annihilation or if you take any additions or corrections I might have missed.

Mercenaries Top

For about maps the are iii types of mercenary camps which can exist plant in almost maps.

  1. Siege camps
    – This camp is the easiest to take. Siege gigants bargain high damage with a small splash, making them potent for taking down enemy structures.
  2. Bruiser camps
    – This army camp is harder to accept but too more rewarding. Knights are excellent at tanking minions and towers and if left alone volition button the lane quite a chip. They don’t requite as much harm as the siege gigants just they will take a lot of hits from the minions.
  3. Boss camps
    – Bosses are the strongest mercenaries. They will ignore the creeps in the lane and get straight for the proficient stuff (structures). Bosses requires the enemy team to react otherwise they will surely lose a lot of structures.
Campsite Initial spawn time respawn time Difficulty
Siege Army camp 2:00 +3:00 Easy
Bruiser Camp 2:00 +4:00 Medium
Boss Army camp iii:00 +5:00 Hard

Blackheart’south Bay Peak

Blackheart’due south Bay is another intense map. Being able to keep control of the cannon in a key element in this map. Unlike other maps the map mechanics are upward at all fourth dimension and not in specific times. This map also contains the most mercenary camps.


All camps gives exactly
ii doubloons
In addition to the regular camps this map too include the
doubloon army camp.

Camp Initial spawn time respawn time Difficulty
Doubloon camp two:00 +2:xxx Very easy


Each time 2 chests volition spawn each containing
v doubloons
Initial spawn fourth dimension:

Respawn fourth dimension is somewhere between
later the terminal breast has been broken. (random) source


Spawns at

Every circular of fire consists of
12 shots

Initially it costs
ten doubloons.
Information technology costs
+2 doubloons
for the subsequent rounds of fire.

Blackheart prioritizes his targets like this:

  1. Outer structures in mid lane (fort last)
  2. Outer structures in elevation lane (fort last)
  3. Outer structures in bot lane (fort final)
  4. Inner structures in mid lane (fort last)
  5. Inner structures in top lane (fort terminal)
  6. Inner structures in bot lane (fort terminal)
  7. Core


  • You lot can come across the amount of doubloons each hero has past pressing tab
  • The shots from Blackheart deals aoe dmg in a small area around the structures. Don’t hug structures under fire. For the aforementioned reason don’t mule buildings nether fire.

Cursed Hollow Top

On Cursed Hollow games tends to be the longest. This is considering the mechanic of the map doesn’t directly destroy the enemy structures, instead players accept to push themself. This map is as well the largest which often result in less action. Since this map is the largest it also accept the most camps. Taking camps and keeping map control is often a high priority.


The tributes can spawn at 6 different locations. The locations the tributes spawn in are psedo-random. Since the system is a bit complex I won’t go into details and explicate it hither. Check out this video instead.

lasts for

respawn time
of a tribute depends on whether the previous tribute triggered the curse:

  • No curse: betwixt
  • Expletive: betwixt


  • The expletive doesn’t bear on mercenaries. You can apply them to assistance defend a lane.

Dragon Shire Top

Dragon Shire is a map of average size and mercenary camps. It contains a lot of bushes which tin assist setting up kills, expecially in the middle lane. The dragon is a stiff tool for destroying the enemy base and should non exist ignored. That said, the dragon isn’t particulary tanky and therefore it often requires help from its team.


The shrines opens at
The shrines will open once again
later on the dragon is killed.
If not killed the dragon lasts for


  • The dragons auto attacks bargain twice the dmg confronting structures
  • Mercenary camps in combat won’t despawn when y’all accept control over the dragon.

Garden of Terror Summit

Garden of Terror is a adequately large map without any lookout man towers. This tin easily pb to a lot of surprise ganks and thus keeping vision of your enemies move can exist a challenge. Often teams are very mobile throughout the game in order to set up up ganks, kill the enemy garden terror and push when possible.


The starting time night starts at

The next nights will showtime
after the last plants have been killed.

Each night a full of
180 seeds
volition spawn.
To summon the garden terror your team must to collect
100 seeds.

Distribution of seeds during night


  • Mercenary camps in combat won’t despawn when y’all take command over the garden terror.
  • Once yous have enough seeds for your garden terror whatsoever additional seeds nerveless will count towards your adjacent garden terror.

Haunted Mines Top

Haunted Mines is usually the shortest and most intense map. The map itself is really minor compared to the other maps and it only has three camps. Staying together and winning the team fights in the mine is usually prioritized.

Mine timings

  • The mine opens at
  • The minions in the mine respawn
    after the terminal grave golem has died.

Distribution of skulls in the mine


  • The camps will always go to the reverse lane of your golem.
  • If the bruiser army camp in the centre was taken shortly subsequently the skulls were collected,
    and so the mines are usually upwardly around the time the camp respawns.
  • If timed correctly the siege gigants tin exist used to kill the golem at the outer fort.

Sky Temple Top

Sky Temple is a fairly big map with several mercenary camps and even a boss army camp. Periodically temples activates which often leads to large team fights over their power. Timing a push to hitting the enemy only as a temple activates can be very strong. As well killing a hero just earlier tin can ensure your team the temples ability.


Temples tin activate
bot. The temples activate in the following pattern:

  1. Top
  2. Bot
  3. Bot
    and either
    top or mid
    (at random)
  4. At this point it is random. (both number of temples and locations) source

Initial activation:

Temple cooldown:
of last temple shot

Each temple has a full of
45 shots.

Activation Dmg per shot Total dmg per temple
1 400 18,000
2 460 20,700
3 520 23,400
4 600 27,000
5 660 29,700
6 720 32,400

The temples prioritize their targets like this:

  1. Outer fort and structures (own lane)
  2. Outer fort and structures (other lanes)
  3. Inner fort and structures (own lane)
  4. Inner fort and structures (other lanes)
  5. Cadre


  • The team getting the last shot (yellow ingame) will get 5 bonus shots for costless (green ingame). You don’t have to stay at the temple in one case the temple charges the bonus shots.
  • Mercenaries tin can do a lot of dmg while the opponents are fighting for the temples. Try to fourth dimension the camps just before the temples activate.


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