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How to build a Speed Boost champion in Raid: Shadow Legends!


Published On: December nineteen, 2020

How to build a Speed Boost champion in Raid: Shadow Legends!


In this article, we are looking at a huge office of the game which could make or pause your account in Raid: Shadow Legends! Nosotros are looking at building your speed boost/lead effectively so we tin shell the opposing arena speed lead.

This guide is for anybody that plays Raid: Shadow Legends at any stage of the game. Whether you are fighting the normal campaign or finishing the nightmare entrada or pushing the later stages of Doom Tower this guide will impact you profoundly!

What is a Speed Booster?

The thought of a speed booster is to boost your team’s speed and increment turn meter so y’all can utilize your abilities commencement and put your team on the front pes and could potentiality kill the enemy threat winning you the arena battle.

Equally an example for this guide, nosotros will go over how HellHades built his Loftier Khatun (a free to play champion that is accessed through daily login) so that you guys can take this concept and build information technology on your ain speed boost and speed leads.

When edifice your speed boost we demand to check to run into if at that place are whatsoever skills which we need to land. If the champion has other debuffs then nosotros need to include accuracy in our build just make sure information technology doesn’t sacrifice your speed.

Nosotros want to build all our artifacts in the speed set up or divine speed set equally long as you lot complete the ready to gain the actress speed set bonuses.

This is vital and will make your speed atomic number 82 from average to god tier. The importance of this is and so we become more speed and allows the states to outspeed the opponents and win the fight.

Let’s look at High Khatun. She is a gratis champion that everyone has admission to from daily login rewards and will fill up the role of a speed booster perfectly.


Loftier Khatun

First nosotros are going to start with the top three artifacts

With the meridian 3 you want to build as much speed as possible so we are going to employ the in game tool to filter speed in sub stats and get equally much equally possible. Expect out for the highest speed stat you have.

Practice this for all 3, information technology doesn’t matter if the other sub stats are trash every bit we are looking for speed to exist able to go first in the arena.

If you tin notice some accuracy it wouldn’t hurt but don’t sacrifice speed.

Adjacent, we are going to complete the bottom ready of artifacts

⦁ Gloves – If your speed booster is just for the loonshit then don’t focus on principal stat just get equally much speed as possible in the sub stats. If this champion is going to exist used in other parts of the game then go some hp% gloves so the champion isn’t targeted by mobs.
⦁ Chest – If this champion is going to exist used primarily in the arena then go every bit much speed as you tin can from the sub stats. If you can build accuracy from the primary, and the sub stats has good speed rolls then use that as it volition assist hit your debuffs on the enemies.
⦁ Boots – Main stat is speed and y’all want to roll this to go maximum speed out of the boots because it will be a big chunk of speed added to your stats.

Finally, we are going to accept a look at the jewellery

⦁ Banner – here is a good time to add accuracy to your build so find an accuracy banner.
⦁ Amulet and ring – these 2 aren’t essential but try to notice an accuracy sub stat as information technology will massively help with the debuffs on the opposing arena team.


With the masteries we are trying to maximize the speed we tin can reach and the added stats will aid us in the arena and if nosotros are using the speed boost in other areas of the game.

⦁ Pinpoint accurateness
Charged focus
⦁ Swarm smiter
⦁ Lore of steel
⦁ Evil eye
⦁ Sniper
⦁ Oppressor
⦁ Rapid response
⦁ Defiant
⦁ Improved parry
⦁ Wisdom of battle
⦁ Stubbornness
⦁ Retribution
⦁ Cycle of revenge
⦁ Rejuvenation

In that location are other masteries you could use if yous are using the champ in unlike areas of the game just more than of that another time. Utilise the in a higher place masteries to get the maximum out of your speed pb.

If you follow this speed lead guide and then you will be gaining trophies in the arena in no time!

Retrieve to put all your trophies into your groovy hall!

For more tips and information watch the video below and have fun out speeding your opponents in the loonshit!



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  1. When you heave a champions turn meter does information technology remember the extra amount for the adjacent turn if you go over 100% or is the extra wasted ?

    • Pretty certain it caps out at 100%

    • it does non cap at 100%, if you find someone may hit 100% at same fourth dimension equally some other champion, the slower champion may have hit first, but, afterwards the 100% we tin can see, is an invisible buffer allowing the faster one to actually laissez passer them(by 100% on in game tick) and attack beforehand

  2. How-do-you-do!
    Do y’all call back we should break fix bonus to make our Champion faster?

  3. Yes, only you’ll notice I think that if you lot made the mistake of disliking Arena as I did for a long fourth dimension, information technology’s much harder to go to Gold IV, and stay there in one case yous’re there. Every 10 levels the arena difficulty resets upward… i’thou on 91 right now, and my team that was slaying everything in sight in the tardily 80’s… Arbiter (273), Duchess(257, Ithos (223), and Seer(221), went from royalty to serfs over one twenty-four hours when I went over the hump into the 90’s. I have Lyssandra (255) simply she’s not constructive against most teams at my level… I get nuked even faster with Lyssandra 2nd.

  4. I am also finding that the mythical chimerical set of 6-star gilt speed boots is a 1:ane,000,000 proposition… the best boots I accept are perception ballsy 6’southward which are on Arb… how much energy/coin did some folks spend to actually get a pair of speed boots that give them a 401 speed??? I’ve had one opp who had information technology, and I only saw one circular of arena with them before being nuked into disugust.

  5. Final for today. Raid Codex states that the actual driver of your squad power in Arena is a calculated aggregate and average of the amount quality gear you accept stockpiled, and how much Resist you have in your gear plus your Great Hall Resist level.


    If and then, if you’re an Arena thespian, it’due south almost more important to build Resist than Defense, and Hades advocates.

  6. first, thank you all, cheers, … is that mastery list to a higher place specific to high khatun or is that a general speed mastery for any champion? =/

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