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Fortune Fairy

Clockwise from upper left: “Hikari”, “Swee”, “Hu” and “En” in the artwork of “Miracle Stone”


  • うらな


  • 占い魔女
  • うらないまじょ

  • Uranai Majo

  • Fortune-Telling Witch
  • Sorcière de la Bonne Aventure
  • Witch of Good Fortune
  • Schicksalsfee
  • Strega Indovina
  • Fortune-Telling Witch
  • 점쟁이 마녀

  • Jeomjaeng-i Manyeo

  • Fada Fortuna
  • Hada de la Fortuna

Battles of Legend: Hero’s Revenge


Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution Version

Anime appearances

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’southward

Video game appearances
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force iv
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’southward Tag Forcefulness 5
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’due south Tag Force half dozen
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Fortune Fairy“, known as “Fortune-Telling Witch” (



Uranai Majo) in the Japanese version, is an classic consisting of six Spellcaster monsters with 0 ATK and DEF, each with a different Level from one to 6. The archetype was used by Carly Cherry in
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’due south
prior to her rebirth every bit Nighttime Signer, and its original form is playable in
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Forcefulness four6.



Each fellow member is named and colored according to their ain Attribute. In the anime and Tag Force games, they’re Normal Monsters whose flavor text each tells the fortune of the person who draws it, along with a listing of a lucky number, colour, and item. The lucky color and number correspond to that monster’south Attribute and Level.

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The lowest-Level “Fortune Fairy”, “Hikari”, is the best prediction (Super Happy), and the predictions get less optimistic as they go up in Level, with the Level half-dozen “Chee” beingness
Admittedly Awful. The fortune may be said to be based on the usefulness of you having such a card in the hand during a Duel, eastward.grand. a Level 6 Normal Monster with 0 ATK and DEF beingness a pretty unlucky draw. Curiously, in the anime, “Chee” is the bill of fare Carly draws correct before her Duel with Sayer, which ends in her expiry and transformation to a Night Signer.[1]

In the episode in which Carly used them to Duel Sayer, it appeared that their playstyle focused on Summoning as many and as fast as possible, using cards such every bit “Lucky Loan” and “Unacceptable Result”, then using the key carte “Phenomenon Rock” to increase their ATK. Otherwise, Carly’s use of these monsters mimicked Sartorius’ utilise of his “Arcana Force” monsters as tarot cards.

The redesign of the archetype released in the OCG and TCG is largely like in playstyle, but with a heavier emphasis on draw power. The Fortune Fairies are at present Effect Monsters that the player can Special Summon from their hand upon cartoon them and possess effects that tin actuate when Special Summoned from the hand. Additionally, “Miracle Stone” gives a smaller boost but boosts ATK and DEF, and allows a player to describe one time per turn when a “Fortune Fairy” battles. This benefits the swarming ability at the expense of battling power.

After Carly became a Dark Signer, these cards evolved into the “Fortune Ladies”, which appear to exist older and “more twisted” versions.[ii]

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Starting in the English-version Duel Last 1, the “Fortune Fairies” appear in the “Carte du jour Merely Get” style.



Fortune Fairy Level Outcome Namesake Fortune Lady
Hikari one Target 1 monster yous control; send it to the GY to Special Summon a Level i Spellcaster monster from your Deck
En 2 Target 1 Fix card your opponent controls; destroy it
Hu 3 Target ane of your banished Spellcaster monsters; add it to your hand
Swee four Target ane other face-up monster on the Field; blackball it until your next Standby Phase
Ann 5 Banish 1 Spellcaster monster from your Deck
Chee vi Both players draw one card



The main focus of the archetype is on swarming the Field to take advantage of Phenomenon Stone’s power boost. Since their effects activate upon cartoon them, i should include cards that facilitate cartoon outside of the Draw Phase such as Reload, Counter Gate, and Defense Depict, as well as cards that facilitate Special Summoning from the hand such as A Hero Emerges and Intruder Alarm – Yellow Alert. Synchro Summons are a viable strategy due to the ease of summoning the high-Level Ann and Chee, also every bit Hikari’s effect facilitating the summon of Tuner monsters such as Sunny Pixie, Fortune Lady Past, or any of the Tuners with Optics of Blue. Since Phenomenon Stone boosts the ability of all Spellcasters the user controls, include monsters that facilitate Summoning such equally Magical Exemplar and The Tricky. En and Swee crusade the well-nigh disruption against the opponent, while Hikari’south effect can summon monsters such equally Copycat to plough the opponent’s strength confronting them.

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  • The archetype’s cartoony artful is very similar to that of the 1999 magical girl anime
    Ojamajo Doremi.



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