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How to Get All Accolades in the Buggy and the Beast Showcase in Forza Horizon 5

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Showcases have been Forza Horizon’s way of showing off its capabilities since its inception. Showcases are these big races that are commonly partially scripted that prioritize spectical rather than difficulty, and they exercise a wonderful job of it.

Forza Horizon 5 is no dissimilar from the previous iterations. It still has its showcases, but this one showcase in the game takes an unexpected turn. It actually lets y’all bulldoze the vehicle that you were merely up against in the showcase race.

In this guide, we will exist showing you how to go all the accolades in the Forza Horizon 5 Buggy and the Animate being showcase, preparing you for a very neat showcase, only also quite a challenging 1 to fully complete.

The Buggy and the Creature Showcase

The Buggy and the Beast in Forza Horizon five is an consequence that needs to exist unlocked by getting accolades and unlocking them via the Horizon Adventure tickets. Information technology can exist found in the Horizon Baja ticket and tin exist unlocked upon completing the Horizon Baja trek.

The showcase is located near the top of the La Gran Caldera.

The race role of it is pretty straight-forwards: you lot drive the Ford #25 ‘Brocky’ Ultra4 Bronco RTR, an absolute beast of an offroad machine, against not i, but two Hot Wheels Bone Shaker Monster Trucks.

The race itself is not too hard, the AI of the monster trucks can exist a bit troublesome since they tin can collide with you and only run yous over, but you can always rewind to avoid these annoyances. It is a bit lengthy though, clocking in at about 3 and a half minutes from point A to point B.

Information technology is a great showcase though as it brings you from high up the mountains of Mexico to style down into the city center where the stadium is while doing some insane jumps.

Merely remember that you need to win the showcase itself to also earn the full accolades for the race part, but also for the chance to bulldoze the Forza Horizon 5 monster truck.

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Completing the Optional Accolades

As stated from the intro of this article, this showcase separates itself from all previous showcases by having you drive the vehicle that you were up against during the race.

In this case, you will take 3 minutes to drive the Hot Wheels Os Shaker Monster Truck around the stadium, complete with ramps and obstacles that you can smash through.

Within those 3 minutes, you must too do some optional accolades that the game has thrown at you, to really take you lot test the monster truck’due south capabilities.

1. Smash 50 bowling pins

One of the obstacles that the stadium volition be littered with are some gigantic bowling pins that yous can knock down at your leisure. You will need to knock down a total of l of them. It might seem similar a lot, simply there are a lot of them in the stadium.

While doing the other accolades, just go out a bit of your way and try hit down these pins every bit you please. There are a cluster of them in the middle of the stadium, and then if you are short, you might want to look at that place, but overall, this award will come to you lot as you drive around for the other accolades.

2. Earn 5 Ultimate Air skills

While the proper name may propose that y’all launch the monster truck into the atmosphere, Forza Horizon’s definition of Ultimate Air is a bit tamer than you would call up. To go this laurels easily, merely jump over the small ramps with the pinatas in the middle of them. Your air fourth dimension here will count every bit an Ultimate Air skill.

Just make sure that you are hitting those ramps at speed though as you still need to exist airborne for a couple of seconds for it to count. Also, make sure that your skill meter is ongoing as jumps may not register if your skill chain is done counting.

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If you want to bear witness off, you can likewise hit the flip ramps which basically let you do a backflip. You can also utilize these flip ramps to smash more bowling pins every bit most (if not all) of the flip ramps have a stack of bowling pins on them.

Simply make sure to hit the ramps straight alee and maintain a speed of around 70 MPH (113 KPH) and you should be able to do a somersault (and become the Ultimate Air skill) with ease.

3. Achieve a speed of 90 MPH (145 KPH)

Although monster trucks usually pack engines that produce well over a thousand horsepower, all that ability is basically used to drive the massive tires. Achieving 90 MPH in the monster truck can exist a bit tricky though.

Make sure to offset from i end of the stadium and endeavor to avert all obstacles and jumps every bit you build momentum and speed. If you are driving transmission, make sure that y’all are on third gear.

The monster truck has a top speed of 93 MPH (150 KPH) and it tin accomplish that quite handily and then this is ane of the easier accolades to get on this time trial.

4. Discover and Blast the Subconscious Bad Cactus

The Bad Cactus pertains to a red and orange pinata in the shape of a cactus. It tin exist a flake tough to spot equally pinatas, compared to the size of the Horizon 5 monster truck, are tiny. Luckily though, we are here to tell yous where it is (and how it generally looks like).

The Bad Cactus can be found at the shipping containers leading up to the bridge-like construction when yous start your victory lap. Just go under the span, then take a left. From hither, you will already see the Bad Cactus.

All you have to practice at present is make your way upward the ramp and carefully bulldoze on to the ledge where the Bad Cactus is. The width of the ledge where the Bad Cactus is chip narrow for the Forza 5 monster truck, so brand certain to drive carefully to avoid falling off the ledge.

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Once y’all have the truck aligned, merely flooring it and smash that Bad Cactus to bits to claim this honor!

5. Earn a Total of 30,000 Skill Score

Earning skill points in a monster truck surrounded past breakable objects is pretty much the easiest things y’all can call up of. The but problem is that some of the objects tin can really break your combo for no credible reason.

That and monster trucks are prone to flipping. A full general rule in achieving this honor is to but do the previous accolades while trying to stay on all four wheels.

If you have already 30,000 points when the points and multiplier are added upwardly, just stop for a bit for the score to exist recorded and deport on with the other accolades. In other words: do not exist greedy and play it safety.

Rewards for Completing the Optional Accolades

The rewards for completing these optional accolades are quite small: each laurels rewards yous with l Accolade points, resulting in a total of 250 Accolade points for completing them.

What you really want out of this though is how these accolades count towards the completion of the Horizon Baja Outpost accolade list.

Concluding Thoughts

These optional accolades are not exactly the hardest to become, but getting them all in nether 3 minutes, particularly if it is your get-go time doing the showcase is a chip of a tough inquire.

The showcase itself is redoable, it is just that you need to complete the race once again in club to accept a shot on the optional accolades. And if you mess up and retry the event, you lot will exist retrying from the race event instead of the victory lap with the monster truck.

Overall though, this is 1 of my favorite showcases to play through as non but is the race keen, the surprise at the terminate where you lot can drive the monster truck is a great way to advantage the player after such an exhilarating race.