Having trouble figuring out Yakuza: Similar A Dragon? Information technology’south understandable because even though in that location are many similarities to the by entries (of which there are quite a few), this game stands unique on its own. That’s because it’s a plow-based RPG and not a straightforward brawler like all the past mainline games accept been.

Plus a lot of the game’southward mechanics have a while to exist introduced, making it hard to judge what’s around the next corner. So, these are a few things to note when playing Yakuza: Like A Dragon to make the almost out of ane’s time and to lessen the grind. In that location are some minor spoilers in hither, but only in regard to features with the gameplay and not with story-related content.

Updated August 1, 2021, by Jacob Buchalter:
With the Yakuza developers at Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio already talking about how time to come mainline Yakuza installments will accept a more fine-tuned version of this plow-based gainsay system, information technology’s time to requite a bit more credit to Like a Dragon.

Kasuga Ichiban, the lovable idiot that he is, is somehow generally well-received for a character taking the torch from Kiryu Kazama, a character who has held it for 6+ gigantic games at present and is big enough to get references in hilariously unconnected games similar Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania. And, while the changes to the mechanics and story were more polarizing, but fans seemed happy overall.

That said because this is the get-go iteration of Yakuza’s new branch in combat, there are a lot of means to exploit it and make an overpowered party. Then allow’s have 1 more look and pick out some more easy ways for Ichiban to shortcut his way to god-like strength.


Getting A Party Together

In the offset of Yakuza: Similar A Dragon, when the Job system is first unlocked, it is recommended to stick with that offset job choice for a while, or at least until level 28. Almost of the primary task “skills” are already unlocked by 28, and at that signal, it’south a lot more beneficial to swap to the side by side one, get its stat boosts and skills, so the next, and so on.

But, while doing this, try and continue someone who tin heal, a tank, a “magic” user, and a raw damage attacker if possible. If you manage to pull it off okay, your party should have the job skills and stat bonuses to hands propel themselves to overpowered once you gain access to the grinding areas of the game.


Area-Of-Outcome Skills Are Fundamental

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Joon-Gi Han Using An Extreme Skill To Unload Pistols In All Directions

Here is a footling tip to be aware of when trying to effigy out what the all-time Job to take on will be. Every ability that will be learned tin be looked at before fifty-fifty accepting the Chore. It’s of import to have abilities that can strike multiple enemies because of the way both the party and enemies randomly move on their ain during gainsay.

This random motility system is the biggest complaint in regards to Like a Dragon’south combat, and information technology’ll likely be stock-still in the side by side game, but for now, you’ll have to conform. Later on in the game, you’ll get “Farthermost Skills” that hitting every enemy, regardless of where they’re standing, but getting a proficient AoE attack early on on can make or break your initial experience. Our recommendations are:

  • Both Mega Swing & Giga Swing from the Hero Chore.
  • Pyro Belch & Pyro Jiff from the Hero Chore
  • Clobberwheel from the Barmaid Job
  • Thumbtack Scatter from the Clerk Job
  • And the Windmill Skill from the Breaker Task.
    This ane is by far the best in the early on game especially.


Keep An Centre Out For Chore EXP Accessories

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Just Some Examples Of The Job EXP Boosting Equipment Found Throughout The GAme

Jobs, like normal levels, get up with points. Enemies don’t dish out as much JP or “Job Points” as they do EXP but there is a way to increase the output.

Every single grade in Yakuza: Like A Dragon has a corresponding item that, when equipped, will increase the corporeality of JP received. Information technology would take too long to list every single one with their location in here. Simply, most of them will exist gained in side quests so e’er make certain to practice those and go along them equipped while grinding up Jobs.


Gather SP-Based Equipment Too

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Nanba Playing The Guitar As The Musician Job To Heal People

SP is everything in Yakuza, Like a Dragon, specially the further along you lot get in the game. Once you start unlocking the Extreme moves and using them against most high-level encounters, having equipment to recover SP or to increase your max corporeality is huge.

Our personal favorites are the Mouthguards since they reduce the amount of SP used per Extreme Skills specifically. The easiest one to get is the 1 that’due south rewarded from the Part-Time Hero Quest Death Knuckle or the Shriomon Premium Exchange. But, you can also get a couple from using the Tojo Clan Crest NPC, as well.

Other than that you might equally well wait until Sotenbori is unlocked and so gun for the Farthermost Skill Mouthguard that’southward rewarded afterward the 19th floor of the Battle Arena.


Don’t Sleep On The Buffing & Debuffing Systems *NEW ENTRY WITH UPDATE*

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Saeko As An Idol Holding Her Microphone

While the turn-based Combat in Like a Dragon is a jiff of fresh air for the franchise and incredibly well washed for something that was originally an April Fools joke, information technology does take some issues. In item, a lot of the late-game battles circumduct around spamming Extreme Skills, healing, and repeating.

To go effectually this early, simply focus on getting Saeko congenital as much every bit possible for her eventual role equally the teams Idol. as the Idol job, Saeko has access to some of the best heals, best buffs, and best de-buffs in the game. This is a party game after all, so a large part of making Kasuga experience as overpowered equally yous can involves getting the party built to support him.

If you really don’t desire to make Saeko an Idol, Nanba as a Musician or Fortune Teller, Eri equally a Barmaid or Dealer, or Kasuga as a high-level Hero tin piece of work decently well equally a substitute.


Practice The Side Stories

Yakuze Like A Dragon - An Example Of A Great Yakuza Sidequest With Ono Michio Facing Down A Doppleganger

It should be reiterated that every side story in Yakuza: Like A Dragon should be tackled. As information technology was just highlighted, these often lead to sectional items that tin actually deck out the team.

Plus it’due south a great way to make coin, unlock Poundmates, and earn feel especially early on in the game. And, the Yakuza franchise is basically known for the absurd situations they put their characters in during these side stories.


Don’t Waste Time On EXP Gear

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Ichiban Ranking Up And Leveling Up In The Early Game

The Job items are useful but in that location are also items that can help with gaining more than traditional feel. For example, some vending machines have Kiwami soda which volition increase EXP in battle.

One can also get good at baseball in the batting cages to earn enough points for the Yakuza Training Gear. Just, gaining normal levels is much easier than gaining Job levels, and yous’re unremarkably better off but using that fourth dimension and equipment slots for more grapheme-specific items.


Pound Nutrient & Boost Relationships

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Bonding With Adachi At The Survive Bar

Growing bonds with party members volition non only unlock new abilities, but they will also become more experience when non in the party. So, it’s a good thought to have a political party that is around the same level aka maxing out Bond Levels as fast as possible.

An like shooting fish in a barrel way to practise this is to find something cheap at a restaurant and swallow it with the party. Frankly, going from restaurant to eating place and eating everything on the menu (once you’re rolling in Yen) is a fantastic manner to get some great temporary buffs, proceeds Bond Level points, and make progress towards certain Office-Time Hero challenges, also.


Become A Millionaire Mogul

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Kasuga Having Eri Present A Literal Stack Of Money In The Ichiban Confections Side Story

Through an odd series of events involving an elderly woman, a chicken, and a naive go-getter, Ichiban eventually becomes the head of a family unit-run company called Ichiban Confections, which leads into a business organisation management mini-game.

Most every game in the Yakuza serial has a management sim mini-game, and nearly of them completely intermission the economic system of their own games. Actively participating in it will unlock a undercover party member, Eri, every bit well equally one of Ichiban’s all-time techniques.

This is likewise an extremely quick way to gain greenbacks. It can be time-consuming and a bit confusing, but once you figure information technology out information technology’due south actually hard to terminate playing it. So yeah, getting to the end of this side story as shortly as possible will overpower the political party for sure.


Utilize Sotenbori Battle Loonshit

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Talking To The Robot With The Gang Outside The Sotenbori Fighting Arena

In Chapter 12, a rather belatedly chapter, the party will travel to Sotenbori for sure story reasons. This identify, while smaller than Yokohama, has a plethora of great items for both consumption and equipping.

The most notable affair to point out is the battle arena which consists of 30 floors. Every five floors there volition be a checkpoint then it doesn’t have to be completed in i go either. It tin can also exist completed multiple times with some items only being rewarded in one case, and others being rewarded every time you beat that flooring.

Grinding out items and EXP here is a surefire way to go Ichiban and the cast set for the big difficulty jump the game takes at about this betoken in the story.


Work Towards Anybody’s Ultimate Weapons Early on

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Upgrading The Idol Best Weapon To The Max At Romance Workshop

It should go without proverb but a big part of becoming overpowered in any RPG is usually finding/crafting the ultimate-type weapon. In Kingdom Hearts information technology’s the Ultima Weapons, as a reference to Cloud Strife’due south Ultima Weapon from FF7.

In Similar a Dragon, each party member has an ultimate version of this that usually follows an upgrade path starting from their default weapon. But, to get these “ultimate” weapons as early as possible, it’s gonna take a lot of Yen, a lot of investing in Romance Workshop, and a ton of materials.

And then, while Like a Dragon offers a agglomeration of different types of equipment paths to become down and weapon choices for you to craft at the Romance Workshop, yous should honestly just spend those resources and Yen on getting each character every bit close to their ultimate weapon as you tin can, every bit early on as possible.


Hariti’s Amulet

Yakuze Like A Dragon - A Look At A Hariti's Amulet In-Menu

One of the best items players can get in the Sotenbori Battle Arena is the Hariti’s Amulet. This simple accessory makes it and so random battles won’t be triggered even if the party runs into gangs. It doesn’t thing who equips it, they don’t even have to be in the political party!

Once you are able to access the Yokohama Underground, the Sotenbori Boxing Arena, and the Millenium Belfry, there’s actually little reason to put up with random encounters. So, using this detail saves you a lot of time fugitive fights running around the open world, which is time you can and then spend grinding in the about optimal areas.


Yokohama Hole-and-corner Dungeon

Yakuze Like A Dragon - Wandering Around The Yokohama Underground

To go a bit more than into Yokohama’due south Secret for our last entry, information technology can be tackled a bit before than chapter 12’south Boxing Arena although it is more of a grind since the checkpoints aren’t as generous. There are some good items down at that place only the best thing to look out for are Invested Vagabond.

They are like Metal Slimes in Dragon Quest as in they dish out tons of experience, can only take one signal of damage per hit, and are a hurting to fight. Plus they’re hard to find. But, if yous’re not quite at chapter 12 yet, this is a fantastic way to proceeds some levels, some Task Levels, and some peachy items.
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