Dorsum when YouTube was still a rather up-and-coming social media website, its copyright laws were a lot less restrictive. This more content-creator-friendly atmosphere allowed users to pretty much do any they wanted – which resulted in a lot of parodies and spoofs of music videos, celebrities, and (perhaps most notably) anime.

Arguably one of the two most successful abridged series was Dragon Ball Z Abridged, created past TeamFourStar, a coalition of content creators founded by Scott Frerichs (KaiserNeko), Nick Landis (Lanipator), and Curtis Arnott (Takahata101). Originally a non-profit parody, the evidence developed so much interest and revenue for both itself and the original serial. It came to take on a fully developed life of its own, outgrowing its predecessor in more means than one.

Information technology Maintained A More Tolerable Pacing

Oftentimes, ninety’s anime adaptions fell victim to 1 of ii tropes. Monster-of-the-week formats or heavily expanding a singular event or fight scene to last upwards of two episodes – often resulting in the characters standing effectually merely doing nothing. Dragon Ball Z was no exception, with some episodes largely composing of characters charging up their attacks and power levels while screaming.

The Abridged Series usually condensed various episodes into a singular installment, allowing their episodes to flow more smoothly. Fights were oft more exciting, complete with characters offering witty jabs at each other and often expressing how absurd their situations were.

The Voice-Acting Both Matched And Improved On The Dub

Usually, when people think of parodies, the first matter that comes to mind is overacted, exaggerated, and disconnected rendition of the piece of work it’southward making fun of. What fabricated DBZ Abridged unlike, withal, was that it felt like more than a parody. At its core, the series was ultimately a retelling of the story itself.

While there were a few exceptions, most of the characters sounded almost exactly like their dubbed counterparts (minus the sometimes childish dialogue and often overacting present in English dubs). In item, Antfish’s Android 17, KaiserNeko’s Trunks, Lanpitor’s Vegeta, & MasakoX’due south Goku were near spot-on impressions, and the entire cast was well versed in conveying dry wit, sarcasm, and even emotional weight.

It Featured More Sinister And Terrifying Villians

While DBZ’s villains have never been a walk in the park, the manner that the Abridged Series was constructed often gave them an actress “unf” in terms of power. Cell and Frieza – perhaps the franchise’s nearly iconic villains – were each played to be even more tyrannical and sadistic than their original counterparts.

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Frieza’s disregard for life was amped up heavily for the Abridged version, aided in role by a hilarious and oft gleeful performance past LittleKuriboh (who is also the creator of the all the same ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged). Cell’s flamboyant tendencies were crafted to be extremely sinister from his introduction, often singing creepy versions of songs like “Mr. Sandman,” also in part aided by a masterful performance by Takahata10.

It Was Able To Poke Fun At Itself

When things would get actually bad for DBZ’south heroes, about of the time, their solution was just to stand around or stall long enough to wait for Goku… and sometimes Vegeta. They happened to do that a lot. It’south a fact that The Abridged Series points out on more than ane occasion, and some characters even question why they’re still even trying to fight.

The Abridged Series as well ridicules the “power level system” so famously broadcasted past Vegeta’s “Information technology’s Over 9000!” meme, pointing out how hard information technology is to keep rails of exactly how unsafe villains are and how only certain characters seem to be able to power up continuously.

Acknowledging How Messed Upwards Goku’s Family Situation Is

A running gag in both the original evidence’southward fandom and the Abridged Serial itself was Goku’south rather… absent-minded parenting skills and presence. The show notes how Piccolo is substantially more of a father figure to Gohan than Goku ever has been, something Gohan is relatively grateful for, as he (like nigh of the other cast) considers Goku rather inept.

Chi Chi herself brings up the fact that information technology’s rather messed upward how Piccolo raised Gohan more than than Goku, a fact the Sayian never denies and seems to exist okay with – one time fifty-fifty stating in a moment of rare intelligence that it was probably for the best.

The Dialogue & Humor Is Improved (For The Most Part)

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Anime dubs oftentimes had a habit of dumbing downwards the dialogue of series to make information technology more child-friendly or easier to understand, with varying results. Though the DBZ dub never quite resorted to calling people “granola bars”, it certainly didn’t take the best writing in the globe.

Aside from providing plenty of laughs, TeamFourStar’due south writing staff was quite skilled at making equally serious and hard-striking monologues and exchanges that solidified characters’ personalities, attitudes, and powers. Like many Abridged Serial, some of its before humor and writing is rather outdated for mod times – though the testify notably faded out much of its harsher and insensitive humour as the years went by and the show grew.

The Overall Label Is Superior

Whether it was giving Vegeta monologues nearly how he “is the hype” or giving Android 16 a tragic background, TeamFourStar had some of the strongest characterizations of whatsoever Abridged Series to date. Their parody ultimately felt similar an expansion of the show itself, and its characters didn’t just fall into easily quotable tropes (though most of the series is yethighlyquotable).

It was a refreshing change from how other parodies would take a singular attribute of a character’s personality to overexaggerate and only run with it. Viewers were watching for more than merely laughs; they were genuinely invested in the story and characters.

It Was Better At Balancing Activeness With Humor

Fans of the original DBZ series tuned in week subsequently week for ane thing and one thing only: to watch unrealistically beefy men scream at each other in a remote field for 20 minutes of a 40-minute episode and and so 10 minutes of bodily fighting that would happen (the rest of the episode could be filled with a variety of things, such every bit filler arcs, important character moments, or Master Roshi existence inappropriate).

As mentioned above, the crew of TeamFourStar made their series much easier to swallow – there wasn’t any time wasted. Furthermore, they were able to balance their parodying humor with plenty of the show’due south actual fight scenes, making for a viewing experience that hit all the marks.

Mr. Popo’southward Graphic symbol Was Completely Overhauled

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Since the early on 2000s, Mr. Popo’southward grapheme has been the subject of social commentary and test for his design and characterization. Many likened his appearance to greasepaint, and his role as the servant of Kami generated further criticism for its similarity to slavery. Though the argument has always been made that the West’due south racial issues were non as prominent in the East at the time Popo was created, the controversy surrounding him notwithstanding stands.

Though some shows may take cut out Popo’s graphic symbol altogether to avoid controversy, TeamFourStar decided to revamp him completely. In the Abridged Continuity, Popo is probably the about powerful character in beingness, non exercising his true abilities due to waiting for “the right moment.” While it does piddling to distract from his design, it helps make him more of a character of substance.

This Version Gives Viewers A Satisfying End

While this may be a somewhat controversial point (considering the final season was announced just never produced), The Abridged Series ended on a high note. The threat of both Cell and the Androids had been dealt with – in both timelines – Krillin’due south “owned count” got down to zero, and Goku handed over the mantle of Earth’s protection to his son, Gohan.

Though Majin Buu would accept been the adjacent villain to get the TeamFourStar treatment, the crew ascribed to the relatively common belief that DBZ itself started to decline in terms of storytelling after The Cell and Android Sagas. They wanted to remain satisfied with what they created, something they felt wouldn’t be possible if they produced an Abridged Majin Buu saga.

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