Memu Can’t Connect to Google Play

Google Play Shop makes the Android devices more pop since it allows users to download and install a lot of interesting and useful applications on their devices. With these Apps, users are able to enjoy excellent music, brilliant films, exciting games, etc. And commonly, nigh users tin can go their desired applications from the store without whatsoever hassle but yous besides need to know how to set up cannot download Apps from Google Play Store considering the downloading process would fail sometimes. This issue may be acquired by:

  • Crusade 1. The Storage Infinite is Insufficient
  • Cause 2. Connecting to A Poor Network
  • Cause 3. Outdated Android OS Version
  • Crusade iv. The Applications is Incompatible with Your Device
  • Cause 5. Some Missing Unique Features
  • Cause 6. Google Play Store is Buggy

Hence, the methods to fix this error are various- you can solve the trouble co-ordinate to its reasons. Now just move on to get the solutions.

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The Storage Infinite is Insufficient

Before download and install software from Google Play Store, you demand to make certain that the usable storage space on your Android phone is sufficient or the downloading and installing procedure won’t be able to be completed smoothly. To check the storage space, you tin can tap on
Storage & USB. If the available infinite is very pocket-size, you tin try 2 means.

1. Uninstall the unwanted Apps from Android

To become more infinite on a mobile phone, the about straight style is to remove some applications that y’all don’t like or need on the device. After removing the useless Apps, you are gratis to download and install new programs on your telephone. To complete that, you tin can navigate to
Apps or Awarding Manager>
to display all the installed software on your phone. Then just discover out the App that you want to remove and tap on it. After that, you volition enter the App info page of the selected App. On the page, just just click on
to remove the awarding from your device.

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remove android app

2. Clear caches of Google Play Store

While launching or using Google Play Store, the App will generate some caches and if yous don’t delete them timely, they will cease you from using the device smoothly. Thus, you lot are suggested to remove the caches to ensure the smooth running of your phone. Only click
Apps/Application Manager>
and select
Google Play Shop
under this section. Next, tap on
Clear cache
Clear information
to remove the useless information.

Connecting to A Poor Network

Another condition to download applications is to connect your phone to a good network connection. This is also the requirement of downloading files on any device. So when you fail to download an App from Google Play, yous can get to inspect the network connexion on your telephone. Simply but view the bespeak of your Wi-fi or phone data on the screen. If the betoken the weak, y’all can attempt to:

1. Re-connect the network

Yous can swipe down the screen to enter the notification bar and tap on the icon of Wi-fi or cellular data to turn it off. Later on a few seconds, you tin click on the icon once again to enable the feature. Then you can try to download the wanted App from Google Play once over again to see whether information technology is successfully this time.

2. Switch the network connection

Information technology is possible that the network connectedness you are using is not strong plenty or usable so you can attempt to apply other connections. For example, you lot tin can switch the Wi-fi connection to phone data and endeavor again.

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Outdated Android Os Version

The Android Os version plays an important role in the telephone running- all the programs on the phone volition work smoothly only when the device has a skilful and stable system. And sometimes, an outdated Os version would crusade some phone issues similar application downloading failure. So updating the system version is also a method to set the problem.

This tin can be accomplished by clicking on the options
System update>
Cheque for updates. Now what you need to do is only to go with the instructions to install the latest Android OS version on your phone.

android os version update

The Applications is Incompatible with Your Device

Although there are a lot of applications on the market, they are not uniform with all the device and system. This is besides ane of the reasons of the download failure. And if y’all really want to apply the specified App which is incompatible with your device, y’all can endeavor to download its APK file. To become the file, y’all need to download it via a reckoner at get-go. The detailed steps are:

– Open the browser on your computer which is properly continued with the cyberspace connection.

– Search for the App that y’all cannot download from Play Store. Just tap in its proper noun and add a word “apk” in the searching bar.

– After finding the file, y’all tin can download it to your computer and then move it to your Android phone.

Some Missing Unique Features

Not all the smartphone devices are coming with the aforementioned features and specs. And some Play Shop Apps require some sensors like Gyroscopes, Accelerometer sensor, Ambient sensor, Temperature sensor and then on. Hence, if your device does not have whatsoever unique features, some Apps are automatically incompatible with the device. To get rid of this trouble, you need to purchase a device which has some unique features.

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Google Play Store is Buggy

If all the settings on your phone is working well and the awarding that you want to download is compatible with your phone but yous all the same cannot download it from the Play Shop, and then the shop might exist buggy. And hither, to settle this mistake, you have iii options:

one. Clear the Google Play Shop cache and data

Log out of the Play Store and and so go to the
and choose
Google Play Shop
from the listed Apps. Then tap on the options
Clear cache
Clear information.

delete play store cache

ii. Uninstall the Play Store

You can enter the App info page of the Google Play Store by clicking the options
Google Play Shop
and tap on
to turn off the characteristic. Then re-enable information technology and endeavour to download the wanted App again.

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iii. Reboot the device

Concur down the Power button of your device and switch it off. Then you need to long printing the Ability push button over again to restart it. This can solve temporary issues on your phone.

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