Vault of Tartaros Surrounded by Corruption

The Messenger
’s Path Vault of Tartaros
is in the Valley of Eternal Spring, northwest of the Hall of the Gods. In this
Immortals Fenyx Rising
guide, we’ll prove you how to find the Vault Entrance location, solve the dungeon’s puzzles, find and open the
Epic Chest, and collect
Zeus’south Lightning
on your fashion out.

How to find The Messenger’s Path Vault entrance

A map screenshot from Immortals Fenyx Rising

The entrance to The Messenger’due south Path Vault of Tartaros
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

Immortals Fenyx Rising’south
The Messenger’s Path
vault requires a bit of stamina to go to. Looking at its location on the map, you might think we mean climbing the big rock it’s on acme of, just that won’t piece of work. The entire surface area is surrounded by
red gas
that immediately saps your stamina. And so you’ll take to find abroad to reach it from above.

To get to the vault, head to the
Gaia’s Soul
area, and climb up the
big tree. One time on top, you’ll notice a
gust of wind
nigh information technology. Set your map marker to the vault, and start gliding toward the vault with the assist of the wind. As y’all glide toward your destination,
more gusts of wind will appear
ahead of you, allowing you lot to glide almost the unabridged way over. The trip takes a bit of time, so you may need to drink a stamina potion while gliding.

The final gust of wind volition be a bit far from the vault itself, and so once the columns of wind stop appearing,
glide boost
to the vault entrance.

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Brand sure y’all have mastered the
Ares’due south Wrath
Phosphor’s Clone
abilities so you can clear this vault and collect the
Ballsy Chest.

How to clear The Messenger’southward Path Vault of Tartaros

A puzzle solution for The Messenger’s Path Vault of Tartaros in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Make a run for information technology!
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

  1. Head forward and pull the
    to temporarily remove a
    translucent cherry-red bulwark
    from the doorway, and to produce some
    raised platforms
    and open up
    stone gates
    in the distance.
  2. As the
    translucent scarlet barrier
    forrad along the platforms and bound as necessary, draining stamina as you go.
  3. Climb or double jump over the
    big block.
    Ease up on your sprint for a second or two then your stamina recovers slightly.
  4. Past the
    large block, double spring and glide forward to the
    raised platforms. You are likely running brusk on time now.
  5. Quickly hop upward the
    raised platforms
    while yet moving at a dart to laissez passer through the open
    rock gates
    and activate a
    before the timer expires.

A puzzle solution for The Messenger’s Path Vault of Tartaros in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Jump around the side of this block
Paradigm: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

  1. Advance to the
    and pull it to remove another
    translucent red barrier.
  2. Hop across to the next series of
    raised platforms
    forth them toward a
    large block.
  3. Leap across the gap just to the left of the
    large block, rather than slowing down by trying to climb over information technology.
  4. Continue sprinting and jumping along platforms and run up some
    ahead of a gap that looks out toward a wall with an
  5. Double leap from the
    and glide forward to laissez passer through the
    and to the
    raised platforms
    on the other side.
  6. Dart and jump along those
    raised platforms
    to attain a
    stone gate
    and laissez passer through it to activate a
    on the other side before time expires.
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A puzzle solution for The Messenger’s Path Vault of Tartaros in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Drop your clone here
Prototype: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

  1. Pull the
    to make the
    translucent red barrier
    disappear from the doorway.
  2. Destroy both
    big crates
    and place a
    on the plate beneath the 2d crate. You volition observe that the platforms virtually the lasers to your right will disappear. Don’t worry about those. You won’t demand them to achieve the exit.
  3. Cross the
    raised platforms
    to the solid ledge by the
    stacks of crates
    and onto the platform to your right.

A puzzle solution for The Messenger’s Path Vault of Tartaros in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Jump around the gas to safety
Epitome: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

  1. Keep moving up these platforms, stopping at the final ane before the hole in the wall to regain your stamina.
  2. Double bound, and then immediately utilise the
    Ares’south Wrath
    ability to proceeds additional elevation. Speedily glide forward through the opening.
  3. Equally you lot glide through that
    opening, veer sharply left to make your fashion to a new series of
    raised ledges.
  4. Climb the ledges and open the
    Ballsy Chest
    in the area at the pinnacle to obtain the
    Shade of Tartaros Plate.
  5. Exit the area by heading upwards the
    on your left. Stop at the top and look ahead toward the expanse with
    Zeus’due south Lightning.
  6. Spring toward it and utilise
    Ares’s Wrath
    to proceeds elevation. Glide toward the distant ledge while property right far plenty to avoid the evil air to the left.
  7. In one case you country, open chest with some resource and
    and grab
    Zeus’south Lightning.