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These 11 Unfair Skins Still Oasis’t Been Banned in the LCS

Richard Heimer

April 2018

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These 11 Unfair Skins However Haven’t Been Banned in the LCS

League of Legends currently has over 800 skins in the game, just accept yous ever wondered if any of them requite players an unfair advantage?

With certain skins previously being banned in the LCS, and various cosmetic updates from Riot themselves, there is some proof to the question.

But nosotros’re here to settle the fence once and for all, are there LoL skins that give players an unfair reward? Or are players just using them equally an excuse for their poor performance? Here’s everything you lot need to know well-nigh banned skins in the LCS.

Are Any Skins Banned In The LCS?

Currently, according to the NA LCS rulebook there are no banned skins in the tournament but there is a rule in identify to restrict any skins if there are known bugs. Rule of the rulebook states:
“Restrictions may exist added at whatever time before or during a match, if there are known bugs with any items, Champions, skins, masteries, or Summoner spells, or for any other reason every bit determined at the discretion of the LCS.”

This means that if Anarchism determines that a peel is bugged or gives players a pregnant unfair advantage, then they can disable it. And this rule has really been used in the by to disable several skins such as Santa Gragas (nosotros’ll explicate why later) during important tournaments.

Although there are no skins currently banned in any pro-League of Legends tournament, at that place are some that players think should be. With various hitbox, visual, sound, and blitheness advantages, these skins give players that ever so slight advantage over opponents. To show you lot what we hateful, we’ve handpicked 11 of the almost popular skins that give players an advantage in some way. Let’s become things started with Arcade Sona.

Arcade Sona

Arcade Sona has made her way onto this list due to her visual damage indicator. Equally you can see from the animation higher up, Sona’due south default skin simply hits players with a green bolt when casting her Hymn of Valor. However, when yous bandage the verbal aforementioned spell using Arcade Sona, a new harm indicator appears next to the target itself. This lets you know that you’ve done damage to the target and makes information technology a lot clearer to see. Every bit yous probably know, Hymn of Valor doesn’t let you target annihilation and automatically hits the 2 closest enemies. By having this indicator, it tin can make it easier to see who you lot’re hitting in a squad fight.

Although it’s not the biggest competitive advantage, some players have reported that it makes actor her much easier. Nosotros guess there’s a reason why ultimate skins are so expensive, probably because they include helpful indicators similar this 1!

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Mecha Aatrox

Next upward is Mecha Aatrox and his visual advantage of his glowing sword. This might audio like a weird one, but hear us out. When playing the default Aatrox skin, enabling W (Blood Price) makes Aatrox’due south sword start to glow a shade of purple. On height of an already purple sword, this tin be very tricky to see, especially when you’re in boxing. This means it can be pretty tough to track if y’all accept Blood Toll or Blood Thirst enabled.

With the Mecha skin, this visual indicator is a lot clearer as you can run across in the blitheness in a higher place. The default color of his sword is now a brilliant green and enabling Blood Toll changes the color to a bright orange. When in the middle of a team fight with spells flight around everywhere, this can brand information technology a lot easier to encounter if you take the right spell enabled.

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

Continuing with our listing nosotros have Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol. From looking at the pare you might not recall he has any obvious advantage, simply if you take a closer wait, the advantage starts to become more than visible. Aurelion Sol’s passive is that he is constantly orbited by 3 stars. On his default skin, these stars are very pocket-size and are virtually transparent.

However, with the Cadaverous Lord Aurelion Sol peel, these stars are much brighter and are ever so slightly bigger. Since knowing the verbal location of these stars is important when you lot’re trying to striking enemies, this pare helps make it a walk in the park. With its big particles, hitting enemies has never been easier.

Arclight Varus

Every bit we’ve looked at in previous skins, particles and projectiles tin frequently give players a huge advantage depending on how transparent or hard to come across they are. In this skin, the particles on Varus are exceptionally harder to encounter compared to his default. From looking at his ultimate animation to a higher place, you tin can see how the spread is much smaller and the colors and much brighter.

Probably the guys at Anarchism thought this was a really good upshot, but in reality, it just makes the spell a lot harder to see. The aforementioned applies to his arrow particles for his Q which is a big change from the solid purple colour in his default skin. Although for some users this might actually go far easier to see his ultimate, we’d have to agree with the bulk and say it makes information technology harder.

Justicar Syndra

Speaking of super bright and transparent particles, we’d be crazy if we didn’t give Justicar Syndra a mention. Syndra is known for her solid spheres that are as blackness as black can exist. Not but do they stand out from the terrain, but their distinctive solid blackness as well makes them very unique.

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For whatever reason, Anarchism decided to break Syndra’s unique await of her sphere’s and change them into something completely different. In the Justicar skin, Syndra’s spheres are now transparent and blend into the terrain a lot easier. From looking at the animation above, you can actually run into through the sphere and come across the cracks on the basis. For anyone playing against this peel, keeping track of Syndra’southward balls (in that location we said information technology) can be extremely difficult.

Santa Gragas

One of the skins on this list that has really been banned in pro tournaments earlier is Santa Gragas. This olden but golden skin has been around since 2010 and has become a business firm favorite with fans. Now information technology’s not his funny costume that gives him an unfair advantage, just it’south rather his caskets. From looking at the animation above, information technology’south clear to meet that the size of his caskets are considerably smaller than his default skin.

Now you could fence that information technology doesn’t matter because there is a vast circle indicator effectually his barrels which is true. However, it’s still possible to explode the barrels before they come up to a standstill which means no circle indicator for the enemy. This can often requite the enemy a lot of problem when trying to dodge those incoming barrels.


If you thought Blitzcrank was already an annoying champion then wait until you play against the iBlitzcrank peel. This futurist skin is entirely different from the default one and has a number of changes which make it much harder to play confronting.

The most obvious modify is his Q: the rocket take hold of. On the iBlitzcrank pare, the wire connecting Blitzcrank’s arm to his body is basically invisible. From looking at the animation above, you lot can run across how the cablevision is really transparent which makes it very hard to run into. Lots of gamers oftentimes complain about the hook being very hard to dodge and see coming. Nosotros’d accept to agree with these players and wonder why iBlitzcrank hasn’t been banned yet.

Projection Ashe

Another interesting pare that definitely deserves a mention on our list has to be Projection Ashe. Like other skins on our listing, Project Ashe has had all of her particles remade to suit the skins theme. This means that all her particles for her ultimate, hawkshot and Q take been changed to more than modernistic textures and shapes.

In the example higher up you can clearly come across the difference between her ultimate arrow compared to the default skin. Players have reported that the new pointer makes dodging her ultimate a lot harder and that the pointer is actually smaller than the hitbox.

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In addition to this, the Project Ashe skin likewise has very like animations for both her hawkshot and ultimate power. This means for opponents it can exist very hard to piece of work out what spell she is using before it’s been bandage. Every bit you can probably guess, this keeps lots of players on their toes.

Forsaken Jayce

When it comes to unfair skins in League of Legends, smaller projectiles and weird hitboxes are often the biggest problems. In this skin, Jayce’s particles have been given a transformation to brand them look super absurd and unique. However, during the transformation, the particles themselves take been heavily modified which causes a big problem.

Take a look at the animation above. The outset thing you lot should find is the drastic change in the size of the particle. The default skin has a large blueish orb nevertheless this peel has a stretched ruddy commodities which is a lot thinner. The hitbox remains exactly the same, yet the size of the projectile has been decreased considerably. For many players, this makes information technology a lot harder to judge when y’all’ll go striking by the commodities or non. It might exist a tiny alter, but it tin give you a slight competitive advantage in game.

Elementalist Lux

Standing our list, nosotros have Elementalist Lux, one of the few ultimate skins bachelor in League of Legends. To date, this is probably one of the most epic skins in the game with lots of mini-skins included.

When playing Elementalist Lux, there is i sure skin that has a big effect on her projectiles. As you’ve probably guessed, these projectiles are often very transparent and difficult to see. In the animation above you can run across how the Q particle looks a lot lighter than normal.

For some players, the projectile besides looks like it travels slower. This is probably not the example but the effect of the particle crossing over itself gives it the illusion that it is. Whatever the reason, a lot of players hate playing against this skin as it can exist very hard to make out what spell Lux is using.

Steel Legion Lux

The final skin on our list of League of Legends skins that give players an advantage is Steel Legion Lux. With this skin, it’s not the particles that are hard to run into or brand out but it’s actually the animations. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the Q animation is similar to her car assail animation. When you’re trying to constantly dodger her Q trap, this similarity tin make information technology extremely difficult to tell which ability if any, is coming.

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