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If you want to win matches, having the best Fortnite controller settings is essential. Make certain you’re getting the near from your Xbox or PlayStation gamepad with our guide to the best settings, layout, and more.

Fortnite is a crossplay game, which means those who use controllers can face off against mouse and keyboard players regularly. For most shooting games, those using a mouse have a distinct advantage, but in Fortnite, the controller is rex.

Making sure you take the all-time controller settings is incredibly important, whether it’s sensitivity, dead zones, or setting up the correct building layout. Thankfully, nosotros’ve got everything y’all demand to get an advantage over your opponents.


  • All-time Fortnite Game settings for controller
  • All-time Fortnite Controller Options settings
  • Fortnite sensivity settings
  • Fortnite Deadzone settings
  • All-time Fortnite controller configuration
  • All-time Fortnite preferred detail slots

Best Fortnite Game settings for controllers

Almost everyone has their preference when information technology comes to Xbox and PlayStation controllers. Some prefer the smaller PS controller as makes the Claw grip easier to utilise, but others prefer the diagonal stick placement of the Xbox controller.

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No matter which controller you utilize to play Fortnite, these settings will be perfect for either. To change these settings, go to the Game tab in your Fortnite settings menu.


  • Toggle Dart:
  • Motorcar-Open Doors:
  • Mantle Activation:
    Hold Bound


  • Agree To Bandy Pickup:
  • Toggle Targeting:
  • Marking Danger When Targeting:
  • Car Choice Upward Weapons:
  • Preferred Item Slots:
    Personal Preference
  • Automobile Sort Consumables to Right:
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  • Reset Build Choice:
  • Disable Pre-Edit Option:
  • Turbo Edifice:
  • Confirm Edit on Release:
Fortnite's Game settings menu

Best Fortnite Controller Options settings

Now that you’ve sorted your Game settings, we need to take a wait at the Controller Settings. These options volition fix features similar Machine-Run, which stops y’all from having to agree the thumbstick downwards, and things similar Vibration and agree times.


  • Controller Automobile-Run:
  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro):
  • Edit Hold Time:
    0.100 seconds
  • Slide Hold Fourth dimension:
    0.150 seconds
  • Vibration:
Best Fortnite Controller Input options

Fortnite Sensitivity settings

For sensitivity, it’south really what you feel most comfy with. You’ll desire to have a relatively low look sensitivity with a higher build and edit sensitivity. This keeps you authentic while allowing for quick building and editing in fights.

Give our settings a endeavour and tweak until you’re comfortable and it suits your playstyle.


  • Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier:
  • Edit Way Sensitivity Multiplier:
  • Use Advanced Options:

Advanced – Look Sensitivity

  • Look Horizontal Speed:
  • Wait Vertical Speed:
  • Turning Horizontal Boost:
  • Turning Vertical Boost:
  • Turning
    Boost Ramp Time:
  • Instant Boost When Building:

Advanced – Aim Downward Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

  • ADS Expect Horizontal Speed:
  • ADS Look Vertical Speed:
  • ADS Turning Horizontal Boost:
  • ADS Turning Vertical Boost:
  • ADS Turning Boost Ramp Fourth dimension:
    0.00 Seconds

Advanced – Sensitivity

  • Look Dampening Time:
    0.20 seconds
  • Wait Input Curve:
  • Aim Assist Strength:
Look & ADS Sensitivity in Fortnite settings

Fortnite Controller Deadzone settings

Deadzone is all dependent on your controller. For maximum accuracy and reaction time, you desire information technology to be the everyman possible value without getting stick-migrate.

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  • Left Stick Deadzone:
    0% (then increment equally required)
  • Right Stick Deadzone:
    0% (then increment every bit required)

Jump into a game of Artistic, lower your Deadzone down to 0, then slowly build it upwardly until your sticks stop drifting by themselves. We utilise 6% for the left and 5% for the right, although your controller may crave a different setting.

Best Fortnite Controller Configuration

Fortnite controller configuration

For controllers,
Builder Pro
is your best friend. When Fortnite was first released, the default controller options were clunky and awkward. Epic Games have since added loads of accessibility support for controllers and Builder Pro is by far the near intuitive and easy to employ.

Start with Builder Pro, and piece of work out the best binds for you.

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To brand editing quicker and easier, you should
bind Edit to L3/Left Stick. This volition allow you to quickly make edits on the fly without accidentally editing while trying to build. By enabling Sprint by Default, you won’t take to worry near unbinding Sprint to practise this.

If you lot use a controller on PC, make sure to cull the
controller option. For some reason, this pick decreases button latency when compared to Xbox or PlayStation controllers.

Best Fortnite preferred item slots

Best Fortnite inventory order

Really, this is your ain personal preference, just we do take some suggestions on how yous should organize your inventory:

  • Slot one:
  • Slot ii:
    Assault Rifle
  • Slot 3:
    Sniper Rifle / SMG
  • Slot 4:
    Explosives / Deployable Items
  • Slot 5:
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If you lookout professional person Fortnite controller players, yous volition observe that they e’er have their
shotgun in their get-go slot. This is because if you press Pickaxe > Build > Switch Weapon, it always defaults to your 1 slot, no matter which weapon y’all were belongings to get-go the sequence.

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This might sound a scrap complicated, but information technology’south a very common sequence in Fortnite. We just described the input of taking someone’s wall. If you lot keep your AR in your first slot, every bit many players practise, you’ll demand to switch weapons twice to get to your shotgun – costing you precious time.

The new setup volition take a bit of getting used to, but it’s as elementary as moving your entire inventory to the right, once. You’ll also need to
disable Automobile-Sort Consumables to the left
if you have it enabled.

Give these controller settings a endeavour in Fortnite, and yous’ll be building and shooting like the pros in no time.

You can also bank check out the best Fortnite PC settings to maximize frames per 2nd.

Image Credit: Epic Games