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The Mimic! Heavy plots from the story are ahead.

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Sama (様)
also known as
Kintoru (金とる)
is one of the monsters (Enzukai, Netamo, and Yuma) and the primary adversary of Book one. She is one of the four beasts that rampaged across the earth. She is recognized every bit The Animate being of


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      Chapter I
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      Chapter Two
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      Affiliate III
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      Chapter IV
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      The Witch Trials
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appears as a tall, blackness humanoid, resembling a woman with slightly monstrous features. She has long, sharp nails, a socialite hat, a white mask, long black hair, a blackness dress, and what appears to exist long black feathers, hanging from her shoulders and boots.

Omukade is a giant centipede-like brute that has a segmented blackness body and a swinging tail. She had several arms sprouting all over her back. She too had medium-length dark hair and wears a white porcelain mask with red lips and pinkish blush. She appears in the last expanse of Chapter 3 and is the commencement boss you lot will encounter without a wellness bar.

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  • Saigomo is a behemothic spider-like monster that has a woman’s head forth with a terrifying mask that appeared in Affiliate 4 and it’s the first and final boss y’all will encounter with a wellness bar in
    Volume 1.

    • You’ll need to defeat 7 hearts of “Sama” in gild to impale
      and win Chapter iv.
  • When 3/7 hearts have been defeated, she will be enraged (rage style).
    • She will outset laughing and volition have an increased speed. Her mask will be more horrifying, now gaining very sharp teeth and white glowing eyes and she will start using all of her limbs to walk (which she doesn’t in her normal form).

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A bored eldritch God created
Kintoru, Enzukai, Netamo, and Yuma due to wanting tools/puppets. They became the 4 beasts. The 4 beasts rampaged beyond the globe,
Control, Jealousy, Rage, and Rebirth. For ten days they raged confronting their gilded muzzle. And for ten nights He fought confronting our people’s plight. The earth shook and our oceans burned. As he fought for hours, his dorsum unturned.
was sent to the east, where she was trapped in a cage, unable to feast. Jealousy was sent to the bottom of the body of water, office of a forgotten legacy. Rage was trapped in his strongest cage, seething with wrath and counting her days, Rebirth was forced deep into the Earth, endlessly watching the world in reverse.

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Later, Yasu ventures back in his school, non knowing that he entered
Sama‘s dimension.
had already devoured Yasu’southward friends and turned them to collywobbles, they were the butterflies Yasu sacrificed in Chapter 2 & iii. Throughout her dimension,
taunts Yasu and chases him multiple times through a maze, her lair, and her labyrinth.

In chapter 3, She is the final monster nosotros meet, in which she has morphed into a giant centipede-looking form named Omukade, meaning
“Behemothic centipede”, a Yokai in Japanese Mythology. Y’all are required to plow all of the pillars from reddish to green in order to escape her lair, be cautious equally Omukade roam the area. Once yous plow all of the pillars green, a gate will open up leading you back to your house.

The last time you meet
is in Chapter four, where you meet her in a
form. You are tasked to destroy all of her 7 hearts while she roams the area. Once all of her 7 hearts are destroyed, you will go two choices. If y’all choose to
, you will remove the curse and free your ancestors as her corpse is dragged to an unknown area by the Eldritch god. Withal, if you choose to
Save your parents, you lot will become ane of
Sama‘southward puppets, as she has tricked you into thinking that you would save your parents.


In The Witch version of
Sama, she shakes her face left and correct very fast. In the Omukade form, she shakes her face violently with artillery and the pinnacle sides. In her Saigomo form, her mask is shaking uncontrollably upside-down.


Chapter I


Affiliate Two

あ な た の 友 達 Friend.”

“混 乱 し て い る They… Ran just like
you lot.”

“大 食 い Devoured. I am

“番 号 meet.

“魔女 Everything has been a
mimic of your reality
since the beginning.”

最 安 に
And then nosotros finally run across…”

Chapter III

“Have you ever wondered what happened to all those butterflies you sacrificed for your selfish needs?”

“These are my puppets, your fellow ancestors who blinded you to this expletive.”

Affiliate Iv

“Wonderful, another one added to my drove. Humans are so easy to deceive.”

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The Witch Trials

“For what employ is a pawn, if you cannot command it.


  • Sama
    is the third fastest monster in the game, with her speed at 34. The 2nd, and first fastest monsters are Futaomote. Futao’s speed is 36 and Mote’s speed is 41.
  • Sama
    has approximately possessed, cursed, and enslaved several people who are Futaomote, Hiachi, Shizu, Biwaki, Kuriko, Megumi, Kusunoki, Shaku, Mariachi, Mihari, Daku, Keiko,
    Little boy,
    Akuyami village folks, and Yasu’due south friends.
  • Sama
    was one of the 4 beasts that rampaged beyond the earth, forth with Rage, Rebirth and Jealousy.
  • Sama
    is the creature of
    Command, which explains why she has enslaved quite a number of people under her
  • She has a shapeshifting power. In The Girl and the Witch,
    was able to change her advent to resemble Hiachi. And her other forms are Omukade and Saigomo.
  • Her centipede form bears a resemblance to
    Koh the Face Stealer
    from Avatar the Last Airbender, which is ironic since
    is the control demon.
  • After beating Chapter 1, a text displays on your screen that says that you accept escaped the hotel and the “魔女.” The Japanese text translates to “witch”. The witch the text is referring to is, in fact,
  • Sama
    ‘due south jumpscare origin comes from one of the games in the popular game franchise,
    Five Nights at Freddy’s
    (more specifically, the 6th installment).
  • Realistically, back in her maze, if she saw the states go into a condom house, she could have simply shapeshifted herself into a smaller course to get in and kill us, though she may have done it in purpose to ‘play’ with u.s.a..
  • Sama
    has shape-shifted 3 times in guild to kill us. The first is her
    form, second is her Omukade form and her third is her Saigomo grade.
  • In The Witch Trials, there is a hidden black skull at the beginning where a cutscene shows
    The Beast of Control, for a moment and a caption of her proverb

    “For what employ is a pawn, if you tin can’t control it制御”
    . In that location are cutscenes similar this for the other 3 beasts as well.
  • ‘Sama’
    is a championship in Japan meaning ‘Lady’.
  • The proper noun meaning of
    in Japanesse is a “loftier rank” or “respected person”.
  • In some languages,
    name could besides mean, ‘aforementioned‘ which oddly fits her as she is the
    Beast of Control; she tin can shapeshift and manipulate her appearance, which is the reverse of remaining “aforementioned”.
  • Sama
    is the
    Animate being of Control, one of The World Devourers.
  • Sama‘s real name appears to be
    Kintoru (金とる).
  • You lot tin either defeat
    or turn into a puppet like the other ancestors, depending on what you vote for.
  • Omukade might resemble the Doom ducky from Dark Deception.
  • Information technology has been confirmed by ane of the staff members that she is roughly 467 cm alpine.
  • 1 matter that no one probably noticed, is that in Affiliate 2 where you are in the dark void and planks office, she appeared far abroad at the gate to the other side for a few seconds and disappears into thin air.
  • Sama
    is by far one of the most tallest mimic monsters along with Daku Masashige, Kusonoki Masashige, Mariachi and some others.
  • Sama
    targets the whole Masahige Bloodline because Kusonoki was tricked past her to free his daughter.
  • In Chapter iv, Kusonoki says he sacrificed himself to set his girl complimentary simply was tricked by
    and was made into a boob just like all the others.
  • She besides hums “Tiptoe By The Window” past Tiny Tim in Chapter 2 but lower pitched.
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