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Set: League of Legends DirectX errors [Quick Guide]

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Posted: April 2020

  • Any League of Legends DirectX result volition be caused by corrupted game files or drivers.
  • Become rid of the DirectX League of Legends error apace by deleting your config files.
  • Yous should update your graphics drivers using a third-party tool to fix
    game error graphics in LoL.
  • Repairing your Cyberspace Framework or reinstalling it will also solve Directx League of Legends issues.


League of Legends (LoL) is an enthralling multiplayer boxing loonshit game for Windows 10. However, some players can’t start LoL when a DirectX fault message pops up. The LoL DirectX fault message states:

An unknown DirectX error has occurred and League of Legends cannot commencement. Please brand certain your video carte du jour is using the latest video drivers from the manufacturer.

This is how you can gear up the League of Legends DirectX mistake if that same fault message is popping upwardly on your Windows desktop or laptop.

How do i fix LoL DirectX errors on PC?

  1. Delete the Game.cfg File
  2. Update your graphics bill of fare driver
  3. Delete the League of Legends subfiles
  4. Repair the NET Framework

1. Delete the Game.cfg File

  1. OpenFile Explorer.
  2. Get to the post-obit path:

    C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config
  3. Alternatively, right-click yourLeague of Legends shortcutand selectOpen up file location.
  4. Afterward, correct-click thegame.cfg
    file in theConfig
  5. Then, clickDelete.
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Some League of Legends players have stock-still the DirectX error by deleting the game.cfg file. That’southward a straightforward resolution that is worth a shot.

In fact, another reader deleted the whole Config binder, and the game was working perfectly fine. Yet, yous should stick to deleting only the game.cfg file.

2. Update your graphics carte driver

  1. Printing theWindows key + R.
  2. Enterappwiz.cpl
    in Run’due south open text box.
  3. Select your brandish driver listed in
    Programs and Features.

  4. Press the
    push and so elect the

    • To manually update the graphics card driver, you’ll need Windows platform and video card model details at hand.
  5. You can check those details by entering
    in Run and clicking
  6. Note downward the graphics card model and manufacturer details included on the
  7. Adjacent, open the graphics carte manufacturer’s website (unremarkably NVIDIA, AMD or Intel) in a browser.
  8. Select your graphics card model and Windows platform on the commuter search drop-downwards menus.
  9. Download the latest driver.
  10. Install
    it and restart your computer.

The LoL error message suggests that you
make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers from the manufacturer.
And so, that’due south a pretty big clue for a potential fix!

Expert Tip:

Some PC issues are hard to tackle, specially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your auto and identify what the error is.

Click here to download and start repairing.

Update your drivers automatically

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If you lot don’t desire to spend the fourth dimension and search for the GPU drivers yourself, yous tin use a dedicated third-party tool that does that for you.

As such, you should download a third-party app that updates all of your hardware and software drivers. The program will search your PC components and apps for compatible drivers and installs them for you.

Big-time gaming tin can be done without crashes, lags or freezes by keeping all drivers up to appointment and error-free.

Manual checks are difficult to perform, that’s why we recommend using an automate assistant that volition scan for fresh driver versions daily. Here is how to use information technology:

  1. Download and install DriverFix.
  2. Launch the software.
  3. Wait for the newly installed app to detect all your PC’southward faulty drivers.
  4. You will be presented with a list of all the drivers that take issues, and yous tin can choose the ones that you want to gear up.
  5. Wait for the commuter download and fixing process to consummate.
  6. Restart
    your PC for the changes to have effect.


Do non let a bad driver interfere with your games and installed software. Apply DriverFix today and run them without a unmarried issue.

Disclaimer: this plan needs to exist upgraded from the costless version in order to perform some specific deportment.

3. Delete the League of Legends subfiles

  1. First, open the game’s Config folder past entering the following in File Explorer’s binder path bar:

    C:Riot/Games/League of Legends/Config
  2. Select the
    and input files in the Config subfolder, and delete them.
  3. And then open the
    subfolder within the League of Legends subfolder.
  4. Select the
    subfolders, and so delete them.
  5. Open up the League of Legends launch window, and click the
    button to open up a Help window that includes 4 options.
  6. Press the
    button on the Help window to fix corrupt files.
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Some LoL players have fixed the DirectX fault by deleting a few subfiles and subfolders and so running a repair with the game’south

4. Repair the Cyberspace Framework

  1. Download the NET Framework Repair Tool.
  2. Open the Cyberspace Framework Repair Tool and printingSide by side.
  3. Alternatively, yous can also  uninstall your NET Framework and reinstall it.
  4. Go toCommand Panel.
  5. SelectUninstall a programme.
  6. DetectNet Framework, right-click on it then uninstall.
  7. Download the program.
  8. Run the installer and wait for it to finish.

As Microsoft NET Framework is an essential prerequisite for DirectX, yous might need to repair your Internet Framework setup.

Those are some of the resolutions for the DirectX error that will probably boot-starting time League of Legends so that yous can play the game again. We encourage yous to requite u.s. some feedback in the annotate section below.

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