Warzone Season 3 Easter Egg

Although Call of Duty: Warzone has shifted to Verdansk ’84, the bunkers have remained on the map,
with iii new ones added in Flavour six. Hither is every bunker location in Warzone Season 6.

Raven completely overhauled Verdansk in Flavour 3 with a 1980s theme. New POIs appeared, and buildings changed, simply the bunkers remained exactly where they were, although sealed off.

Warzone’south devs take teased that these bunkers will open in the future, so it’s worth knowing their locations and how to admission them when they practise eventually open up.

While some Bunkers could previously exist accessed with a Red Access Carte, others required a special lawmaking to enter them. It’s likely that the bunkers will open up again, and then we’ve also got every Warzone bunker code and method to become into them.

Warzone Season half dozen also introduced three new WWII bunkers to help lay the groundwork for the Telephone call of Duty battle royale’southward transition into Telephone call of Duty: Vanguard, and we have their locations along with everything else you lot need to know about the Warzone bunkers below:

Warzone Season 6 WWII bunker locations & map

Thank you to community member ContentConch, the to a higher place map has the locations of the three WWII bunkers that were added to Verdansk in Flavour 6 of the Call of Duty battle royale.

These bunkers practice non contain a groovy deal of cash, but players tin outfit themselves with some high-level weapons and armor satchels, so you and your squad volition not be disappointed by traveling to whatever of 3 WWII bunkers.

Warzone bunker locations & map

Warzone bunker locations map

There are currently
13 total bunkers
spread beyond Verdansk ’84 likewise the new WWII bunkers. Following the destruction of the original Verdansk, these bunkers are all closed but are probable to open in the future.

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Warzone devs have described how “Initially sealed, we can’t say exactly how you’ll be interacting with the Bunkers and other hidden areas, though yous can expect a host of surprises every bit the Black Ops Common cold War seasons continue.”

Here is the location of all thirteen bunkers:

  • Hills bunker (0): On the coast directly south of Promenade West.
  • Boneyard bunkers (1, 2 & 3):
    These bunkers are found on the hill on either side of the Junkyard POI.
  • Meridian bunker (4):
    Above the two shacks east of Acme.
  • Southern War machine Base bunker (5):
    Institute between Military Base and the Lake.
  • Salt Mine bunker (half dozen):
    On the cliffs to the eastward of Table salt Mine.
  • Karst Bridge bunkers (vii & 8):
    Plant in the bunkers above Karst Bridge to the southward-due east of Array.
  • Prison bunker (nine): Sits shut to the archway bridge of Prison house.
  • Park bunker (ten):
    Sits simply southward of Tavorsk Park.
  • Northern Military Base bunker (11):
    Due north-west of War machine Base.
  • Secret bunker location:
    Underneath eastern warehouse in Manufactory.

Warzone Secret Bunker

Warzone secret bunker door

Underneath the POI to the east of Superstore,
Plane Factory, a secret bunker was discovered in Season 3.

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Information technology isn’t marked past any number, and in that location’south a deactivated keypad abreast the door, which will presumably receive power in a after season. This will likely exist an Easter Egg bunker, similar to Bunker 11, where you could earn a weapon Design, and the nuking of Verdansk was outset teased.

Warzone North & South Boneyard bunker codes

Scrapyard, which sits to the west of Boneyard, has two bunkers that could be accessed with a lawmaking. One sits north shut to Storage Town, while the other sits just above the go-kart runway in the map’s southwest corner.

Although the bunkers are currently airtight, the bunker codes were as follows:

  • Northward Boneyard code:
  • South Boneyard code:
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Warzone Prison Shack bunker code

Warzone Prison keycode

Sitting just west of the Zordaya Prison Circuitous is a small shack. This shack looks completely unremarkable and tin can’t be entered, but it had a keypad on the doo before the nuke event.

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If this keypad returns, you lot can use the code provided below, and head inside to take hold of some Legendary loot.

  • Prison lawmaking: 72948531

Warzone TV Station bunker lawmaking

tv station location in cod warzone

TV Station can be a hard place to drop, but should y’all state only a picayune to the east, yous’ll notice some other shack that used to be locked by a keypad. You no longer demand to enter a lawmaking, but if this keypad returns, here’south the code you previously had to enter.

  • Television receiver Station bunker code:

Warzone Park bunker code

Finally, as yous pass the Styor Spomenik war memorial in Park, you’ll see the bunker set into the rockface closed to a destroyed barn. The keypad is currently offline but will likely activate over again in the coming seasons.

  • Warzone Park bunker code:

Warzone Red Access Card bunkers and locations

Player looking at a Red Access Card in Warzone.

Five of the bunkers could previously be opened with a Ruby-red Access Card, which needs to be in your inventory to exist used. Blood-red Admission cards take been removed from Warzone Season 3, but they’re likely to return once the bunkers reopen.

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These rare items could only be institute in Legendary Supply Boxes, but if y’all happen to impale an enemy who has already found one, you’ll be able to collect it when they drib it and employ it yourself.

Hither are the bunkers that require a Ruby Admission Menu:

  • Hills bunker (0)
  • Summit bunker (4)
  • Southern Military Base of operations bunker (5)
  • Table salt Mine bunker (6)
  • Prison bunker (9)
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Bunker eleven in Warzone: How to solve Easter Egg and open

cod warzone bunker 11

At the start of Flavor 2, Raven Software sealed Bunker xi,
no longer allowing players to get inside. Although Verdansk has traveled back in fourth dimension for Season 3, this bunker has remained on the map.

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Of course, while it may be closed for now, there’southward a skillful chance it could reopen in the future, so knowing how to go within volition be very useful.

If Bunker 11 e’er re-opens, here’s how to get inside information technology:

  1. Driblet into a game of Warzone
  2. Y’all need to find an activation telephone that can be located in various buildings across Verdansk
  3. A Russian operator will and then give you a three-digit lawmaking
  4. This will dictate the society in which you need to visit the phones
  5. You tin use the map beneath created past Reddit user Fbk201 to see the locations of each phone
  6. Complete the steps, and head to Bunker 11 to hopefully claims its goodies before anyone else
Map showing phone locations in Warzone.

The lawmaking that the operator will requite you lot is in Russian, then you’ll need to interpret them into English to progress.

We’ve provided the translations below:

  1. a-deen
  2. dva
  3. tree
  4. chye-tir-ye
  5. pyat
  6. shest
  7. syem
  8. vo-syem
  9. dyev-yat
  10. dyes-yat

For example, if you were given the code 123, you would demand to get to phone one kickoff, then phone two, and so on.

You’ll know you lot’ve interacted with the right phone when y’all hear a jingle play, which means you’ve been successful in your quest and can now open Bunker 11.

These bunkers aren’t far away from the best landing spots in Verdansk ’84, so they’ll be well worth rotating to for high-tier loot when they reopen.

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Image credits: Activision Blizzard / u/Fbk201