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p>Every bit a YouTube creator, you demand to create superb videos and tweak them for social platforms and search engines to
make them viral. However, if your videos are not performing well, then most probably you’re not using the
right tools.

I did a enquiry on the
tools used past popular YouTube channels, and I’one thousand going to share the all-time Chrome extensions for YouTube creators that prove helpful in many ways.

With given extensions, you can
create searchable videos, streamline your workflow, evaluate the functioning
of your videos and channels. They tin can also help yous to
monetize the videos
and grow your vlogging business by managing and optimizing social and video platforms.

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Create and edit videos in browser

In this department, I’ll showcase some extensions that assistance to
create your own story and mix and edit music and videos
efficiently. All these extensions work directly inside your browser, and provide no less power than any simple video editor.


This is my favorite
online video editor, especially due to its ease of apply. This tool makes information technology like shooting fish in a barrel to create and
edit videos professionally
and makes them accessible from anywhere. And it offers the following features for video creators like you:

  • Features
    plough-past-plough collaborative
    editing from any place on whatever device.
  • Allows to tape and
    add a voice-over
    to the video clip using webcam and mic.
  • Assets different
    editing modes
    for beginners and professionals namely Storyboard and Advanced Timeline, offer ease and power respectively.
  • Supports connecting to
    deject services
    and taking media files straight from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Bulldoze, OneDrive, Dailymotion, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Lets you
    publish videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc., or share them on social media sites or embed them on your website out of the box.
Pro Way for YouTube Video Editor

Pro Mode for YouTube Videos

If you employ the YouTube’s editor to practise most of the editing stuff, then this tool will help you
do more using shortcuts. This handy tool enhances and improves on the YouTube’s born video editor with keyboard shortcuts and other productivity features like:

  • Adds various
    buttons and notifications
    to make you lot go and know things faster.
  • Allows to sort photos,
    navigate the timeline, select tabs and do various other tasks without losing the current selection in the editor, using just the shortcuts.
  • Playback command takes
    control of the preview actor
    and is controlled by a separate playback button and a slider, which allows editing and scrolling in the locked mode.

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Record and convert videos direct

In this department, I’ll share the extensions that assist to create videos using your webcam and
convert them various video formats. These tools even
support compressing
those videos for faster upload experience without using any tertiary-party tool.

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As per my experience, this
Chrome extension is a reliable video converter and compressor. It compresses videos without affecting their quality and works using a simple
drag and drop
interface. Here are other salient features of Clipchamp:

  • Allows you to create a short link to request and
    collect videos
    from anyone, which tin be queued and
    uploaded directly
    to your YouTube channel or Google Drive.
  • Its
    webcam recorder
    records the video in 360p, 480p and 720p resolutions right from your browser, which helps vloggers create video blogs easily.
Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

A uncomplicated but
powerful screenshot taker for anybody, this extension helps capture web pages in a clean and user-friendly interface. That’southward not all, it too records videos from your screen and has other features like:

  • Add and edit objects
    similar stickers and text boxes in the screenshot.
  • Captures
    whole or part of web page and
    video from a tab or screen.
  • Lets you edit and dispense the screenshot, and relieve it in
    JPG and PNG
  • Allows saving to diverse
    third-political party tools
    like Nimbus Notation, Slack and Google Drive.


Screencastify packs in
various features to record screenshots and screencasts. All features, yet, are non included in its light version like it only records twenty min. videos. Information technology’s simple to use like Nimbus, and offers the post-obit features:

  • Records
    a specific tab in your browser or the whole computer screen.
  • Creates
    WEBM and VP8 videos
    with sound and lets you relieve it locally.
  • Allows saving the files to Google Drive and
    publishing direct
    to YouTube.

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Upload and publish videos

This department talks most the
tools that help in uploading, publishing and sharing videos
with others hands, using just a web browser. These extensions also assist publishing videos
directly from online storage
providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

YouTube Uploader for Dropbox, Drive

YouTube Uploader for Dropbox, Drive

This one-of-its-kind extension needs no explanation — its name tells you all. It allows y’all to
upload and publish video files from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive
to YouTube directly. Information technology works locally in your browser, and offers the following features:

  • Allows uploading video files in
    batch mode
    without using the YouTube’s web interface.
  • Supports
    numerous video formats
    like WebM, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG4, MPEGPS, FLV and 3GPP.

Manage channels and optimize videos

In this section, I will talk about the
most important tools
in your journeying from being a “YouTube creator” to a “popular YouTube creator”. These extensions will
transform the way you lot manage your channels, and provide lot more help to optimize them easily than ever.

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Moreover, these help perform
time-consuming tasks
like updating annotations and info cards, managing comments and creating thumbnails and backups in just a few clicks.



TubeBuddy is my most favorite YouTube tool that works equally a
channel manager and a toolkit for optimizing videos, making it an absolute must for YouTube creators. This adds a layer of numerous functionalities on elevation of YouTube such as:

  • Provides
    find/replace and bulk update
    features to update the descriptions, social profiles, hyperlinks and references on the videos.
  • Helps generate customized,
    professional person-looking thumbnails
    with the help of screenshots and branding or text layers for the videos.
  • Allows yous to
    engage and collaborate
    with new subscribers and fans efficiently besides as export the list of your subscribers and their profiles to a CSV file.
  • Generates a
    detailed assay
    of your competitors’ views, subscribers, uploads per day and appointment channels — all in nice, tabular form in CSV format.
vidIQ Vision

vidIQ Vision

Every bit per my experience, this extension delivers a
comprehensive optimization study
showing key insights of everything the top creators practise to drive traffic and growth. It helps yous
boost subscriber engagement and create viral videos
for them. And it gives creators admission to statistics more but total views of a video, and more such features like:

  • vidIQ Score” ranks every video, which helps to evaluate the probability of a video existence endorsed in related search or recommended videos.
  • Average lookout fourth dimension
    helps you lot understand the quality of your videos and how well they go on viewers engaged, and thus drive success on your aqueduct.
  • Velocity
    (views per hour) tells well-nigh the videos gaining viral traction and their acceleration in popularity, making it articulate which are the rocking videos.
  • Social media statistics
    shows the number of likes, shares, comments, and tweets for your videos gathered from various social channels including Reddit.

VISO Catalyst

This section isn’t complete without VISO Catalyst, a platform that helps y’all to observe the popular videos, their
optimization strategies and analytics
— all to
guide you about creating awesome, viral-worthy videos. This platform is, unfortunately, only available for partners of BBTV or an associated network, and includes following features:

  • Title optimizer
    ensures the videos possess concise, searchable titles.
  • Thumbnail editor
    creates cute thumbnails using backgrounds, graphics, and text for videos, and allows downloading them for posting to social media.
  • Intelligent keyword recommendations
    aid you better titles, descriptions, and tags for your videos to make them as user-friendly and searchable every bit possible.

Manage and optimize social media

Here’s the clarification nearly some tools that assistance to
rail and manage social media integration, which seems almost impossible to exercise manually, at to the lowest degree to me. With these tools, you and your squad tin
work collaboratively
to manage diverse social networks.



It’due south by far the
best and but solution that empowers your business
and helps you lot capture more value via social channels. The tool supports in managing
brand reputation, running
social media campaigns, engaging with viewers and fifty-fifty collaborating internally with your creative team. Simply it’due south not all and here are more things it can do:

  • Saves time past assuasive to manage all social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ from a
    single dashboard.
  • Measures the social ROI, spots
    developing trends
    and reports how your videos are performing with competitors through real-time reports.
  • Helps
    connect with customers
    faster and smarter, and enables you to reply instantly by monitoring opinions and reviews about your brand.
  • Allows inviting
    multiple collaborators
    to manage social profiles and streamline
    team workflow
    using scheduling and assignment tools and much more.
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Cheque video details and statistics

This department discusses about the Chrome extensions that let access to
in-depth video insights
showing videos’ details and statistics. This insight helps creators in understanding and improving brand awareness, atomic number 82 generation, and online user interaction.



Out of the tools I tried, Heartbeat is the best tool that allows creators to
connect to the YouTube customs
as well as to runway and view subscriber growth. It also displays others details like video historic period, count, channel as well as monetization owner and
social media stats for your videos. And below are some of its of import features:

  • Offers
    YouTube existent-time chat
    organisation with the power to create chat rooms for people with like interests to hold discussions and share videos.
  • Provides the creators with
    channel analytics
    having metrics like earnings, viewership and subscriber growth of their channel and the contest.
  • Its
    tag finder
    allows creators to tag their videos with trending, SEO-friendly keywords, which help the people to find preferred or related content faster.
Social Blade

Social Blade

This extension helps YouTube creators to
rails user statistics
for YouTube too equally social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and others. Social Blade makes user analytics, growth, and trends uncomplicated to understand for creators, and includes features similar:

  • Provides
    social analytics
    for any content, creator, brand or alive streamer.
  • Provides
    user and trend statistics
    for any video or channel on YouTube.
  • Provides
    fiscal stats
    including estimated monthly and yearly earnings along with future projections in numerical format every bit well as like shooting fish in a barrel-to-read graphs.

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Sum and substance

Among all these Chrome extensions, I find
TubeBuddy, Hootsuite and Heartbeat
are the
must haves
for every YouTube creator — beginner or avant-garde. And if you don’t use a powerhouse video editor, then WeVideo and Clipchamp also prove helpful for creating videos.

How’s your experience of creating videos and managing your channel using these tools? Practice you know more such tools? I’ll beloved to hear from yous through email and comments.