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There are well over a hundred
League of Legends
champions. Some of them are really poorly suited to newcomers because of how complex they are. You’re better off sticking with simpler champions that permit you focus instead on learning the overall strategy and feel of the game.

These nine characters are perfect for newbies. Each is straightforward to play but also really powerful. They’re a bang-up manner to get accustomed to the game and the various roles you tin occupy in it. Y’all may find yourself still using these characters even if you’ve been playing for months or years.

Master Yi

Primary Yi (Jungle)

Jungle is a catchy role to learn just Principal Yi has the ultimate preparation wheels. He can articulate camps chop-chop and easily thank you to Alpha Strike and his healing ability Meditate. None of his abilities require aiming either so fighting other players is a snap. He’s decent plenty at ganking lanes, too, provided your team’s laner has some crowd control at this disposal.


Darius (Meridian)

Darius has always been a fun beginner option for summit lane. He’s strong early in the match and can seriously bully their opponent. His bleeds, slow, and snare set up his instakill ultimate perfectly. Darius’ ultimate resets its cooldown when you impale an enemy champion so you tin can become a terror in teamfights. Similar a lot of champions on this listing, he’due south pretty like shooting fish in a barrel to learn because you don’t need to worry about your aim. His rework has simply made him stronger by calculation a healing component to his Decimate power.

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Amumu (Jungle)

Tanks are ever a good standby selection for top, back up and jungle: they don’t have many skillshots and they’re so durable that you can survive a mistake or two. Amumu is arguably the best tank for the jungle function. His Bandage Toss is great for either ganking a solitary enemy or starting a teamfight. He can also bargain a surprising amount of harm to nearby enemies cheers to Tantrum and Despair. When he’s in the middle of a pack of enemies, he can also utilise Curse of the Sad Mummy to freeze and damage all enemies – a move that can potentially win the fight for his squad.


Wukong (Top, Jungle)

Wukong, like his mentor Yi, doesn’t accept any skillshots in his ability set. Unlike many other Fighters, he doesn’t have to worry about kiting thanks to his dash. Decoy is a great escape tool that can likewise be used to initiate a fight, while his Passive makes him tankier than expected. The AOE knock-upward effect from his ultimate tin can win teamfights even if he’southward behind in gold.


Jinx (ADC)

I call up one of the hardest things for new carries to learn is how to finer farm minions. Jinx, however, can clear single or waves of minions effortlessly thank you to her rocket launcher and minigun philharmonic. The stacking attack speed of her minigun, meanwhile, makes her cracking at taking down towers and other objectives. It takes some practice to effectively use her ultimate, Super Mega Death Rocket, but with a footling do it’southward keen for getting kills on a foe that thinks they’ve escaped or helping allies in other lanes.

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Ashe (ADC)

Carries are expected to be the big guns that steamroll the enemy squad at the end of the game. Ashe is slightly unlike in that she’s great at setting upward teammates’ kills also. She can slow enemies with auto attacks or Volley so her allies can chase them downwards. The stun from her ultimate is as well a great aisle-oop. Hawkshot lets her spot a jungler or spotter objectives. Ashe is a huge help to the team even when she’s not killing enemies left and right.


Annie (Mid, Back up)

If yous enquire pretty much any thespian to recommend a good midlane champion for beginners, Annie is on their shortlist. The reason is that every one of them has lost a game cheers to an Annie. Her ultimate lets her summon Tibbers, a giant teddy bear, to smack enemies while her passive lets her stun targets every 4 spell casts. By combining the ii, she tin drop Tibbers in the centre of a teamfight to stun and impairment several foes at once. This tin exist enough to plow the fight – and potentially the match. It’south and so constructive fifty-fifty though everyone sees it coming.


Leona (Support)

Leona is one of several back up character that excels in initiating fights. What sets her apart from Nautilus, Blitzcrank and Thresh though is that her initiate power is a lot easier to state because isn’t blocked by walls or minions. She’s also very tanky, significantly boosts her teammate’south damage thank you to her passive and can stun enemies on control with her Q power. Leona helps her team in so many ways that every player with an interest in the back up role should check her out.

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Morgana (Mid, Support)

Morgana is one of a few mages that tin exist played either mid or support with success. It’s pretty clear why she’southward great in either office. Her passive heals her when she lands a damaging spell and then she can stay in lane for extended periods of time. Tormented Soil is great for clearing packs of minions. Dark Binding’due south root sets up easy kills for her or a teammate. Blackness Shield, meanwhile, is a great “oh shit” button that can prevent several deaths throughout the match.

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