The Bride Cuts the Cake Song

The wedding ceremony block is usually cut during the terminal hour of the wedding reception, signaling to guests that it’south time for dessert and java as the party begins to current of air down. Equally your political party nears its end, you lot want to make certain your block-cutting songs are on point! For those curious about the timing of other key events, read through our detailed post on a traditional nuptials reception timeline. The cake cut, in general, is also a cue to guests that it’s okay to leave soon, and so don’t schedule dessert too early or the reception could start wrapping up before yous’re gear up. Also, since you lot’ll already have guests’ attention, dessert is also a proficient time to grab the mic and thank your guests for coming to the wedding ceremony.

There are several traditions surrounding wedding cakes, all of which have different origins and interpretations. The joint cutting of the cake, with both members of the wedding couple property the knife, could exist interpreted to symbolize the couple’south commitment to teamwork and adjustment on goals equally they start their future together. If the wedding cake has multiple layers, traditionally the bottom layer volition exist cut into commencement past the married couple. This plays to the concept that love is built with a expert foundation. Some other well-known tradition is to save a slice of wedding block, or the tiptop tier, to exist enjoyed during the couple’s first-year anniversary. For a deeper swoop into traditions, we encourage yous to read our total summary of popular wedding traditions and their origins.

Whether you decide to neatly cut into a slice of cake together or get messy with a good cake smash, the cake-cut ceremony is guaranteed to be a charming wedding photo op. Oftentimes guests are distracted on the dance floor or mingling at dinner tables toward the end of the dark, so be certain to have the wedding DJ or band make an annunciation to introduce the block cutting anniversary. And if you’re wondering “What is a proficient cake cutting song?”, we created this list of our twenty favorite cake cutting songs for a wedding. Many of these songs feature clever lyrics (some of the about popular cake-cut songs are, naturally, about sugar!), while others express romantic sentiments that are perfect for this sweetness wedding moment.

Minted’due south Top 20 Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

We’ve cooked up this list of favorite songs to fix a sweet scene for your wedding block cutting.

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James Taylor’s remake of this Marvin Gaye classic gets a lot of wedding airplay simply we’re partial to the original. Fun fact: Taylor’south version too features his and then-married woman Carly Simon on vocals.

Sweetest lyric:
“How sweetness it is to be loved by you lot (well, it’southward like sugar to my soul) / How sweet it is to be loved by you (oh yes it is).”

Fun fact: Inspired by the picture show Nuptials Crashers, the music video for this pop hit past Maroon 5 features the ring trying to crash as many weddings effectually Los Angeles as they tin in ane day.

Sweetest lyric:
“Yeah, you show me proficient loving, brand it alright / Need a little sweetness in my life / Your saccharide, aye please (Your sugar, yes please) / Won’t y’all come and put it down on me?”

Play this ultra-romantic ballad if you’re planning to go correct into a couple’south spotlight slow dance after the wedding cake-cutting ceremony.

Sweetest lyric:
“And years from at present, when I look back / I’m still nether your spell somehow / You lot’re the sweetest thing that I always did see.”

If you’re going for the opposite effect and want an upbeat song to go guests back to the trip the light fantastic floor, this high-energy, dancey track will 100% do the trick. Also, how could a vocal titled “Cake” not brand our summit twenty cake cutting songs list!

Sweetest lyric:
“I didn’t come up hither to political party / I didn’t come here to stay / I came to leave with somebody / I only came for the block.”

This 1965 Motown favorite is perfect for your block-cutting moment, with sweet, apropos lyrics (“Carbohydrate pie, honey bunch / You know that I beloved you”) and a catchy, toe-borer tempo.

Sweetest lyric:
“Every time I meet your face / I get all high-strung upwards inside.”

Getting married by the beach? Not only will this sexy song by DNCE (a.k.a. Joe Jonas’s side project) exist perfect for slicing the cake, it’ll become the anthem of the night.

Sweetest lyric:
“I keep on hoping / We’ll eat cake by the ocean.”

For a flake of nostalgia, bring information technology back to 1969 with this bubblegum-pop melody by The Archies, the band formed by a group of teens in the cartoon Tv set series “The Archie Testify.”

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Sweetest lyric:
“I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you lot (I only tin’t believe it’southward true) / I just tin can’t believe the wonder of this feeling, too (I simply can’t believe it’due south true).”

If your musical taste skews more indie, then you lot’ll honey this dreamy tune by the Australian indie stone band The Temper Trap. It’s melodic and ethereal, and would be a lovely soundtrack as you slice into your wedding cake together.

Sweetest lyric:
“A moment, a dear / A dream aloud.”

Requite your cake-cutting moment some ’80s new-wave cool with the original song by Echo & the Bunnymen, or go for a more mellow, reggae vibe with Seal’southward 2004 cover.

Sweetest lyric:
“She glides across the water / She calls for yous tonight / To share this moonlight.”

What better way to kicking off married life together than slicing into the wedding cake with this ability ballad as your soundtrack?

Sweetest lyric:
“Y’all’re my sunshine and I want you to know / That my feelings are truthful / I really dearest you / Oh, you’re my best friend.”

If you’re anticipating some wedding cake in your face, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” is a must-play for the epic block smash. Exist careful picking this song, because y’all are definitely tempting fate!

Sweetest lyric:
“Hit me with your all-time shot / Fire away.”

If your nuptials oversupply loves ’90s R&B, this one’due south a slam dunk. The familiar-sounding strings-and-piano intro volition perk upwardly everyone’s ears, and by the time the chorus comes around, the dance flooring will exist packed with guests singing along.

Sweetest lyric:
“All my life I’ve prayed for someone like yous / And I hope that you lot feel the aforementioned manner too.”

Country crooner Thomas Rhett’southward “Sweetheart” may accept debuted in 2017 but the catchy doo-wop beats audio like an oldies throwback to yesteryear.

Sweetest lyric:
“Yep, you’re sugariness like chocolate / Hot like sriracha.”

This one’southward an end-of-the-dark archetype but if you’re not saving information technology for your concluding song, then we suggest y’all play it while yous feed each other forkfuls of tasty cake. Major bonus points if one of you is actually named Caroline!

Sweetest lyric:
“Sweet Caroline / Good times never seemed then good / I’d be inclined / To believe they never would.”

This joyful, upbeat song by Natalie Cole is a rom-com staple, which is why it’s the perfect soundtrack to your own happily ever after.

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Sweetest lyric:
“You’ve brought a lot of sunshine into my life / Yous’ve filled me with happiness I never knew / You gave me more joy than I ever dreamed of / And no 1, no one can accept the place of you.”

If you’re not saving this 1967 archetype dear song for your anniversary recessional, so nosotros’re all for using it as your cake-cutting vocal at the finish of the nighttime. The original version by The Turtles is always welcome, or you could mix things up with one of the many great covers, including versions past Weezer, The Nylons, and fifty-fifty Miley Cyrus.

Sweetest lyric:
“I can’t see me lovin’ nobody just you / For all my life / When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue / For all my life.”

This i’s an oldie but goodie, and we predict this song’southward tricky trounce will lure you and your boo correct back to the trip the light fantastic floor later you lot’re finished feeding each other cake.

Sweetest lyric:
“What I got / full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter / And y’all pull them all together / And how? I tin can’t explain, oh yeah.”

Earlier y’all ringlet your eyes, think of just how perfect it would be to blast this headbanger as you and your new spouse accept a seize with teeth out of your newly married life together.

Sweetest lyric:
“Pour some saccharide on me / C’monday, fire me up / Pour your sugar on me / I can’t get enough.”

Romantic and cornball, this classic song is the perfect choice for vintage-inspired weddings and will definitely please your older guests in omnipresence.

Sweetest lyric:
“Give me a kiss to build on / and my imagination will thrive upon that kiss.”

It was hard to option just one Beyoncé song for this list, simply this romantic melody takes the block. With its infectious ’80s-style beat, this love song volition certainly make the crowd feel the dear (on top!).

Sweetest lyric:
“I can run into the stars all the way from here / Can’t you see the glow on the window pane / I can feel the lord’s day whenever yous’re nearly / Every time you touch me I but melt away.”

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