Dave and Busters Best Prizes

You can save in 2021 at Dave & Buster’due south with disbelieve pricing, coupon offers, visiting on special days, and with their Rewards plan.  We dug around for all the best deals & basic information nosotros could detect and have the details below.  Have fun!

HOW DOES Information technology ALL WORK AT DAVE & BUSTER’South?

Does Dave & Buster’s accept an admission fee?

Y’all practise not have to pay to get into Dave & Buster’south.  Guests are welcome to come sentry others in their party enjoying themselves.  Of course, to play games or consume, you volition need to pay.

Anyone tin can get in to merely savor the food and then get out if they desire to.

How much is a game card or Power Tap at Dave & Buster’s?

You have to pay a $3 activation fee for a Ability Menu the start time you lot utilize it, only yous will also get 15 chips.  Across the $three, the cards will toll you every bit much as yous desire to spend since yous can put any number of chips on them.

Bring a carte du jour or “tap” device if you already take one to avoid the activation fee.

You buy fries (points) that are loaded to a Power Card or Ability Tap.  Chips go deducted each fourth dimension you swipe or tap the bill of fare or device.

If you want a Power Tap (wristband, lanyard, or power wand), they are $10 each.  Those will each come activated and you will get 25 chips with it.

How many chips/points do games toll at Dave & Buster’s?

Almost all games at Dave & Buster’due south cost between 3 and 10 chips (points), but the majority are in the 5-7 range.  Some can go higher than 10, only it’s fairly rare.  The about common price for games seems to be six.8 chips.  Skeeball is 2.6 chips.  A virtual reality feel can price 20+ and pricing on those can vary, depending on the time you lot visit.  Sometimes, virtual reality games accept to exist purchased separately.  At Tempe Marketplace, their virtual reality experience is $half-dozen per person.

How much practice games toll at Dave & Buster’s?

A commonly priced game of vi.8 chips volition cost you 90¢ – $1.36 at Dave & Buster’due south.

Chips will cost you somewhere in the range of 13¢ – 20¢ per scrap.  Fries get cheaper the more y’all buy.  The majority of their games cost 5-seven points, though some games are slightly lower and virtual reality games can exist 20+ chips.

The more you spend, the cheaper the per chip price becomes.

Pricing may modify at any fourth dimension.  This was the pricing on their website in July of 2021.

threescore chips = $12 (xx¢ per bit)
125 chips = $23 (18.4¢ per bit)
170 chips = $29 (17.i¢ per chip)
250 fries = $xl (xvi¢ per chip)
375 chips = $56 (xiv.9¢ per flake)
550 chips = $75 (xiii.6¢ per chip)
750 chips = $100 (13.3¢ per chip)

Do Dave & Buster’s game cards or points expire or have a maintenance fee?

Your Power Card at Dave & Buster’s does not expire and in that location will not be any added maintenance fees.  Return subsequently and employ any leftover chips.

Can you combine cards & fries at Dave & Busters?

You tin combine diverse cards into one if y’all have chips on different cards.  Go to the front desk-bound and someone tin can assistance yous.

What is Dave & Buster’s “I Last Game?”

If you lot have a small number of chips left on your card, that isn’t enough to cover another game y’all desire to feel, yous can go play a game of skeeball with any is left.

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You can leave there feeling expert, that you squeezed the last ounce of fun out of your time.  Yous don’t have to leave with one.5 chips that aren’t skilful for annihilation.  Apply it up if you lot don’t plan to return to reload your bill of fare at a after date.

What are redemption games at Dave & Buster’southward?

Redemption games are the games you play that y’all tin earn tickets similar skeeball or basketball.  “Tickets” are added to your card now, so yous won’t receive physical tickets.

Non-redemption games are those you play and you’re washed, nothing is earned.

Sometimes their deals, peculiarly all-day passes or ones for a sure amount of time, volition but include “non-redemption” games.  Apparently, they don’t desire yous to play skeeball for viii hours and clear out their tickets and all their prizes.

How do you know how many tickets you’ve earned?

Y’all can employ your app or head over to the prize expanse to check the points balance on your card.  Y’all can tap or scan your bill of fare and the points balance will evidence.

Concrete tickets are non given anymore.  They are all loaded direct to your card.

How much are prizes at Dave & Buster’s?

Dave & Buster’due south has a very large prize area.  Redeem your tickets (all well-nigh loaded to your play card) for prizes ranging from 25 – 100,000+ points.

If you lot’re brusk some points, you lot can pay $i to add 100 points.  Y’all can’t pay less for a smaller amount.  They merely “sell” points in increments of 100.

Is Dave & Buster’s a good place for date nighttime?

Yes!  There are so many two-player interactive games that make Dave & Buster’s a fun engagement spot.  Of course, yous can add in dinner earlier, during, or afterward you play games together.

Make it a double-date night for even more fun since there are some iv thespian games, and information technology’s also nice to just hang dorsum and watch those you’re with having a skillful fourth dimension.

Can kids under xviii get into Dave & Buster’south?

Anyone under 18 tin can go to Dave & Buster’southward as long as someone over 25 is with them.  Each person over 25 can bring upwards to 6 people under eighteen.  In that location are many games that kids would enjoy, correct aslope their chaperones!

Some locations have a curfew for minors, even up to 21-yr-olds.  They must go out earlier 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights.  If you plan to have someone under 21 there beyond that time, requite your location a call to see what their specific policy is.  Find your location.


Join Dave & Busters Rewards for Discounts

Join Dave & Buster’south Rewards to get a coupon emailed to you for $10 in free game play when you purchase $ten worth of game play.  The coupon will be good for thirty days.

The coupon takes 24-48 hours to hit your inbox. (Bank check spam if you don’t run across it.)  Make sure you verify your email or yous won’t receive the offering.  Unfortunately, if yous procrastinated and are heading out the door soon, it won’t help to sign upwards now.  You won’t receive information technology right away.

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Their rewards program allows you to earn $10 in costless game play for each $100 you spend on nutrient or fun (booze excluded).

You lot volition too receive disbelieve emails each calendar month.

You tin log in anytime to come across how many points, chips, or tickets you have available.

Note:  If yous don’t take a Ability Card notwithstanding, you can get out that field blank and add it when yous get one.  Somewhen, you volition demand i for everything to exist tracked.

Dave & Buster’s one/2 off Wednesday Discount

Dave & Buster’s gives you fifty% off games every Midweek.  Games are set to deduct 50% fewer chips each time you lot swipe your card, so the savings are automatic.  Virtual reality and photo booths are excluded.  This offer cannot be combined with other game or scrap deals.

Become during Happy Hour if yous plan to eat alcohol and enjoy a dark out for less.   (See below for more than details.)

When is Happy Hr at Dave & Buster’due south & what are the specials?

Happy hr is from four-7 pm Monday – Friday and 10 pm – 12 am Sunday – Thursday.

There are alcohol deals, but they tin can vary from one location to another.  Telephone call your local establishment and ask near their specials to make sure you know virtually the current deals.

Currently, this is what they are advertizing: (Feb 2021)
i/2 Price Cocktails (can vary by location)
$1 Off 22 oz Drafts
$one Off Wine Glasses
$three Off Wine Bottles

Discounted Dave & Buster’southward Gift Cards

Get 6% cashback on Dave & Buster’due south souvenir cards when yous apply Ibotta!

Ibotta tin also help you save in a bunch of other ways.  (More on Ibotta here.)

Beginning-fourth dimension users can utilise the code
or this link to get a bonus and join my team.  (I also receive a bonus.  Cheers!  More than on teams at the link above)

To find the Dave & Buster’s gift card selection, make sure you’re on the “Home” tab.  So, ringlet downwards to “Shop by category” and look for “Gift cards.”  Roll until you see Dave & Buster’south. (It’s also under the “Restaurants & food delivery” sub-category.)

Annotation:  You can’t cash out until y’all earn $20.  Ibotta offers freebies (cashback for the total amount) all the fourth dimension and there are many means to save (even coin-makers sometimes), then it’s not hard to hit.  Go here if you want to know more than nigh it.

Dave & Buster’south Unlimited Play Deals

Call your location to see if they offer an unlimited play offering for a certain corporeality of fourth dimension instead of paying per game.

As of updating this (July 2021), the Tempe, Arizona location offers $x cards for i hour of play from 4-vii pm each weekday.  The Glendale, Arizona location gives y’all 2 hours of unlimited play for $2o on Tuesdays.  Both offers just include not-redemption games, not games where you earn tickets or virtual reality experiences.

The Scottsdale and Tucson locations do not accept whatever offers at this time, merely that could change, so call to check!  Locations & phone numbers can be institute here.

Dave & Buster’s Armed services & First Responder Discount

Dave & Buster’s offers a armed services & outset responder discount of 10-20%.  You will need to show your ID at the forepart desk.

This offer cannot be combined with other offers and excludes Wednesdays when all games are one-half off.

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I called all Arizona locations and they all offer 20%.

We’ve gotten feedback that not all locations do this.  Y’all may want to phone call the location you plan to visit in order to verify that they’re still doing it and enquire what their discount is.  Notice your location.

Play a game at Dave & Buster’s for 25¢

Support Brand A Wish and play an old school game for merely a quarter.  Make a donation of 25¢, up to $100 for a complimentary round of Pac Mac or Galaga.

Await for the old-mode arcade game at your Dave & Buster’s.  The one pictured above was by the front entrance at the Dave & Buster’s in Tempe, AZ.

Dave & Buster’s at Tempe Marketplace

Dave & Buster’due south College Discount for Tempe, Arizona location

College students can buy a $20 menu and get another $xx menu for free each Thursday.  Show ID at the front desk-bound for the discount. (Tempe Market place’south website said it’s for ASU students, only I chosen and they said they would honor the offer for any college pupil with ID.  Telephone call ahead to be sure, though!)

This offer could end at any time, so you may desire to telephone call and verify before going.

Tempe Arizona Mills location:  480-281-8456

Dave & Buster’s Coupon for Glendale, Arizona location

Download a discount bill of fare or pick one upwards at the Glendale Company Center to save coin at the Dave & Buster’s in Glendale.  Buy a $20 Game Play card, become another $twenty ane free.  It cannot be combined with other offers and is not practiced on special event days or game days.

Trouble is, the download version doesn’t show the specific offer.  Have the details below handy, which can too be institute here, in instance the person working doesn’t know what the offer is.  (I called and the person I talked to didn’t know anything about it.)

If you lot want to pick up a card, stop by the Glendale Visitor Center.

Glendale Visitor Eye
9494 W. Maryland Avenue, Third Floor
Glendale, AZ 85305
Hours: Mon-Friday, 9 a.chiliad.-5 p.yard.
Closed holidays

Hither are the details on this offering, though they could modify/disappear at any time.

Complimentary $20 Game Play with $20 Game Play Purchase. Not valid with any other coupons, discounts, offers, prior purchases, exchanges, refunds or purchase of gift cards. Not redeemable for greenbacks. One discount or offering per client per 24-hour interval. Not valid on game or special event days. Additional restrictions may utilise.

Dave & Buster’s Coupon for Tucson, Arizona location

Salvage x% on food and games (excludes alcohol) when you evidence them the ad on Dave & Buster’due south Tucson Facebook page.  It’s not valid on Wednesday nights when games are already half off.

They put coupons upwards often, and so scroll through and notice the about recent.  I’m guessing that if at that place isn’t a current one and you lot inquire, they’ll requite it to y’all for the most contempo one they shared.  It’due south worth request!

Dave & Buster’s Play & Swallow Philharmonic Deals

Due to Covid-19 and a express bill of fare, Dave & Buster’s has discontinued their Play & Eat specials.  They may resume at a later engagement, merely equally of Feb 2021, no Arizona locations were offering that promotion anymore.

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