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In a fantasy version of Europe, a war between enemy countries is brewing. One of these countries, Zhcted, has its vii regions ruled by War Maidens, known as Vanadis. Equipped with powerful dragon-carved weapons, Eleonora “Elen” Viltaria, 1 of the Vanadis, launches an invasion against their neighboring rival country of Brune. Eventually, Tigrevurmud “Tigre” Vorn, a young archer and an earl for Brune’s region of Alsace, has his entire ground forces decimated at Elen’south hands. In a strange twist of events, Elen spares Tigre, and gives him the order, “Become mine!” What could exist the meaning behind this new alliance?

Adapted from the low-cal novel written past Tsukasa Kawaguchi,
Madan no Ou to Vanadis
is an epic take chances filled with complex state of war tactics and beautiful women. Trapped in a multinational conflict, Tigre and Elen are swept up in a state of war filled with dark secrets, conspiracies, and corruption.

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Madan no Ou to Vanadis
adapts the first 5 novels of Tsukasa Kawaguchi’south light novel series of the same title.

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Characters & Vocalism Actors


Itou, Tatsufumi

Episode Director, Storyboard, Assistant Animation Director, Cardinal Animation


Dec 28, 2014

Overall 7
Story 6
Blitheness 7
Audio 9
Character 6
Enjoyment 7

State of war. It’s a grueling fashion to assist your land. The lives of several thousand men sacrificed to assist benefit 1 country’s benefits. You hear about all the sorts of things wars have, simply have you really understood the inner workings and tactical strategies? Well, that’s where Madan no Ou to Vandis comes in. Let’s have aim!

Story (6.00/10): The story of Vanadis follows from the perspective or Tigrevurund Vorn, or Tigre. On a battlefield i day, amidst the corpses of his fallen comrades, he takes aim at a woman riding on a horse, a state of war maiden, who has just demolished

his whole army. After taking aim, he tries to shoot her down, only to become captive to Elenora, as she is called. Sending the two of them into a spiraling journeying as tensions ascent between their two countries.

The story basically sums up to following these two characters equally they try and fight through a war, with each battle being a new battle and event in the ever going war, with each battle beingness a battle with usually a different opponent and progressing through their goals to fight and come victorious. The show gets props for deconstructing the thought of state of war by making every fiddling consequence get crucial to the graphic symbol’s goals and ideals. At that place are all the same, some big flaws with this series, mostly with its execution and pacing.

The execution for the series wavers heavily, with some parts being rather well written, while other parts are written rather poorly. This trouble is heavily shown in the transitions from one scene to some other. Vanadis…has probably 1 of the worst scene transitions in anime period. The show constantly changes from scene to scene, and sometimes even changes the scene completely, leaving the audience dazed and confused every bit to what exactly is going on. In improver, the world of Vanadis is a very interesting identify, talking about its lore and legends in some of its episodes such as the dragon gear and the goddesses in the realm. However, the evidence doesn’t give you an opportunity to fully enjoy the bear witness at all because they don’t give plenty explanation to the show’s basic lore, which really takes away from an otherwise fantastic testify.

In add-on, the evidence’s pacing is only awful. Yous don’t become plenty time to truly enjoy anything in the testify, and you lot really don’t take the chance to let the current scenario sink in. Mostly, the evidence simply pokes in at a specific scene, than goes off to somewhere else without word or alarm. The pacing really does take a lot of the testify’due south credibility away considering it rushes through its own story and so much that you can’t enjoy it very much (This really merely applies across the kickoff three episodes.)

Overall, Vanadis had a lot of potential. It showed the states the prospects of state of war and the sheer amount of strategy and thinking that goes into it, but that’southward all it actually does. You don’t really get any semblance as to what the world of Vanadis, which really is a shame due to how well that could’ve worked conjunction into the story.

+ Dandy story concept (the deconstruction of state of war that is)
– Untold globe
– Atrocious pacing
– Very poor execution

Characters (vi.00/10): In addition, the characters of Vanadis share a same downfall similar to the story.

First nosotros have Tigrevurund Vorn, the main protagonist of this series, likewise equally an archer that would put Katniss Everdeen to shame. As the count of Alsace, the and of his birth, Tigre is caught by the war maiden Elen, and becomes her captive in her principality. From then on, Tigre asks his capturerer to help protect his homeland, and eventually gets the opportunity to exercise then. As the series goes on, you tin see his development beyond his simple goal of protecting his homeland as he meets new characters that aid him along his journey. Beyond that, though, y’all really don’t know very much about him. He has this weapon and lineage that you basically know naught about, and but a small fleck of his personality actually comes out.

And then we have Elenora, the war maiden of the series. In Vanadis, we have individuals chosen war maidens, women who take been chosen by a dragon gear, a weapon with special abilities and power, all of which have control over their own principalities and people. Elen is an interesting character. A scrap of a jokester, (and maybe a little fleck perverted), Elen helps Tigre on his quest to help his people in exchange for power over his state. In the story, you get some details as to what kind of women she was before, and the connections she has between some characters, simply you don’t actually get to learn about her very much. She’southward an interesting character that has no details put in, which really makes the show a chip disappointing.

As for supporting characters, we accept constant characters that you see, such every bit Lim, Titta, Ludmila, and a few others, and and so you have those characters that you don’t actually come across at all, or get introduced at one signal, before going abroad. The supporting cast, are basically a mystery since yous don’t actually get to see or know a lot of them since most of them REALLY only serve as plot devices in guild to move the story along. This even includes the principal villain of the story, Duke Thernardier, who supposedly is the one corrupting the country for his ain purpose, only is a character y’all don’t really see or know about since he shows his face only in the last 2 episodes, and even and so, information technology’due south freaking disappointing. This likewise brings me to another point, which are the seven state of war maidens.

In the earth of Vanadis, in that location are 7 state of war maidens that exist in the lands, all of them property a specific dragon gear. From the title art, and the opening, you’d expect to run across them all at some signal, right? Incorrect. The series establishes that there are 7 state of war maidens, but you really only get to know ii out of seven of the state of war maidens. About of them y’all don’t even get to meet or know the names of, which just shows how much potential this testify had, merely failed to evangelize.

+ Interesting primary cast
– Little to no detail for the characters you lot see or learn about
– Plot devices as the supporting cast
– War maidens non utilized though established

Art and Sound (vii.11/10 and eight.88/10): The art for the serial is what I regard as high quality. The artwork for the series is stunning and cute, accurately demonstrating a medieval war zone of sorts with its massive armor clad armies and detailed land banners held high. In addition, the character designs displayed are for the most part, very well washed. The armors from the dissimilar bad guys, too as the sword designs, and for the war maidens are very well done, with detail definitely non lacking from one scene to the other. However, the animation is, like everything else in this serial, a double-edged sword.

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In contrast to the stunning animation, at that place also exists the 3-D, which…ah…sucks. The series at times goes into a sort of planning lath in society to accurately describe the thought processes of either side’s strategists, using little dioramas of little figures to represent and describe what is going on. This is a plus for the serial for those who don’t fully understand what is going on and adds to the concept of war that this show excels at telling. However, the little figures used wait very, very bad on business relationship of the atrocious 3-D animation that constantly plagues this series, since they utilize the diorama constantly. Plus, they also make whole armies in iii-D sometimes, and information technology just does non wait good.

And since this is an ecchi show, time to talk about the ecchi. To be honest, I was very surprised. The ecchi in this evidence is all but non-existent, mostly existing solely in the designs of its war maidens (since pretty much all of the war maidens have breasts that brand you lot wonder how they tin can office in battle, and the only one with the normal-sized breast is considered flat. -.-) Apart from their questionable battlewear, there really isn’t much ecchi in this show. Sure you have like three bath scenes in this show, and a couple accidental puppet grabs, but that’due south basically it. Hell, yous’d observe more than ecchi in a romantic comedy show that’s not tagged ecchi that in this bear witness.

Every bit for audio, well, a little word. As long equally there is at to the lowest degree ane VERY memorable runway in the soundtrack, the show gets decent high marks for the sound category. Vanadis succeeds this by giving usa its opening. (Just listen to information technology.) The heroic and grand sound of Vanadis’due south opening literally gave me shivers when I outset heard it, and has become one of my favorite tracks since. The loud fanfare, the triumphant tone of going to war and returning a hero; it fits the evidence so well that I could cry.

Apart from that, the residual of the testify’s soundtrack I would consider to be good, but not equally memorable as the opening song. They all have a very similar flair of mixing medieval sounds and heroic voices, but nothing I could hear held a candle to the opening.

+ Skilful normal blitheness
– Awful iii-D animation
– Rest of the soundtrack was meh

Personal Enjoyment (7.00/10): And then, at the end of the day, what are my feelings about this show? I’ve stated before that this show is its own enemy, it’s own double-edged sword. The evidence is interesting and grand, only doesn’t really deliver with its execution. The characters are interesting, but there wasn’t plenty detail to them that actually made them more real and 3-dimensional. The art was good in one sense, and awful in another. And the music had a fantastic opening, and the rest of the tracks sorta lagged behind. I guess I could say that Vanadis was an interesting prove for me to watch, in which I looked forward to every episode week after calendar week.

DId I like this show?

Aye, absolutely. Regardless of its flaws, Vanadis enthralled me with its employ of armed services tactics and actually brought the idea of the battlefield in animated class. Information technology succeeded very well in that regard and portrayed an entire war in the bridge of its runtime.

What didn’t I like well-nigh this show?

The bear witness had its fair share of issues in basically every category. Equally for personal dislikes, I felt as though many scenes shown in the show were handled and then poorly that they shouldn’t have even bothered to put it in. Some characters seemed most pointless, and the show attempted to make a character decease seem more than important than it really was. I didn’t really feel anything on business relationship of the hoards of other characters that shared equally much plot importance as the one that died, not to mention I honestly didn’t really know his name cause he didn’t actually evidence up very often.

Would I recommend this show?

For strategists and fans of state of war and boobs, get alee, get wild. The prove does accept its perks, with its stunning grapheme designs and war strategies sprinkled in every single episode to make the core role of the show thriving and well. While it does this, it neglects its other parts such as building the globe and its characters. And so, if you don’t mind somewhat 1-dimensional characters or a earth that you lot really won’t get to know, then this will be a good lookout for y’all.

Author’s notation: I withal don’t fully sympathise how Elen tin function on the battlefield. Those things must counterbalance a ton.

Overall Score: vii.20/10

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December 31, 2014

Overall 1
Graphic symbol

(This has been adjusted from my reddit thread)

War, when diminished to its base components, is sadly tragic. It’southward hard to justify the killings of thousands of people for any kind of cause. But some are better than others: bringing about peace, saving a subjugated group, or protecting one’s home. For as long equally humans accept lived, war has not only shaped the past, has not only persisted in the present, but will nigh probable never dwindle in the time to come. An almost inevitability, war brings out the best and the worst in people. For Madan no Ou to Vanadis, it certainly brings out the worst in



Vanadis begins with the bowman Tigre meeting Elen, a War Maiden, on the battlefield. After existence taken earnest, the two decide to aid 1 some other in protecting Tigre’s hometown of Alsace.

At its core, the show is about state of war: the battles, the aftereffects, the planning, and the formations. And to this end, it fails miserably. A lot of this has to practice with the globe-edifice information technology attempts to employ. State names, nearby towns, and faraway lands are talked almost equally if the audience is supposed to simply know that such areas exist. It disconnects the viewer from what is going on, considering he or she just cannot follow who’south from where, which side is fighting what, and why they’re all fighting in the showtime identify. Simultaneously, multiple sub-plots exist at any given moment, such as Elen’s expedition to visit Sasha or the King’s madness. The aforementioned difficulty in agreement what is going on persists here as well. Since it wasn’t explained properly earlier, it remains discombobulated after.

When information technology comes to the actual field skirmishes, the anime adopts a narration approach. Going into explanatory mode, the prove does its best to clarify the formations of the warring sides and their programme of attack. The point here is to make information technology feel equally if it’due south a war that the characters are participating in. Again, though, it falls flat: the bulk of the action focuses not on the entire battle, simply on the singular duels taking place. Elen fighting confronting a dragon or Tigre squaring off against the opposing general are fine as standalone fights. In context, though, it doesn’t seem to fit since their part is just ane small-scale slice to the much bigger puzzle.

When the anime isn’t having such a tough chore conveying the severity of the wars going on, it steps dorsum into its secondary part as a harem. Over again, though, the anime cannot deliver. A lot of the problems here stem from the testify refusing to address or at least elaborate on the relationships that exist between Tigre and the rest of the girls. It’s alluded to heavily for each of them, with constant teasing and wordplay, but it never comes off as if the characters are annihilation but friends to our principal character. What’s fifty-fifty more than foreign is the apparent lack of the harem. Particular characters are sometimes shown merely once or twice, despite given relative importance. Worse still, there exists a person shown in the opening and endmost sequences, simply never appears over the course of the show. It’south nigh as if the anime forgot to include her during production.

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Among the directionless wars and harem antics, the show gives one terminal try to instill some form of reason. The idea that a just cause is a righteous one. Fighting for others and not yourself is noble and courageous, to say the least. And this isn’t just seen with Tigre; many of his opponents question their beliefs, and many of the State of war Maidens help him non for themselves, only considering they but wish to help. It’south entirely poetic, though, since it’s never challenged nor is information technology looked at realistically. It’due south accepted every bit fact that Tigre’south mindset is “every bit directly as an pointer,” and that null could be more than worthy of praise. The show fails to explore any kind of ramifications attributed to such thinking, instead directing its resources to other venues.


The art and animation off-white no better for Vanadis.

The art style at first gives the feeling of taking place within an Elderberry Scrolls type fantasy globe, with taverns, villages, and zero modern engineering. However, this is quickly replaced by the reused open up terrains with overcast clouds and tent encampments. Combined with the quite jarring CG horses and platoons, information technology’southward never pretty to see.

The grapheme designs pick upwardly some of the slack. While Tigre is rather irksome with his outfit and pilus, the aforementioned cannot be said for the War Maidens. While some take excessively large busts, they’re all quite beautiful. Each of their designs is detailed, from their armor to their weapons. Even some of the men receive this treatment, appearing as menacing and barbaric. Anybody also has a slight sheen to their faces, with lighted optics, making them feel a bit more than live.

The actual animation dips dorsum downward in quality, sadly. The choreography for the fights isn’t difficult to follow so much as it is just non-real. Arrows regularly fly from off-screen, swords are swung wildly, and the dragon abilities characters have are not impressive, no affair how much screaming is washed. Beingness ecchi, the breasts are given special attention when the girls move, just that is ordinarily the extent of grapheme movements, both in and out of boxing.


Harem or not, the characters of Vanadis are completely ane-dimensional, signified by either a single trait or the size of their chests.

Tigrevurmud — known equally Tigre — is a “prisoner” to Elen and the leader of their joint forces. Embodying the spirit of his people, his aim in war is to brand sure that it never once more reaches his home of Alsace. Kind to all who approach him, he is respected by his soldiers and loved by the women around him. Never emotional, underdeveloped, and overpowered from kickoff to terminate, he is as typical and generic as they come. His but purpose in the story is to exist there for the harem to be created, and zip more.

Every bit Tigre’s maid, Titta dotes on him 24/7. Quick to cry and unable to keep from shouting his name every other sentence, her presence serves literally nil but Tigre. She seems to take some course of relevancy early on on, spurring her primary into action, but later on, the focus shifts from domicile to the wars abroad. Subsequently, Titta is lost in the process. While she is simply happy to exist past Tigre’s side, her place on the totem pole is low and forgotten, and no amount of niceties will change it.

As cold as the ice she wields, Mila is initially an antagonist towards the group. Every bit the “tsundere” in the harem, she makes it hard for anyone, not but Tigre, to get a expert read on her. Brusque in stature and ever direct, she lets her actions practise the talking for her. Maybe uncharacteristically, she has a beloved and sense of duty to her house, much like the human being she falls for. A rival to Elen both in honey and war, she constantly butts heads with her young man War Maiden. Despite having her outer crush melted slightly by Tigre’s convictions, she remains largely uninteresting the whole ride through.

The only other notable character is institute in Elen. Ruler of Leitmeritz, she is confident both in her body and in battle. Playful with others yet quick to go jealous, she’s rational and emotional at simply the correct moments. She believes the most in Tigre’southward cause, willing to trust both his bow and his words. Unfortunately, she is resigned to the same problem as the harem leader; never seeing any semblance of change, outlook, or personal insight, she becomes merely some other daughter to ogle.

Outside of these 4, the rest of the cast are entirely inconsequential to annihilation that goes on within the anime. And that doesn’t say anything about their label. Sure, the War Maidens encounter their personalities mirrored in the weapons they wield (Elen is whimsical like the wind, Elizavetta is electric, etc.), but no one amounts to anything more or are barely touched upon. Similar the wars they participate in, their lives and their characters are expendable.


Arguably, the OP is the best part of the entire anime. Information technology begins as a choir, followed past a calming vocalist supported past background singing. The halfway point introduces a really catchy, drum-and-song trounce that is very easy to follow. The ending brings about an epic feeling that should have been present throughout the show, just is unexpectedly absent-minded.

The ED is serene, with soft piano and irksome vocal arrangement. Information technology picks up in tempo and range the further the song goes, giving off a triumphant feeling that tin accompany war, depending on the outcome.

The soundtrack contains nothing notable. With low drum pieces, eerie tones, and resounding trumpets, the tracks fit their respective scenes without providing anything of merit.

Vocalism acting sees average to below average work all around, with no notable performances to be had.


The argument with this one is the fact that information technology not just is a harem simply is as well ecchi in nature. Ecchi, though, isn’t even off-white to the genre. Those moments are spaced too far apart and are most all unoriginal. Like everything else, it tries to make these events fun and sexy, only it tin can’t seem to come off as annihilation merely lame.

Its one-act is non funny, the drama is forced, and the grapheme interactions are weak. It’s a mixture of sludge that 1 has to wade through during the entire season, with the advantage being a modicum of boobs and uneventful clashes.

Madan no Ou to Vanadis is a special bear witness. Not because of the wars it contains, non because of its lackluster characters, and not even because of its failed fan-service. It’s because it will forever sit at the lesser of the pile.


Story: Terrible, abysmal world-building, failed harem, lost message

Animation: Bad, repetitive art, overnice character designs, low actual animation

Characters: Terrible, anybody involved is inconsequential

Sound: Bad, skillful OP, okay ED, bad soundtrack, beneath average VA piece of work

Enjoyment: Terrible, nigh nix redeeming qualities

Final Score: i/10

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Feb 5, 2015

Overall viii
Story viii
Animation 7
Sound 7
Graphic symbol 7
Enjoyment 8

I won’t include a summary because information technology is already provided so I’ll just dive into the other categories of which I graded this anime. Please notation that I have Non read the manga nor do I accept whatever previous cognition of this series. Thus my judgement is entirely unbiased. Let’s get to information technology and then! ^_^


The art fashion of this anime is quite eye catching as the beautifully blended colours get well together. There was much detail where needed and it was softer where groundwork was concerned. The portrayal of the regular army from a afar scenes gave a 3D effect, which worked

well once I got accepted to it, considering the detail to them was well washed. From the clear stardom of every character’due south confront correct down to the weapons used was well drawn. I take no complaints most art and animation.

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While the opening goes well with the anime, I am not very fond of it. Call it a love hate human relationship. Information technology grew on me. The ending notwithstanding, I loved! I felt similar it captured the essence of the seriousness of the show. I don’t accept many complaints with the audio track because of how well each piece suited the situation and the timing which helped to build hype and I wondered what the outcomes would exist. I volition not notice myself listening to the opening or catastrophe for this anime, even though I am fond of the ending, simply considering they are forgettable.

Tigrevrumud Vorn—- our protagonist in the series is your typical anime hero. He’s brave, honest and is all near the people. He is a feudal lord with a firm believe in protecting his homeland left to him past his deceased father. He is exceptionally talented with the bow and has fifty-fifty earned a name among higher ups in the community. Personality wise, he is very innocent and respectful. He is a clam yet tactful person who is not quick to wrath which plays to his reward considering of how well he used his resource during the war. This character is not perfect merely he is great either. He takes risks when necessary and besides knows when to walk abroad.

Eleonora Viltaria—- a powerful war maiden who has fallen for our protagonist…….I mean his skill with the bow (pfffft ¬_¬ ) later on he attacks her in an open up post battle field, is cunning and carefree yet when is totally serious when on the battle field. She takes Vorn in as a prisoner and the rest is history. When it comes to attack plans, she definitely knows best as you will see during the serial. She is brimming with confidence and always has something witty to say.

I cannot proper name all the main characters as it has a pretty big cast for a 13 episode evidence only here are a few honorable mentions! Roland better known as Dark Hero of Brune, Marthus Rodante and Ludmila Lourie.

I was absorbed from the very beginning episode. Everything flowed and there was no long wait for the plot to get going. The fight scenes were beautiful and the detail of the art piece of work all around was just well done! This anime was mostly well-nigh the tactics of war and it was quite a lookout man.

I recommend this anime to those who like historical war themes with quick moving plots and many potent characters. The are was captivating, the sound rails suited it perfectly, I cannot grantee that you would similar all the character but there are definitely some yous can abound to like.

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Jan 31, 2015

Overall 4
Story three
Animation 3
Sound 5
Grapheme 3
Enjoyment vi

Madan no Ou to Vanadis is a light novel adaptation set up in a medieval fantasy globe with magic, dragons and heroes. If that was the about generic story you’ve ever heard of, and then that’s probably ’cause the story IS pretty god damn generic. I watched this anime because I had a peckish for medieval fantasy after seeing some other, far better medieval(ish) fantasy story, Hitsugi no Chaika – ending in a rather rushed and disappointing way. I had hoped that another one like it would wash off the disappointment and information technology certainly worked! I’g non disappointed anymore, but plain pissed. Yay!

Story (25%) – iii/10
Vanadis’ story sounds

pretty impressive at offset glance; a hero of the Brune Kingdom is captured by the Zhcted, Brune’s rival, and forms a pact with a Zhcted war maiden to save his hometown from 2 powerful Brunish dukes plotting to overthrow the rex. Even so, its execution falls completely flat on its face. The story is very linear, for the nearly part; hardly annihilation happens that isn’t straight related to the protagonist and everything happens conveniently in concert with the chief plot. There also isn’t much earth-building and it seems that the evidence is more comfortable telling united states of america to go read a history volume to find out how medieval times were like rather than bothering to explain how this world works. Another thing that annoyed me to no finish was the fact that the heroes never seemed to have any problems in the battles they fought. In the third episode, the heroes face an army numerically superior, ameliorate armed and fifty-fifty had two dragons with them. And the heroes respond by using ass-pulls and junior tactics. Yes, the tactics the heroes employ are demonstrably worse than the ones their enemies used; information technology’s like the show is proud of how over-powered they are! That’s not to say their enemies were masters of warfare, just at least they used basic flanking and encirclement tactics while the heroes rushed head-on confronting them using cavalry, of all things. I don’t know when medieval action anime volition end doing this but they need to stop thinking that good generals rushed caput-on with their cavalry, those were normally used for flanking or to mow down enemies that were either routing or already fighting infantry. I may be bitching a lot about this, simply only because these retarded tactics are present throughout the story. At that place are other incidences, similar the protagonist scouting enemy territory by himself in episode 5, which no general in his correct mind would ever practise. The protagonist’due south army beingness able to set up traps and ambushes in episodes 8 and x despite the fact that they should know nothing about the terrain and an unabridged army routing in episode 8 but because their commander was killed (which SHOULDN’T happen to a greatly numerically superior regular army – the fight was 10 to 1 for crying out loud!).

Art (20%) – 3/10
The grapheme designs are very iffy, all the characters wait ten years younger than they should be which makes information technology difficult to take them seriously. Information technology’s similar a generic art fashion modified to produce lolis where there are none. The animation isn’t that swell either especially when it comes to the utilize of CG. I flare-up out laughing in some of the fight scenes when the background was full of CG enemy soldiers slashing at literally nothing! How clumsy were the animators when they made this?

Audio (20%) – five/10
I actually liked the OP and ED songs – they certainly experience similar they belong in this kind of show just they, forth with the rest of the soundtrack, feel too extravagant and over-the-top sometimes. Not much subtlety or variation but enjoyable if y’all like corny D & D style tunes.

Characters (25%) – three/10
Now we tin add generic harem bandage to the show’due south repertoire of generic elements. The characters are really uninteresting and bland, MC included. The fanservice and harem shenanigans don’t exactly help either. The villains are quite one-dimensional and past the show’s end, I still have no idea why they wanted the throne or why the war maidens were fighting or why were the war maidens acting like mercenaries when they were practically royalty? There is naught remotely interesting about any of the characters, but this is a lite novel adaptation, and then…

Enjoyment (10%) – 6/10
Meh, it’south an ok time sink, I suppose. Lots of pretty colors and brainless activeness and fanservice to keep y’all occupied. Don’t wait much going into it and it won’t offend you or annihilation.

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