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Dragon Brawl Z Legends best teams and combinations

Here are the best team compositions in Dragon Brawl Legends

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Updated November 22nd, 2021 – Rechecked the Dragon Ball Z Legends Best teams tier listing.

best teams in Dragon Brawl Legends

are interesting, to say the least. Lots of expert (Zenkai by and large) cards and lots of reliable combinations to play with. Compared to how the game used to be, where there was a clear cutting squad above the rest, nowadays it’s almost the exact contrary.

There are possibly three or iv S tier team comps and around v more than pretty close to that level. Team X will counter team Y, team Z might counter team X while team Y will counter team Z. In that sense, the current meta is more than evenly balanced.

How to choice the DBZ Legends’ best teams?

Simply of class, at the end of the day, we want to rank those teams right? That’southward why you are here, for the best teams in Dragon Ball Z Legends. So how are we going to practise that? Well, nosotros’ll take into consideration a couple of things. To start, how ‘flexible’ a squad is. Let me requite you lot an example. ‘Team A’ has a plethora of units that players can choose from to use equally a core for that comp and nonetheless be
height tier. Compare that to ‘Team B’ where y’all absolutely demand certain units (maxed out) to exist ‘as good’. That’due south a reason to put team A higher than team B on our list.

Some other reason of class is, how well these comps can perform at the moment. Some are more than expensive than others due to them having two or iii Zenkai core members that need to exist maxed out and so on.

Now, if you are an experienced Dragon Ball Z Legends player, you already know which
team comps
are good and you have your ain opinion near them. But, for new players and also players who were away from the game for a while, this tier listing of best teams in DBZ Legends will give you a proficient idea about the current state of the game.

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Y’all don’t want to waste your resources trying to put together teams that are not actually viable at the moment. If you oasis’t downloaded the game yet, here you can grab information technology from both
Google Playand theApp Store.

So without any farther ado, let’s swoop right into our Dragon Ball Legends all-time teams!

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android team Dragon Ball Legends

A huge category with many units to cull from as the core of the squad. Yellowish SP Android #18 is a Z+ tier unit and for a good reason. She’s the main impairment dealer of this team and the only cadre unit. Her kit is borderline broken after she received her Zenkai Enkindling. Usually, you want to pair her with the tanky SP Android xvi (Green) or SP Android 21 (Bluish) and SP Perfect Cell Revived (Red). Simply those are not your simply options. Ane of the reasons why we put Android squad so loftier on our list of Dragon Ball Legends best teams is considering of how easy you can build information technology. SP Android 21 Evil (Majestic), SP Android 21 Adept (Greenish), SP Super 17# (Green) are some very, very good alternative options.



Dragon Ball Legends regeneration team

There’s nada this team is lacking pretty really. On peak of that, in that location are really many comps you lot can make as the category is quite big with lots of meridian tier units. SP Majiin Buu (Green) and SP Perfect Form Prison cell (Revived) are usually the become-to choices. SP Demon King Piccolo (Aged) (Purple) after he gets to transform is only a animate being of a unit. SP Piccolo (Yellow), SP Buu Kid (Blue), SP Android 21:Good (Light-green), SP Android 21 (Blue). Saiyan and Son Family can be a problem when yous running Regeneration.



Dragon Ball Legends best teams

Well, it’s Dragon Brawl and nosotros are talking about Saiyans. No surprise in that location. This category keeps getting updates and information technology has a really big roster. There are many different fighters to cull from (all Zenkai of course) with the SP Super Saiyan Bardock being the only core member. The only other member that you definitely desire to take (on your demote) is EX Raditz (Bluish). His wellness-boosting buffs for this team are just too adept to pass on. SP Angry Goku (Blue), SP Super Gogeta (Red), SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku (purple and green) are your other choices. It would be a shame if Saiyans didn’t brand it to the superlative teams in DBZ Legends.


Son Family

dragon ball legends best teams

When three of the games superlative units are the core of this comp, it’south only natural to put it this loftier on our list. SP SSJ 2 Youth Gohan (Red), SP SSJ3 Goku (Imperial) and SP Angry Goku (Blue) is definitely a formidable trio. The issue is that once you supervene upon one of these units, at that place’south a notable drop-off. At to the lowest degree when we are talking superlative tier teams in-game. And so even though this is another big category with many units, you accept limited options. Other viable units would be SP Youth Goku (Yellow), SP Super Kaioken Goku (Light-green), SP Gohan (Adult). Most important to notation, is that this is the all-time squad to counter Android.


Hybrid Saiyans

Stiff comp but trivial to no diversity as your options hither are express. Plainly everything on Hybrid Saiyans teams is based around SP SSJ 2 Gohan (Youth) (Ruby-red) and SP SSJ2 Trunks (Bluish) equally the main carries. The other 2 viable options that y’all have for this comp would probably be SP Goten Kid (Xanthous) or SP Trunks Child (Green).



DBZ legends hybrid Saiyans team

Now this is a squad with many viable core options. The ‘staple’ of this team is SSJ2 Trunks (Blue) pretty much. Y’all can go with SP Goku Blackness (Green) and SP SSJ2 Trunks (Blue) equally your offensive fighters, along with SP SS God Vegeta (Purple). Another comp would be, SP LL SSJ Gohan (Xanthous) forth with SP SSJ2 Trunks (Blue) and SP Perfect Form Prison cell (Revived) Carmine every bit your defence force. At that place are many top tier units that tin compliment Trunks on this team. You tin can’t really go incorrect hither.



girl power team

SP Android 18 (Yellow) is that strong. This category isn’t as big as others on our list and the effect here is that the comp is pretty much fixed. SP Android 21 Green and Blue are the other two members ordinarily on this team. But outside of that, the options are limited. Evel 21 Android Purple, SP Mai (Greenish) and EX Kakunsa (Green) taking up the rest of the slots. It’south a very aggressive team comp, focusing on eighteen’due south damage output and oppressive toolkit.


Fusion Warriors

SP Super Gogeta (Red) is nonetheless the carry on this squad. SP SS God Vegito (Blueish) is still relevant. The trouble with this comp is the lack of defence. Calculation SP Super 17 (Light-green) is a solution just on the other mitt, his toolkit doesn’t synergize very well with Gogeta and Vegito. This team is somewhat outdated but still relevant in the electric current Dragon Ball Legends best teams meta.


God Ki

SP Vados (Greenish) is an amazing support overall for this squad. The other ii members here would be SP Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku (Blueish) and SP Super Saiyan God Vegeta (Yellow). Great units overall that brand up a very strong lineup. Alternative you tin probably use SP God of Destruction Beerus (Green) , SP Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (Hereafter) (Purple), SP Champa (Yellow). Of grade, ideally you want to pair the two Zenkais (Goku and Vegeta) with Vax’dos, otherwise, the team drops significantly.


Honorable mentions

  • Powerful Opponent
  • Vegeta Family
  • Rival Universe
  • Sagas From The Movies
  • Lineage of Evil
  • Frieza Force

In no item order, these tags can still be viable. The main effect is that they run across a lot of problems when facing best teams in DBZ Legends. If yous are really skillfull and you know what you are doing though, there’s a expert take chances you can pull off some wins confronting stronger opponents!

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