Theyre Gonna Be Looking for Army Guys

16th episode of the twelfth season of Family Guy

Herpe the Honey Sore
Family Guy
Season 12
Episode sixteen
Directed by Greg Colton
Written past Andrew Goldberg
Production code BACX16
Original air appointment Apr half dozen, 2014 (2014-04-06)
Guest appearances
  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Jenna
  • Ginger Gonzaga every bit Girl at Bowling aisle (in DVD version)/Tiffany (deleted scenes)
  • Bryan Cranston as himself (live-action sequence)
  • Freddy Rodriguez every bit Handy Manny
  • Patrick Stewart every bit cutaway narrator
  • Tara Strong every bit Various
  • Wendee Lee equally Diverse
  • Jessica DiCicco as Girl at Food court (in DVD version)
  • Shelby Lindley equally Tabitha (deleted scenes)
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Herpe the Love Sore” is the sixteenth episode of the twelfth season of the animated comedy serial
Family Guy
and the 226th episode overall. Information technology aired on Fox in the United States on April six, 2014, and is written by Andrew Goldberg and directed past Greg Colton.[i]
In the episode, Brian gives Stewie herpes. Meanwhile, Peter and his friends fight to rescue their favorite booth in the Clam after information technology is captured by some other group of men.



Peter gets a package at his door addressed to Quagmire. Lois tries to tell him to take information technology next door, just he opens it to discover a whip inside. Though it rightfully belonged to Quagmire, he fools around with it in various means, like trying to whip a cigarette in Meg’s mouth, whipping people in the oversupply at a Devo concert, and visiting Cleveland’due south firm with information technology after Cleveland receives a heads upwards voicemail from Joe, warning him about it.

Upon arrival at the Drunken Clam, Peter, Quagmire, and Joe discover that a group of tough looking guys are sitting at their berth. When attempting to reclaim information technology with one of the tough men knocking downward the stuff from Quagmire’s postal service that Peter had in his possession, the tough guys society them to become away causing them to exit sheepishly. This forces Peter, Quagmire, and Joe to sit at the bar making them uncomfortable where they are unable to come across the television correctly. When word of their submission to the tough guys somehow gets out to all of Quahog, a male aircrew fellow member refuses to follow Quagmire’s orders and prefers to take orders from the co-pilot, Bonnie will not accept sex with Joe causing him to phone call his male nurse Elton to carry him to the couch in the fashion of
An Officer and a Gentleman
every bit he puts on a naval officeholder’southward cap in a office reversal, and Chris usurps Peter’southward position every bit the man of the business firm and has the entire family sit in Papasan chairs.

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When Lois catches news of this, she demands that Peter and his friends stand upwardly to the brutes. Afterward a barbarous fight, the brutes once again demand they leave. Peter refuses to give up and goes into a tirade well-nigh life events that went on while sitting at his berth including his children being conceived in that location and witnessing the Infinite Shuttle Challenger explosion, the 9/11 attacks and Barack Obama beingness elected President of the United States. The brutes reveal that they are soldiers who are only visiting Quahog and will exist deployed to Afghanistan, which earns them applause from the Drunken Mollusk’s patrons where Seamus uses Mort’s head to salute them. Peter, Quagmire, and Joe are put down once again as Mayor Adam West declares this day in honor of the three soldiers, much to their chagrin.

Meanwhile, after watching the flick
The Outlaw Josey Wales
where the characters go blood brothers (after watching a scene where Clint Eastwood swaps blood with an Indian chief), Stewie talks a hesitant Brian about becoming blood brothers themselves. The next morn, Stewie discovers that he has herpes. Horrified and enraged, he confronts Brian about this and finds that he had canker all along nether his fur and never told him. Stewie then ends upwards spreading the canker sending out invitations to a friend’south wedding ceremony, and later tries to hide his canker at school with a fake beard, merely when his teacher removes the beard, the classroom freaks out and runs away from him, making Stewie mopey and depressed. While Stewie is watching the TV show
Bryan Cranston Sneezes, Chris comes to him and reveals that he and Brian too became blood brothers and had gotten herpes from him and Brian has likewise concealed it from him. Chris and Stewie then decide become back at Brian for giving both of them herpes.

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Afterward Chris and Stewie hack Brian’southward Facebook account, ruin his date with a immature girl past revealing his herpes condition to her, and make demands (including letting Chris drive Brian’s machine upward the street), Brian, having had enough, demands that the duo end and asks Stevie why he’due south being so vengeful. Stewie tells Brian that he feels betrayed past him when the domestic dog did not reveal the herpes before they became blood brothers. This prompts Brian to repent for concealing the herpes and admits that he only did it because he was self-conscious about it and Stewie forgives him. Although Stewie is going to live with the canker for the rest of his life, Brian tells him that it would only exist bad during stressful times. A cutaway shows a future Stewie at a task interview, having chronic herpes on his face.



Eric Thurm of
The A.V. Gild
gave the episode a C− proverb “Throughout these reviews, I’ve oft noted (probably excessively) that for a while now, the all-time role of
Family Guy
has been the relationship between Stewie and Brian. This is probably not a very controversial stance, much equally a lot of things about the show accept attempted to stir the pot in the by few weeks and years. Tonight,
Family unit Guy
leans hard on the Brian-Stewie human relationship and silly, unnecessarily “shocking” sources of comedy as Brian gives Stewie herpes, something that manages to be a totally run-of-the-mill, boring installment of the show.”[two]

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This episode has gone on to be considered 1 of the worst episodes of Family Guy by critics and audiences, who criticize the episode for its gross out and cheap utilise of shock humour, every bit well equally its inaccurate portrayal of herpes and the confusing message on the booth storyline and Brian’s beliefs.[three]

The episode received a 2.three rating in the 18–49 years erstwhile demographic and was watched past a full of 4.77 meg people. This made it the about watched show on Animation Domination that dark, beating
American Dad!,
Bob’s Burgers
The Simpsons.[4]



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