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The Showtime After the Terminate
The Beginning After the End: Early on Years

The First After the Finish: New Heights

The First After the Cease: Beckoning Fates

The Commencement After the Finish: Horizon’s Edge

The Showtime After the End: Convergence

The Showtime Afterwards the End: Transcendence

The Beginning After the End: Divergence

The Beginning Later on the Cease: Rise

The Beginning After the End: Amongst the Fallen

Author TurtleMe
State U.s.a.
Language English language
Publisher Tapas Media


Podium Audio
Published in English language January 24, 2016 — nowadays
No. of books 8 novels

1 novella

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The Commencement After the Stop

is an ongoing fantasy novel series written by TurtleMe and published past Tapas. The story is well-nigh a former king who dies and reincarnates into another world, where he gets a second adventure to undo his past mistakes.[ane]



In the realm of Etharia, Male monarch Gray was a notorious ruler, but a alone man, until he was assassinated by poisoning. Greyness was then reincarnated in the realm of Dichaten as Arthur Leywin, where he takes the opportunity to avert his past mistakes. However, Arthur learns over the years that his reincarnation has a purpose for a state of war, and that he is non the just i who reincarnated.[2]





  • Leywin family
    • Arthur Leywin / King Greyness / Note
    • Reynolds Leywin
    • Alice Leywin
    • Eleanor Leywin
    • Sylvie
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  • Vritra Clan
    • Agrona Vritra
    • Cadell
    • Uto
  • Wykes House
    • Lucas Wykes
    • Bairon Wykes
  • Elijah Knight / Nico Sever
  • Sebastian



  • Helstea House
    • Vincent Helstea
    • Tabitha Helstea
    • Lilia Helstea
  • Glayder House
    • Blaine Glayder
    • Priscilla Glayder
    • Curtis Glayder
    • Kathyln Glayder
  • Twin Horns
    • Jasmine Flamesworth
    • Durden Walker
    • Angela Rose
    • Adam Krensh
    • Helen Shard
  • Xyrus Academy
    • Cynthia Goodsky
  • Kaspian Bladeheart
  • Rinia Darcassan
  • Sylvia Indrath
  • Alea Triscan
  • Wisdom

Publication history




The Commencement After the End
is an ongoing fantasy web novel written by TurtleMe and published by Tapas. The volumes are beingness published in print edition by Amazon and on digital edition by Amazon Kindle. An audiobook version is adult by Podium Sound and distributed past Audible.[3]

Volume Championship Release date (Amazon Kindle) Release date (Aural)
1 The First After the End: Early on Years January 24, 2016 December 3, 2019
2 The Beginning After the Cease: New Heights
iii The Beginning After the End: Beckoning Fates Apr 2, 2016 April 7, 2020
4 The First After the End: Horizon’south Edge October thirty, 2016
five The Beginning After the End: Convergence September 2, 2017 May 26, 2020
vi The First Later on the Cease: Transcendence June 5, 2019 Baronial 11, 2020
vii The First Subsequently the End: Difference February 15, 2020 November ten, 2020
8 The Beginning After the End: Rise March nineteen, 2021 June 15, 2021
eight.5 The Beginning After the End: Amongst the Fallen TBA TBA

Spider web comic


The Showtime Afterward the End
Author(south) TurtleMe
Illustrator(s) Fuyuki23
Electric current status/schedule Ongoing
Launch appointment July 8
Publisher(s) Tapas Media

Yen Printing
Genre(southward) Fantasy
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The Showtime Subsequently the Finish
on Amazon.

An ongoing web comic adaptation, also written by TurtleMe and drawn by creative person Fuyuki23, is beingness published by Tapas since 2018. A impress edition is beingness planned by Yen Press.[4]

Season Chapters Based on Premiere date (Tapas) Finale date (Tapas)
one 25 The Outset Afterward the Stop: Early Years July 8 April twenty, 2019
ii 31 The Get-go After the Stop: New Heights July 31, 2019 March xiii, 2020
3 29 The Outset After the End: Beckoning Fates May 29, 2020 Nov 27, 2021
4 40 The Starting time Afterwards the End: Horizon’southward Border January 1, 2021[5] Oct xv, 2021
v eleven The Beginning Later the End: Convergence December 31, 2021[6] Nowadays
Total 136



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  • Official website
  • Official novel website (Tapas)
  • Official comic website (Tapas)

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