Fire Emblem Fates Best Talent

This is the list of classes in
Fire Emblem Fates. Unlike previous Fire Keepsake games the classes in Fates are dissimilar depending on the origin of the characters, that is to say that the classes are not the same between Nohr and Hoshido, even if it is possible to alter the form of a graphic symbol coming from Nohr to accept a Hoshido class.


  • 1
    Special Classes
  • 2
    Nohr Classes
  • three
    Hoshido Classes
  • 4
    DLC Classes
  • 5
    amiibo Classes
  • 6
    Cipher Class
  • 7
    Other Classes

Special Classes

Icon Form Weapons Promotions Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill iv Notes
Nohr Prince FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Stone.pngDragonstone
Nohr Noble (Conquest and Revelation simply)
Hoshido Noble (Birthright and Revelation just)
Noble Lineage.pngDignity Dragon Fang.pngDragon Fang Dragon Unit of measurement
FE14 Kamui (M) Dark Blood Map Sprite.gif Nohr Noble FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Stone.pngDragonstone
FE14 Tome.pngTome
Draconic Curse.pngDraconic Hex Nohr (skill).pngNohrian Trust Conquest and Revelation only
Dragon Unit
FE14 Kamui (M) White Blood Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kamui (F) White Blood Map Sprite.gif
Hoshido Noble FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Stone.pngDragonstone
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
Draconic Shield.pngDragon Ward Hoshido (skill).pngHoshidan Unity Birthright and Revelation but
Dragon Unit
FE14 Azura Singer Map Sprite.gif Songstress FE14 Lance.pngLance Luck+4.pngLuck +4 Special Song.pngInspiring Song Voice of Peace.pngVox of Peace Foreign Princess.pngStrange Princess Azura but

Nohr Classes

Icon Class Weapons Promotion Skill 1 Skill 2 Notes
FE14 Xander Cavalier Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Pieri Cavalier Map Sprite.gif
Cavalier FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Lance.pngLance
Great Knight
Open Assault.pngElbow Room Rescue (Skill).pngShelter Beast Unit
Mountain Unit
FE14 Benoit Knight Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Effie Knight Map Sprite.gif
Knight FE14 Lance.pngLance General
Great Knight
Defense +2.pngDefense +2 Confined Defence.pngNatural Cover Armor Unit
FE14 Xander Paladin Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Pieri Paladin Map Sprite.gif
Paladin FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Lance.pngLance
Defendericon.pngDefender HShield.pngAegis Brute Unit
Mount Unit of measurement
FE14 Xander Great Knight Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Pieri Great Knight Map Sprite.gif
Great Knight FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
Luna (FE13).pngLuna Diamond Strike (Skill).pngArmored Blow Armor Unit
Beast Unit
Mount Unit
FE14 Benoit General Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Effie General Map Sprite.gif
General FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
Defensive Formation.pngWary Fighter Great Shield (FE13).pngPavise Armor Unit
FE14 Arthur Fighter Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Charlotte Fighter Map Sprite.gif
Fighter FE14 Axe.pngAxe Berserker
MaxHPPlus5.pngHP +v Roundhouse.pngTake chances
FE14 Lazwald Mercenary Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Luna Mercenary Map Sprite.gif
Mercenary FE14 Sword.pngSword Hero
Bow Knight
Stubbornness.pngProficient Fortune Patient Assurance.pngStrong Riposte
FE14 Zero Outlaw Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Anna Outlaw Map Sprite.gif
Outlaw FE14 Bow.pngBow Adventurer
Bow Knight
Picklock (FE13).pngLocktouch Movement +1.pngMovement +i
FE14 Arthur Berserker Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Charlotte Berserker Map Sprite.gif
Berserker FE14 Axe.pngAxe StrengthCry.pngRally Strength Axeexpert.pngAxefaire
FE14 Lazwald Hero Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Luna Hero Map Sprite.gif
Hero FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
Sol (FE13).pngSol Axeslayer.pngAxebreaker
FE14 Lazwald Bow Knight Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Luna Bow Knight Map Sprite.gif
Bow Knight FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Bow.pngBow
SkillCryFE13Icon.pngRally Skill Kunaibreaker (Skill).pngShurikenbreaker Animate being Unit
Mount Unit
FE14 Zero Adventurer Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Anna Adventurer Map Sprite.gif
Charlatan FE14 Bow.pngBow
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
Lucky 7.pngLucky Seven Pass Icon Kakusei.pngPass
FE14 Xander Wyvern Rider Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Belka Wyvern Rider Map Sprite.gif
Wyvern Rider FE14 Axe.pngAxe Wyvern Lord
Malig Knight
Strength2icon.pngStrength +ii Cut Through.pngLunge Dragon Unit
Flying Unit

Mount Unit

FE14 Xander Wyvern Lord Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Belka Wyvern Lord Map Sprite.gif
Wyvern Lord FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
DefenseCry.pngRally Defence force FE13 Sword Slayer Skill Icon.pngSwordbreaker Dragon Unit of measurement
Flight Unit
Mount Unit of measurement
FE14 Xander Revenant Knight Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Camilla Revenant Knight Map Sprite.gif
Malig Knight FE14 Axe.pngAxe
FE14 Tome.pngTome
Deadly Breath.pngSavage Blow Overbearing.pngTrample Dragon Unit of measurement
Flying Unit
Mount Unit of measurement
FE14 Odin Dark Mage Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Nyx Dark Mage Map Sprite.gif
Dark Mage FE14 Tome.pngTome Magician
Dark Knight
Bind.pngHeartseeker Devilish Wind.pngMalefic Aureola Able to use Nosferatu
FE14 Odin Sorcerer Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Nyx Sorcerer Map Sprite.gif
Magician FE14 Tome.pngTome Vengeance (FE13).pngVengeance Bowslayer.pngBowbreaker Able to apply Nosferatu
FE14 Leo Dark Knight Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Nyx Dark Knight Map Sprite.gif
Dark Knight FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Tome.pngTome
Magic Seal.pngSeal Magic Lifeabsorb.pngLifetaker Beast Unit
Mount Unit
FE14 Elise Rod Knight Map Sprite.gif Troubadour (F) FE14 Staff.pngStaff Strategist
Resistance+2.pngResistance +2 Secludedladyicon.pngDemoiselle Beast Unit
Mount Unit
Females only
FE14 Jakob Rod Knight Map Sprite.gif Troubadour (M) FE14 Staff.pngStaff Strategist
Resistance+2.pngResistance +ii Distinguished Son.pngGentilhomme Beast Unit
Mount Unit
Males only
FE14 Elise Strategist Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Jakob Strategist Map Sprite.gif
Strategist FE14 Tome.pngTome
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
ResistanceCry.pngRally Resistance Battle Command.pngInspiration Beast Unit
Mount Unit
FE14 Felicia Maid Map Sprite.gif Maid FE14 Kunai.pngShuriken
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
Servant’s Joy.pngLive to Serve Magic Slayer Icon.pngTomebreaker Females but
FE14 Joker Butler Map Sprite.gif Butler FE14 Kunai.pngShuriken
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
Servant’s Joy.pngAlive to Serve Magic Slayer Icon.pngTomebreaker Males only
FE14 Flannel Garou Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Velour Garou Map Sprite.gif
Wolfskin FE14 Beaststone.pngBeaststone Wolfssegner Odd Fang.pngOdd Shaped BeastBusterFE13Icon.pngBeastbane Beast Unit
FE14 Flannel Mánagarm Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Velour Mánagarm Map Sprite.gif
Wolfssegner FE14 Beaststone.pngBeaststone Odd Cry.pngBetter Odds Four Fangs.pngGrisly Wound Beast Unit

Hoshido Classes

Icons Class Weapons Promotion Skill 1 Skill 2 Notes
FE14 Ryoma Samurai Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kazahana Samurai Map Sprite.gif
Samurai FE14 Sword.pngSword Swordmaster
Master of Arms
Flowing Strike (Skill).pngDuelist’due south Blow Vantage (Kakusei).pngVantage
FE14 Mozume Villager Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Deere Villager Map Sprie (Mozume).gif
Villager FE14 Lance.pngLance Main of Artillery
FE13 Good Growths Icon.pngAptitude WeakBeatsStrong.pngUnderdog
FE14 Yukimura Herb Merchant Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Oboro Herb Merchant Map Sprite.gif
Apothecary FE14 Bow.pngBow Merchant
Effective Medicine.pngPotent Potion Household Cure.pngQuick Relieve
FE14 Suzukaze Ninja Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kagerou Ninja Map Sprite.gif
Ninja FE14 Kunai.pngShuriken Master Ninja
Picklock (FE13).pngLocktouch Snake Venom.pngPoisonous substance Strike
FE14 Ryoma Trueblade Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kazahana Trueblade Map Sprite.gif
Swordmaster FE14 Sword.pngSword Astra (FE13).pngAstra Sword Expert Icon.pngSwordfaire
FE14 Ryoma Weapon Master Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kazahana Weapon Master Map Sprite.gif
Master of Arms FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
Strength Seal.pngSeal Force Line of Death.pngLife and Death
FE14 Yukimura Great Merchant Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Mozume Great Merchant Map Sprite.gif
Merchant FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Bow.pngBow
Easy Life.pngProfiteer Extravagance.pngSpendthrift
FE14 Yukimura Puppeteer Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kagerou Puppeteer Map Sprite.gif
Mechanist FE14 Kunai.pngShuriken
FE14 Bow.pngBow
Puppet Break.pngGolembane Copycat Puppet.pngReplicate Boob Unit
Mountain Unit
FE14 Suzukaze Elite Ninja Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kagerou Elite Ninja Map Sprite.gif
Master Ninja FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Kunai.pngShuriken
Lethality (FE13).pngLethality Kunaifaire (Skill).pngShurikenfaire
FE14 Hinata Oni Savage Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Rinkah Oni Savage Map Sprite.gif
Oni Savage FE14 Axe.pngAxe Oni Chieftain
Resistance Seal.pngSeal Resistance Shove (skill).pngShove
FE14 Hinata Shura Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Rinkah Shura Map Sprite.gif
Oni Chieftain FE14 Axe.pngAxe
FE14 Tome.pngTome
Ogre Strike (Skill).pngDeath Blow Counter (FE13).pngCounter
FE14 Hinata Blacksmith Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Rinkah Blacksmith Map Sprite.gif
Blacksmith FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
Smithy Skill.pngRelieve Accident LanceSlayer.pngLancebreaker
FE14 Takumi Lance Fighter Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Oboro Lance Fighter Map Sprite.gif
Spear Fighter FE14 Lance.pngLance Spear Master
Defence Seal.pngSeal Defence force Substitute.pngSwap
FE14 Tsukuyomi Spellcaster Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Orochi Spellcaster Map Sprite.gif
Diviner FE14 Tome.pngTome Onmyoji
Magic +2.pngMagic +two Fortune (skill).pngTime to come Sight
FE14 Asama Priest Map Sprite.gif Monk FE14 Staff.pngStaff Peachy Master
Miracle (FE13).pngMiracle LuckCry.pngRally Luck Males just
FE14 Sakura Priestess Map Sprite.gif Shrine Maiden FE14 Staff.pngStaff Priestess
Miracle (FE13).pngPhenomenon LuckCry.pngRally Luck Females merely
FE14 Takumi Holy Lancer Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Oboro Holy Lancer Map Sprite.gif
Spear Master FE14 Lance.pngLance Speed Seal.pngSeal Speed LanceExpert.pngLancefaire
FE14 Takumi Basara Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Orochi Basara Map Sprite.gif
Basara FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Tome.pngTome
Breaking Sky (Skill).pngRend Sky Flamboyant.pngQuixotic
FE14 Tsukuyomi Onmyoji Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Orochi Onmyoji Map Sprite.gif
Onmyoji FE14 Tome.pngTome
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
Magiccryicon.pngRally Magic Magicexperticon.pngTomefaire
FE14 Asama Mountain Priest Map Sprite.gif Great Chief FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
Renewal (FE13).pngRenewal Magic Counter (Skill).pngCountermagic Males only
FE14 Sakura War Priestess Map Sprite.gif Priestess FE14 Bow.pngBow
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
Renewal (FE13).pngRenewal Magic Counter (Skill).pngCountermagic Females simply
FE14 Tsubaki Pegasus Warrior Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Hinoka Pegasus Warrior Map Sprite.gif
Sky Knight FE14 Lance.pngLance Falcon Knight
Kinshi Knight
Darting Blow.pngDarting Blow Eastern Heart.pngCamaraderie Beast Unit
Flying Unit
Mount Unit
FE14 Takumi Bowman Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Setsuna Bowman Map Sprite.gif
Archer FE14 Bow.pngBow Kinshi Knight
Skill +2.pngSkill +2 Prescient Victory (Skill).pngQuick Draw
FE14 Tsubaki Falcon Warrior Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Hinoka Falcon Warrior Map Sprite.gif
Falcon Knight FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Staff.pngStaff
SpeedCry.pngRally Speed Mirror Strike (Skill).pngWarding Accident Animate being Unit
Flying Unit
Mount Unit
FE14 Tsubaki Golden-Kite Warrior Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Hinoka Golden-Kite Warrior Map Sprite.gif
Kinshi Knight FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Bow.pngBow
Soar.pngAir Superiority Sun God.pngAmaterasu Beast Unit
Flying Unit
Mountain Unit
FE14 Takumi Holy Bowman Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Setsuna Holy Bowman Map Sprite.gif
Sniper FE14 Bow.pngBow Raven Strike (Skill).pngSure Accident BowExpert.pngBowfaire
FE14 Nishiki Fox Spirit Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kinu Kitsune Map Sprite.gif
Kitsune FE14 Beaststone.pngBeaststone Nine-Tails Even Illusion.pngEvenhanded BeastBusterFE13Icon.pngBeastbane Creature Unit of measurement
FE14 Nishiki Nine-Tailed Fox Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Kinu Nine-Tailed Fox Map Sprite.gif
Nine-Tails FE14 Beaststone.pngBeaststone Even Nap.pngEven Meliorate Four Fangs.pngGrisly Wound Beast Unit

DLC Classes

Icon Class Weapons Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill three Skill iv Notes
FE14 Leo Dread Fighter Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Azura Dread Fighter Map Sprite.gif
Dread Fighter FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
FE14 Kunai.pngShuriken
Hollowness.pngFifty-fifty Keel Spirit Unity.pngAtomic number 26 Will Clear Mind.pngClarity Quickslash.pngAttacker Requires Dread Ringlet
FE14 Leo Dark Falcon Map Sprite.gif
FE14 Azura Dark Falcon Map Sprite.gif
Dark Falcon FE14 Lance.pngLance
FE14 Tome.pngTome
Speed+2.pngSpeed +2 Refreshicon.pngRelief MovementCry.pngRally Motility Lightningspeedicon.pngGaleforce Requires Ebon Wing
Beast Unit of measurement
Flying Unit
Mountain Unit
FE14 Leo Ballistician Map Sprite.gif Ballistician FE14 Bow.pngBow Surveillance.pngSurvey Automatic Ballista.pngOpportunity Shot Barrel Modification.pngRifled Barrel All-Terrain.pngSurefooted Requires Sighting Lens (DLC exclusive)
Males only
FE14 Azura Witch Map Sprite.gif Witch FE14 Tome.pngTome DarkBlessing.pngShadowgift Witch’s Cauldron.pngWitch’southward Brew Warp.pngWarp Witch’s Poison.pngToxic Brew Requires Witch’s Mark (DLC exclusive)
Females only

amiibo Classes

Icon Class Weapons Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill iii Skill 4 Notes
FE14 Marth Lodestar Map Sprite.gif Lodestar FE14 Sword.pngSword Gentle Blade.pngDancing Bract Charisma FE13.pngAmuse Guard Stance+.pngDual Guardsman Speed Drain.pngSpeedtaker Requires Hero’due south Make (DLC exclusive)
Males only
FE14 Ike Vanguard Map Sprite.gif Vanguard FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Axe.pngAxe
Steel Blade.pngHeavy Blade Veteran's Intuition.pngVeteran Intuition FE13 Aether.pngAether Strength Drain.pngStrengthtaker Requires Vanguard Brand (DLC exclusive)
Males only
FE14 Robin Grandmaster Map Sprite.gif Grandmaster FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Tome.pngTome
Tactical Guide.pngTactical Communication Magicsquare.pngSolidarity MFlame.pngIgnis Rainbow Cry.pngRally Spectrum Requires Vicious Make (DLC sectional)
Males only
FE14 Lucina Great Lord Map Sprite.gif Great Lord FE14 Sword.pngSword
FE14 Lance.pngLance
Attack Stance+.pngDual Striker Charisma FE13.pngCharm FE13 Aether.pngAether Awakening.pngAwakening Requires Exalt’s Brand (DLC sectional)
Females only
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Goose egg Form

Icon Class Weapons Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Notes
Pegasus Knight FE14 Lance.pngLance Speed+2.pngSpeed +ii Refreshicon.pngRelief SpeedCry.pngRally Speed Mirror Strike (Skill).pngWarding Blow Minerva But

Other Classes

Icon Grade Weapons Skill 1 Skill two Skill three Skill 4 Notes
Lancer FE14 Lance.pngLance Can be playable if captured
Cleric FE14 Staff.pngStaff Lissa in Before Awakening
Lord FE14 Sword.pngSword Chrom in Before Awakening
Myrmidon FE14 Sword.pngSword Owain in Hidden Truths one
FE14 Faceless (Touma) Map Sprite.gif Faceless FE14 Fist.pngFist Monster Unit
Feral Dragon FE14 Breath.pngBreath Dragon Unit
Playable only in Affiliate v
Stoneborn FE14 Boulder.pngRock Monster Unit
Automaton FE14 Bow.pngBow

FE14 Puppet.pngSaw

Puppet Unit
FE14 Lilith Astral Dragon Map Sprite.gif Astral Dragon FE14 Staff.pngStaff

FE14 Breath.pngBreath

Dragon Unit
FE14 Garon Dark Lord Map Sprite.gif Nohrian King FE14 Axe.pngAxe
FE14 Garon Nohr Dragon Map Sprite.gif Bane Dragon FE14 Breath.pngJiff Dragon unit
FE14 Garon Water Familiar Map Sprite.gif Empty Vessel FE14 Axe.pngAxe
FE14 Sumeragi Swordmaster Map Sprite (Chapter 5).gif Silent Dragon FE14 Breath.pngBreath Dragon Unit