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This is a ranking page for the hero Corrin – Fateful Prince from the game Burn Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to larn the best IVs (Individual Values), all-time builds (Inherit Skill), weapon refinement, stats at Lv twoscore, and more than for Corrin (M).

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Overall Rating viii.0/10
Reroll Ranking (excluding Inherit Skill) Unranked

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Ranking (including Inherit Skill) C

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Color / Weapon Blazon / Move Blazon

Red IconCherry-red /
Sword IconSword /
Infantry IconInfantry


4 Star Icon4 Star
3 Star icon3 Star

What Kind of Character Are They? ・Balanced stat spread
・Becomes a improve supporter by using the Weapon Refinery
・Can prevent foes from passing through next spaces

Might: xvi

Range: one

If unit initiates combat, grants Spd+iv during gainsay.

Cooldown Count = 4

Boosts Atk by l%.

Grants Def + three.

If unit’south HP ≥ l%, foes cannot move through spaces next to unit.
(Does not affect foes with Pass skills.)
Stat Superboon/Superbane IV Recommendation
HP Superbane ★★★☆☆
No Attack IV ★★★★☆
No Spd IV ★★★★★
Def Bane ★★☆☆☆
Res Boon ★☆☆☆☆

◯ = Stat gains +4 with a superboon, ✕= Stat goes downwardly by -4 with a superbane, – = No avails or flaws

When using an Dominant Floret, we recommend getting the adjacent superboon if it fits the hero. If non, consider what stat your hero needs most.

The best IVs for Corrin (One thousand) are
+Spd and -Res. Corrin’s (M) exclusive weapon, Yato, can increase his Spd if Corrin initiates combat. Further increasing his Spd through IVs boosts his offensive ability to perform follow-upward attacks. It also boosts his survivability by a bit equally this volition also make Corrin (M) less susceptible to follow-up attacks from the foe. Corrin’s (One thousand) Res is already low and he won’t do well against magic attackers anyway, so it is the become-to blight.


Weapon Skill Icon: Yato

Assist Skill Icon: Shove

Special Skill Icon: Moonbow

Passive Skill A Icon: Fort. Def/Res 3

Passive Skill B: Even Pulse Necktie iii

Passive Skill C: Distant Guard 3

Sacred Seal Icon: Distant Baby-sit three

This build is based around triggering M!Corrin’s exclusive weapon’s result. Here he’s built as a pure support, with most of his skills dedicated to protecting his Back up partner. Fifty-fifty Pulse Tie is useful in Aether Raids for stopping the Specials of enemy Mythics, since they volition have the everyman HP due to not giving themselves their own bonuses.

Source Heroes for All Skills

Exclusive Weapon Effect from Refining (Special Effect Blazon)

Yato ImageYato

SP: 400

Might: xvi

Range: 1

HP: +iii

Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+two.
If unit is within 2 spaces of back up partner, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to that ally during gainsay.

Arena Medal:500Divine Dew:200

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Since Corrin actually needs a Support unit on his team to realize his total potential, having this bonus skill will let him to go an extra heave to his stats while as well returning the favor of boosted stats to an ally.

Weapon Refinery Tier List

Neutral Stats at Lv. twoscore (5★)
Stat Total 158


HP 42


Atk 32


Spd 32


Def 28


Res 24

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
+x Merges W/ Skill Bonuses 47 53 37 35 28 200
Lv.40 +ten 47 37 37 32 28 181

Encounter Lv 40 +10 Stats With IVs

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
Lv.40 +10
49 36 36 32 28 181
Lv.xl +10
46 39 36 32 28 181
Lv.40 +ten
46 36 39 32 28 181
Lv.40 +10
46 36 36 35 28 181
Lv.40 +10
46 36 36 32 32 182

HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
five★- Adjusted for Skills 42 48 32 31 24 177
5★ Lv.40 42 32 32 28 24 158
iv★ Lv.40 39 30 30 25 22 146
3★ Lv.40 38 28 28 24 21 139
HP Atk Spd Def Res Total
5★ Lv.i 20 24 8 6 five 63
4★ Lv.1 xix xix 8 5 4 55
3★ xix 15 7 5 four 50
Hero HP Atk Spd Def Res Full

Joshua Icon

twoscore 31 35 thirty 28 164

Gray Icon

43 35 32 30 22 162

Saber Icon

40 31 33 32 22 158

Corrin (M) Icon
Corrin (M)

42 32 32 28 24 158

Roy Icon

44 30 31 25 28 158

Selena (Fates) Icon
Selena (Fates)

37 25 35 32 28 157

Note: Stats bonuses from skills are not taken into account.

Corrin – Fateful Prince Roles
Close Physical Attack ImageClose-Physical Ranged Physical AttackRanged-Concrete Close Magic AttackShut-Magic Ranged MagicRanged-Magic
Physical Wall ImagePhysical Wall Magic WallMagic Wall Effective ImageEffective Weapon Movement Assist ImageMotion Help
Exclusive Skill ImageExclusive Skill No All Range Counterattack ImageAll-Range Counter RecoveryRecovery No Refresher ImageRefresher
No Legendary Hero ImageLegendary No Mythic Hero ImageMythic No Duo and Harmonized ImageDuo /

No Resplendent ImageResplendent

Corrin is a close concrete attacker (range = 1). Therefore, when not bookkeeping for the Weapon Triangle, the amount of damage he deals volition be equivalent to his Atk minus the foe’s

Corrin (Chiliad) tin can obtain the exclusive weapon the Yato at 5 stars. The Yato gives him a +4 Spd vitrify whenever he attacks enemies. With a +Spd Iv Corrin (M), you can reach 39 Spd with this weapon. This makes Corrin (M) able to execute follow-upwardly attacks on a wide number of foes.

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Corrin (One thousand) has a few weak points when it comes to stats and although not the best at offense, he can still dish out respectable damage to enemies due to his skills and inherently good Spd stat.

The only stat you should worry almost is his Res, which you tin e’er make up for through superior positioning and strategy. If you lot are using a +Four Res Corrin (G), he will become +4 to the stat, making him a pretty well-rounded unit.

Corrin (M) has low Res. If Corrin is attacked past a Magical attacker, he will take a lot of damage. Be careful of enemies that either utilize
Tomes or Dragonstones
as they can deal high damage to Corrin, particularly Reinhardt who has a Blue Tome that is guaranteed to 1-shot Corrin.
E’er be mindful of Corrin’s positioning in relation to the enemies who pose a threat to him.

The Yato tin can exist strengthened through Weapon Refinement. Notwithstanding, the effect that it provides you isn’t really that strong. We recommend switching his weapons to Wo Dao+ or Armorsmasher+ if you actually desire to utilize Corrin (M)

Should You Unlock Potential for this Hero? C Rank Icon

We cannot recommend you to Unlock Potential to brand Corrin – Fateful Prince a 5 Star Hero. Corrin – Fateful Prince is difficult to make employ of except nether specific conditions. Unless Corrin – Fateful Prince is a favorite character of yours or you have excess Hero Feathers to spare, nosotros recommend you pass on Unlocking their Potential.

Unlock Potential Tier List

Skill Name Might Range Effect Learned At

SwordIron Sword

6 1 No Effect iii★

SwordSteel Sword

8 1 No Result 3★

SwordSilverish Sword

11 1 No Effect 3★


xvi ane If unit initiates gainsay, grants Spd+four during combat. v★

This Hero has no Assist skills that can exist learned.

Skill Proper name Result Learned At

Special SkillDragon Gaze

(Cooldown Count = four) Boosts Atk past 30%. 3★

Special SkillDragon Fang

(Cooldown Count = iv) Boosts Atk by fifty%. 4★
Skill Proper name Effect Learned At

Defense +1 IconDefense +1

Grants Def + i. iii★

Defense +2 IconDefense +2

Grants Def + two. 3★

Defense +3 IconDefense force +3

Grants Def + three. 4★

Obstruct 1 IconObstruct ane

If unit of measurement’s HP ≥ 90%, foes cannot move through spaces next to unit of measurement.
(Does not impact foes with Laissez passer skills.)

Obstruct 2 IconObstruct 2

If unit of measurement’s HP ≥ 70%, foes cannot move through spaces adjacent to unit of measurement.
(Does not affect foes with Pass skills.)

Obstruct 3 IconObstruct three

If unit of measurement’s HP ≥ l%, foes cannot motility through spaces adjacent to unit.
(Does not bear on foes with Laissez passer skills.)
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Corrin (M) Avatar

Value of Skills ★☆☆☆☆

Corrin (M) does not possess any skill that nosotros recommend inheriting off to another Hero. Instead, you lot should build around Corrin (Thou). However, Corrin’s (M) strength lies only in Weapon Refinement so that he can get Yato. If y’all do non plan to refine his weapon, nosotros suggest sending him dwelling.

  • List of Source Heroes
  • The All-time Fodder Units

Corrin (Thousand) is a Hero who can be pulled from any summon.

Notation: Not currently a featured hero in any Summon events.

Electric current Focuses and Which Y’all Should Pull From

Voice Histrion
Cam Clarke
Illustrator Maiponpon (まいぽんぽん) / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Appears In

Fire Keepsake Fates: Conquest and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Special Triggered Quotes are voice lines that play upon activating a Special assail.

Castle Quotes are lines that play when a hero is interacted with in the castle.

See Castle Quotes

What path will this realm follow? It’southward not my place to brand whatever pivotal decisions. Y’all must help them.

I once had to brand a hard determination: to side with the kingdom of my birth or with the one that raised me.

It reassures me to run across you do patrols. I used to exercise the same at my castle. Brings back memories!

I wish I could bear witness yous my castle. There’southward so much to do at that place. It’s fifty-fifty got a tree house—where I sleep!

I was just thinking about my siblings. I’ve got quite a few. Exercise you have any brothers or sisters?

Lv 40 v★ Dialogue become available when a hero attains Lv. xl at 5★ rarity.

Meet Lv 40 Dialogue

It’s good to see you. Nosotros’ve spent and then much fourth dimension together, I’chiliad uneasy when you’re not around.
I’d like to just go along you where I can see you, only people would call me overprotective. Heh.
I’ve felt…overprotected my whole life, so it’s a strange feeling to want to do it myself.
You are obviously essential to the realm’s defense, and so it’s natural to protect y’all, I suppose.
I guess I’m saying we’ve got your back, so don’t worry about what path to choose. Just keep going.

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