Tip of the Spear Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn
features a wide variety of means to dispel the encroaching darkness. With dozens of grade combinations through the game’south Mastery system and multiple builds for each combo, the mechanics can seem quite overwhelming at first. TechRaptor has compiled a few unproblematic builds that work for beginners. Whenever possible, grade combinations provided required only the base game. If y’all’re ever unhappy with your character, you can refund builds for a price at any Spirit Guide (such every bit Sahdina in the base game).

For reference, the class combination chart is just to a higher place. The order of Masteries doesn’t matter, though you will probable lean into 1 more than the other.

Grim Dawn – Arcanist

The Arcanist takes the role of the most “mage-like” graphic symbol in
Grim Dawn. Most volition put points into their Spirit, so round it out with Physique. Arcanists tin take advantage of Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Aether elemental harm. Chaos damage is also accessible with the right choices. Some skills require a caster off-hand to equip. These are things such as spellbooks, skulls, and carved basic. Arcanists prefer to keep a solid distance from foes, and then many will pair their off-hand gear with a one-handed gun.

Grim Dawn Arcanist

Grim Dawn Spellbreaker (Arcanist/Nightblade) Build – Frozen III: Grim Song

Summary: Common cold Damage Bulky Caster

This spellcasting build takes advantage of Cold damage, relying on Olexra’s Flash Freeze, Blade Spirit, and Trozan’southward Sky Shard to practise most of the piece of work. This gives it decent burst, so keep the cooldown for TSS rolling. Boost your Cold impairment and cooldown reduction, and keep your resistances upward for higher difficulties.

Your strategy is elementary. TSS has impressive range, and then drop it on a group of enemies, freeze the stragglers, rinse, and repeat. Maiven’south Sphere of Protection and Pneumatic Outburst make yous quite durable for a caster.

For Devotions, Tsunami is a expert early on choice for the Cold harm, and attempt to build for Amatok the Spirit of Wintertime. Supplement with constellations such equally Empty Throne for your defenses, and reassign equally needed. Drop many of your stat bumps into Spirit (almost 24 should be enough) and the rest into Physique. This build leaves iii Mastery Points left over.


  • Mastery fifty/50
  • Olrexa’s Wink Freeze 12/12 > Absolute Zip 12/12
  • Mirror of Ereoctes ane/12
  • Trozan’s Sky Shard xvi/sixteen > Frozen Cadre 12/12
  • Maiven’s Sphere of Protection 12/12
  • Cabalistic Will 10/10
  • Nullification ane/10
  • Star Pact 12/12


  • Mastery fifty/50
  • Pneumatic Outburst 12/12
  • Blade Barrier 5/12
  • Elemental Enkindling 12/12
  • Merciless Repertoire 12/12
  • Bract Spirit 16/sixteen

Gratis Points: 3

Grim Dawn – Demolitionist

While many classes can boast some Fire damage, the Demolitionist is king of it. These engineer-sorcerers can bring mighty foes to their knees with a barrage of explosives, traps, and munitions. Their counterbalanced growth and lack of weapon dependency lets the build for either melee or ranged combat. Demolitionists besides provide decent utility with skills like Flashbang.

Grim Dawn Demolitionist

Grim Dawn
Commando (Demolitionist/Soldier) Build – Hot Drinks

Summary: Fire/Physical Melee Bruiser

A basic Fire melee build. 2-handed weapons will get y’all the best results. This is a very straightforward build. Blitz gets a bit funky when targeting foes at other elevations, since you’ll rush all the style there. This build uses all of your Mastery Points, but until yous take hold of a specific weapon you can drib Menhir’s Will to upgrade Flashbang or Stun Jacks instead. Increment your Fire and Burn damage, and don’t neglect your resistances.

Open up fights with Blitz to approach and fustigate down enemies. Apply again to chase downwards stragglers and clean upward. Utilise Flashbangs/Stun Jacks as needed. Many points are passives, but they’ll pull their weight. Field Command and Squad Tactics requite some hefty bonuses, and volition exist repeated in other Soldier builds. Attempt to acquire an Infernal Brimstone, a unique two-handed mace that grants Rain of Fire on critical hits and boosts all of your Demolitionist skills. Brew into a fine paste and bake at 375° until crusty.

Equally a melee build, virtually points will go to Physique, only xx or so level-ups into Cunning volition permit you become reliable critical hits. Spirit is needed for some jewelry likewise. Devotions that boost Fire damage will help, so bank check out Kraken and Ulzuin’due south Torch.


  • Mastery fifty/50
  • Fire Strike 12/12 > Explosive Strike 12/12 > Searing Might three/3 > Static Strike 12/12 > Brimstone 12/12
  • Stun Jacks i/12
  • Flashbang one/12
  • Flame Touched 12/12
  • Vindictive Flame sixteen/xvi
  • Boom Shield 12/12
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  • Mastery 32/l
  • Markovian’s Reward 12/12
  • Fighting Spirit 12/12
  • Menhir’s Will 14/16
  • Military Workout 10/ten
  • Rush 1/16
  • Field Control 12/12 > Team Tactics 12/12

Free Points: 0

Grim Dawn –Nightblade

A crude analogue to your archetypical rogue, the Nightblade has a diversity of illusory blades and prefers surgical strikes to prolonged fights. Typical Nightblades apply two one-handed weapons, dancing in and out of combat. They can specialize in Concrete, Cold, or Poison damage depending on their setup.

Grim Dawn Nightblade

Grim Dawn
Blademaster (Nightblade/Soldier) Build – Blender White Racket ten Hours

Summary: Quick, Lethal Piercing/Bleeding Attacker

Compared to the Commando, the Blademaster is more nimble, using two one-handed weapons. This means calculation attributes to two weapons, of course, giving you a scrap of flexibility. You’ll desire to enhance Piercing/Bleeding damage and increase your resistances for college difficulties.

With 5 Mastery Points, consider upping Cadence, Phantasmal Armor, or putting points into Deadly Momentum in the Soldier tree. Try to proc Amarasta’southward Quick Cut for juicy triple attacks. Your other actives and passives make you the Magic Bullet of
Grim Dawn

Most points go into Physique, simply have enough Cunning to wield top-tier one-handed weapons. Spirit lets you equip trinkets besides, so don’t forget it. Invest in constellations such as the Assassin’due south Blade and Blade of Nadaan, since you’ll mostly employ one-handed swords.


  • Mastery 50/50
  • Dual Blades 16/16 > Belgothian’s Shears viii/viii > Amarasta’southward Quick Cut > viii/8 > Whirling Decease 8/viii > Execution viii/8
  • Shadow Strike one/xvi
  • Phantasmal Armor 1/12
  • Ring of Steel sixteen/16 > Circle of Slaughter 12/12
  • Blade Barrier 12/12
  • Blade Spirit 16/16


  • Mastery 50/50
  • Cadence 1/16
  • Field Command 12/12 > Squad Tactics 12/12
  • Oleron’due south Rage 12/12

Free Points: 5

Grim Dawn – Occultist

Occultists skirt the line betwixt true casters and summoners, able to make use of both. They also make passable fighters. Occultists specialize in Chaos, Poison, and Vitality damage forth with their associated DoTs. Pets let y’all to go for a minionmancer build or just have a distraction, making them quite solo-friendly.

Grim Dawn Occultist

Grim Dawn
Pyromancer (Occultist/Demolitionist) Build – Witch Fourth dimension

Summary: Chaos/Vitality damage rifleman with a Hellhound to assistance

Using Solael’due south Witchfire, nosotros enchant our bullets with Chaos and Vitality damage. The tree gives u.s. a solid conversion to Chaos harm from our Physical attack. Use a 2-handed ranged weapon and play like whatever ranged character. Heave your Chaos damage and comprehend weaknesses, as normal.

With leftover points, you tin can take Stun Jacks or Flashbang. If playing multiplayer, dipping into Summon Familiar and Mend Flesh to back up allies isn’t the worst idea either. Otherwise, use Thermite Mine and Sigil of Consumption to proceed enemies at bay. The Hellhound runs interference and distracts enemies for yous, and Doom Bolt gives yous something spicy to drop on anyone getting too fresh. Y’all tin can practise a little casting as well as plink abroad with your rifle, but y’all’ll by and large stick to Burn down Strike.

Driblet points into Cunning and and so Physique. Between Occultist and Demolitionist’southward points, Spirit isn’t a huge business organisation. Constellations to keep an eye on are Solael’southward Witchblade and Dying God.


  • Mastery fifty/50
  • Solael’southward Witchfire 12/12 > Consecrated Blades 3/iii > Second Rite 12/12
  • Sigil of Consumption ane/12 > Destruction 12/12
  • Summon Hellhound 16/16 > Hellfire 12/12 > Infernal Breath 12/12
  • Doom Bolt 12/12
  • Possession 12/12


  • Mastery 50/l
  • Fire Strike 1/12 > Searing MIght three/3 > Brimstone 12/12
  • Thermite Mine ane/16 > Hellfire Mine 12/12
  • Blast Shield 12/12

Free Points: 3

Grim Dawn – Shaman

Shamans wield the forces of nature, specializing in Lightning harm. They’re also combatants capable of making good utilise of two-handed weapons. Bleed and totem-based builds are also viable.

Grim Dawn Shaman

Grim Dawn Warder (Shaman/Soldier) Build – Mjolnir

Summary: Lightning Melee Crit-Bruiser

This build plays similarly to the Commando above, using Lightning instead of Fire. Close in with Blitz and smash away, relying on crits to proc an AoE attack with Upheaval. Seek out Lightning damage and 2-handed weapons. Supplement your defenses with resistance boosters from monsters.

Leftover points tin be spent on Menhir’s Will or another Soldier passive. Toggle on your skills at the showtime of a session and go to town. Mogdrogen’south Pact and Middle of the Wild improve the Health and Energy regeneration and boost Physical damage of allies in the surface area.

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Since you rely so much on crits for Upheaval, invest in Cunning and a bit of Spirit to increase the Lightning damage. Of course, don’t forget Physique to survive in melee. Catch Kraken, Tempest, and Spear of the heavens with your Devotion Points.


  • Mystery 50/50
  • Creature Forcefulness 12/12 > Upheaval x/10
  • Savagery 16/16 > Might of the Acquit iii/iii > Tenacity of the Boar 12/12 > Storm Touched 12/12
  • Mogdrogen’s Pact 12/12 > Heart of the Wild x/10
  • Stormcaller’southward Pact 12/12


  • Mastery 32/fifty
  • Markovian’southward Advantage 12/12
  • Fighting Spirit 12/12
  • Menhir’s Will 5/12
  • Military Conditioning x/x
  • Field Command 12/12 > Squad Tactics 12/12

Grim Dawn – Soldier

What the Soldier lacks in flashiness, information technology makes up for in practicality. 3 of the previous builds made apply of Soldier as a subclass for its strong passives and bonuses. As a main class, it tin can be played every bit a tank or heavy melee hitter, and a firearm build isn’t out of the question either.

Grim Dawn
Witchblade (Soldier/Occultist) Build – The Tick

Summary: Self-sustaining Vitality Sword-and-Lath Tank

Steal health from enemies and apply it to make full your ain health bar. Using your standard attack bolstered by Cadence, you have a truly obnoxious amount of sustain. Your biggest limiter is running out of things to suck dry. Be sure to comprehend resistances on college difficulty levels, especially equally a tank.

This build features a whopping xviii leftover Mastery Points, giving you considerable flexibility. Pump stats into the Occultist Mystery, Menhir’due south Will for emergency healing, or Shield Training to make shields better. Pump Vitality and Vitality Disuse damage and go nuts.

You lot’ll require a one-handed weapon and shield. Near points get into Physique, with a bit of Cunning and Spirit as needed to improve your offense or equip trinkets, respectively. As for constellations, go for the Bat, Wendigo, and Rattosh, the Veilwarden (Rattosh is at the bottom of the celestial map).


  • Mastery fifty/50
  • Markovian’s Advantage 12/12
  • Cadence 1/16
  • Fighting Spirit 12/12
  • Military Conditioning 10/x
  • Blitz 1/16
  • Field Command 12/12 > Squad Tactics 12/12
  • Menhir’south Barrier 12/12


  • Mastery 32/fifty
  • Solael’south Witchfire 12/12 > Second Rite 12/12
  • Encarmine Pox 12/12 > Wasting 12/12
  • Claret of Dreeg 16/16 > Attribute of the Guardian 12/12

Free Points: 18

Grim Dawn – Inquisitor

Requiring the
Ashes of Malmouth
expansion, Inquisitors rely on mystical artifacts to dispel the Grim Dawn and fight evil. Many specialize in ranged combat, simply they can plow their talents to fighting up close and personal. Fire, Cold, Lighting, and Piercing damage are all at their fingertips.

Grim Dawn Inquisitor

Grim Dawn
Purifier (Inquisitor/Demolitionist) Build – Tricolore

Summary: Multi-elemental Dual-Pistol Striker

This simple dual-pistols setup relies on several passives and the Burn Strike attack replacer from Demolitionist. Go on your distance and use skills like Flashbang to continue enemies back. Don’t neglect resistances, but boost Fire, Cold, and Lightning (Elemental) damage.

With nine actress Mastery Points, y’all can add to and upgrade a few different components of the build. Accept Vigor to get some resistance to abrasive status effects, or improve your Flashbang. You can also boost your mastery if you desire more raw stats.

You’ll require two one-handed firearms for this build, but that’s the but existent restriction. Cunning is important to proc critical striking effects, but you’ll as well desire to drop points into Physique (20 or and then, more if you lot want more survivability). As for constellations, Rhowan’s Crown and Attak Seru, the Mirage volition give you elemental damage bonuses.


  • Mastery xl/fifty
  • Ranged Expertise ten/10
  • Bursting Round 10/10
  • Word of Renewal 12/12
  • Deadly Aim 12/12
  • Spooky Rounds 10/10
  • Steel Resolve 10/10
  • Storm Spread 10/x


  • Mastery 50/l
  • Burn down Strike 12/12 > Explosive Strike 12/12 > Static Strike 12/12 > Brimstone 12/12
  • Stun Jacks 1/12
  • Flashbang 1/12 > Searing Light 1/x
  • Flame Touched 12/12
  • Smash Shield 12/12

Free Points: 9

Grim Dawn – Necromancer

Also introduced in Ashes of Malmouth, Necromancers lean even heavier into the minionmancy than Occultists and Shamans. They can also elect to skip pets entirely and instead focus on necrotic spells to deal Vitality and Aether harm with some Cold and Poison sprinkled in.

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Grim Dawn Necromancer

Grim Dawn
Cabalist (Necromancer/Occultist) Build – Also Many Cooks

Summary: Wow, lots of pets

If your ultimate goal is to chaotically put everything you possibly can on the battlefield, await no further. You and each of your friends should run this and destroy the Grim Dawn through sheer numbers. Mix and friction match with Shaman totems for an alternative. Focus on your own survival, letting the minions do the heavy lifting.

Your spare vii Mastery Points tin can improve any of your various pets, peculiarly on the Occultist side. You may besides wish to level upwards Volition of the Crypt to further enhance your skeletons. Adding some other active skill to your repertoire isn’t a terrible idea, either, fifty-fifty if virtually of your time is spent refreshing and replacing your various pets. Blood of Dreeg is a practiced candidate for group healing, just the buffs from Bone Harvest and Soul Harvest may exist also hard to give up for the points.

Physique is your most important stat, equally you must stay alive. A few devious points put into Spirit will allow you equip better items every bit well. Otherwise, use whatever makes your pets stronger. For constellations, look at Dying God or Mogdrogen the Wolf for solid picks.


  • Mastery l/50
  • Raise Skeletons 16/xvi > Undead Legion 12/12 > Will of the Crypt 1/12
  • Bone Harvest ane/16 > Soul Harvest 12/12
  • Summon Blight Fiend sixteen/16
  • Reap Spirit 16/xvi
  • Chief of Death 12/12


  • Mastery 50/fifty
  • Summon Familiar 16/16
  • Summon Hellhound 16/sixteen
  • Bonds of Bysmiel 1/12
  • Manipulation 12/12

Free Points: 7

Grim Dawn – Oathkeeper

Added in the
Forgotten Gods
expansion for
Grim Dawn, Oathkeepers are religious zealots who mete out divine justice. Many Oathkeeper builds go into the thick of things with melee. They tin can dish out Physical and Fire or Acid/Vitality harm, depending on their beliefs.

Grim Dawn Oathkeeper

Grim Dawn
Archon (Oathkeeper/Shaman) Build – I Demand Six Man Teeth

Summary: Two-handed bruiser with two attack options

Like the Commander and Warder, this is a straightforward two-handed weapon build with an set on replacer. Righteous Fervor and Savagery are both options, and the passives will utilize to both. Pick your favorite element between Lightning and Fire and boost accordingly. Cover elemental weaknesses, and you’re skilful to go. Retribution gear can also increase the event of Retaliation.

Play like the Warder, using Vire’s Might as a gap closer. Its range is a bit more limited than Rush, but it volition work for an arroyo and pocket-sized AoE. Toggle various skills equally needed. You can shuffle around your points to increase your defenses with Mogdrogen’s Pact or Heart of the Wild. For more than harm, add to Righteous Fervor/Retribution and Savagery/Tempest Touched. This build assumes you’re using the Shaman’s Savagery line, so adapt equally needed. Max the Mastery and pick upwardly the appropriate Exclusive Skill with your remaining points.

Your weapon should be two-handed. Put most points into Physique, but look at Cunning and Spirit. Similar the Warder, Upheaval will crave crits to proc, so Cunning is more than of import if you’re working with a Lightning build. If building with Burn down, look at the Commando’s Devotions to a higher place. Otherwise, check the Warder’s. Either way, Kraken is a must-pick for your two-handed build.


  • Mastery 50/50 (Fire build) OR 32/50 (Lightning build)
  • Righteous Fervor 16/16 OR ane/16 > Induction 12/12 > Retribution 12/12
  • Smite 10/10
  • Presence of Virtue 12/12 > Rebuke x/x
  • Resilience 12/12
  • Divine Mandate 10/12 OR 0/12


  • Mastery 32/fifty (Fire build) OR 50/50 (Lightning build)
  • Brute Forcefulness 12/12 > Upheaval 10/ten
  • Savagery 1/xvi OR 16/16 > Might of the Bear 3/3 > Tenacity of the Boar 12/12 > Storm Touched 12/12
  • Mogdrogen’south Pact v/12 > Middle of the Wild 5/x
  • Stormcaller’southward Pact 0/12 OR ane/12

Free Points: 0

Exercise y’all take any other

Grim Dawn

yous find especially fun? What’due south your favorite Mastery? Let us know in the comments below, or detect the states on social media. Be sure to bank check back with us oft for all sorts of gaming and tabletop news.