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In the opening, a comet fragment is seen falling through the layers of clouds in the sky. It appears to fall on the boondocks below information technology but that is left ambiguous every bit it cuts to the two main characters,
Mitsuha, talking about how they feel every bit if they are missing something (Yume Tōrō), and that the feeling had lingered since the twenty-four hour period that “The stars came falling… Information technology was zippo more than, aught less than a beautiful view.”

Mitsuha exclaims nearly wanting to live equally a handsome boy in Tokyo.

Mitsuha Miyamizu, a high school girl living in the fictional town of
in Gifu Prefecture’s mountainous Hida region, is told by multiple of the people around her that she acted strangely the previous twenty-four hour period, while noting that she is normal today. That night, she performs a ritual for her grandmother which is scorned by her classmates. Frustrated at her boring and close-knit life, she screams out on the shrine steps that “I detest this place! I hate this life! Please brand me a handsome
boy in my next life!” much to her sister, Yotsuha’s dismay.

The next 24-hour interval, she wakes up in an unfamiliar place, realizing that she is in the body of a male child chosen
Tachibana. Leaving the house, she realizes that she has ended upward in
Tokyo, as if her dream had actually come true. She enjoys her time in his body, but only one-half-heartedly attempts to retain Taki’southward reputation, as she believes it is all merely a ‘very realistic dream.’

Taki returns to his own body, upon which he is continuously shocked by the changes Mitsuha has made, from leaving a ‘thanks to my feminine powers’ memo in his electronic diary to fixing his crush and coworker,
Miki Okudera‘due south, skirt with threads. At the same time, Mitsuha finds that dorsum in Itomori, Taki got angry at several of her classmates subsequently mocking Mitsuha (which he took to be an insult to himself) and channeled his acrimony past kicking downwardly a desk in the classroom. Both, shocked, flip through their books and notes, and come to the same decision: That in their dreams, they are switching bodies.

Mitsuha and Taki’s bickering.

Through a series of rushed cutscenes (Zen Zen Zense), it is shown that Taki and Mitsuha start communicating with each other by leaving notes on paper or leaving memos in each other’s phones. Both continually voice their frustrations with 1 another, first, with Mitsuha telling Taki to ‘lookout man the skirt’, later which Taki tells Mitsuha to stop wasting his money at cafes, which she rebutts that it’due south his body that’s eating and that she’s working too. Mitsuha helps Taki develop a relationship with Miki, which he tells her to stop changing his relationships, shortly after which Mitsuha frantically asks him why a daughter is in dearest with her. He replies that she is more than popular when he is in her body, where she tells him “Don’t be so full of yourself – not like yous have a girlfriend!” after which Taki points out she doesn’t have a boyfriend. The sequence ends with them both comically writing on their faces, and saying, “I’m single because I desire to exist!”

Taki wakes up in Mitsuha’due south trunk again one day. He is fabricated to walk up a alpine mountain that oversees the entire town of Itomori to bring the girls’ ‘kuchikamizake’ to the shrine, by Mitsuha’southward grandmother,
Hitoha, and fifty-fifty ends up having to bear her. During the journey, Mitsuha’s grandmother tells him and Yotsuha about ‘Musubi’, that it is the very fabric of time and life itself. At the shrine(which is within a large rock encircled by two oddly symmetrical streams of water at the meridian of the mountain), He is told it is ‘half of Mitsuha’, to which he shudders. He looks at the view of the town from one of the points on the mountain and decides to tell Mitsuha to go at that place to scout the view.

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One twenty-four hour period, Taki wakes up back in his torso, and finds that Mitsuha has actually ready a date for him and Miki, which he is utterly unprepared for. The date goes very shakily, during which they get to a ‘Nostalgia’ exhibition and Taki is attracted by several pictures of Itomori under the Hida section. At the cease, Miki notes that even though they both used to like each other, Taki at present likes someone else, which he embarrassedly says is not truthful (although seemingly increasing her belief of that). He looks in the heaven, trying to see the comet Mitsuha had said would be overhead. Not being able to come across it, he frustratedly tries to call Mitsuha.

Mitsuha witnessing the comet splitting.

The movie so cuts to Mitsuha on the morning of her town’s festival, which is the day the comet will be, co-ordinate to multiple newscasts before this, most easily visible from Earth. Her friends experience shock seeing that she has cutting her hair, but she shrugs it off and brings them to the place Taki recommended to see the comet. She shouts excitedly that she tin can run into the comet, simply suddenly, the comet splits. She stands there shocked. It and then cuts to Taki, who so notes after that, the torso-switching stopped, after disappointedly hearing the ‘This person’s phone number does not exist or has their phone turned off’ message trying to call Mitsuha.

Taki decides to become notice Itomori then he can meet Mitsuha. Not knowing it’s name nor location, he relies solely on the drawings he made of the town. He, followed by his friend
and Miki, travels through the Hida region trying to find information technology. Having given upwards, he decides to render to Tokyo, but a Ramen restaurant’s owner, whose store he stops at, notices his drawing and tells him information technology is Itomori; only when Taki says that it is the town he’s looking for, the whole group notes to him – that Itomori was destroyed by a fragment of the comet Tiamat when it passed three years agone.

The memos disappearing.

Unbelieving, he goes to the now derelict High School and realizes that, indeed, Itomori has perished. When Miki says that there must accept been some mistake, Taki attempts to prove that he is right with the memos Mitsuha left behind, but the memos all disappear earlier the eyes of a horrified Taki. They become to check the local library’s records, and Taki finds
Sayaka‘s names, before finding ‘Mitsuha Miyamizu’ amidst the dead in the comet fragment’s brutal landing to Earth.

Taki, disheartened, has the grouping stay there for 1 more than nighttime. Miki and Tsukasa talk about Taki’s plight, and she says she came to the conclusion that Taki ‘met someone, and that someone changed him’. Miki notices that Taki is wearing a braided string on his hand, and Taki realizes his concluding chance to run into Mitsuha – by going up the mountain to the shrine.

Taki arrives at the shrine, and finds the ‘kuchkamizake’ he brought to the shrine covered in moss, proving that the Mitsuha he knew had been from three years ago, and that their timelines had been apart the whole time. Desperate, he drinks it, stating, “If time can be reversed, please give me a chance to relieve the town.” He turns to exit, but slips and is thrown into a whole cinematic playback of Mitsuha’south life – her male parent became close to losing himself when her female parent died, and accidentally saying that he simply ever cared for his wife and non the shrine, where he is told past Mitsuha’s grandmother to ‘exit’, leaving the 2 young girls to be cared for by the grandmother. It also reveals that the other pieces of the comet fragment landed direct on where she was standing, presumably killing her as Taki hopelessly shouts for her to run.

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Taki waking up in Mitsuha’s body.

Taki gets up in Mitsuha’s body back in 2013 Itomori, realising that he tin save the boondocks. He accidentally makes
call back he has ‘lost information technology’ while sobbing, and is unable to convince Mitsuha’south grandmother that the comet fragment will strike the boondocks, although, interestingly, Mitsuha’s grandmother notes that she and her daughter (Mitsuha’southward deceased mother) all experienced the trunk-swapping. At the loftier schoolhouse, Tessie and Sayaka are shocked by Mitsuha’s cutting her hair, simply Taki shrugs it off and tells them that they take to save the town or else everyone will die that dark, yet says information technology loud enough for large numbers of students to hear and treat her as a nutcase. Nevertheless, the ii believe in Taki’s story and become on to help him in his plan.

Taki, however, is unable to convince Mitsuha’due south begetter, now the Mayor of the town, to evacuate everyone, as he believes the idea is ridiculous. Angered, Taki grabs him by the collar, calling him ‘son of a-‘ to which the Mayor asks, “Mitsuha – no, who are you?” Taki, now rather disheartened past his failure to exercise his part, sulks his mode dorsum, where he encounters Yotsuha, who says that Mitsuha went to Tokyo yesterday, and is worried nearly her (unaware that she is talking to Taki in her body.).

Taki and Mitsuha’s start official meeting.

It is then revealed that, like Taki, Mitsuha attempted to meet up with Taki, besides unaware that their timelines were autonomously. She traveled to Tokyo and retraced his steps, but was unable to notice him. Nigh to leave, she spotted him on the train and ran afterwards him. Finally beingness able to see upwards with him, she is shocked to realize that the Taki from then does not recognize her, and soon enough has to leave to transfer to some other train. All the same, Taki asks her for her name, to which she shouts “Mitsuha!” and throws the braided cord on her hair at him, which he catches, explaining how Taki got the cord.

Taki all of a sudden remembers that if he is in her body, Mitsuha must be in his, so he runs back to the mountain to find her, having forgotten about the timeline separation. In 2016 Itomori, Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, staggers to the summit of the mountain and realizes that the comet fragment roughshod on her and killed her. She recoils in horror. Taki arrives at the peak of the mountain and starts shouting Mitsuha’s name, and Mitsuha gain to telephone call out Taki’s proper noun, both apparently having forgotten almost the divergence in timelines. Both tin sense each other on the mountain, yet they cannot see each other. They stay quiet, upon which they realize it is ‘kateware-doki’ – twilight, and plow around and meet, having returned to their ain bodies.

Taki writing on Mitsuha’due south hand.

Both happily reconcile with one another, although Mitsuha is disgusted that Taki drank her ‘kuchikamizake’, going as far as to telephone call him a debauchee. Both laugh, but simply realizing that twilight is well-nigh over then. Taki and then writes on Mitsuha’s paw while saying, “Mitsuha, allow’southward write our names on each other’s hands, so when we wake upwardly, we don’t forget.” Yet, though Taki is able to finish writing, Mitsuha gets as far equally one stroke before Taki is thrown back to 2016, and Mitsuha to 2013. Taki repeats Mitsuha’s name over and over, all the same forgets apace. Only before he loses his memory of everything, he says, “I wanted to say 1 thing…
Wherever you are in the world, I’ll come find y’all!” (Sparkle)

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Mitsuha meets upward with Tessie and begins the program. Tessie breaks into the electric substation powering Itomori and leaves backside several timed explosives, which blow up the substation, finer leaving everything unpowered or on their emergency generators, which allows Sayaka to utilize the Loftier School’southward fill-in systems to telephone call for an evacuation. All seems to be going well until the City Hall is able to track down and stop Sayaka’s speeches for evacuation, and to which, Tessie tells Mitsuha to convince her father to help, to which she runs towards City Hall. Right after, Tessie’s father and his contractor friends arrive to apprehend him, simply everything stops once they all encounter Tiamat splitting autonomously.

“I love y’all”.

Mitsuha continues to run towards Urban center Hall, all while continuously repeating Taki’s proper noun. She says she won’t forget, yet, just like Taki, immediately forgets right afterwards the third repeat. Saddened, she trips and rolls downwardly the road, but then remembers that Taki wrote his proper noun on her hand. She opens up her palm, only to realize Taki wrote ‘I love you’ instead. She mutters that she can’t call back his name with that, but continues running to City Hall, and is last seen marching towards her father with a new sense of determination. Then all is revealed well-nigh the comet fragment seen in the kickoff, where the cutscene is completed, showing it land on Mitsuha’s home, exploding out and destroying Itomori.

Eight years (in Mitsuha’s timeline simply five in Taki’due south), information technology is revealed through a series of anniversary newscasts that Mitsuha persuaded her father to conduct an emergency evacuation drill across the surrounding districts, allowing all of Itomori’s residents to escape in time and survive. With the two saviors unable to tell anybody most the body-swapping as they have forgotten everything, the entire incident sparked rumors and conspiracy theories about it. Taki has graduated from academy and is trying to discover a job, but yet has lingering feelings that he is missing something important to him. He finds himself attracted to items relating to Itomori, such as magazines and people he thinks are familiar (whom he actually knew when he was in Mitsuha’due south torso). Taki, while in a cafe, overhears Tessie and Sayaka talking about their upcoming wedding, and although he partially recognizes them, they leave earlier he can place a name to them. He also passes past Mitsuha, but both go along walking after glancing at ane some other. Taki then asks himself, “Why does the scenery of a town that no longer exists wring my heart and so?”

Taki and Mitsuha asking for each other’s proper noun after years of seeing one some other.

As the seasons have inverse, both wake up and head towards their respective destinations, in the first cutscenes seen later the comet at the starting time. While riding separate trains, Taki and Mitsuha are stunned to see each other when their trains parallel, where they both conclude that they were searching for someone. They get out at their next stops and try to find each other (Nandemonaiya (Moving picture Version)); they finally meet at the Suga Shrine staircase but and so Taki seems to have forgotten what he was doing in that location, walking right by Mitsuha, who shows a face of despair. At the summit, Taki relents, and turns around, asking Mitsuha, “Say, haven’t we met earlier?” Mitsuha, crying tears of joy, replies, “I thought and so too!” to which Taki begins crying. The moving-picture show then ends with both asking each other, “What’due south your proper name?”(in Japanese, information technology translates to the Japanese title of the movie, 君の名は.)