League of Legends How to Play Melee Vs Ranged

Sometimes you end upwards bringing a blade to a gunfight…

One of the worst feelings in League of Legends is when you lot’re the first pick in champion select and take to lock in your champion before the enemy. We all know that it’south fifty-fifty if we are going to get countered or not. Then it hits you, you’re going to be playing as a melee champion against a ranged one. You know you’re going to have a rough time in the early game and yous may feel helpless. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

In this Mobalytics guide past
PicklePants, nosotros will provide you with some helpful information that you tin can use to your advantage when playing at a melee versus ranged disadvantage. While you may be unable to win lane, there are some things that yous tin do to help yourself out and give you more protection against the enemy. Winning your lane isn’t always about cracking the enemy, it can include going fifty-fifty with them when you have a disadvantage in lane.

Do your homework! Know the matchup before the fight

When playing League of Legends, y’all should know what every champion does, what abilities they have, and what items they volition be building. You should likewise know when they’re strong, when they’re weak, and yous should also have an idea of what to expect when laning against the enemy. For more on this, cheque out our
contempo article on ability spikes!

Knowing what anybody does is beneficial for agreement what to await when playing against them. For case, if your enemy has a dash, untargetable spell or a blink, you lot may be unable to hit whatsoever of your skill shots until they waste product or use their dash. A typical example would be Camille’s Hookshot which can be hands dodged by someone with an untargetable spell like Vladimir and his Sanguine Pool (W).

If yous’re struggling to grasp the concept of every champion in League, you lot can e’er check out the Pre Game section on the Mobalytics website that gives you handy tips to help you lot lane against the enemy champion. Nosotros also make weekly
Counterplay videos on our Youtube channel
to teach yous how to beat popular champs.

There is a lot of theory in League of Legends and you may consider yourself to be a theory player rather than a mechanical player. I would refer to myself as a theory actor because I tend to know what I should exist doing, but I may sometimes lack the actual power to execute it…

This comes down to experience with sure matchups and games played as and against a specific champion. Playing lots of games on select champions and knowing how to actually play the matchup is much improve than having an understanding of what yous should exist doing every bit a champion just lacking the doing function of the champion.
GP Pre Game advice

As an example, in a higher place is the Pre Game advice you would get when facing Gangplank. At that place may exist players out at that place who remember off the tiptop of their head that Remove Scurvy (West) has a 22-2nd long cooldown at rank 1. This is incredibly valuable information since it’s a huge window to look to fight or call your Jungler since GP will be unable to escape as hands as usual.

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Choose the right runes

As you lot will be at a disadvantage in lane and will be in range to get attacked past the enemy while you try to subcontract, you can take secondary runes that will give you some protection. Compared to the old rune system, they requite you less stats to protect yourself with but notwithstanding, are better than non taking them.
Precision Resolve

Unless yous take Resolve as your primary rune tree, you should invest into taking it as role of your secondary rune path. With this path choice, at that place are 3 runes that are good at protecting you. The start is Os Plating on line 1. This is a good rune to take fifty-fifty with information technology’due south recent nerfs. Information technology provides yous with some protection through extended trades.

This is really practiced as it volition stop some harm from the enemies early game combos. It can also prevent you from falling behind early as you will come up out with more health compared to a normal fight without. On the secondary rune line, there is ii runes that you tin take. Chrysalis is a rune that many people take and for adept measure. Information technology gives you 60 more health level 1 which is super helpful if the enemy has impale potential early on.

If the enemy doesn’t have much kill potential simply does have lots of poke, then yous should take a different rune called 2nd Air current. This is a adept rune equally it gives you some regeneration in lane subsequently a merchandise with the enemy. This gives you more sustain in the early on game and lets you lot stay in lane for longer.

Both Chrysalis and Second Wind are good runes to accept with Bone Plating. Unfortunately, you can but pick ane of them. There is a lot of discussion about these two and many arguments near which one is amend. I’ve suggested one reason to take each, but honestly, it comes down to personal preference and the state of affairs y’all’re in. If you lot don’t similar Chrysalis, give Second Wind a go and vice versa.

Build your items wisely

Adaptation in League of Legends is key and you should endeavor to adapt to every situation that you’re faced with. Ane way of adapting is by changing your starting particular choices when playing in an unfavored matchup.

If yous’re playing a fighting champion that traditionally takes Doran’southward Blade, you may have to switch it up and choose different starting item instead. Items such equally Doran’s Shield and Corrupting Potion are very skillful against ranged champions as they requite you sustain in lane and allow y’all to stay alive for longer.

Every bit the current state of gameplay is very volatile and very snowbally, y’all demand to avoid being put behind or being forced to think in the early levels as you will miss out on CS and XP. Taking Doran’south Blade would offering you lot piffling to no protection against a ranged champion as it offers little to no defence force. Comparing this particular to the other two, Doran’due south Shield and Corrupting Potion both requite much more sustain assuasive you to survive in lane for longer.

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Furthermore, in some matchups y’all volition demand to switch upwardly your item build and alter what you would ordinarily buy first. For example, if you lot’re playing as an assassinator versus a burst mage, yous should invest in a Hexdrinker for added protection. Some other example would be if yous’re every bit a tank versus a mage in the top lane. Many champions may option up a Sunfire Cape commencement, so you may have to pick up a Spirit Visage or Adaptive Helm instead.

Also, many champions including some fighters actually benefit from picking upwardly early on Ninja Tabi or Mercury’s Treads thanks to the reduced damage they both do. Here’s streamer Hashinshin “showing off” the benefits of Ninja Tabi.

All in all, picking certain items to prevent the enemy from killing you is an effective style of staying live and not fall behind in lane. When you’re in a tough matchup, you demand to defend yourself every bit much as possible which tin can be helped by redefining a traditional build and adapting your build to each situation for a better consequence in lane.

Apply proper wave direction

When yous’re playing at a range disadvantage, y’all need to keep the wave in a favorable position where you will non get killed or denied by the enemy. The all-time place for you to proceed the minion wave is close to your belfry, but outside of the tower range. This is considering it is close to your tower which will preclude you from overextending or getting zoned by the enemy.

It is very of import to emphasize that you need the wave to stay outside of your tower range to prevent it from bouncing, resetting or messing upwardly your ability to farm. If y’all play under tower, and then your tower volition endure and you may lose your tower if you die. Likewise, if you’re nether belfry, you will not be able to follow up and help your Jungler if they determine to gank you.

For the wave to remain on your side of the lane, you lot need to keep information technology frozen. A freeze is where the moving ridge doesn’t advance or retreat in lane and instead, stands its footing and fight. We’ve already made a
very detailed wave direction guide, which talks more in-depth about moving ridge management which yous might observe useful.

Exist prepared to sacrifice

You may be thinking, “Hey Mobalytics, why are you suggesting to cede subcontract when I need gold?” Well, it’s for the
greater skilful. In a tough melee vs ranged matchup, you should sacrifice some minions in the early game to have a better late game.

In some games yous’ll have to surrender a small amount of farm to stay live in lane. In the early on game, it’s better to prioritize experience over golden. This is so you do not autumn behind in levels and be completely taken out of the game making information technology 4v5.

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When comparing gold to experience, aureate is not as important in the early laning phase whereas experience matters. Both gold and feel are limited resources, but experience matters more in the laning phase than gold does. Being behind in feel will make yous fall behind in not only levels, just items as well every bit you will miss out on more than merely one minion if you fall behind.

For example, if the enemy is zoning yous, information technology would probably exist better to miss out on 1 CS to avoid being burst downward by the enemy. If you lot endeavor to accept one minion and the enemy starts attacking yous, then you may be forced to Call back and render to base or stay in lane and play really passive. This means that getting a small-scale amount of gilt has cost you lot lane pressure and lane presence.

When deciding if you should leave a minion and give it upwards, you must calculate if it’s worth taking the enemies damage for the one CS. If information technology is a cannon minion, it may be necessary that you go for it if you lot tin sacrifice the health. With the gold values on the caster minions down, y’all never actually want to overextend and get flare-up down to take these minions. These minions are worth less than 20 gold and that’s not worth losing lane pressure level over. The melee minions are less risky because they’re closer to y’all in lane which means you will not be overextending.
Experience details
You have to find a balance between taking what y’all can and sacrificing what you lot don’t need. While gold is important, and so is wellness and staying in lane. You never really want to sacrifice wellness for a caster minion, merely melee minions and cannons can exist worth sacrificing some health for equally long as you practice non get burst down past the enemy or lose lane pressure over information technology. If you cannot have a minion, make sure to stay in range of it to still get the experience. Experience range is huge, so if y’all’re in the local area, you’ll be fine.


When playing in an out-ranged matchup, you lot have an inherent disadvantage from the become-go. Exist prepared for an “interactive lane” where you have to buy items that counter the enemy. Later on all, some matchups are going to exist bad for you – that’southward the life of a League of Legends player, merely play through it and try to come out even or ahead.

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