My Hero Academia 10000 Percent

“A globe without smiles and sense of humor has no bright future.” No offense intended, buddy! That’s just my motto.

Mirio Togata
to Katsuki Bakugo in
Hero-Saturated Society

Mirio Togata








Tōgata Mirio


, also known every bit




, is a student in Class 3-B

U.A. High Schoolhouse
and is part of the
The Big iii. Mirio was originally the top candidate to get
All Might‘s successor and the inheritor of
One For All
before he met
Izuku Midoriya.


Mirio is a alpine beau with a very muscular build who possesses a number of noticeable scars around his lower artillery. Mirio’south pattern is very unique due to his blueish oval-shaped eyes, drawn in a simplistic style with no visible sclera, and nose which is prominently rounder than most others. He has blonde pilus, the superlative office of which is arranged in a cowlick, while the bottom department is worn swept backward.

In his schoolhouse compatible, Mirio dresses similar most of the male students, without the blazer. He wears a belt with a large, rectangular gold buckle in the shape of a carnivorous mouth.

Before condign a member of the Large 3, Mirio had long hair that he wore tied into a ponytail. Information technology is assumed that he cutting information technology so the support section could utilize it to industry him a hero
that would piece of work aslope his

In his hero costume, Mirio wears a white pare-tight top with the number “one thousand thousand” (one one thousand thousand) stamped beyond his breast in a assuming, yellow font. The trimming on the elevation and shoulder pads are made in a matching mode. On his waist, two green lines deed as a chugalug, along with some lines of similar appearance on his shoulders, which dip in places to form two V’s. Mirio also wears amorphous night blue pants and white knee-high boots. He wears a cherry-red cape likewise as thick gloves of matching color. Mirio’s costume is and so topped off with a white visor with xanthous lenses.