Gears of War 5 Act 1 Shot in the Dark

Act I

CHAPTER 1: Shot in the Dark

Number of Collectibles: 7
Number of Components: none

Yous start rappeling down to an island to notice the Hammer of Dawn silos, as you country, get immediately to your right to go the
1st Collectible, (Weathered Spectacles), on the left rock in the narrow infinite.

This one it’southward pretty difficult to see.

Now if you continue walking past the border heading to the waterfall, you lot volition find a Boltok on the water almost a matter that looks like a turbine, before you start going uphill to the objective, head left where you will observe the
2nd Collectible, (Onyx Guard Challenge Coin) lying on the ground.

The collectible is near the plants.

Later that go back and proceed to the objective, once you reach the entrance, the path ahead is blocked by debris, get to the left and so correct to the platform, now Dave will help yous with some low-cal, become straight on the tunnel until it collapses. Drop down and go by the ledge, as yous proceed y’all will find some ammo and Grenades out of reach, aim at it and command Dave to fetch it, head to the left to a room like a dormitory where you will find some bodies in it, go on forwards to the locker room where yous run across some ammo on the sink, afterwards y’all pick upwards the ammo, look to your left to find the
3rd Collectible
(Wellness Advisory Poster) hanging on the wall.

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Later on you find the collectible, you can enter the 2d toilet on the correct to discover a corpse aslope a Boltok.

Continue and cutting trough the cables to advance, keep going, some structures ahead volition fall causing dust to cake your eyesight, equally soon you get closer to the dust you will hear some grunts ahead, use Dave’south support ability and send a Pulse to browse enemies alee, you can approach the start Drone unnoticed and silently kill him merely the others will come across you lot, after dispatching them, proceed and aid Kait to lift the filigree, Kait will first to have some headaches, driblet downwardly and go along forward following the pipes, you lot will reach a tunnel, as y’all advance a Grenadier will appear, they use a helmet to protect them against headshots, also circumspection on getting close as they utilise shotguns, kill him and keep going forward, a Swarm Hole will open up, throw grenades to shut the hole and dispatch the enemies quickly, alee you volition find one of the silos inoperant, cut the cables to accelerate.

Once yous reach an open area, the team will carve up up, you have no choice but going right where yous find a hatch, if y’all await right, there is a Retro Lancer, jump downwards the hatch to reach a tunnel, as you go along you lot find some Juvies, they can quickly outnumber you, so have circumspection in this area, after yous acceleration them, utilize Dave to open the door, slide down and take some ammo, crouch downwards the opening and you lot volition reach a big open area with a Swarm Hole, mark some enemies to Kait and Marcus help you taking them down, yous will see some cherry-red barrels in this surface area apply to your reward, too on the second barricade there is a Boomshot, the path will split in two means, take 1 of the paths and go along.

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On the adjacent area, you will see some Drones in the distance, in one case you lot get closer a Carrier will appear, now you lot can cull which reinforcement you will call, Guardians are flying drones with Triguns and DR-1s are walking robots also with Triguns, make your choice and defeat the Carrier.

Keep frontwards, y’all volition observe a locked door and see a panel trough the hole on the wall, control Dave to use the console and unlock the door, after you pass the 2nd door if you expect left there is some Frag Grenades, send Dave to recollect information technology, on your correct side is the room which Dave has opened the door, it contains a Retro Lancer, in front of yous is the hospital, go at that place and right after the archway you will find some corpses, at that place is a Snub Pistol and the
4th Collectible, (COG Tags: Fallen Azura Gear) in one of the corpses.

Go back and climb the stairs, go to the commencement room in the left, and then get right and enter the function where you will observe on a desk the
5th Collectible, (chairman’s wristwatch).

There is a Boltok on the opposite side of the room, head dorsum to the corridor, as you advance, in that location are two ways, become right to get some frag grenades and proceed to the other side, crouch downwardly to advance.

As shortly you enter the next area a Scion will engage, he is a large enemy with a Buzzkill (weapon that shoots saws) as you appoint the enemy some Juvies will appear, focus your fire on the Scion while evading the Juvies, use the crimson barrels to bargain serious impairment, after you kill them, get to the middle of the room where you lot tin dispatch the drones on the other side of the room, later on y’all clear the area get to the left room to find a paper in a panel this is your
6th Collectible, (Lightmass Missile Strike Authority).

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Head back and you find a vent on the right side of the locked door, transport Dave to unlock it, enter the room and go forward to get the
seventh and final Collectible
of the affiliate (UIR Hammer of Dawn Blueprints) on the desk.

Now go to the right room and command Dave to open the safe backside the desk, collect the external drive to consummate the objective.

Now get and open the door on the right, later on you pass through the corridor become correct there is a boomshot and some explosive ahead, proceed going and you will reach the control room where you find the rocket silo, but there is a fight happening, if you take cover on the left side of the room y’all will see a Dropshot, this could be good to handle the situation, kill the drone with the boomshot them dispatch the residual of the enemies.

Side by side open the panel so Dave can commencement the launch sequence,

one time it has begun

the hatch won’t open up and then yous demand to manually override, the squad will split again, you lot will enter on the rocket room with Del, send Dave to hack the panel later on the gap to lower the platform and impale the enemies, y’all will do this 3 times to achieve the stairs, next, climb the stairs, then a crate you fall, use it every bit cover and kill the grenadier, keep and another grenadier will leap on the platform you’re on, the console on the right will explode killing him, continue going and climb the ladder, once you press the push to open the hatch a agglomeration of Juvies will appear, kill them and a cutscene will trigger ending the affiliate