Dragon Ball Legends Fusion Warrior Team


Carte Office & Analysis

Vegito has broken the meta similar no one else before him. He has even surpassed high level zenkai fighters, an unprecedented feat for a normal unit. He dishes out immense impairment through incredibly long combos, and equips himself with targeted buffs in guild to punish his enemies should they attempt to escape his onslaught. He nigh completely shuts down defense units with strike cards that temporarily nullify heals and a special bill of fare that can remove attribute upgrades, like sustained harm cut. He has dainty defence force as well, with a sizable sutained impairment cut and a decent heal with his chief. His ultimate is literally next level- information technology comes with a new, more than powerful “supreme” impairment multiplier, damage reduction & endurance nullification, and a brand new special cover removal(due east.yard. bojack, prison cell) which ensures no one can survive the most powerful attack in the game.

Vegito revived this squad, and it’s piece of cake to see why. He is a nail focused fighter with decent defense in his base of operations class, with an specially powerful special card. Upon transformation, he becomes an offensive beast who tanks too as he attacks. His combo starting, ki restoring special card makes his offense even amend. However, his best asset is his special move, which becomes cheaper and stronger with every strike/smash and can one shot most fighters after just a picayune buffing. All of this comes together to ensure that Vegito is a truly terrifying presence on the battlefield.

Screenshot 20200426-234311-0.png
Yes, she’south that skilful. With her low strike arts cost, boom armor, card cartoon speed vitrify, and blast-to-strike conversion, once she gets yous in a combo, you’re in for a world of pain. She also has a special move which tin can destroy cards (such equally ultimate arts or special moves) and an ultimate attack with a 30% chance to faint, pretty much giving you a free set of cards, around 70 ki, and a near-full vanishing gauge if the faint occurs. Her only issue is her depression defenses, which can too be somewhat balanced out by kefla’s special skill healing and healing after enemy combo is over. Overall, peachy unit.

Super Gogeta.png
Super Gogeta is a strike based combo-heavy unit, who gets large impairment buffs for every strike or blast card used in a combo. When zenkai awakened, they provide some of the only good defenses for a fusion warrior core unit, along with insane amounts of damage, a strike counter green menu to counter advances, and even a high-damage ultimate motility, nigh sealing the opponent’s doom. Overall, easily a Z-tier unit of measurement.
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Card Office & Analysis

Super vegito thumb.png
Super Vegito is the new top fighter of the game, and is, thus, obviously the all-time choice in a saiyan team. Different his predecessors Broly and Gogeta, he relies less on stellar stats(although his stats are quite impressive) and more on a plethora of damage buffs which, if used properly, can double his harm within 10 timer counts, mayhap fifty-fifty 5. He gets +40% to damage inflicted whenever he enters the battleground, increases his damage when the enemy land a striking, increases his own harm upon cartoon an arts card, reduces damage with his special arts card and counters regeneration. He pretty much has it all, and his incredibly loftier harm can and has turned the tides of many matches.

Base to ssj gogeta broly movie sp blu.png
This incredible fighter comes with unprecedented assault stats, and very high defense stats and health. He has a powerful damage inflicted buff which pretty much never runs out, he makes using blast armor incredibly dangerous, he has health restoration, and he reduces blast cost. Only his master power lies in incredible special move arts cards, which can be buffed to the point where it becomes a ane hitting kill movement. Overall, he is extremely powerful, and is definitely a must accept on this team.

F2p vegito thumb.png
Vegito is a bang-up improver to this squad, but he does have a few flaws. He is incredibly tanky, especially and so during the commencement thirty timer counts. Since he is farmable, he tin hands exist raised to high stars, making his defense force even better and improving his law-breaking likewise. His secondary unique gives him some decent harm potential. His offense becomes much better when he uses his principal ability, which heals a large corporeality of his health and switch locks the enemy, opening them upward to rise rushes and devastating ally combos. A noticeable flaw is that when the boxing starts, his impairment isn’t very loftier, but he’s still overall a pretty skilful fighter.
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