Codm Season 14 Battle Pass

What we know so far about COD: Mobile Flavour 14, including the release date and time, a possible new map as well as the Battle Pass.

The new flavour of COD: Mobile is now called Season I: The New Order. Find all the
latest details virtually COD: Mobile Flavour 1 here.

Original story:

COD: Mobile Flavor 13,
entitled Winter War, kicked off on 22nd December 2020, filled to the skirt with new content and a
shiny new Battle Pass.

With Flavour 13 raging on, nosotros accept a look at everything we know so far most the next COD: Mobile, including the exact release appointment and fourth dimension, the expected Battle Pass price, besides every bit a possible new map called Rebirth.

COD Mobile Flavour 14: Release engagement & time

COD Mobile Season xiv will release on 26th January at 16:00 PT ( 27th Jan at 00:00 GMT).

(Film: Activision)

You can expect some downtime every bit the update for COD: Mobile Season 14 gets deployed.

With this being said, you should be playing COD: Mobile Season 14 on 27th January at the latest on Android or iOS devices.

Season 14 new weapons

COD Mobile Season 14 release date time content new map battle pass

(Picture: Activision)

As e’er, one of the most exciting things about the new flavour is to endeavour those shiny new weapons.

And with the COD: Mobile Flavor 1 we already know that at to the lowest degree two new weapons await u.s.!

The first one is the legendary FAMAS ( FR .556), an attack rifle capable for long-range firefights with a stiff burst fire capabilities.

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With its great accuracy, it is a perfect medium-to-long-range assail rifle.

COD Mobile Season 14 release date time content new map battle pass

(Picture: Activision)

The second weapon is a unique i, the second of its type/class for COD: Mobile.

Equally explained past developers, “it is purely nigh dominating long-range firefights but with a higher rate of burn down than your usual sniper rifle.”

This weapon will be available through a Seasonal Challenge afterward in the season, just nosotros volition be able to obtain it in diverse other ways as well.

Lastly, there’due south the Gas Grenade. This is a grenade that continuously releases tear gas. Slows down movement, blurred vision and coughing.

New Operator Skill: Gravity Vortex Gun

A new Operator Skill enters the battlefield with the release of COD: Mobile Flavor I. It is chosen the Gravity Vortex Gun, which pulls your enemies into a vortex.

COD Mobile Season One new operator skill gravity vortex gun
(Flick: Activision)

While this is a very powerful new Operator Skill in COD: Mobile Season I, the Gravity Vortex Gun thankfully just has two shots. It also sports a unique aiming reticle, and there’s no style to become more shots, and so brand them count.

Season 14 new map Reclaim

The new season comes with a make new map, not just for COD: Mobile, but for the franchise every bit a whole.

The new map is chosen Reclaim, and it is a medium-sized map with a theme of a urban center beingness abandoned and left for nature to reclaim what was one time office of information technology.

Lastly, in that location’s a Legendary Calling Card called Sanction, a new Emote, a Frame, an ballsy Charm and more than.

Players will be able to obtain all these items past levelling upwards their COD: Mobile Season one New Order Battle Pass via the Premium version.