Best Boy Ranking Calculator Genshin

There’s a new Genshin best boy ranking tool doing the rounds, and it makes ranking the top male characters according to your preference very easy.

…or does it? released a
ranking tool
for listing your preferred male characters according to which ones you prefer over others by making you pick between two of them until the algorithm can compute your preferences.

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At that place is a similar tool for ranking your preferred female characters as well on the website.

A few of us took the quiz and we decided to combine the data to form an average list of our best boys from Genshin Impact. Keep in mind this list does not account for which characters have meliorate skills than others in-game, simply rather its purely stance-based.

7. Chongyun

Credit: miHoYo

Bringing in our list at number 7 is the ever positive and honorable great sword-wielding exorcist with a sweet tooth. Yet to even see a spirit with his own eyes, Chongyun doesn’t let his greenness make it the way of his duties. He’s likewise the only neat sword user who sort of struggles with his weapon of choice.

6. Albedo

Albedo Character Information
Credit: miHoYo

This mysterious alchemical genius with great pilus is very pop and well-liked by the citizens of Monstadt. He can conjure living organisms with his alchemy, and he’s even good with kids, seeing as even Klee listens to him. He ranked in at number half-dozen on our list.

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5. Childe (Tartaglia)

Tartaglia Character Information
Credit: miHoYo

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The eleventh of the harbingers of Fatui ranked number 5 on our list of best boys, even though his alignments led to him being a sort of mixed purse every bit far every bit his reputation is concerned. This self-proclaimed bad guy can’t seem to shake off his admirers.

4. Scaramouche

Credit: Genshin Impact Fandom Wiki

Piffling is known about the sixth of the harbingers of Fatui, as he is merely seem a handful of times in the game. According to rumors, Scaramouche is highly disliked, not just by the people but likewise by his fellow harbingers.

Its a wonder how he fifty-fifty made it to this high on the list, but in the end it tin can be attributed to different strokes for different folks.

3. Diluc

Diluc Character Information
Credit: miHoYo

Once a confident, passionate, and sprightly young knight in the Order of Favonius, Diluc grew aristocratic and biting after the untimely demise of his father. The tee-totaling bartender-by-twenty-four hours-vigilante-past-nighttime was dubbed fondly as an “anti-hero with an attitude problem” by Kaeya (who also calls himself the same).

2. Venti

Venti Character Information
Credit: miHoYo

Playfully dubbed “tone-deaf bard” by Paimon, Venti is the Anemo Archon, effectively making him a God. Despite being a God, he has severe issues with potency and discipline. He as well likes to parrot Paimon to annoy her in retaliation.

Information technology is no surprise his nature has led to him being ane of the nigh popular characters in the game.

Genshin Impact ane.five Beta cancelled past miHoYo

1. Bennett

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BennettBennett Character Information
Credit: miHoYo

Infamous for having the worst luck in the entire land, this sugariness young boy managed to be lucky enough to land the top spot in our list. Righteous and good-natured, Bennett has seemingly endless positivity and optimism despite his lot in life.

Raised by the entire Charlatan’south Guild in Monstadt ever since he was found as a baby orphan, he is the only fellow member of Benny’s Adventure Team.

That’s all for our Genshin best boy ranking tool listing! Go ahead and brand your own today!