Dubbed “The Gloomiest”, Vex is the newest champion in the League of Legends roster. After being
teased in Ruination and Sentinels of Light
visuals, this “chibi-sized” graphic symbol is finally coming to the PBE servers.

The mage yordle was supposed to be released earlier, simply has been delayed due to “her shadow tech”, wrote
Riot Reav3 on the League of Legends subreddit. “The insights article will get into a lot more than item on the shadow tech and what it took to make.”

For now, fans will accept to contend with Riot Games’ official Champion Trailer that showcases her unique and awesome vocalism lines.

Proof that Vex has the all-time voice lines in League of Legends

Screenshot of Vex in champion trailer with Zoe
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/1 Esports

The trailer opens with
Zoe, Ivern, and Fizz causing a ruckus in the jungle on Summoner’s Rift. In response, a sleeping Vex awakes, and snipes Zoe, “Another person to kill. Shadow, tin can you handle information technology?”

As each of these champions interacts with Vex, she swiftly uses her abilities to annihilate them, showing no mercy.

In the next cut scene, when she walks into mid lane — supposedly where she’s meant to be played as a mage — she instantly expresses her disdain for people through her voice lines. It’s here in the champion trailer that we also learn that she possesses the ability to cause fright as a form of oversupply control.

Screenshot of Vex champion trailer showing her fear ability in mid lane
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/One Esports

In this aforementioned scene, we further acquire from one of her vocalization lines that the only champion she doesn’t detest so far is, you guessed it,
Viego. I mean, can you arraign her considering
how hot he is?

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List of Vex vocalization lines featured in her Champion Trailer

  • “Some other person to kill. Shadow, tin can you lot handle it?”
  • To Zoe: “Can nosotros just… not? That’south better.”
  • To Ivern: “Ugh… await at that tree. And then stupid.”
  • To Fizz: “Just keep walking yordle, I’ve zero to say to you.”
  • “Uh… Shadow… carry me.”
  • “Ugh… people.”
  • “Way to dice, normie.”
  • “Oh Viego… IS OKAY. I mean, he’s, whatsoever, I guess.”
  • To Amumu: “You’re pitiful and expressionless? We should hang out.”
  • “Man, walking sucks! Do the matter, shadow!”
  • “Absurd. You know what shadow, sometimes, I almost don’t hate yous.”
Screenshot of Vex and Mordekaiser in Champion Trailer
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/One Esports

Besides interacting with Amumu, the mail service-cut scene shows her with another dead champion, Mordekaiser. After he uses his ultimate Realm of Death on her, she says, “Sup ghost, nosotros hangin’ later? Cool.”

Fifty-fifty Anarchism Games is jumping on the apathetic Vex train, for their YouTube description reads, “Color? Happiness? Caring nigh stuff? That’s so overrated.”

She’s outright lazy, hates anybody in the world, can barely tolerate her own shadow, finds the expressionless interesting, and most of the time, just wants to be left alone. How cool is that?

Vex’s dark appearance and debut skin

Sure, League of Legends includes pitiful champions similar Amumu, merely none quite like Vex. She makes goth fashionable, and even though her entire palette is shrouded in gloom, her size all the same makes her look beautiful.

As an ally of
and the Shadow Isles, her default peel comprising night grey, royal purple, and dark turquoise hair colors is in line with other champions in the lore like Thresh, Viego, Yorick, and Mordekaiser.

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Screenshot of Vex in new skin in her champion trailer
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/1 Esports

At the very end of the champion trailer, we get a glimpse of the skin that’south going to be bundled with her release, which is a fiddling bit more than colorful than her default outfit. Merely a fleck.

Though she prefers a more murky tone, you’ve got to admit, those Paddle Pop ice foam colors do look good on her.

Expect out Goth Annie, for a new challenger with fifty-fifty thicker eyeliner has arrived on the Rift.

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