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Telephone call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile players slam insane cost of unlocking Snoop Dogg Operator

Excitement quickly turned into bewilderment as players discovered the steep price of the CoD Mobile Snoop Dogg Operator.



CoD Mobile Snoop Dogg

Call of Duty’s latest crossover brought Snoop Dogg to CoD Mobile, but players are astonished at how much money the new Operator costs.

Players accept been enjoying
CoD Mobile’s vintage-looking Flavor 3 update
since its release on March 30. Alongside plenty of
weapon buffs and nerf, the update also introduced players to a brand-new
Snoop Dogg Operator
courtesy of Phone call of Duty’south latest crossover.

Players who were planning on purchasing the “D O Double Thousand” Operator were in for a shocking surprise when they discovered its absurd cost, leaving CoD Mobile players furious.

Snoop Dogg CoD Mobile menu

Call of Duty crossovers are known for their stupor factor created by partnering with brands and companies that players would never expect. Simply this year, CoD players received an
Attack on Titan crossover
that nobody could have seen coming, and a rumored
King Kong vs Godzilla crossover
could be coming before long.

For now, the focus is heavily on
Snoop Dogg
equally he fabricated his way to CoD Mobile on
April i, earlier his introduction to Vanguard and Warzone on April 19. The focus does not seem to be entirely positive, as players are frustrated with the steep price tag of the Snoop Dogg Operator.

A post on the CoD Mobile subreddit past dietcookie1 is full of comments past baffled players who merely cannot believe the price of the Snoop Dogg Operator.

There’s no doubt that $75 is an cool price for some as a new
premium Telephone call of Duty championship
costs nearly the aforementioned cost, “Better just become a new game on steam rather than buying overpriced skins like a clown and get bored of it when the next lucky draw comes.”

CoD Mobile players must acquire Snoop Dogg via the Lucky Draw system. This RNG cycle spin is far from a guarantee and the price volition mount with each spin. Nearly players volition run upwards a considerable amount that may fifty-fifty exceed $75, before luckily landing on Snoop.

This system is vastly unlike than the i-time fee it will toll Vanguard and Warzone players to larn the Snoop Dogg bundle, which is why it is receiving heavy criticism from CoD Mobile players.

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Activision’due south Beenox studio is expanding to Montreal every bit Warzone Mobile development ramps up.

Paradigm Credit: Activision

Telephone call of Duty: Mobile

Every weapon buff & nerf in CoD Mobile Season 3 update

The CoD Mobile Radical Raid update brought various weapon buffs and nerfs that will no doubt shake things up in Flavor 3.



Peacekeeper M2 in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 3 has brought a big number of changes, with some of the biggest being a range of weapon buffs and nerfs that will shake up the game’due south meta.

CoD Mobile Season 3
has finally arrived, bringing a plethora of brand-new content for players to bask such as a new Battle Pass, weapons like the
MAC-x SMG, and a
Snoop Canis familiaris Operator pare.

The Radical Raid update has too brought a variety of balance changes that impact the performance of sure weapons in the game. Nosotros’ll go over all the new buffs and nerfs in CoD Mobile Season 3.

All CoD Mobile Season 3 weapon buffs and nerfs

CoD Mobile operator firing weapon

The CoD Mobile devs listed all the new buffs and nerfs in a
customs update
on Reddit. Weapons similar the
Peacekeeper MK2
take received adjustments to their damage, range, and accuracy to make them more balanced in Season 3.

You can find all of the weapon buffs and nerfs in the CoD Mobile Season 3 update below:


  • Added a damage multiplier for the chest and upper arms.
  • Improved range.
    • Large Calibre: Adjusted impairment & adjusted range.


  • Base of operations impairment improved: 26-24-20-19 > xxx-28-24
  • Range improved.
  • Headshot multiplier increased.


  • Headshot, upper arm, and hand damage multiplier increased.
  • ADS Time reduced.
  • Accuracy improved.

Peacekeeper MK2

  • First impairment range increased.
  • Chest and upper arm damage multiplier increased.


  • Vertical recoil reduced.
  • Leg damage multiplier increased.


  • Harm to hands and abdomen reduced.


  • Reduced the slowing down effect of the FRAG 12 rounds when paired with Disabled perk.

Kilo 141

  • 40-R mag penalties
    • -1% motion speed > -2% movement speed.
    • +v% reload time > + 12% reload time.
  • 50-R mag penalties
    • -2% motion speed > -5% move speed.
    • +5% reload time > +eighteen% reload fourth dimension.
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  • Range decreased.
  • Hitting registration delay increased.

Chopper Gunner

  • Range and impairment increased.

Orbital Laser

  • Duration decreased.
  • Maximum move range decreased.

K9 Unit

  • Health and speed decreased.
MAC-10 SMG CoD Mobile

There is no doubt that CoD Mobile players volition exist excited to leap into the game post-obit the Flavour three Radical Raid update and test all of these changes for themselves to encounter how they fare.

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and the
all-time MAC-10 loadout in CoD Mobile Season iii.

Paradigm Credit: Activision

Telephone call of Duty: Mobile

All-time MAC-x loadout in CoD Mobile Season iii

The MAC-x is a make new SMG in CoD Mobile Flavor 3, so here’s the best loadout to aid you get the about out of it.



MAC-10 in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Flavor 3 sees Black Ops Cold State of war’southward rapid-firing SMG, the MAC-10, bring together the ever-growing lineup of weapons. Hither’s the best MAC-ten loadout you can build to help you dominate the new season.

CoD Mobile Season three
is hither, and there’s plenty of fresh content for players to swoop into. Not only is there a
Snoop Dogg Operator
to get hold of, but there’due south also a make new weapon in the form of the

The MAC-10 is plucked direct out of Blackness Ops Cold State of war, and fits in perfectly with Season 3’s retro theme.

Before you take the new SMG to the streets of Miami, yous’ll demand to make sure you have the strongest possible setup. Then, here’due south the best MAC-10 loadout for CoD Mobile Flavour three.

All-time CoD Mobile MAC-10 loadout attachments

MAC-10 on the wall in Cod Mobile

  • Muzzle:
    Agency Supressor
  • Butt:
    6.2″ Cavalry Barrel
  • Stock:
    SAS Combat Stock
  • Underbarrel:
    Striker Foregrip
  • Ammunition:
    STANAG 53 Round Extended Reload

The MAC-10 is a devastating shut-range weapon, so our build focuses specifically on speed and keeping some of its recoil nether wraps. By equipping these attachments, this new brand-new gun is perfect for getting into enemies’ faces.

Kicking things off we chose the
Agency Suppressor, not but to keep shots silenced only also to adjourn some of the vertical recoil the MAC-10 has. Next up, we went for the
6.ii″ Calvary Butt
to give the SMG a slight heave in range to aid information technology in mid-range fights, and a huge increase in bullet speed.

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Nosotros then picked the
SAS Combat Stock
for a drastic heave in both ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed. Pair this with the
Striker Foregrip, which also boosts ADS speed as well as overall movement speed, and you take the ideal rushing weapon.

Finally, we rounded out our MAC-10 loadout with
STANAG 53 Round
Extended Reload
Ammunition. The weapon chews through rounds incredibly quickly, so actress ammo chapters lets you stay in the fight for longer without worrying about reloading.

All-time perks for MAC-ten CoD Mobile loadout

CoD Mobile Lightweight perk

  • Red Perk:
  • Green Perk:
  • Blue Perk:
    Dead Silence

The MAC-10 is almost at habitation in close-range encounters, so
heave to your motion speed will let you lot push the enemy team quicker and get straight into the action.

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Fifty-fifty though nosotros’ve picked mags with extra capacity,
is needed for keeping them stocked, as its easy to fire through dozen of rounds in seconds.

Expressionless Silence
will make your footsteps quieter and then yous can easily get the drop on foes and deal with them before they have fourth dimension to react.

How to unlock MAC-ten in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile characters holding weapons

To get your hands on the MAC-10 in CoD Mobile
Flavor 3, all yous take to do is
reach Tier 21 of the Radical Raid Battle Laissez passer.

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Best weapons in CoD Mobile

Luckily, this is one of the tiers available to every player for gratis, and so y’all won’t accept to fork over any cash to grab the latest weapon.

All-time alternatives to MAC-10 in CoD Mobile

If you lot’re looking for a great shut-quarters weapon but the MAC-10 isn’t hitting right, the
is too a fine choice.

However, if you’d prefer a shotgun over an SMG, the fully-automobile
from Mod Warfare are more than effective enough.

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all-time settings for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Epitome credits: Activision