Released for the Nintendo 3DS,

Burn Emblem Fates

is a tactical role-playing run a risk. With this game, players can forge their own fate and play as any character within a form and boxing the other side.

Fire Emblem Fates, at that place are many classes players can choice and choose from to office play equally. Like it is with every game, there are some good classes, some bad classes, and some that are just too great to not even consider. There are many great classes in
Fire Emblem Fates, but only a few can make the top ten. Here are the top 10
ranked that are in
Fire Emblem Fates.


Nohr Nobles

First on this list is the Nohr Noble class. The Nohr Noble is a grade that’s promoted from the Prince/Princess class. This form can wield swords, tomes, and dragonstones. This course can too heave the characters Magic, Speed, and Resistance, but it can also lower their Strength, Skill, and Defense. Overall this is a good class, merely it does come up with its risks.



The Wolfssegner is a combat shapeshifting course. They tin can shift from existence a humanoid to a werewolf-like beast by using Beaststones. Information technology’s most powerful with Strength. It has high stats in Skill, Speed, and Defense, making this course a powerhouse. All this combined with its apply of Beaststone, the Wolfssegner can kill mounted units with utter ease. They are a valuable unit to accept for battle and one that should be used for brute strength.


Kinshi Knight

The Kinshi Knight is a gainsay physical class. They are neat flyers with the added plus of using bows. This lets them attack other flight units with ease. They tin also use lances! When Kinshi Knights attack while they fly, the Air Superiority skill that they have can give them a 30+ bonus to their Striking and Avoid rates.

While their stats are slightly lower than the Falcon Knight grade, this can exist stock-still with strength boosts. This may also be needed since they have less wellness, defense force and speed than that of Falcon Knight.


Falcon Knight

Next on the list is Falcon Knight. The Falcon Knight form is known for their speed, also as their resistance. Considering they take high resistance, their speed tin work wonders at striking down magic-wielding classes. Though they are weaker than the Wyvern Lord, their flying swiftness makes up for it. They are unaffected past terrain movement penalties then this too makes them masters of move. Despite their low HP and defense and being vulnerable to bows, they are a mighty class and shouldn’t exist underestimated since they can wield lances, swords, and staves.

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The Sniper class is a physical class that primarily uses the bow and tin even apply more advanced bows. They possess high skill and speed, with decent forcefulness and defense in

. Because they can use the bow in an Due south-rank, they tin can too use the Pursuer in battle. Because they perfected the bow, their range is defective, but using a Indicate Bare skill lets them do some damage.



Paladin is a mounted class. They are somewhat of knights that employ swords and lances. Paladins have many strong stats, mostly having a loftier resistance. They have skillful endurance for defence, offensive power, and skill and speed. Not to mention good movement.

In addition, the Paladin form tin can aid other classes or characters by blocking enemies or assisting kills. The Paladin form is overall a solid selection and one players tin can’t become wrong with.


Master Ninja

Master Ninja is a combat concrete class and a dangerous ane at that. They accept hidden bonuses and this is wonderful since hidden bonuses can attack up close and at an distance without a penalty likewise as decreasing the opponent’s stats after battle. They besides have relatively high skill and speed. The Main Ninja grade are also useful magic killers. They also take a Lethality skill, which allows them to strike down an enemy instantly. They tin too use swords.

There are downsides, though. They have poor Forcefulness and poor Defense growths so they may exist taken out in a few strikes if they don’t apply helpful additional skills. But don’t let that deter you from how essential the Master Ninja is.



Songstress is a back up class, and the form of grapheme Azura. This grade comes with the Sing ability. The Songstress doesn’t have to rely on others because of their Strength, Speed, and Skill. This lets them defend themselves past dodging hits and punishing enemies. Considering they are a support class, they support allies that are effectually them. Considering this course can support
assault, it comes in at number iii!



Swordmasters is a swift and strong class. Their attacks are just as swift and potent likewise as accurate due to their great Skill and Strength. They are also experts with Speed, allowing them to be ruthless in battle. Their lack of weaknesses make them a valuable class. Their Resistance is rather low, though, and so is their Defence force, but the Weapon Triangle puts bows at a considerable disadvantage against the sword, making it difficult for even the Sniper to accept down.



The Witch class is i of the best classes in

. They concord the highest-capped Magic out of whatever magic-class in the game. They take college Skills and Speeds than Sorcerers and their Magic and Speed grants them to crush any enemy. Though they have an alright defense capability, they tin avoid harm by dodging attacks with their Speed ability, making them i of the craftiest classes in the game.

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