It’s Me Again Margaret Wikipedia

1984 studio album past Ray Stevens

He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens

Studio album

Released Nov 1984
Genre Novelty,
Label MCA Records
(Cassette (MCAC-25047), LP (MCA-5517)
Producer Ray Stevens
Ray Stevens


He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens Collection


He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens‘ xx-first studio album and his outset for
MCA Records, released in
1984. The front of the album cover shows Stevens spoofing French emperor
Napoleon Bonaparte. Information technology was recorded in an effort to reestablish Stevens equally a comic singer subsequently a menstruation in the early on 1980s when he had focused mainly on serious material.

The track “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” was the biggest hit from this album, reaching No. 20 on Hot Country Singles (now
Hot State Songs) in early 1985. Stevens uses comic storytelling to frame what occurs when a young adolescent boy catches a squirrel (while visiting his grandmother in
Pascagoula, Mississippi), brings it into church, where several self-righteous members – including 1 in particular with sinful secrets to hide – are prominent members, and the squirrel breaks loose from a box the male child has kept it in. Every bit the squirrel wreaks havoc, several members admit to their fellow congregation members their faults, and past song’s cease they all make a vow to change.

“Furthermore” is a re-recording and partial rewrite of Stevens’ 1962 single of the same proper noun, this fourth dimension washed as a more serious downwardly-tempo
land music
slice. “The Monkees (Theme From)” is a cover of the theme vocal to

The Monkees

just sung by Ray in wide High german dialects nether the guise of two fictional singers, Wolfgang and Fritzy. “It’s Me Again, Margaret” is a cover of a
Paul Craft
song about an obscene phone caller. “Ned Nostril” is a parody of
Johnny Cash
and borrows motifs from Cash’s “I Walk the Line” and “Folsom Prison house Blues“; the song gets regular
on the
novelty showcase

Music to Go to the Dump By
. “Erik the Awful” is done in the fashion of Stevens’southward before hit, “Ahab the Arab“, with a
marauder as the subject. “Happy Hour” is a somewhat more serious number in which a couple who had lots of fun when drunk, but when the other partner sobers up and recognizes their self-destructive behavior, he remains in denial about his problem; Stevens plays the songs for laughs, such every bit (in video performances) putting on clown makeup as he sings.

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The album was re-released on Cassette Record and
on August 15, 1992 (MCAC/MCAD-20688), titled

Mississippi Squirrel Revival
. The cassette featured this album’south beginning eight tracks in a unlike order, whereas the CD contained all x of this album’s songs and in the aforementioned order equally on this album.

Track listing


Side 1
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “I’m Kissin’ You Goodbye” Ray Stevens three:09
2. “It’south Me Over again, Margaret” Paul Craft 3:26
3. Mississippi Squirrel Revival Cyrus “Buddy” Kalb, Carlene Kalb three:42
4. “Ned Nostril (And His South Seas Paradise, Puts Your Dejection on Ice, Cheap at Twice the Toll Band — Ikky-Ikky, Ukky-Ukky)” Stevens 4:xi
v. “Fred” Lee Cheney 2:40
Full length: 17:08
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
i. “Erik the Atrocious” B. Calb, C. Kalb, Stevens 4:35
ii. The Monkees (Theme From) Tommy Boyce,
Bobby Hart
iii. “Joggin B. Calb, C. Calb 3:39
iv. “Happy Hr (Is the Saddest Time of the Mean solar day)” Mike Neun four:05
5. “Furthermore” Stevens 2:52
Total length: 18:20



  • Ray Stevens – pb vocals, backing vocals (i-ix), keyboards and synthesizers (one, 2, three, 5-ix)
  • Rodger Morris – keyboards and synthesizers (4, 10)
  • Mark Casstevens – rhythm guitars
  • Steve Gibson – electric guitars,
  • Stuart Keathley – bass
  • Jack Williams – bass
  • Jerry Carrigan
    – drums (1, 2, 3, 5-10)
  • James Stroud
    – drums (4)
  • Terry McMillan

  • Lisa Argent –
    dabble, backing vocals
  • The Nashville String Car
    – strings
  • Diane Tidwell – backing vocals
  • Wendy Suits – backing vocals (1-9)
  • Sheri Huffman – backing vocals (10)
  • Alan Moore – backing vocals (10)
  • Hurshel Wiginton – backing vocals (10)
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  • Ray Stevens – producer, arrangements
  • Stuart Keathley – engineer
  • Jeff Adamoff – art direction
  • Nib Brunt – graphics
  • Slick Lawson – photography
  • Susan Scott – photo coordinator
  • Recorded at Ray Stevens Studio (Nashville, TN).
  • Mastered at Masterfonics (Nashville, TN).





Year Single Peak positions
United states of america Land CAN Country
1985 “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” 20 32
1985 “It’s Me Again, Margaret” 74



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    He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens
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