Manage Insider Preview builds beyond your organization

If you lot’re an ambassador, yous can manage installations of Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds across multiple devices in your organization using Group Policy, MDM solutions such every bit Intune, Configuration Managing director, or Windows Server Update Services.

Register your domain

First, annals your Azure Active Directory domain through our website. By registering your domain, y’all won’t have to annals each device or user in the program and can prepare important policies around preview builds.

To annals your domain:

  • You must already be registered with the piece of work email accost tied to your Azure Active Directory (AAD) Global Administrator account.
    Learn more than about registering with your work electronic mail accost.
  • Information technology must exist in Azure Agile Directory. Nosotros don’t support Agile Directory on premises in the Windows Insider Program.
  • Use a production tenant of AAD, not a test tenant, to make the most of the program. The AAD tenant is just used for authentication, and so you won’t need to worry about changes to it from the the program.

Join devices to Azure Active Directory

To receive Insider Preview builds, devices must be joined to the same AAD domain that y’all used to register with the program.

  1. To join individual devices, get to

    Access piece of work or school
    , select
    Join this device to Azure Agile Directory, and log in with your AAD account. Get more detailed instructions for this on
    Microsoft Azure Docs.

  2. If yous take your organization’s devices attached to Active Directory Domain Services, yous can besides majority import all of them with
    Azure Advert Connect.

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Get more than help with a detailed walkthrough of joining your device to your organization’s network.

Choose your diagnostic information settings

Your privacy is important to us. But, to run Insider Preview builds on a device updating directly from Windows Update, y’all must permit us to run into a certain amount of diagnostic data, so we tin can investigate issues you might see.

Learn more about diagnostic data and configuring it for your organization.

Create and manage policies

You tin utilize Windows Update for Business organization (Group Policy or Mobile Device Direction (MDM) tools, such every bit Intune,) or Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) tools, such as Configuration Manager, to control how and when Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds are installed on devices in your organization.

Fix Insider Preview builds using Group Policy

  1. In the Group Policy Management Panel (GPMC), create a Group Policy Object and add it to the Organizational Unit that has the devices you want to manage in it.

  2. Go to
    Computer Configuration
    Administrative Templates
    Windows Components
    Data Collection and Preview Builds
    Allow Telemetry.

  3. Inside
    Let Telemetry, select the Enabled radio button. Under Options, set the dropdown to 3 – Total, and apply.

  4. Go to
    Computer Configuration
    Authoritative Templates
    Windows Components
    Windows Update
    Windows Update for Concern
    and open up
    Manage preview builds.

  5. Inside
    Manage preview builds, select the Enabled radio button, and use. (Nether the
    Enable preview builds
    dropdown, you tin also prevent installation on selected devices or set it to stop Insider Preview builds one time a release is public.)

  6. Become back to
    Computer Configuration
    Authoritative Templates
    Windows Components
    Windows Update
    Windows Update for Business
    and open
    Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received.

  7. Within
    Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received, select the Enabled radio button. Under
    Options, choose the channel you’d like to get Insider Preview builds from the dropdown. (Yous can likewise choose to defer or pause builds here.)

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Larn more virtually using Group Policy to configure Windows Update for Business concern.

Gear up Insider Preview builds using Intune

  1. Log in to the
    Azure portal
    and select

  2. Get to
    Software Updates
    Windows x Update Rings
    and select
    + Create
    to make an Update Band policy.

  3. Add a proper noun and select the
    section to configure its settings.

Intune Update Ring Settings

  1. Under
    Servicing Channel, choose the channel y’all want to receive Insider Preview builds from.

  2. Under
    Feature update deferral period, yous can besides choose to defer Insider Preview builds for a sure number of days after a release.

  3. Select
    to comfirm your settings.

  4. Select
    to save the policy.

  5. Go to
    and assign your policy to specific users, devices or groups. You lot can create groups with 1 or more users or devices in Intune under

  6. Select
    to deploy your new policy to these users, devices, or groups.

Learn more near managing software updates in Intune.

Gear up Insider Preview builds using other MDM service providers

To set up Insider Preview builds through other MDM service providers, utilise these CSP settings:

Learn more about configuring CSPs in MDM.

Ready up Insider Preview builds using Configuration Manager

  1. In the
    tab of
    Software Update Indicate Component Properties, select the checkbox next to
    Windows Insider Pre-Release. Select

Selecting the Windows Insider Pre-Release checkbox in Software Update Point Component Properties.


While this pick will be visible on every version of Configuration Manager, you must exist running Configuration Manager, version 1906 or newer to select it.

  1. If yous already manage your organization’south deployments using Configuration Manager, get to
    Software Library
    Windows x Servicing
    All Windows x Updates
    to use the aforementioned procedure you currently employ to deploy Windows 10 feature updates. In the list of
    All Windows 10 Updates, you lot’ll see an choice for
    Windows Insider Pre-release Feature Update to Windows ten Version 1909.
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Choosing and deploying Windows Insider Pre-release Feature Update to Windows 10 Version 1909 from All Windows 10 Updates.

  1. Deploy the release the aforementioned way you lot would whatsoever other feature update.

Gear up Insider Preview builds with Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

  1. From
    Products and Classifications
    in WSUS, cheque the
    Windows Insider Pre-release Product and Upgrades. Sync WSUS.

  2. Once the sync completes and shows up on the WSUS console, corroborate it for the reckoner group y’all want the update deployed to, and deploy as you would whatever other update.

Confirm installations

Once a policy has been set, restart the device to activate the policy. So, to confirm that your policies have been gear up correctly, get to

Update & Security
Windows Update

on one of the targeted devices and select
View configured update policies.

You tin can also check this key in the Registry Editor on the device:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate

Devices prepare to receive an Insider Preview build evidence:

  • BranchReadinessLevel = 2 (Dev Aqueduct), 4 (Beta Channel) or 8 (Release Preview Channel)

  • ManagePreviewBuilds = one

Screenshot of Windows Update for Business values in Registry Editor.