Super Smash Bros Ultimate features a growing roster of more than fourscore fighters in the game. The DLCs are expanding the graphic symbol roster, and as a issue, new fighters are existence added every year since 2018. The growing library of characters is the reason for diversity in playstyle, gameplay value, and overall game appeal. Moreover, not all fighters play out the same, and that is why nosotros have curated a
Smash Ultimate tier listing
to categorize the fighters based on their performance in the game.

The five tiers we choose to categorize the game’southward vast character pool are based on how we recollect each character fits into a respective tier. We spent a reasonable amount of time with each fighter, and this tier ranking reflects a blend of our perception and experience about each character. When it comes to ranking Super Blast Bros Ultimate fighters, nosotros understand that everyone’s viewpoint differs. That is why the tier ranking we’ve put up is entirely based on our taste and experience and is not up for discussion or criticism.

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All the fighters belonging to the Southward-ranking Smash tier listing are the absolute best in the game. Their learning curve is not hard and is easy to master also. Winning matches online and offline is non challenging while playing with these fighters in Super Nail Bros Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Southward-Tier List


Joker is past far the best character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. His fighting style heavily relies on combos, and he has cracking mobility on the ground and reasonable aeriform command. Moreover, his combos are given an advantage by Arsene, which effectively increases Joker’s overall damage.


Pikachu is another excellent fighter in the game. The about pregnant attribute nigh this fighter is that his hitbox is considerably small compared to other fighters falling in the same category. Pikachu is not easy to hitting. Moreover, he has the best aerial recovery, giving him a more pregnant reward to come up dorsum. Other than that, Pikachu has got fast basis speed, and his thunder jolt projectile is a pretty useful attack.


Palutenia is an splendid fighter for a zoning playstyle. It is because she has got fast air and nuance speed. Moreover, Palutenia has also got fast aerial attacks with less landing lag, giving her more time to become out of invulnerable spots. Nearly of her attacks accept great range and are very powerful.

Zero Suit Samus

Zero Adapt Samus is one of the fighters who possess excellent mobility in the Super Nail Bros Ultimate. Not only has she got a fast dash on the ground, but Zero Suit Samus has also got a fantastic aerial game every bit well. She can mix upwards her combos and have multiple KO setups. Her down blast and paralyzer are powerful and can stun/paralyze opponents, giving enough time to state more combos.

Peach (Daisy)

Even though Peach has a irksome fall and airspeed, she makes up for information technology in the combos and recovery department. Not only does she have a expert set of combos on the ground, but Peach tin besides execute and mix-up aerial combos. Her horizontal recovery and the ability to float sometimes become a life saver.


Wolf is another excellent fighter in the South-rank
Nail Ultimate tier list. His blasters are ane of the many reasons he is an ideal selection in the game. Wolf’s blasters fire a laser that has a long duration and lands a powerful attack. His blasters also deal a proficient corporeality of hitting stun damage and can knock back opponents pretty apace. Other than that, Wolf’s air game is by far the all-time in Super Boom Bros Ultimate.


Mario is a very well-balanced fighter in the game when it comes to switching between offensive or defensive strategies on the fly in a fight. He is an excellent shut gainsay fighter. Considering of the fast frame data associated with Mario, nigh of his moves terminate quickly are also fast plenty while startup. Moreover, he is the perfect fighter to learn and primary the game for beginners and professionals.


Snake is improve suited for a zoning and camping ground playstyle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. His jab, mitt grenade, dorsum aerial, downwardly aerial, downward smash, and many other movesets accept very fast startups. Other than that, Serpent has also got a very powerful knockback and many options to KO an opponent. Moreover, taking him out is not as piece of cake as the fighter has high survivability due to the heavyweight.

Pyra & Mythra

Pyra and Mythra are two in one fighter who take the same standard attacks. However, their overall impairment output, specials, and how they play out in specific scenarios are entirely dissimilar. Pyra is a heavy hitter fighter whose basic to avant-garde attacks are powerful, but they slow the fighter downward. On the other hand, Mythra is an active fighter with versatile philharmonic moves to misfile opponents.

Pokémon Trainer

Pokemon Trainer is another excellent choice when it comes to confusing opponents by dealing unpredictable moves. This is one of the many advantages the fighter has in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The ability of the Pokemon trainer to switch Pokemon on the wing makes the fighter highly unpredictable. Hence nearly of the fourth dimension, the opponent will non know whether to attack or defend and will about likely use a shield. Also, the Pokemon change can be made while mid-air, making the overall combat of the fighter highly dynamic in nature.

Mr. Game & Watch

The most significant advantage Mr. Game & Watch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate has is that he has the lowest hunker in the game, assuasive the fighter to contrivance most of the incoming attacks. Mr. Game & Watch’south well-nigh of the smash attacks pack a heavy punch, and he has some of the powerful KO options to execute while fighting a i-versus-one fight.


Lucina is another excellent fighter with incredible mobility, disjointed reach, and gives an opponent good pressure. One of the many good things about this fighter is that her disjointed accomplish allows her to disrupt an enemy’s attacks and launch attacks quickly. Lucina’s Dancing Blade move offers a corking source of harm dealing and combo starter. Other than that, her Dolphin Slash acts every bit an out of shield selection, which is too peachy to surprise the enemy.


Also Joker, R.O.B is probably the just fighter in our Due south-ranking of
smash tier list
who is the all-time at horizontal and vertical recovery. Since R.O.B has a very high weight by design in the game, giving the robot extra recovery makes it a great fighter in the game. Other than that, R.O.B tin can use its Arm Rotor equally a reflector likewise, simply in case the shield is depleted. The robot as well comes with two projectile-based attacks that are an excellent choice for zoning playstyle.


Shulk is the master of attacking opponents from a distance cheers to Monado’due south energy blade extending ability. He has a very high weight which makes launching him into the air by opponents a challenging task. Besides that, using the Monado Arts, Shulk can amplify his overall performance and come up out of difficult situations.


Like Shulk, Wario is besides a heavy-weight fighter in Super Nail Bros Ultimate. Every bit a upshot, launching him into the air is not that easy. Due to his very loftier weight, Wario has good survivability every bit he is not that easy to knockback. Other than that, Wario has excellent air acceleration and a good movement speed. The Wario Waft is an extraordinary KO move of Wario that makes him an overpowered fighter in certain situations.

Min Min

Min Min is dandy at doing ranged attacks using her ARM attacks. She has a tether grab which can be used using both ARMS. Nonetheless, Min Min does not take a decent range at this assault type. She is a decent fighter, particularly in the current meta, which brought a few changes and made her a not bad fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


Sephiroth, from Final Fantasy Vii, uses his iconic sword called Masamune, which is the longest blade in the game. He is besides the lightest fighter in the game, which makes him launching into the air much easier than other fighters. Even so, during his winged form, Sephiroth gains super armor and a third mid-air spring, compensating for being a less-recoverable fighter in Super Blast Bros Ultimate.


For a swordfighter, Roy is an excellent pick in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. His shut combat game is strong as his combos are powerful the close he is to an opponent. Moreover, Roy’s counterattack is also a very powerful move that can deal practiced impairment. His down aerial tin meteor nail an opponent, essentially knocking them back.

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Pac-Human is another great fighter in our S-ranking of
tier list. When it comes to mixing playstyle between rushdown and zoner, this fighter is a perfect fit for it. Moreover, he has multiple recovery methods to become back to the stage. Pac-Human being is a pretty agile fighter on the basis as well as aerial.

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The A-tier fighters are very close to the South-tier ones. Yet, they have at to the lowest degree 1 or two flaws, so they are not the absolute best in the game. Regardless of it, dominating fights online and offline is relatively easy with A-tier fighters.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate A-Tier List


Sonic has the fastest nuance speed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Most of his fighting style involves basic moves to advanced combos on the basis and aerial attacks; he also has practiced tilt attacks, footing, and aerials. Sonic’s downwardly aerial can land a meteor smash attack on an enemy. His Spin Charge and Spin Dash are the all-time special moves most players use while zoning opponents.


Fox is another excellent option when information technology comes to combo versatility, astonishing horizontal and vertical recovery, and getting in and out of combat. His attacks are very fast in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Play a joke on has one of the most potent Upwards Blast attacks. He has a rapid-firing equalizer to bargain ranged damage on an opponent, making him a great fighter at close gainsay and at range equally well.


Chrom is a keen swordfighter in the game equally he has a practiced combo game and loftier agility on the basis and aerial. His counterattack allows the fighter to retaliate. Moreover, when it comes to pressuring an enemy, Chrom’s aeriform attacks are the go-to movesets. The greatest strength of the fighter is the powerful attacks, basic and advanced. Still, Chrom is strictly a close combat fighter, so he may not exist a great fit for players who look for a ranged fighter.


Inkling is another great fighter in the A-ranking Smash Ultimate Best characters. She can buff her damage whenever she inks an opponent and afterwards deals actress damage. Inkling also uses the ink to slow the opponent’due south motility as she sprays the ground with ink. Even so, she does not consumes ink whenever she super jumps. The but drawback related to Inkling is that she needs to regenerate ink which takes time and is non a sound strategy fighting brawling one-versus-one with an opponent.

Immature Link

Young Link is slightly ameliorate than Link in terms of smaller hitbox and a great tether. His arrows, while hitting an enemy, deal fire damage. Other than that, Young Link’s bombs detonate automatically. His down aeriform attack can also falling star smash an enemy. The but problem with Immature Link is that he does non state a smashing knockback assail range on an enemy. It makes doing KO a tad bit hard while playing with Young Link.

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is another expert fighter in Super Blast Bros Ultimate. Virtually of his attacks accept a decent range and can maintain a distance while attacking the opponent. Diddy Kong can juggle and land good combos in the air, making him an excellent selection for aerial fighter playstyle. By using his Rocketbarrel Boost, the fighter can recover by projecting himself in a particular trajectory.


One of the many strengths of Cloud is that he can double jump and reach a greater height than almost fighters in the game. His Special and Smash attacks are powerful and can KO an opponent during the mid-game if used properly. Cloud is amazing in close combat. Still, the Buster Sword allows the fighter to deal a ranged assault as well. The only downside is that he gets a bad recovery if his limit is not agile while fighting an opponent.


Ness is an excellent pick for the players who want to pressure opponents consistently. It is because he has a practiced combo and ranged attacks game. The best part well-nigh the fighter is that his take hold of attack can KO an opponent at low percentages. Since Ness is a small-sized fighter, he has a small hitbox. His aerial game is more substantial than the ground i.


Greninja has splendid agility on the ground equally well equally in the air. If used correct, he tin can confuse enemies using his swift movement speed and philharmonic mix-ups. Another significant aspect of Greninja is that he has got the best recovery in Super Nail Bros Ultimate. Using his Hydro Pump, he covers the vertical distance and the horizontal distance via Shadow Sneak. Other than that, Greninja has also got cracking edge-guarding.


Olimar uses v different kinds of Pikmin to confuse opponents. He has a good catch range and can build upward percentage quickly by mixing Pikmin and grab-based attacks. Pikim attacks as well act as ranged damage since Olimar does not have to be nigh an opponent to country the damage directly. Other than that, the fighter also has a good recovery, making him overall a better fighter.


Terry is a heavyweight fighter in the A-rank
Nail Ultimate tier list. Due to his high weight, he is not like shooting fish in a barrel to launch in the air for aeriform combos. Besides, Terry has practiced survivability because of his high weight. Moreover, his projectiles are powerful enough to pressure an opponent into getting close. The but downside is that Terry must be over 100% percent to use his Super Specials.


Steve is a DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Overall, he is a decent close combat fighter and does non do much-ranged harm. Simply like in Minecraft, Steve can craft and get together materials in Super Boom Bros Ultimate also. Although, the availability of resources is dependant on the type of stage as well. This puts the fighter at a severe disadvantage in a location with only one gatherable resource.

Mega Human

Mega Man in Super Boom Bros Ultimate relies heavily on projectile-based attacks. For this reason lone, he is an fantabulous option when information technology comes to zoning opponents. Since he is a small-sized fighter, he has got a small hitbox. Mega Man tin also mix upwardly a diverseness of multi and single-hit attacks.


Yoshi’south fighting style revolves around landing philharmonic attacks on the opponent. He is a very active fighter in the air and on the ground both. Nigh Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters have meteor smash on down smash; Yoshi has it on forwards aerial. Despite all the advantages, the fighter does non have good vertical recovery.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is yet some other groovy fighter in the A-rank tier list. He has an first-class running speed which tin exist used at an advantage to confuse the opponent. Nearly of Captain Falcon’s attacks have minimal ending and landing lag while executing aerial-based attacks. He also has versatile KO moves, which can exist executed during mid-percentage.


Sora is a neat addition as the concluding DLC character in Super Boom Bros Ultimate. He has a floaty playstyle, and his swift aerial movements thanks to air drift lets him observe openings or bait out options. As such, he has limitless return potential and tin can make it back from almost anywhere on phase. Sora’southward ground movement and speed is also decent, and his Keyblade lets him use ranged attacks in the form of spells. Sora is positioned as somewhat of a zoner with strong anti-air capabilities. He as well offers great mix-ups against shields. Sora’s advantage state with his aerials and cancels really sets him autonomously. Conversely, this fighter is light and hence can die early on if players are non careful.


Pichu is the small-sized fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Due to his low height, he tin can avoid most of the incoming attacks pretty chop-chop. Pichu besides has a small hit box, which makes hitting the fighter tad more difficult than the heavy ones. His small size likewise comes with a few disadvantages; he is easy to KO and has little endurance.


Ken is an fantabulous close combat fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He has got above-boilerplate agility which is decent for a melee combat-focused fighter. His Heavy Shoryuken is an splendid kill pick while fighting in a one-versus-one scenario. The only downside with Ken is that his recovery is predictable, which virtually opponents can exploit.

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Link uses a diverseness of close combat to range-based attacks, making him a versatile fighter in our A-rank
Blast tier listing. He is also a heavy-weight fighter which is good for increased survivability. Link’s attacks are pretty much counterbalanced, and they pressure level an opponent to maintain a distance.

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All the fighters that come up in the B-tier category perform more or less shut to A-tier characters. However, they have two or more flaws attached to their playstyle, which weighs down the overall potential and performance of the fighters.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate B-Tier List


Sheik has a diversity of combos and expert agility in Super Nail Bros Ultimate. Most of his attacks have a minimal startup or end lag. Sheik even has an excellent jump superlative. Other than smash attacks, he does non have a good number of kill options.

Samus (Dark Samus)

Samus has bully recovery as he can tether the surface. He is a heavy fighter in the game, which has the longest take hold of. Dark Samus’s Bombs attack allows the graphic symbol to hover in the air for a while, which is an fantabulous setup for recovery and attack both.


Bowser is probably the heaviest fighter in
Super Boom Bros Ultimate. He is a close-combat fighter whose attacks are immensely powerful. Bowser’due south Smash attack can KO an enemy at half or beneath percentages. Non just is he a great brawler in the game, only he besides has a decent grab range.


Falco is an agile fighter in executing combos and overall motility speed on the ground and air. He is a good close-combat fighter with skillful combo setups. Other than that, he as well has a blaster to deal with ranged projectile-based attacks. Since he is a lightweight fighter, he can be launched in the air pretty easily.


For a sword fighter, Ike is a high damage heavyweight player in the B-rank
Smash tier list. Non merely tin he execute decent combos on the basis, but he can besides do the same in air. Since he is a heavyweight fighter, launching and doing KO on him will not be easy. However, he also has pretty bad recovery.


Luigi has a boring autumn speed which allows the fighter to deal aeriform combos efficiently. He has got a good variety of combos on the basis and in air both. Luigi uses equipment for offense and defense purposes. He also has a tether grab; all the same, it can latch onto the ledges.


Kazuya has a lot of moves and proficient combat power. He shines in his combo games with a very extensive combo tree that lets him rapidly concatenation up multiple attacks. Moreover, Kazuya excels when grounded thanks to his excellent movement options, including Crouch Dash. However, Kazuya’s attacks mostly have less range. He also does not practise well in aerial capabilities due to limitations such equally a short jump acme and slow double jump. Because of this, he remains a irksome character overall who can go overwhelmed against more mobile fighters, although he does pack a punch when he is in his element.


Hero uses a shield to block incoming projectiles. His combos are good for close combat; nonetheless, Hocus Pocus and Metal Slash attacks sometimes depend on the state of affairs. Hero has an fantabulous vertical recovery while he is at full accuse.


Ryu has got a variety of combo moves to mix upward and misfile an opponent. He has decent agility in the air and on the ground. Most of his attacks take minimal ending lag, which is perfect for chaining more combo attacks.

Wii Fit Trainer

Similar Ryu, Wii Fit Trainer also has decent agility and minimal lag while executing attacks. The downside with the fighter is that he is lightweight and has a pretty bad grab range.

Rosalina & Luma

Rosalina & Luma are large, lightweight, and active fighters in Super Blast Bros Ultimate. They have a decent zoning capability to apply pressure on an opponent. Nevertheless, managing both fighters on the fly requires skill and command, which tin can sometimes become frustrating.

Mii Brawler

Mii Brawler is much better than other Mii fighters, and that is why he sits in the B-rank
tier listing. They are better suited for close-combat fighting style since they practice non take decent projectile-based range attacks.

Toon Link

Since Toon Link wields a sword, about, if not all, of his attacks have disjointed hitboxes, making the fighter a good choice for melee encounters. His downward aeriform does a Falling star Smash attack on an enemy. Toon Link’due south throw is arguable the strongest in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


Like Toon Link, Marth as well wields a sword and therefore has disjointed attacks. His sword does high knockback and combo damage. Marth has got a variety of combo attacks to pressure an enemy.


As a DLC fighter, Byleth fighters accept got strong offensive and defensive game. They can do shield damage on an opponent using the down aerial and down smash assault. They accept a brusque grab range and poor horizontal recovery.


Lucas is not only an active fighter just also deals heavy damage on an opponent. He has an above-average zoning playstyle as well. Lucas has a good number of combos and powerful smash attacks.


Since Corrin is a sword fighter, about of his attacks have disjointed hitboxes, giving the fighter more room to continue combo or evade. A proficient number of his attacks launch the opponent into the air, giving the fighter more opportunities for the aerial game.

Banjo & Kazooie

About of the hitboxes are associated with Banjo, while Kazooie does non take one except for Talon Trot. This gives the fighter more room to assail an opponent without worrying well-nigh being attacked dorsum. Banjo & Kazooie tin also do 3 jumps, which are bang-up for recovery.


Bayonetta is a fantastic fighter in the B-rank
Nail Ultimate tier list
for close and ranged gainsay style. She has a proficient ground and aerial game, and her grab attack has got a loftier range. Bayonetta’s throws can too exist connected to smash attacks.

Duck Chase

Duck Hunt’due south trick shot attack is excellent for setting traps and is too a projectile-based assail. The Wild Gunmen is to maintain distance. The downside with Duck Hunt is that they are lightweight and can easily exist launched by a mid-to-heavy fighter.

Meta Knight

Like Kirby, Meta Knight, too, has got six jumps with not plenty overall height. The fighter wields a sword which gives him much better range than other fighters of the same universe. Meta Knight has got excellent combos and multi-striking attacks.


Mewtwo has above-boilerplate agility, which is evident from its incredible dash speed and air dodging. Using the backward aerial, teleport, and Shadow Brawl, the fighter can achieve a good recovery and is hard to counter.


Robin is an excellent pick for a ranged impairment dealer playstyle. He/she also has a expert grab range. Since Robin has ranged combos, the fighter is excellent pick of zoning and putting pressure on the enemy.


Villager has an to a higher place-average knockback attack, and he can KO an enemy if the pct is more 55%. He likewise has decent vertical and horizontal recovery.


Zelda overall is a decent and reliable fighter in the game. Even so, she has but a express number of combos that are effective confronting a mid to high-weight opponent.

Mii Gunner

Mii Gunner is a ranged fighter in the B-rank
tier list. He is great at putting force per unit area on an enemy to get close. However, Mii Gunner does not have great close combat setups.

Water ice Climbers

Water ice Climbers utilise their equipment for offensive and recovery measures. They have a decent bound height. Nevertheless, Ice Climbers lack expert horizontal air movement. Moreover, if Nana dies, Popo will also die.

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All the fighters coming under C-tier are below-average performers in the game. They have circuitous combo mechanics, and nigh, if non all, attacks are not effective besides.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate C-Tier List

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr has a stiff zoning playstyle which makes this fighter a great pick confronting mid-sized opponents. He too has good combo variety, and if they are used right, it can confuse an opponent. Unfortunately, an enemy tin selection up Bowser Jr’s Mechakoopa and attack back at the fighter. He likewise has pretty low range on some of his attacks. Since Bowser Jr’southward attacks and combos utilize a diverseness of weapons, opponents tin hands predict the incoming attacks and play out accordingly.

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Simon (Richter)

Simon’due south whip-based attacks let him to deal damage from a distance, and the weapon is besides used to tether and recover pretty easily. Players tin utilise the axe to attack an enemy that is straight above the fighter. Simon’due south holy water-based attacks burn an enemy, dealing small impairment over time. Despite the great usage of the whip for the recovery, Simon does not have a lot of setups to recover. Moreover, his overall mobility is as well low.


Ridley is a large-sized lightweight fighter. He comes with three jumps which cover a decent amount of height. Most of Ridley’s attacks and combos utilize the fighter’s tail, which is why he has skilful ranged-attacks setups. He is as well an excellent option when it comes to edge-guarding. Unfortunately, despite the advantages, the fighter’southward lightweight and size weigh him down; his hitbox is large and can be launched hands due to low weight.

Mii Swordfighter

Mii Swordfighter is an average fighter in the C-rank
Nail Ultimate tier listing. Nigh of his attacks and combos are focused on shut combat. However, he also comes with a few projectiles-based attacks, which makes the fighter the best of both worlds. Other than that, Mii Swordfighter is lightweight and is piece of cake to launch and knockback, especially at a mid-to-high range of per centum buildups.

Piranha Establish

Piranha Plant is a decent fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Most of his basic to advanced attacks connect well and deal good damage on an opponent. Piranha Plant has a proficient recovery and stalls it as well using the downwardly special, side special, and neutral special moves. However, regardless of the many skilful things nearly the fighter, his low agility, slow melee, and projectile attacks counterbalance him down.

Pit (Nighttime Pit)

Pit and Dark Pit are less popular characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The major divergence between them is the fact that Pit has weaker but more agile and controllable arrows. The fighters take good off-stage gameplay, since they tin can edge guard well and recover from anywhere on the screen. This makes them strong due to their stalling power. Pit can also use a reflector that acts equally a double-sided shield. Moreover, their grabs transition well into aerials, lending credibility to their take hold of game. The weaker arrows are skilful against opponents that take relatively slower recoveries since it is hard to contrivance. Conversely, Dark Pit’due south arrows also has some kill power behind it, and provide good stage command. The Up Tilt also allows for effective juggling. However, Pit lacks power and speed, which is something that holds him back.

Rex G. Rool

One of the few good things about Rex K. Rool is that, like Bowser, he too has the highest weight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This is why launching this fighter into the air or landing a knockback attack is challenging. King K. Rool’s downwards aerial and back aeriform attack can shooting star boom an opponent. He also has 2 long projectiles, which becomes constructive to deport out attacks from a decent range. However, even though Male monarch Thousand. Rool has got belly super armor, information technology does not resist the grabs. Also, the speed of projectiles is considerably deadening.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a high-weight fighter who deals powerful close combat and knockback attacks. Due to his long arms, the fighter has a good range of attacks. Not only his attacks are strong, Donkey Kong has also got powerful throws, making his movesets pretty good for a heavy fighter. Other than that, since he is a big-size fighter, he has a large hitbox. Moreover, Donkey Kong does not have whatever projectile-based attacks any.


Kirby’s strength lies in his pocket-sized-sized appearance, six jumps, and low crouch. All these reasons give the fighter advantage in a fight, but they also come up with disadvantages. Kirby is a lightweight fighter, making him easy to launch in the air and tin also be KO chop-chop. Even though he has got a high number of jumps, the overall elevation is not up to the marker. Also, Kirby does not have decent range while attacking an enemy.


Like Kirby, Jigglypuff is also some other lightweight fighter who is like shooting fish in a barrel to KO. He can jump six times in the air, but the overall height achieved past the jumps is not decent. Kirby’s Sing and Rest are two effective means to KO an opponent if the fighter has a high per centum. Even though the airspeed of the fighter is above-average, he is pretty slow on the ground.

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All the fighters belonging to the D-rank
Smash Ultimate tier list
are hard to learn. They also do not offer much to the tabular array, and mastering their moveset and setups to beat the fighters of college tiers is a challenge.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate D-Tier List


Lucario can deal powerful harm and deal a high damage output knockback attack at college percentages build of his own by using the Aureola mechanic. He likewise has terrific edge-guarding moves, giving him enough room to recover. However, Lucario is a pretty weak fighter without his Aura and higher percentage buildup. Moreover, he too has a pretty bad recovery if his percentage is non high.

Rex Dedede

Rex Dedede has a very powerful smash and dash attack that can plow the tide of a fight if used properly. Other than that, he has very high weight, making it difficult for an opponent to launch King Dedede into the air. The increased weight also gives the fighter high survivability. Unfortunately, due to loftier frames, King Dedede has got a big hitbox that makes the fighter easy to land damage. Other than that, he is not an agile grapheme on the footing and aerial both.


1 of the greatest strengths of Isabelle is that using Balloon Trip, she gets recovery speedily, and the Lloid Trap allows the fighter to keep an enemy at bay from her. She has pretty functional zoning abilities and a useful counter-assault. However, she is very lightweight, and hence Isabelle is piece of cake to knock back or launched into the air. She also does not have projectiles which tin can get frustrating while playing with her.


Incineroar has depression mobility, but he makes up for information technology in the frames department. He is also very high in weight which increases his take chances of survivability a tad bit better than other lightweight fighters in our D-ranking fighters in our
Smash Ultimate tier list. However, like Isabelle, Incineroar also does not have any projectiles to attack enemies. He, also, like her, relies heavily on close gainsay to bargain damage on opponents.


Despite being one of the high damaging fighters in Super Boom Bros Ultimate, Ganondorf suffers terribly because of the worst recovery system. Moreover, since he has an extremely high weight, information technology is as well why he has got the tedious movement speed on the ground and in the air. Ganondorf suffers from ranged attacks too, and to attack an enemy, he must rely on shut combat simply.

Dr. Mario

Unlike Mario, a elevation-tier fighter in the game, Dr. Mario suffers heavily in the philharmonic department; the former has more philharmonic variety than the latter. Other than that, Dr. Mario, like Ganondorf, is besides weighed down by the worst recovery system in the game. He can be edge-guarded pretty easily, making him vulnerable to incoming combo attacks. On top of that, since Dr. Mario is a pocket-size-sized character, he has ho-hum speed compared to his counterparts of the same size fighters.

Little Mac

Little Mac is a heavy hitter only does not take plenty punch from the opponent due to its low weight. He is a poor fighter when it comes to approaching an opponent via aerial-based attacks. Furthermore, like most fighters in our D-tier, Little Mac too suffers from poor recovery. On the bright side, his K.O punches can not exist shielded and striking an opponent hard. Piffling Mac’s smash attacks besides grant the fighter super armor whenever it lands on an enemy.

That is pretty much everything you need to know almost the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier list. We will update the tier listing equally soon as new fighters join the roster and nosotros get hands-on experience. Till so, this tier ranking will exercise.

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