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One TikToker wanted to cash in her 3,900 Dave & Buster’south tickets for a prissy prize but discovered that her local store had none of the big ticket items it advertised.

“I knew that the prizes were just overpriced pieces of junk,” the TikToker @ashzelda, or Ash, prefaced the video. “That’s just the name of the game. Merely I thought that they at least existed, and they don’t.”

She continued by explaining that she and her partner had been frequenting their local Dave & Buster’s since getting vaccinated in May. They were competing with each other to see who could win enough tickets to get a “Game Over” light first. On Th, Ash got to the target three,900 tickets needed for the light and attempted to redeem her coveted prize at the “Winner’s Circle.” She said it was “the lowest value item in the case.”

“At the dorsum of the Dave & Buster’s prize store, there are glass cases and they have all the high value ticket items,” Ash explained. “So [the light] is like the lowest value, loftier value ticket item. They have similar 100,000 tickets for a Roomba or 400,000 tickets for a VR headset. That was in there.”

Ash said that the Winner’s Circumvolve worker apologized and said they didn’t accept the calorie-free in stock. Ash, disappointed, began looking at other prizes equally an culling, and the worker told her that the store did not deport whatever prizes that were displayed in the loftier-value cases. The worker too told her that they didn’t behave Squishmallows for redemption even though they were displayed around the Winner’s Circle.

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“Substantially, if it’s not something you tin can pick up in the picayune shop and bring to the counter, they don’t take information technology,” Ash summarized.

Ash was confused because she said at that place were a lot of boxes, presumably total of prizes, that were in the store. She asked the worker to analyze that they didn’t accept any of the large ticket items, and the worker told her the big prizes were just for brandish.

“I was kind of flabbergasted ‘crusade that’due south a scam right?” Ash questioned. “That’south similar simulated advertising. I wasn’t gonna take it upwards with this minimum wage employee. Plain, they couldn’t practice annihilation.”

Ash stated the point of playing games at Dave & Buster’due south is to win tickets and, somewhen, prizes. She said that while she mostly enjoys the contest aspect of playing at the arcade, it felt “weird” that cashing in a big prize didn’t seem to exist an choice.

Some viewers, including a few claiming to be one-time Dave & Buster’due south employees, took to the comments to call the Winner’due south Circle worker a liar.

“I’ve worked for them and that’s a lie she merely didn’t want to become into the back and go it for you,” one viewer said.

“Sis I worked in winners circle for 2 years she LIED she was just lazy!” an alleged worker said.

“I worked for them for four years,” another commenter wrote. “She lied to you. We accept an entire warehouse full of the prizes and boxes and boxes of them. The rare ticket items we may sell out of, but that’due south extremely rare. She lied to you. I did piece of work winners circumvolve. We got shipment of this stuff all the time also. And if it was sold out, they’d sell the display one.”

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Others tried to requite the employee the benefit of the doubt, citing Ash’s mention that the Dave & Buster’due south most her opened relatively recently—well-nigh a year ago during the start of the pandemic.

“New shop = likely new employees, potentially items non yet shipped, potentially unhelpful employees,” one user offered. “Either way, I HOPE YOU GET YOUR SIGN.”

Ash addressed some of the comments in a follow up video. In response to the suggestion that her local store may exist going through growing pains, she said that didn’t occur to her previously because the store has been open for over a year. She also wasn’t certain if the employee was lying merely stated that she had seen the worker become into the backroom to get other patrons prizes.

Ash also clarified that she asked the employee if information technology was a temporary stocking result, merely the employee said they didn’t carry the items at all, adding that they didn’t know if they would be receiving any of the large prizes eventually.


Reply to @ashzelda I’ll let you know when they get back to me!

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“Many of yous said it’south just my location that’due south sketch and you have had no problem with Dave & Buster’s and I’one thousand really very glad to hear that. Literally not a single person said this ever happened to them… just I’m really glad this has not happened to anyone, anywhere else.”

Ash reached out to Dave & Buster’s Guest Relations department but has not received a response nonetheless. The Daily Dot reached out to Ash and Dave & Buster’south.

Update ane:24pm CT July 26:
Ash told the Daily Dot that she has not received a response from Dave & Buster’s but is hoping the situation was a miscommunication.

“I was just hoping to hear from other people on TikTok if information technology was a common occurrence, and plainly information technology’s not!,” she said. “Which I’m happy to hear, I really practise just take the worst of luck.”

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2021, iii:22 pm CDT