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U.A Loftier School


All Might

Symbol of Justice and Hope

The highest ranked hero in the earth and a colonnade of hope and justice for heroes everywhere to follow.
After an intense battle with a unsafe super villain, he can but be his heroic self for up to three hours a day. After he hits his time limit, he becomes a lanky, skeletal man who constantly coughs up blood. Only a select few staff at U.A. know this, and even fewer know the true nature of his Quirk. At the start of the manga, Midoriya proves himself to All Might and inherits “One For All”.

Tropes exhibited by All Might include:

  • Big Good
    The number 1 hero in the earth! A pillar of hope and justice for the world, with many aspiring to follow his case.
    Fittingly plenty, he’southward thus the only one who matches the
    Big Bad
    in terms of power.
  • All a Office of the Task
    He has a lot of wisdom and experience when it comes to being a hero, and so him being a teacher is fitting.
  • Almighty Janitor
    He’due south the number one ranked hero in the globe!
    He also has a critical weakness from a previous boxing and tin only hold his hero form a few hours a day, the rest of the time he’south a sickly looking man.
  • The Hero
    His status as the Number i hero in the globe makes him a symbol of peace and justice to the earth.
    Or and so he thinks. Lots of villains see him equally their biggest threat, and even some heroes are jealous of his condition and power.
  • Badass Teacher
    At first, he seemed like he was merely mentoring Midoriya, simply he becomes a teacher at the Hero Academy, then he now teaches classes of students forth with Medoria.
  • Badass Transplant
    Due to a certain battle a few years prior to the story beginning, he has been weakening, and is even forced to take on a weakened state for most of the time during the 24-hour interval. Then, he meets Midoriya and after seeing his determination and backbone to be a hero,
    he trains the kid for 10 monthes and bestows his quirk upon him.
  • Badass Abnormal
    His quirk is special even among all the quirks in beingness in that it can exist passed down from 1 person to another exterior of simple genetics. It gets more abnormal when you lot observe out that he
    has been injured and is only able to concord his heroic form a few hours each twenty-four hours, and the rest of the time he takes on a weakened form. But the biggest abnormality almost him is that by the time of the story,
    80% of the population has been born with a quirk, simply he and later on Midoriya are amidst the twenty% NOT born with a quirk, simply both receive information technology via it beingness passed downwards.
  • The Ace
    All Might was a straight example of this and continues to be a unique i, even though having been severely injured gave him a time limit on his powers. Gran Torino deconstructs this, noting that he took to Ane For All much more easily than Midoriya did, which caused his teaching methods (which worked for him) to be less effective for his protege.
  • Affectionate Parody
    Of classic superheroes.
  • All-American Face
    While he’southward Japanese, he’s definitely a send up to this blazon of graphic symbol. He’s blonde with bluish optics (typical anime depiction of a western greenhorn), massively vitrify when powered upwards, wears a costume with a ruddy, white, and blue colour scheme, and constantly goes on about justice. Hell, 1 of his attacks was called Texas Smash.
  • Badass Instructor
    Becomes a teacher at U.A.. He will also give a beating to anyone who tries to brand his students suffer.
  • Beware the Nice Ones
    Is well-nigh always smiling and is the type to e’er lend a helping mitt to anyone in need. The key word is almost. If you somehow manage to become him to stop grin, you know you’re in for information technology.
  • Black Eyes of Crazy
    Subverted since he’s not remotely evil, but his eyes are black with brightly glowing bluish irises.
  • Blood From the Oral cavity
    Happens to him frequently in his weakened form.
  • Body Horror
    His weakened form is extremely emaciated and constantly airsickness claret.
  • Brains and Brawn
    When he was paired up with Sir Nighteye, he was the brawn of the duo.
  • Brought Down to Normal
    Since giving Midoriya 1 For All, he finds that he’s slowly losing his power over time, and it volition eventually end working completely. This finally happens at the cease of affiliate 94 after using the last vestiges of One For All to finally KO All For One.
  • Calling Your Attacks
    In reference to how he’s based off of silver-age western superheroes, he shouts out the names of American states and landmarks. He doesn’t always get it completely right, though.
  • The Cape
    Definitely. Well-nigh to the bespeak of parody.
  • Grab Phrase
    “I’m here!/I have arrived!” while making a Dynamic Entry and “Plus Ultra!” when trying to be inspiring or when showing off.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome
    Played partly for laughs, only prior to the U.A. villain invasion, All Might stepped in to defuse a tense hostage state of affairs, and then moved on to stop a hit and run driver, and then… well, his commute to work ended up taking up all of the time he had that day for the use of his powers.
  • Death Glare
    He gives off an incredibly strong one, whether information technology exist against villains who threaten his students, or even when he is acting out the part of a villain in Class-A’due south exercise against Bakugo and Izuku. When you lot see that glare, RUN.
  • Deuteragonist
    While the series as a whole is a Coming of Age story for Deku, All Might’s influence and grapheme drives the story but as much as Deku’s journey does.
  • Eagleland
    Predominantly because of his The Silver Historic period of Comic Books traits, he tends to exhibit signs of the first type. For example his workout plan for Midoriya invokes the classical American Dream in its proper name… and the notion that those born with nothing, can one twenty-four hours attain the greatest success if they piece of work difficult to earn it. Additionally, as mentioned, most of his attacks Theme Naming for states or major U.Southward. cities, typically “Ten Smash”.
  • Engrish
    In the anime, he peppers his sentences with English words and phrases.
  • Expy
    Of Gold Age and Silvery Age Flight Bricks. His ethos is almost straight-up
    Superman, the nature of his Quirk and backstory are rather similar to
    Helm Marvel, and his appearance could perchance best be described as “Miracleman with Hair Antennae.”
  • A Father to His Men
    He technically has only 1 human being, Midoriya, but their human relationship is very akin of a male parent and son. All Might oftentimes treats and trains Midoriya in a manner similar to how a stern simply loving father would do to his son, considering that Midoriya’s real father never appeared in the whole series, and only mentioned once, All Might often borders Parental Substitute.

    • He tried to pull this off with Bakugou in one case, with predicable results.
  • Game-Breaking Injury
    All Might suffers from this as five years before the main story, he took a devastating striking from an unknown villain, which nearly killed him. While he survived thanks to numerous surgeries, his powers were disrupted such that he tin can only utilize them iii hours a day. When he powers down, he looks similar a emaciated husk of his sometime self that constantly keeps cough up blood. Regardless, he keeps up his hero duties, with only Midoriya and a few of the peak officials knowing well-nigh what happened, as he doesn’t wish for people to lose faith in heroes similar him.
  • Gratuitous English
    Frequently equally part of his Large Ham tendencies.

    • All Might: [in the Japanese dub] Oh my… oh my… GOODNESS!
  • The Greatest Story Never Told:
    The original battle with All for Ane may well take been the most epic in anime history, but we tin can only
    Have Their Give-and-take for Information technology.
  • Handicapped Badass:
    The original battle with All for Ane inflicted terrible injuries on All-Might, requiring numerous surgeries simply for him to function, costing him his stomach and one lung, leaving him, in his usual form, a frail and gaunt man who continually coughs upwardly blood. He can only assume his heroic superpowered form for most an hour a solar day. However, he managed to keep his heroic career and hibernate his condition from the public for years.
  • Hair of Gold
    All Might’southward mighty hair is gilt.
  • Heart of Golden
    He’s the number ane ranked hero for a reason after all.
  • Heroic Build
    His muscular grade, obviously.
  • Heroic BSOD
    When All For One reveals that Tomura Shigaraki (a criminal that he’s been pursuing) is actually the grandchild of his dear mentor, Nana Shimura, All Might is horrified and filled with guilt. It takes a plea for assistance from a nearby civilian to snap him out of information technology.
  • Heroic Second Wind
    Over his time limit and severely injured, All Might is spurred into activeness again past the civilian he needs to save and the people looking on.
  • Hour of Ability
    Thanks to his injury, he tin just tap into his full forcefulness for a few hours a 24-hour interval. Afterward giving Midoriya his One For All, this time gradually grows even shorter. All For 1 explains that this is because All Might is now exclusively using the remnants of Ane For All every bit opposed to the total ability he once had earlier and the more than he uses information technology the weaker his ability becomes. At cease of his fight with All For One in affiliate 94, All Might has now permanently used upwardly the terminal remaining dregs of One For All.
  • Incurable Cough of Death
    Equally a result of his Game-Breaking Injury, he is practically emaciated when his powers are not in use and is decumbent to hacking up blood.
  • I Piece of work Lone
    Subverted. Sir Nighteye’s insistence in becoming his sidekick eventually led All Might to accept his help.
  • Large Ham
    If his bold outline and loud personality didn’t arrive obvious, he is constantly spouting speeches about heroism and how information technology’s important for him to be a symbol of peace.
  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Gran Torino calls him equally the “punch first, ask afterward” type.
  • Legacy Graphic symbol
    Information technology’s eventually explained that he himself received “One For All” simply as Midoriya did.
  • Lightning Bruiser
    Very few people can keep upwards with his sheer force and speed. His but weakness is the fourth dimension limit that his muscle form has.
  • Moment of Weakness
    In the first affiliate, he virtually abased Bakugou to a supervillain because he had reached his daily limit. Seeing the powerless Midoriya blitz said villain in an try to salvage Bakugou convinced All Might to intermission his limit regardless of the risk to himself to salve the day. This incident was what convinced All Might that it was fourth dimension to laissez passer on the torch and that Midoriya was a prime number candidate for information technology.
  • Non Standard Graphic symbol Design: To go with his
    Large Ham
    personality, he is fatigued in a thicker outline and has more shading than everyone else. He specifically has character design elements associated with the comic book creator
    Rob Liefeld, including a variant of the “Youngblood’s affliction” as his eyes are often hidden in heavy shadow or appear to be glowing. Ironically this likewise means despite being well-nigh inspired by a comic volume art way it means he looks a more like a villain or morally dubious individual than he is intended to. His “true class” is besides very different from everyone else, only in a more conventionally cartoonish and lanky sort of way.

    • A few students even acknowledge this when he enters class for the first time.
  • Non So Unlike
    Reveals to Midoriya that he used to be Quirkless himself before getting “One For All” and pretty much had the same drive he did when he was younger.
  • Zippo only Skin and Bones: All Might’southward truthful form — Yagi Toshinori — is positively
  • Meaningful Proper name
    His surname contains the Kanji for “viii”, referring to him existence 8th wielder of One For All. It also has the grapheme “tree/wood” in information technology, which likely refers to him existence the pillar that currently upholds society equally it is now.
  • The Mentor
    He tries to make Midoriya his successor and gives him his ability. With U.A.’s assist, All Might may find the true and worthy successor, but he hopes it will be Midoriya.
  • My Greatest Failure
    Discussed in chapter 70, there has never been a situation in which he hasn’t made the result better, when he was there. All Might is for all his speed and strength nevertheless only a man, he tin’t be everywhere and for every state of affairs he made meliorate there were hundreds he could do nothing for, merely because he wasn’t there. This is where being
    The Paragon
    is a double-edged sword, for all that he inspires to make others similar him, he is seen every bit The Hero of the globe, so when he doesn’t show up to save the day it can brood resentment
  • Only Known past Their Nickname
    Sort of. “All Might” is his hero name; but even in-universe nobody knows his existent name, except for Gran Torino.
  • OOC Is Serious Business
    When he arrives during the Villain Alliance’due south assault, All Might is non smiling. Even though he’due south in hero-way, he isn’t grinning. This is All Might nosotros’re talking about hither; he is always smiling in hero-mode. That he isn’t smiling makes it clear how he feels nearly the villains trying to get at him through his students.
  • Papa Wolf
    Equally the villains who attacked Class 1-A institute out, trying to hurt his students is an easy way to get on All Might’s bad side.
  • The Paragon
    All Might isn’t the “Symbol of Peace” just because he’due south incredibly strong, merely because he’s devoted to inspiring the good in others. Many of the world’s other heroes and heroes-in-grooming aspire to follow his case.
  • Passing the Torch
    How “One For All” works. It’south a unique Quirk that is nurtured and passed down from generation to generation. All Might even talks almost it as literally passing the torch.
  • Perpetual Smiler
    In his powered upward course, he nearly always has a giant grin on his face up, though this is usually an act in guild to reinforce the idea that he’due south an unassailable symbol of peace and justice. Run into likewise
    Stepford Smiler.
  • Pre-Donkey-Kick Ane-Liner
    During his fight with Noumu: “And so, you were made to fight me, big guy?! If you can actually withstand me firing at 100% of my power…then I’ll accept to get beyond that and force you lot to surrender!”
  • Chief Colors
    As seen above, his hero costume contains bluish, ruby, yellow and white.
  • Psychologist Instructor
    Midoriya isn’t the simply student All Might tries to mentor later joining U.A.’due south faculty as Bakugou and Todoroki also bring out his mentor side. He is also shown to be very encouraging to pretty much all his students.
  • Rapid-Burn down Fisticuffs
    Beats Noumu past punching him 300 times.
  • Recoil Boost
    New Hampshire Smash.
  • Renowned Selective Mentor
    Passing Ane For All is done very selectively, considering its power. On top of that, All Might has very strict standards for taking on an apprentice. But of form, this is all done in clandestine with merely a few in the know.
  • Screw Destiny
    When Sir Nighteye predicted his demise (and he had never predicted wrong), All Might quite literally said that he would just change his own fate.
  • Showy Invincible Hero
    What he is In-Universe. All Might is the strongest hero who is known for e’er winning his battles and saving everyone once he appears as the Symbol of Peace.
  • Sink or Swim Mentor
    If you remember Aizawa is bad, All Might is fifty-fifty worse. Any poor soul paired up with him as their instructor/mentor for the day should expect a merciless beating. Doesn’t thing if you’re only in your first year, All Might volition take you as seriously as he would a villain.
  • Sir Swearsalot
    In the English dub at least, All Might actually has the foulest mouth relative to all the characters. He isn’t constantly swearing, but he is the merely one who e’er says “shit”.
  • Sobriquet: Known as “The Symbol of Peace”.
  • Spin Attack
    Oklahoma Nail.
  • Stepford Smiler
    Puts on a brave confront in hero-style to alive upward to his reputation as a symbol of justice, merely is all besides aware that he’s a fallible human being and that the twenty-four hour period is apace approaching when he can’t be a hero anymore. Chapter 92 reveals that he does this on the encouragement of his mentor, who argued that the people he rescues have been through a lot of trauma, so he should smile so equally to save their hearts besides equally their lives.
  • Super Forcefulness
    One For All. The forcefulness boost also provides Super Speed and In a Single Leap.
  • Tragic Keepsake
    “One For All” acts as this every bit it was entrusted to him by his now-deceased mentor and friend Nana Shimura.
  • Up to Xi
    His fight with Nomu had Nomu able to match him blow for blow at 100% of his power, and then he pushes himself across 100% and completely curbstomps Nomu.

    • All Might: Yous may have heard these words before, simply I’ll teach you what they really mean! Go across! PLUS! ULTRA!!!
  • Vague Age
    How old is All Might? Mid-twenties, thirties, possibly approaching xl? The manga never makes it clear and the fact that he looks like a teenager in his weaker grade only adds more than fuel to the burn down.
  • What the Hell, Hero?
    He gives one to Midoriya for going with some students to rescue Bakugo despite the risk of injury, even striking him with a Texas Smash in his weakened course. Downplayed as All Might and so turns the scolding into a So Proud of Y’all spoken communication promising to be a better teacher now that he no longer has 1 For All anymore.
  • Volition Not Tell a Prevarication
    While he claims this is the instance, he has both dodged questions on multiple occasions and asked someone to prevarication on his behalf on at least one occasion.
  • Earth’s Strongest Human being
    The highest-ranked hero. Even though he has weakened a bit in the concluding years, he still managed to go on the top spot.
  • Your Days Are Numbered
    Nighteye urged him to retire because his Foresight saw All Might dying a gruesome death quondam. And while at that place’s some nuance to Nighteye’s Foresight, it’s never wrong earlier; every bit of current, All Might has between i to ii years to alive. Merely he and Deku are trying to change that fate.
  • Your Size May Vary
    All Might’s neck in his normal class ranges from normal, to noticeably long, to grotesquely long.
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Eraser Head

Eraserhead - MyHeroAcademia.png

Homeroom teacher of Class 1-A

Tropes exhibited by Eraser Caput include:

  • Vivid Only Lazy: He
    takes naps
    in the middle of classes he’s supposed to be pedagogy. Even so, he’s ane of All-Might’s well-nigh valued allies.
  • Pause Them By Talking: Attempts to demotivate Deku before a exam because he reminds him of All-Might.
  • Bunny Ears Lawyer: Heintroduces himself to Deku and Ochako by talking to them while inside a sleeping bag.
  • Brought Down to Normal: What happens to those with powers affected past his Quirk.
  • Fights Like a Normal: His quirk
    temporarily gets rid of Emitter and Transformation course quirks. It is useless however, against Mutant grade quirks. Either mode, he has to fight similar a normal if he wants to bring down an opponent himself.
  • Secret Test of Character: Says the student with the lowest performance in concrete tests will be expelled. He also discusses information technology, saying how obvious that trope can be used to get the best out of people without the pressure of real danger.

Class i-A Students

Izuku Midoriya

Someday will be the Greatest Hero ever!

One of the few people on the planet unlucky enough to have no Quirk. His proper name tin can also be read equally “Deku”, so his friends ofttimes call him by that. He was relentlessly bullied growing upwards because of his lack of powers, especially by his former friend Bakugou.
One mean solar day, when walking home from school, a monster attacked him and his favorite hero, the highest-ranking hero All Might, saved his life. This kicks off a chain of events where All Might sympathizes with his plight as a Quirkless hero-lover and trains him to go stronger. Once Midoriya has proven himself, All Might gives him his Quirk, “One For All”. One For All allows him to employ incredible super strength to overcome diverse obstacles, just his body is still non suited to its overwhelming power.

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Tropes exhibited past Deku include:

  • Chronic Hero Syndrome
    He volition never turn his back on someone in need, even if he doesn’t have a quirk.
  • Determinator
    Even without a Qurik, he was always aspiring to become a hero merely like All Might, the greatest hero in the globe!
  • Mr. Exposition
    He’s the narrator for the series overall, and he already spoiled the ending:
    He someday becomes the world’s greatest hero ever!
  • Un-Wizard:
    Played Direct
    with Izuku being one of the few people on the planet unlucky enough to have no quirk, simply it doesn’t last long earlier All Might
    gives him 1 For All.
  • What the Hell Hero
    He doesn’t get why some heroes act and then Un-heroic at times.
    All Might included when he initially tells Midoriya that he couldn’t exist a hero without a quirk, but that changes later.

Ochako Uraraka

Zero Gravity

An outgoing young girl who befriends Midoriya after he saves her during the entrance examination. Her Quirk is “Zero Gravity”. She wants to become a heroine in order to earn enough coin to give her parents a practiced life.
Appears to accept a mutual beat out on Midoriya.

Tropes exhibited by her include:

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Tsuyu Asui


Tropes exhibited by her include:

  • Action Girl: Obviously.
  • Animal Motif: Her “quirk” gives her a frog-motive. Ironically, she’south close friends with a daughter who has the Snake quirk.
  • Animal-Themed Superbeing: “Does whatever a frog tin can!”
  • Boobs of Steel: Her tongue is very strong and Mineta remarks how her breasts are big.
  • Breakout Character: She’s no
    Ms. Fanservice, but she’s go more than endearing to most fans than any other female character in the serial.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Though she’s isn’t typically attractive, the way she talks and acts make her very cute. And, of grade, her quirk gives her frog-like powers.
  • First-Name Basis : Asks Deku to telephone call her only “Tsuyu” later on he wins his trial exam battle with Ochako. For American viewers, this is an odd request, as addressing someone other than a family member is unremarkably considered
    rude in Japan.
  • Fiddling Flake Beastly: Her slightly frog-like appearance reflects her powers.
  • Tum of Property: One of her abilities. She considers it gross.
  • Unprovoked Debauchee Payback: A little more than justified than most cases because Mineta is a known pervert, but there was no bespeak when Mineta emotionally hug her that he was targeting her breasts, making her drowning him a trivial unfair.




  • Ax Crazy: Stain is unstable at best and seeming perpetually rancorous.
  • Enemy Mine: Decides to ally himself with the League of Villains since both him and them are against heroes, just seems to dislike villains too.
  • Fights Similar a Normal: Kind of. He does have a fighting mode based on his quirk, merely it’s more than his fighting style is based around enabling his quirk, rather than simply using the quirk itself.
  • Licking the Blade:
    His quirk is based of tasting or ingesting the blood of his opponents. So he uses knifes and swords to gain access to their blood.
  • Serial Killer: He goes around killing(or trying to actually incapacitate) people with quirks, out of the conventionalities they aren’t really “heroes”, just merely people seeking fame and power.

League of Villains

All for One

  • Large Bad: Every bit the leader of the league, he is the biggest threat to the protagonists of the serial.
  • Energy Absorption: His quirk gives him the ability to absorb other quirks and use them. He may even give them to others.
  • Really Seven Hundred Years Old: All Might explains his story and says this individual was alive more than one time century ago when quirks showtime appeared.
  • The Ageless: All Might theorizes he stole a Quirk that would make one not age, that would explicate how he’due south still live in this age despite his back story establishing at being at best over i hundred years old.
  • Walking Spoiler: This character’south very name associates him with an of import member of the cast and its backstory.

Tomura Shigaraki


  • Genre Savvy: He’s perfectly enlightened of how unstable Stain is and don’t wants him as marry.
  • Red Optics, Take Warning: He’s a very unstable, evil individual with red optics.
  • Superpower Lottery: He can brand everything he touches decay.
  • The Dragon: Since the dominate of the League of Villains accept health problems that forbid him of doing much field work, Shigaraki is the one confronting the heroes or making new alliances most often.
  • The Faceless: His face up is always obscured by a paw on top of it.



  • Meaningful Name: If it is his true name, being named “blackness mist” completely fits his Quirk.
  • Straight Man: He’s pretty down to earth compared to most members of the League of Villains.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Tin can teleport people using portals made of shadow using his Quirk.
  • The Faceless: His face is always obscured by the shadows of his Quirk.
  • Villain Teleportation: He is the living incarnation of this trope, since his basic function is to send his comrades to the battlefield and and so take them back when they demand to escape.



  • Ax Crazy: She says she wants to marry Stain. Then says she wants to kill him.
  • Baddie Flattery: Calls Tsuyu and Ochaco cute. Talks to them about boys.

  • Confront Framed in Shadow: How she’southward initially introduced in Chapter 57, but nosotros do see her full confront at the end of the chapter.
  • Serial Killer: Seemed to be this earlier. The reason she wants to help the villains is solely because is hard to be a serial killer with so many heroes out there.
  • Yandere: Seems to like Stain a lot.



  • Cloning Blues: A riot broke betwixt his clones leading them to impale each other, making him socially reclusive and leading him to ally with social outcasts, no matter how evil they are.
  • Me’south a Crowd: He can create clones of people and his own clones can likewise use this, though his quirk only allows 2 copies to be created at once.
  • Reality Ensues: Creating slave servants don’t works when you lot’re the kind of lazy person trying to rely on them.
  • Tragic Villain: Because he mismanaged his quirk, he went insane. He thinks that the only place insane people like him can fit into order is past existence function of a community of insane (and probably villainous) people.