My Summer Car Sewage Truck Location

In this mail we will give you all the tricks, tips
My Summer Car cheats, so you can fully enjoy this fabulous video game from your PC.

How to activate the codes in

My Summer Car cheats

Activate codes
My Summertime Car cheats
It is very simple, you merely have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the game options menu.
  2. Open the control console.
  3. Enter the desired command.
  4. Press the

List of commands in

My Summer Auto cheats

  • poor Ten
    : Replace the X with the corporeality of coin you want to add to your checking business relationship.
  • date X
    : The value x must comprise a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7, thus selecting which twenty-four hour period of the week y’all want it to be currently.
  • sweat
    : Randomly the atmospheric condition conditions of the game change.
  • keke
    : Activate the God Mode with which you volition not die no matter what happens on phase.
  • fourth dimension Ten
    : Modify the unknown for the number of time you want to go back, thus correcting actions already done.
  • rbed
    : The protagonist will get-go
  • seiv
    : Code used for
    deviation at any time.
  • drag
    : Teleport to the airstrip for acceleration races between 2 four-wheelers.
  • heme
    : Control to move instantly to your home.
  • sale
    : You volition immediately make an appearance in the store.
  • jizz
    : Code that teleports y’all to the car shop.
  • rcar
    : Return the Satsuma to your domicile,
    It reaches a maximum of 168 km / h.
  • rtra
    : Same effect as the previous fox, although in this case it is applied to the tractor known as Kekmet. Information technology is especially useful, since its atomic number 26 structure allows the send of vehicles that, due to their poor condition, are fix to be turned into scrap metal.
  • rvan
    : The Hayosiko Pace van will appear in your own home, being able to take advantage of what is considered by many equally the most versatile vehicle of My Summer Car.
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The fastest way to get to Teimo’s store

One of the most popular locations in My Summer Car is Teimo’due south store, where players can buy food, drinks, fuel, and many more items.

Also, since the store functions as the main post office for the Peräjärvi area, the mailbox inside the shop tin can be used to place orders for machine parts and the figurer.

Y’all will be able to collect the social club, in one case you receive a call from Teimo on your dwelling house phone. Proof of payment appears on the counter adjacent to Teimo. Afterward paying, the packages will announced outside at the loading dock, next to the pumps.

  1. Become in the car, Hiace, Poop Truck or Satsuma.
  2. Plow correct onto the original route.
  3. Go direct to the intersection of Loppe and Rykipohja.
  4. Plow left towards Loppe.
  5. At the next intersection, turn right onto the big road.
  6. At the intersection of large roads, turn right.
  7. Drive directly to the intersection of the town.
  8. On the big road in that location is a Rykipohja intersection.
  9. Pass the intersection of Rykiperä.
  10. And at the adjacent intersection, plow right.


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Vehicle Tips and Tricks for Beginners at

My Summer Machine cheats

Do non terminate reading this collection of tips and tricks that every beginner in the game of
My Summer Automobile cheats
must know.

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General advice for all vehicles

  • If a auto falls under the map information technology will reappear in its original location, this does non apply to a vehicle that is stuck.
  • Jerrycans can exist used to fill cars that are empty, just printing f on the lid to open.
  • The Satsuma is the only vehicle that tin can accept faux harm, all other vehicles accept cosmetic damage or just no damage, excluding the Van, which may accept a cleaved windshield.

Sewage Truck (Gifu)

  • It consumes diesel fuel.
  • If you cannot go the hose out of the cesspool, slowly drive the truck forward so take hold of the hose. If you driblet the hose, it will appear in the weir near the air field.
  • If you want to tow some other vehicle, the low rear axle sewage truck is the all-time option.
  • It is possible to sleep on the back bench of the Gifu truck.

Tractor and Trailer (Kekmet)

  • It takes 52 logs to fully fill the trailer.
  • There is no ready quota for the amount of firewood the customer must pay, as long as you have more than than 45 logs, it should exist good.
  • The trailer can be coupled simply by reversing the tractor up to the trailer.
  • Every time you save or restart the game, the trailer volition divide.

American Musculus Car (Ferndale)

  • Consume gasoline as fuel.
  • You lot can become information technology at any time.
  • The fuel cap is between the taillights, behind the shoe plate section.
  • Information technology is automated so there is no clutch, if y’all put the automobile in gear it will slowly motion forward.
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The Van (Hayosiko)

  • It consumes diesel fuel.
  • It has rear bike drive.
  • A broken windshield tin can be repaired at the machine store.
  • A sofa constitute in the garbage container can be placed inside the back of the Hayosiko, and used for sleeping.

Player condition bars

  • Clay can be reduced past pond in the lake or using the sauna.
  • Dirt has no limit, then your dirt bar can keep increasing infinitely.
  • You cannot die of dirt.
  • Hunger tin can be satisfied by eating food, sausages are the best to reduce hunger.
  • You tin quench your thirst by drinking water from a tap, don’t waste material precious beers.
  • For a non-alcoholic beverage, buy milk at the store.
  • Fatigue can be reduced by sleeping in a bed or buying coffee at the bar.

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