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Like any other popular multiplayer game, Apex Legends has its fair share of bugs and server problems. Withal, nosotros’ve found a great way for players to check their region’due south Noon Legends server status, so let’south become into how you can check if the servers are down.

Noon Legends
Flavor 12
has brought loads of new content to the game such as
Mad Maggie
and the
Control LTM. Previously, big updates take caused server issues for the devs, however, in recent times, the game has been fairly smoothen for players.

Although the servers have been relatively stable recently, players encounter these problems reasonably oft and may fifty-fifty wonder whether information technology’s an consequence on their end.

If you encounter any server issues, we have an excellent way for you to check the Noon Legends server condition.

Despite a reasonably stable launch, players are currently experiencing some issues with Noon Legends Season 12. Players are reporting bug with connecting to EA through Noon Legends, and likewise network problems with PlayStation Network.

Having said that, Respawn has not addressed this issue as of still and non all players are experiencing the issue. So, this might actually be an outcome with PlayStation Network or individual setups.

The best you can practise if you’re currently experiencing these bug is look for PlayStation or Respawn to reply to player bug or turn off your router and restart your console.

PlayStation Network WS-37469-9 error lawmaking

playstation logo

Despite PlayStation Network seemingly having no issues according to their PSN
network status folio, players are reporting the “WS-37469-9” error code, which is preventing them from connecting to the Noon Legends servers.

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Hopefully, this issue is sorted out very presently, as it seems that it is but PlayStation users who are currently dealing with bug connecting to the Apex Legends servers.

However, if you’re experiencing problems and you lot’re on PC or Xbox, in that location are many ways for yous to cheque the server status for Apex Legends so that you tin can figure out the root cause.

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One of the most obvious means to stay updated on whether or not the Apex Legends servers are down is by post-obit updates on
Apex Legends Twitter
account and the development team at

Usually, ane of those accounts will exist updating and communicating to players about whatever server issues going on. Further, you can also follow our dedicated Noon Legends Twitter account,
alphaINTEL, which is a great place to stay updated with anything Apex-related.

If you don’t have Twitter or have checked and haven’t seen any update on whether or not the Apex Legends servers are downwards, perhaps the issues you are experiencing are that of your setup or region.

There is a great style to check the regional Apex Legends server status for these specific problems so that you can see whether the bug you are experiencing are regional or due to your isp.

The manner to practice and so is through a handy website called
apexlegendsstatus, which will give you a breakdown of server condition in all the available regions, as well every bit all the platforms y’all could be playing the game on.

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are apex legends servers down

The website volition fifty-fifty tell you how much latency (ms) in each server, indicating its stability.

Further, you can also report issues if there isn’t too much detect well-nigh the result on the website, which will be added to a live report map yous can check to encounter if people in your region are also experiencing the result.

And then, if you’re having problems, bank check this website to see whether it’s the platform or server you are playing that is having issues, or if these are all upward and running, you can put it down to your setup.

Well, there y’all have it. This is the best way you tin can check the Apex Legends server status. For more on Noon, bank check out
everything we currently know well-nigh Season 13.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment